“The Mess Inside” – a long story of a glorious morning (and Official Thing).

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hello loves.

and to you brand-new patrons, WELCOME TO YOUR FIRST OFFICIAL THING.

some of you may have noticed on The Social Media that i was part of a podcast series last week called “I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats” with Welcome To Nightvale’s joseph fink and john darnielle (who is the gorgeous songwriting force that is The Mountain Goats). i covered a song called “The Mess Inside”.

the story is a lot (a lot) longer than that, so i wrote it and


there’s an official video. it works a lot better if you know the story, so read the story, then watch the video.

my loves.

everything happens on time, and everything happens for a reason, even the devastation. we’ll never know what the reason is, why things happen and don’t happen.

we have each other.

this is the point.

read the whole story. if you’re wondering why i’ve been so goddamned glum for the past month, now you’ll know why.

it’s all here:

$3 download people, watch for links to downloads for EVERYTHING.

$5 bonus content folks: there’s two beautiful videos coming your way (one of us rehearsing in the kitchen, and one of coco dancing outside while we rehearse – they’re beautiful).
i love you.

i’m not sure quite how my life would be working without this patreon, but one thing is certain:

not like this.

my gratitude is, as usual, endless.





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