NYC-area performers needed for “weinstein” shoot in brooklyn: sunday JULY 22

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dear new yorker performers (or their friends!):



i would love to get as many of my new york performer/dancers/actors/etc involved – i know it’s summer and shit is crazy, but this isn’t a thing you wanna miss.

we’re making a patreon-funded music video for “mr weinstein will see you now” (yassssss!!!!) and it’s being choreographed and directed by the incredible noemie lafrance, who’s brought the world a ton of beautiful feist videos (my faves “1234“, “my moon my man“, which is how i located ms lafrance) as well as a ton of site-specific dance work all over the world. she’s a powerhouse and i can’t wait to work with her.


noemie @ work (care of NYtimes):


both jasmine power and i are going to be in the video as well.

noemie have been working on the script/treatment for this shoot and good lord… and it’s going to be BRUTALLY EPIC if we can pull it off.

but in order to make it work, we need EXTRA PEOPLE!!!! so maybe it’s you, or maybe you know someone in new york, but ACT NOW, we need about 50 folks and we’re moving FAST.

of course, this is being funded by patreon money, so i’d love it if some of my NYC-based patrons and their tribe could get in on this. go go go!!! come come come!!! let’s do this shit. it’s gonna be profound.

here’s the nitty-gritty-details from the director (noemie) and producer (natalie):


We are looking for female (that includes non cis-gendered, trans, etc, we are wide open, ladies) performers over 21 years of age to participate in a music video directed by choreographer/director Noemie Lafrance for the Artists Amanda Palmer and guest artist co-writer Jasmine Power.

The song is called “Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now” – Amanda called her vision for the video “a feminist #MeToo epic manifesto”.

The shoot will take place on Sunday July 22nd You will be required to attend from 2pm to 8pm. 

If you’d like/can attend rehearsal on Saturday the 21st from 6-8 pm you are more than welcome but this is not required (please let us know). The location is in Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY. You will be compensated $50 for your participation. (details on payment method forthcoming once you’re cast!)

Dinner is provided!

There will likely also be a post-wrap bar hang on the 22nd SOMEWHERE with Amanda & co somewhere in the neighbourhood (as long as we’re still standing!!!)…cast will be informed as we wrap.
Hair & Make-up + Costume:

We will ask you to do your own hair and make-up following guidelines.

If you have a large white men’s button-up shirt please bring it (extra ones are welcome too) if you don’t have one please let us know along with your size and we will provide! Please also bring or wear simple beige underwear. We will be barefoot for the shoot but bring flip flops or comfortable shoes easy to slip in and out of to wear around the site. and jogging pants or something to wear on the bottom while you are not shooting if you like

About the Video:

the song is the internal dialogue of (a) women in that situation that’s never black or white, when one voice is saying “no this can’t happen” and the other caves in “let’s just get this over with…”…here is the song and lyrics https://amandapalmer.bandcamp.com/track/mr-weinstein-will-see-you-now-2
We are working with content that is very charged politically and we want to go all the way/not hold back, which should be really powerful and exciting and at the same time could be challenging as we reflect on, embody, and represent painful experiences related to sexual violence.

The cast is all women, there may be nudity and some more explicit content. We want to make sure you are comfortable working with and delivering that kind of content. Please also know that you won’t be asked to do something you are not comfortable with.

Examples of what the chorus will do:  lips sync, run out a door and down stairs, swarm on a bed with a group of women…nothing too complicated technically but participants should have some dance, acting or performance experience. 

bascially: this is NOT A JOB FOR THE SHY. bring your bold.
Please send a photo of yourself, your resume and any links to your work/performance/film work you may have by 11:59, tuesday, the 17th of July We will get you an answer by 6 pm on July 19th!

please include the subject “weinstein chorus” and send to:

We very much look forward to working with you on this exciting project.


ok loves.

that’s the scoop.

i cannot wait to make this video.

again, please PLEASE spread this link/call to any performers/actors/dancers/weirdos you know in the new york area. i imagine this may be a life-changing (and incredibly healing) videoshoot for us all.


sweaty summer afp




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