ICELAND/ÍSLAND!!! i’m coming surprise

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hello my dear patrons –

very quick missive from the studio (i’m here hiding in a woodstock studio for three days to work on some album stuff, and some surprises, ho ho ho ho)….

remember back in 2010 when i got STUCK IN ICELAND FOR 24 HOURS AND DID A NINJA GIG? you don’t?? go read my blog about it.

it was insane.


i came, i saw, i tweeted, i ninja’d, i borrowed a piano, i drank icelandic vodka, I CONQUERED!!!

and i promised to come back!!

and as fate would have it i carved out 3-4 days of toddler-free mom-vacation and decided that….well….iceland is techincally on the way to work in edinburgh (where i am doing four shows, and if you don’t have tickets, GET ON IT!!!). so i just booked a ticket and bam, i’m coming. i have a few friends to connect with, but NOTHING PLANNED.

ill be there this wed thru saturday morning (aug 1-4th!)

WHO IS THERE? do i have patrons in iceland? I WANT TO MEET YOU!!!

NINJA GIG IN KAFFIBARRIN?? anyone got connections there? any ideas for something else weird and fun we could do. are there any theatre things? musics? festivals? must-see spots? BARS I MUST INHABIT???

HIT ME HERE!!! i’m listening.

it would be great to do something thuesday or friday night (wednesday i’ll be jetlagged).

i’m staying smack in the middle of reykjavik.


love from the writing-cave….







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