SURPRISE!! “space oddity” @ TED with AL GORE (!) is up…and the BOWIE ON VINYL!

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hello dear ones –

greetings from a field in northern germany (not kidding. i am posting this from the middle of a field…i’m about to play a german rolling stone festivalDO I HAVE A DELICIOUS TREAT FOR YOU. remember when jherek bischoff and me and a string quartet and MOTHERFUCKIN’ COUNTDOWN-MASTER AL GORE performed “space oddity” at TED?

that was in march. and it’s FINALLY ONLINE, it was just released from the editing halls of the TED mothership…..and boy, is it beautiful. chilling. those strings brought it, man.

so. watch it here on, and please…SHARE IT FARRRR AND WIDE! tweet, FB, show off to your grandparents. if they never “got” amanda palmer…now is your chance to wave the al gore card. we are so credible, dudes.


and if THAT WASN’T ENOUGH LOVELY NEWS….you asked, we listened:

a lot of people were interested in having a VINYL VERSION of the entire collection of Bowie covers that we did. if you missed the memo, it was called “Strung Out in Heaven” and released online only, and it included “Space Oddity” (featuring neil gaiman, in the part of AL GORE), “Heroes” (featuring john cameron mitchell of “heeding” fame), “Ashes to Ashes”, and “Blackstar” (featuring anna calvi). you can see the entire project page, plus the beautiful custom bowie-inspired art that was made for it HERE:


if you’re new to record store day, this is the way it works. the whole point of record store day is to GET HUMAN BEINGS INTO RECORD STORES, and so it’s become an unofficial holiday of sorts…. every year independent record stores across the world offer special limited editions of releases that can *only* be found at the indie shops that day and once they sell out, they sell out; you cannot buy these editions from big stores like walmart or amazon. record store day (or RSD for the nerds) happens the third saturday in april but a few years ago they started doing Record Store Day Black Friday. so be on the look out november 25th for this beautiful object 

to sweeten the deal, the vinyl also includes our cover of  “purple rain”.

only 2,500 copies of the “Strung Out In Heaven”/”Purple Rain vinyl are being made. there’s no way to know which stores will carry it or how many they have until you’re there. you can read all about Record Store Day Black Friday and find participating shops near you on their site:

happy TED & vinyl everybody. go go go share the good news. we are ze media.






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