THE FULL BOWIE. thank you for making this happen.

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(public post. private post to $3+ patrons with download link coming in a second).


dear, dear ones.


IT”S OFFICIAL, I AM THINGIN’ THIS BOWIE THING. you’ve all been charged for the bowie project (it’ll be reflected at the start of next month).


and….thank you for patiently waiting for your surprise. it seems from your comments that you’re as happy as i am.


the response from this project today was overwhelmingly awesome, and you should be just as proud as i am. all the artists involved are thrilled and i kinda couldn’t be happier. we did it.


a few notes:


this is the official project page/home for


forever and ever:




there, you will find ALL the art and music.

and the credits for all the wonderful people who worked on it.


i also expanded my little backstory… and added some video clips and photos.

including one photo of neil looking like adam driver. so yeah.


GO SEE! it’s the link you’ll see me pimping all day tomorrow and forever.


if you HAVE ALREADY  listened, please take a second and share the page with your social groups online. this is it – you are  media. use this link, not the

one, if you don’t mind, so i can track progress: http://bit.ly/strungoutinheaven




there’s more coming your way…i figured i’d save a LITTLE bit of fun for later and i’ll be posting the story behind each piece of artwork over the next week.


the above is the color version of the EP cover by UK artist sarah beetson (i decided, last minute, that the black & white was a more fitting and sombre choice, but they’re both stunning.) every time we post an artist story, we’ll upload it to the project page, but you won’t have to keep reloading. i’ll email out from ground control here.


i know i’ve been a little emo on here lately, but.


humor me.


you guys don’t know what it means to me to be able to GET AN IDEA LIKE THIS, make a phone call and do it, knowing it won’t lose money.


that does not happen with kickstarter, and it does not happen with record labels…not this fast. it only happens with subscription (and your trust).


thank you for trusting me.


thank you being here.


thank you, thank you. i thank you, jherek thanks you, the musicians and artists all thank you.


this is why.






oh AND…if you have any questions about the songs, process, anything, this thread is a good place to ask. i’ll treat this comments section as the general project Q&A. click through and hit me.




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