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GOOD NEWS WEEK tonight. naked people FTW.

hola comrades!

a quickie reminder to those in oz that i’m going to be on the TV show Good News Week tonight: channel 10, @ 8:30.
here’s a clip from last year when i played a nancy sinatra song on uke, and made paul mcdermott’s night when i bowed, after which a discussion of my muppet underwear ensued:

this time round was incredible…the other guests were american comedians Des Bishop, Eddie Ifft and oz musician Ricki-Lee Coulter.
eddie ifft was particularly ridiculous….we filmed 3 hours for a 90 minute show and it features some of the basest humor i’ve ever had the pleasure of co-creating.
it was a great experience, much more relaxed than last time now that i knew what the fuck what going on and how these strange australians flow.
i also got to hang out with claire hooper (one of the hosts of the show) after the show and get a good long lowdown on All Things Oz and Melbourne over wine after the show. she’s a great woman.

and i also played a violent femmes uke song (rather badly, but it was fun as hell).

and….indeed, i decorated my underwear especially for paul, but didn’t show it on the air, because, um, i have self-control like that, because i’m amazing.
actually, the opportunity simply did not present itself. i feel so mature.

but what do you know, i got a picture:


please also note the amazing power ranger dress, hand-sewn out of a bedsheet for me by an amazing fan from north carolina whose name keeps escaping me (if you see this, wonderful girl, remind me and i’ll change the blog).

meanwhile…..i’m hard at work in the studio in adelaide.
i might, just might, need to gather some adelaide locals to come have a little show with me here on the last night.

stay tuned.

last call for radiohead ukulele covers is HERE.


p.s. i can’t believe i JUST missed this many naked people brought together by photo-hereo spencer tunick in sydney, standing on the VERY spot i did my ninja gig 2 weeks ago.
for info on his work go HERE:


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