webcasting from the recording studio in australia tonight


quick announcement: i’ll be webcasting LIVE from the studio in adelaide TONIGHT (friday), with an audience of freaky ozzy punters, playing a bunch of songs that i just recorded here. we might also have a little listening party. there will be cake, but
if you are watching through the internet you will need to have your own cake since you will not be able to eat the cake here.

at around 8pm [that’s 8pm adelaide time (note the half hour time diff)], we’ll go live at partyontheinternet.com (BTW, you can share the link http://bit.ly/AFPparty on twitter/facebook so your friends can join us, too)
that’s, like, 4freakin30am EST, 9:30am in london, 1:30am PST…..it’ll be an odd mix of people who maybe normally don’t get to see the webcasts ‘cause of time differences. here’s a nifty ‘lil site to tell you what time is is here (where i am), wherever you are in the world: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/city.html?n=5 (to be more clear, it tells you ADELAIDE time, not AFP-time….i just happen to be in adelaide…)

tune in and tell yer friends  –  again, partyontheinternet.com (aka http://bit.ly/AFPparty)


p.s. there’s a new evelyn evelyn song up on my myspace and facebook, jason’s myspace and facebook, and of course the twins’ myspace and facebook (it’s the same song, we just wanted to make sure you all heard it)…….it’s the title track (“evelyn evelyn”) and people seem to love it, so far.
so happy to hear that.
go listen to it at either http://bit.ly/EEfacebook or http://bit.ly/EEmyspace and please help us out: if you love it, share the links!

p.p.s. yes, we were hoping to launch the pre-order for evelyn evelyn today. there are a few last minute tiny bugs we’re fixing in the storefront, but it should be up within the next 24 hours (fingers crossed). last call: if you wanna be the first to hear about it, sign up to the e-mail list!

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