“Bride-Tripping” a short film by alina simone & amanda laws {official thing}

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just in time for the weekend!! here it is, after two years of slaving. the film is about 30 minutes long, and i’m happy to say, it’s not a tearjerker (although it might be? i never know with you guys). mostly, i think, this film will just make you think (and laugh).

($3+ patrons, stay tuned for an email with the download link to the entire film. $5+ patrons, stay tuned for some extra treats, including a whole book chapter about this roadtrip from alina’s memoir…it’s so good.)

as usual for these epic-scope projects that take a long time, i wrote a LONNGG story/blog/reflection about my friendship with alina and the entire birthing process of this film. it’s gonna live on amandapalmer.net forever so it does not get lost to the sands of time. there are also some beautiful photos of the road-trip plus extra bios & text/stories from the two filmmakers that y’all helped fund, alina and amanda laws.

here it all is:


as for your feedback, i know it can be confusing, because there’s so many places to comment (here, the youtube comments, the project page has a place to post comments, too). there is no wrong answer. maybe save your profound art thoughts & reflections for the youtube comments, since the public will be reading those and it’ll inspire a more robust conversation over there, and when you’re commenting over here, remember that we’re a more insular community. but whatever. i’ll be reading everything everywhere as usual.

and because it must be said:

i know i keep saying it, but work like this is simply not possible without the patreon. this cost thousands and thousands of dollars of editing time & equipment and there’s just no other way i could have/would have done this just to put it up on youtube and finally have it exist.

other artists want to do this sort of stuff but there’s just no way to make the money work…you can try to write grants (it’s a world of pain), you can try to get a corporate sponsor (just kill me), you can try to kickstarter every little project (just not possible: not even the most devoted of fans want to support fucking 20 projects a year from the same artist, it’s suicidally draining).

this. this is working.

i hope you all feel like these kind of projects are worth doing; i certainly do, and as usual, the sky’s the limit. we can go forwards, backwards, up, down, round and round, making art so far outside the box there is no box.

also, as to embracing the single bride & the road-trip within,



p.s. here’s a link to the history behind the giant field of corn: https://www.roadsideamerica.com/story/9527



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