a BRAND-NEW theater-video for “Grown Man Cry”

(public post – OFFICIAL THING!!!)

hello loves….

art-drum roll….(which, in my imagination, is like a chinese spring roll, but painted with rainbows and filled with little fried drum sticks)….

a New Video. for an Old Song (from 2012’s kickstarter record “theatre is evil”).

it was made (as was “the clock at the back of the cage” video) by immensely talented australian artists who i am only too happy to shine a light on: my pal director Steven Mitchell Wright is back in action. many of you will remember him as the leader of The Danger Ensemble when we toured as a motley crew on the Who Killed Amanda Palmer world tour in 2008 (was that almost ten years ago? that’s not possible….).

we made a project page for it. there, you’ll see i wrote a lonnnnnnng story for you…not just about this video, but about how phenomenal it feels to be able to make art like this (“off-cycle”, they would say): on our own terms, in our own time, in our own way. there’s some great writing from steven there, as well.

please watch the video, read the story, and share the link to the project page far and wide on your various channels.

we aren’t sending this video out through *any* other press or media outlets.

it’s just Us.

watch it, love it, share it.

here’s the link to the whole story and the embed of the video:


(and for you $3+ patrons, watch your inboxes, your download code is coming, and this is DEFINITELY one you wanna watch in hi-res on a big screen if you’ve got one).

i hope you love it. comment here or over on the project page, i’m reading.

love & gratitude,


p.s. speaking of grown man cry…”piano is evil” – my solo piano version of “theatre is evil” – is coming out to the public in the next few days! i’m also going to make it possible for y’all patrons to get the signed CD (plus POSTERS, yum, and signed “Theatre is Evil”s!) before the public has access to a limited batch. watch for it.


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