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all your insides fall to pieces (UkuleleHead #4)

hola comrades….!!!
i’m sitting behind my computer on this fine friday night, leading a small loser-y revolution of a few hundred other losers on their computers, and giving myself a fine seaweed mudmask from #Lush.
while i catch up on emails (and i will never catch up) i’m also listening to old coil CDs and blipping the songs. the internet eats my heart and i love it so.
it’s fecking gorgeous!
i took a picture of it in the bathroom, where it is currently the least darkest:
and here’s how how i am and how hot it is here. i took this one in the mirror because it’s firday night and i’m the only one around because i am a true #LOFNOTC.


i was thinking about this as i went on my evening jog (listening to blonde redhead’s “misery is a butterfly”. excellent album.)
this was it: i can’t remember the last time i went out in boston at night.
i just don’t go out anymore. i just work. maybe i should change that. eh, fuck it….
in tonight’s installment of #UkuleleHead, i wanted to give some love to “high and dry”
this was (and remains) the only video footage of the only time i’ve played it live on ukulele, at a beautiful little paradise called The Butterfly Club, in melbourne, a few days before i actually went to adelaide and recorded it.
it was a secret, invite-only party for some of our australian street teamers…we held a promo contest, and 20 or so people were chosen (who could all bring one guest).
the joint is TEENY, it only fits about 60 people, and its the most wondrous place on earth. it’s built in an actual house, feels like a living room, and is covered from floor to ceiling in kitsch and decorations and is a sort of amanda-heaven.

see fer yerselves:

great people play there all the time, if you’re in melbourne you should GO, and KISS the owners, david & neville for me. they are gayer than gay and full of fucking love.
the patio is exceptional.
i digress. here’s the clip of me playing, but it’s very quiet:
skip ahead to when i was in los angeles, many months later (only about a month and change ago), the Evelyn Evelyn tour was at Largo.
it, too, was wondrously decorated, i must say. (can you spy the little AFP in the bathroom mirror?):
the club was SO incredibly quiet that it struck me during soundcheck that a super-quiet version of “high and dry” would be perfect.
but i couldn’t remember the ukulele chords.
so i played it on piano.
and the piano version actually sounded heartbreaking, so i decided to do it.
now, i also decided it would be a good idea for someone to get some footage of this, since i might never play it again, and it just so happened that my old friend Clownvis, the legendary Clown Elvis from St. Louis, Missouri, had just shown up a few weeks before in Hollywood, suitcase in hand, trying to make it big.
so i asked him to tape it for me.
and here’s his footage, and i really ought to tell him that he got the name of the song wrong.
he does a lovely introduction:
more tomorrow, astronauts.
may you always embrace your inner clown, your inner elvis, and stay home friday nights taking naked pictures of yourself in your bathroom mirror should the mood strike you.

p.s. there’s a rumour going around on twitter that i *might* play the double rainbow song on tuesday’s webcast at – 6pm eastern time fuckers, double rainbow attire FTW

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