the bloody tour wall + a lil german song video + köln ticket giveaway

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hallo loves, ich liebe euch.

i am trying to write this post while a manic baby is flushing various things from my suitcase down the toilet in my hotel room in cologne. so far he has achieved some really creative choices, including the flowers that i wear in my hair on stage.  my mother tells me that when i was his age i used to do this exact same thing in our apartment in new york and that once, having flushed a whole tennis ball down the toilet, she had to fetch the superintendent and the entire building got their water shut off while he fished it out. i’m glad the cycle of life is in order.

whitney, justine and i just hit the tour wall. it never fails. two weeks in, and your body and brain just give up and start giving you the finger. it didn’t help that Air Berlin yesterday seemed to have a Hatred For Babies policy. at some point when i have time (which means probably never) i’ll write a bit about what it’s like to travel with a baby across various borders. not all countries are the same, and not all airlines are the same, it’s really interesting. if you follow my twitter feed, you may have noticed that delta kicked us out of their new york lounge. they apologized. but still, having a baby in transit does make you a weird kind of second-class citizen, and it can be really hard. when it’s already hard to begin with. and then some places just rock (like the amsterdam airport, where they let us to the front of the line because we had a child, or the vienna airport, which has an ENTIRE TWO-STORY PSYCHEDELIC AMUSEMENT PARK FOR CHILDREN.) the slog continues.

IN HAPPY NEWS…. the show  in berlin slayed. the post photo is a still from the show….1400 people, totally sold out, and i went on for three and a half fecking hours. take that, bruce.  i signed for a good while at the end of the night and was just melted in a puddle of happiness.

one german reviewer said the show was amazing but also said i didn’t seem to know when to stop. this is incorrect. i knew when to stop. it was time to stop after three and half hours. three and half hours was about the time it took to do what i wanted to do.

it is clear to me: i like being on tour solo. i really like taking requests. i really like trying to play songs i’ve forgotten. i really like telling stories about the songs. there’s usually not time to do that.

i chatted about the patreon from stage and a good number of you were there, and i love you, AND i hope there are some new berliners on board, if you just came over, HALLO. i’m hoping to spend more time in berlin for various new projects…and you guys will make a wonderful family.


we put up a live broadcast of the berlin show on periscope with the help of our pal sven (some of you may remember sven saving the day way back when the icelandic ashcloud of doom erupted during the european evelyn evelyn tour. he’s amazing.)

for those of you who missed the live feed, you can watch the archive in four parts HERE:

—GEMA NEWS!!!!!—

in NERD NEWS, for ALL GERMANS TO CELEBRATE….do you know how i’m always posting vimeo links for the germans, since they can’t watch things on youtube?

well, right before i hit the stage last night some big news came out from youtube announcing their agreement with the german rights organization GEMA to allow people in germany to watch videos on youtube that contain music….. INCLUDING MUSIC VIDEOS. this is big if you’re in germany, as you know, because for the last several years GEMA has been blocking music. so hooray…. MUSIC< YOU ARE FREE. at least a little bit more.


so to celebrate i share with you a very silly video (AUF DEUTSH) captured last night from the berlin show, filmed by david franklin on youtube FOR ALL.  genießen !!

it’s also a nice look at the crowd in berlin.

watch here:



now, time for another patron guest list giveaway…..the cologne show is SOLD OUT and has been for ages….and we have sone guestlist spots!

so, IF YOU ARE IN KÖLN AND NEED TICKETS to tomorrow’s show at kantine: i have about 4 tickets to give out  to PATRONS ONLY….all spots have a +1, which means you can bring a friend, a lover, your opa, your oma, whoever. here’s how it will work…. i will post a comment below, the first five people who reply to my comment thread with their FULL REAL NAME (don’t forget that) will be added to the list. use the comment thread to enter, reply clicking the left arrow under my comment.

got it? JA. i’ll check back and confirm the names by no later than 3:30 today. BUT obviously, using our spangly new system, if you comment in the thread first, you’re guaranteed, so go ahead and plan your night/travel. once all the spots are claimed, they’re gone. you’ll be on the door list, show starts at 8pm.

bring ID to will call!


that’s it….

i love you guys.




p.s. in protest to the fact that i made this entire post without paying him much attention, the baby just helpfully put a bunch of my bobby pins into his applesauce. a true work of dadaism. i’m admiring it.


———AS ALWAYS….———–

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