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(public post – OFFICIAL THING!)


happy halloween, my spooky little comrades…..

thank you for all your thoughts on The Boss. music is so deep and wide, and it just keeps getting more fascinating, this web of sounds and love. i love all your stories.

UND JETZT….greetings from berlin, where halloween is actually catching on. i shit you not. my little berlin cousins are traipsing around their cute berlin neighborhood TRICK OR TREATING. alas, they are not dressed up as a ghoulish donald trump and a witchy hillary like i’m sure all the american children are. that would be truly frightful. i just bought a copy of the veru hungry caterpillar in german for the baby. :)


i gave the music for “wynken blynken and nod” – off the dad record – to italian stop-motion animator chiara ambrosio (creator of the very dark and spooky “evelyn evelyn” stop-motion video…which, if you haven’t seen it, in an extra special halloween treat for you).

as has been thrilling lately, she had *total* creative license to take the song and run with it. this animation took her over six months of working, painting, set-building and shooting in her studio in london, and it’s READY FOR YOU IN TIME FOR HALLOWEEN. it’s a LOT different from jim batt/kim boekbinder/nicholas kahn’s other “wynken” video (which is time-lapse, not stop-motion) which we put out earlier in the month…i love seeing two videos for one song, and i love that the patreon makes all these weird little collaborations possible. moar art, moar art, moar art!!!

i hope you love it. unlike the whimsical time-lapse one that jim made, this one is darker & spookier, but still incredibly beautiful, and it’s perfect for the holiday of spookiness. and since it’s the end of the month and this month’s THIRD THING (a new record for us) i hope you guys don’t mind the throwing of yet another surprise your way. consider this your reminder to cap your pledge if you feel like three things in a month is making you antsy or taking you over budget, especially if you’re one of the higher-level backers. i don’t plan on having many months with three releases, but it happens, and halloween never falls on november 1st.

capping your maximum monthly pledge is REALLY EASY….just go to your settings and put whatever MAXIMUM amount you feel comfortable giving on any given month (if you’re pledging $10 per thing, you can cap at $10, or $20, or $50) and voila. you’re always safe, and i never feel awkward or guilty about making too much art or doing too many collaborations. using the caps is really important for this system to work, got me? so use them. and so it isn’t confusing: IT DOESNT MEAN YOU MISS OUT ON ANYTHING. you get all the Things you’d get if you were paying. there’s no wall that comes down once you hit your cap. got that? if you have questions, hit me, but it should make sense.

without further ado.


here it is on YOUTUBE.

here it is on VIMEO, for higher-res, and for you poor germans who always have toruble with youtube because of GEMA.

and for the $3+ patrons, i’m going to send you a wetransfer file of the whole download if you wanna see it in blazing full glory. wtach yer inboxes.


and a message from Chiara herself:

“It had been a few years since I directed the “Evelyn Evelyn” animated video, and when Amanda sent me the recording of “Wynken, Blynken and Nod” with her dad, I was immediately transported to the charmed space of childhood, where dreams and
nightmares mingle, where curiosity, tenderness, fear and wonder all collide to transform and enchant the world. 
My short animation became a journey through these spaces: the mercurial
landscapes of childhood, the familiar corners of home magnified, subverted and transformed into mysterious new lands through the lens of the imagination. 
A paper moon, a match-box vessel, a paintbrush forest, a mythical land of milk and glass, a painted bedroom jungle! Combining analogue, handmade animation techniques- drawing, cut-out, stop-motion, and life-size painting- Wynken, Blynken and Nod escape the pages of the book that contains them and become the surreal and bizarre embodiment 
of a child on an intimate quest to conquer his own vision.
The film follows full circle and ends where it begins, but, as in the best of stories, nothing will ever be the same again!”
-Chiara Ambrosio
enjoy. i am, again, so happy to be able to spread your funding around to so many talented artists. it makes me heart burst with art-hapiness.


I LOVE YOU GUYS. don’t go eating any apples with razors in.




the credits:
Directed, designed, animated, by Chiara Ambrosio
with the invaluable help of Mikey Kirkpatrick
with many thanks to Kim in Hudson
and special thanks to SuperKate for all her help!Website:www.acuriousroom.com
Twitter: @ChiaraAmbrosio
Instagram: @asfarastheeyecantravel


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