surprise NEW YORK THING this thursday!

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so the dad recording is WRAPPED. we’re in the mixin’ phase, and i thank you all so so so much for making it all possible. i hope you love it. it sounds BEAUTIFUL.


i’m doing a kind of goodbye Thing before going off to birth this baby.

i just sent this to the email list as well but there’s more patreon-specific info

this is a slightly weird one, but bear with me….it’ll be worth it, i swear.

without ruining the surprise: i’m going to do a quick PUBLIC PERFORMANCE & CHILDREN’S BOOK DRIVE, 8-month fetus and all,


in co-operation with the

NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY (5th Ave @ 42nd Street)

at 6 pm SHARP!

ADMISSION IS FREE (it’s outside!)


PLEASE bring a children’s book (or more than one!) to donate to the NYPL’s early literacy program. the performance is in part a book-drive to get books to kids (and their parents) who don’t have access. please make sure the books are new (they can’t accept used books due to mold, etc.)

***FOLLOW THE TWITTER & FACEBOOK FEEDS if IT RAINS! we will need to come up with some alternative space***


A study of 3- to 5-year-olds who had been read to at least three times per week found the children were:

• Two times more likely to recognize all letters.

• Two times more likely to have word-sight recognitions

• Two times more likely to understand words in context.

(from United for Libraries: http://www.ala.org/united/products_services/booksforbabies/earlyliteracy)


read more about the NYPL’s early literacy program here: http://nypl.org/abc

also thank you to bryant park for their help with this!


important!!!! at 6 pm, HOLD ONTO YOUR BOOK(S) and await instructions…!! once the Thing starts, it’ll be obvious what to do and what’s happening.


this whole project/thing has been built in secret for the past two months and will be filmed by a small camera crew (yay michael pope!) and turned into a FILM CLIP which will, indeed, be released as a PATREON THING to fund the entire project and pay all the artists & artisans who were involved in its creation.

it’s my first real risk with the patreon. you guys are gong to be funding something truly odd. we’ll see how you feel about it. i’m listening.


PLEASE NOTE THE LIBRARY ITSELF CLOSES AT 6 pm so if you were planning on gettin’ out a book, come early!

more info on the location of the NYPL, directions, etc: http://www.nypl.org/locations/schwarzman

RE: the books! all these books will be hauled to different locations to give to parents who can’t afford books to read to their kids, etc. BRING BOOKS YOU LOVE and would LOVE A CHILD TO READ/HAVE READ TO THEM!!!! the focus is on ages 0-5, but anything K-12 works.

the performance itself is going to be *very* short – like, blink and you’ll miss it! i’d suggest arriving around 5:30 if possible and hanging out on the steps and making friends with fellow freaks. bring things to do….and feel free to use this patreon thread as a way to find each other!!!

i’m in the middle of searching for a good place for an AFTER-PARTY just for patreon folks….i can’t imagine there will be more than a few hundred of you/us so i’m seeking a righteous bar we can invade. (i’ll post the info here in a patron-only post…if anybody has a good idea for something near the NYPL, hit me).

love love love,

afp + fetus

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