i just wrote this piece about nick cave for the guardian…

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hi guys….

fuck i’m tired. but i Did a Thing.

i just wrote this yesterday and this morning, for The Guardian. it’s been a few years since i wrote any Real Journalism but i was so incredibly moved – uprooted, really – by Nick Cave’s documentary that i came home form the film, thought and thought, woke up inspired, asked the guardian arts guys if i could write something. then they said yes and then i was FUCKED, because i had to do it. so instead of spending yesterday doing all the things i said i was going to do (clean my room! do the dishes! answer my emails! write the introductions i’ve promised people!) i drank coffee and tried to Actally Write a Thing.

it’s the first time, post-baby, i’ve sat down and tried to form a long, coherent set of thoughts. it was really, really hard. and last night, ash wouldn’t sleep, and i kept trying to make sentences that worked, and they just wouldn’t form, and i thought: THIS IS IT. THIS IS WHAT THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT. I WILL NEVER HAVE A BRAIN AGAIN. i almost chucked out the whole article this morning. but i didn’t. it’s rambling, but it’s from the heart.

please please read it. and please please share it especially with your fellow writers and songwriters and art-makers – it’s a good read for artists in general.

special thanks to justine for taking me to the film, to holly for babysitting, and to neil…who offered to edit this fucker last night at 1 am. i am blessed. neil and i used to do a lot more of reading each other’s work and editing for each other before baby-times. it’s nice to feel that again. i feel a littler realer.

here it be:

….ok now i swear to god i’m going to do the dishes

oh AND – you’ve got real-ass new music coming your way in a few days, ,care of me and jason webley, we’ll be releasing the sketch-songs we wrote for “jib” and offering limited vinyl of the EP.

reading this piece will help put that into context. the fact that jason sat down with me and we kicked each other’s asses into writing was a huge deal, and know you’ll understand a little more about Why.






p.s. US TOUR IS ALMOST 100% SOLD OUT!! chicago just blew out and there are scant tickets left for everything else. so so happy. thank you all for spreading the word.

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