my old man (for Q magazine’s Ted Kessler).

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dear comrades…


thank you so much for the beautiful feedback on the purple rain track. jherek and i are over the moon, again, that y’all liked our work. we love it. the reviews have been stunning all over the map, and we made a lot of people cry, including ourselves, so everybody wins. score yet one more for the patreon, people.


i’m practicing hard today and tomorrow for the london koko gig (which is tomorrow night), and spending time with my dad, his wife donna, and neil, and my sister and her dutch husband, cees….everyone’s in london all at the same time, which is rare.



this is something i wrote a few weeks ago, and it just went up online yesterday. it’s for a music blog called “my old man” run by Q Magazines features editor Ted Kessler.





it’s not that long, but give it a few minutes. it’s not short, either.


the photo, by the day, was taken by my mom when i was 9 months old…exactly ash’s age, at my grandparent’s house on st. croix. yep, that’s me and jack, 40 years ago.


i had a hard time writing this piece….but it was liberating. so you know: i emailed it to my dad for approval before they published it…just to make sure. he was okay with it, so there you go. (thanks, also, to Mister Neil Gaiman, who edited the final piece for me).


i’ve already had a few friends email me about it hitting home.


it goes to show, the harder something is to write, the more it usually means.

i hope you read it.


(and i hope i see a lot of you tomorrow night in london at the Koko show in camden. my dad will be one of the special guests. full circle, man. if you’re here on patreon and you’re coming, raise your hands? if there’s the right amount of people i might try to organize a patron-only meet up after the gig….stay tuned. and there are still about 300 tickets, the hall is huge: http://www.koko.uk.com/listings/evening-jack-amanda-palmer-03-06-2016)




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