out with the old year, into the new…

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hola comrades…


it’s about 7 pm here in california. i’ve got a bigger message coming to you tomorrow, but for tonight, here’s a little footage of the dresden dolls exactly 5 years ago…playing “new years day” by U2 and counting down from 11 (with jason webley, of course, and neil was there, and pomplamoose, and you were there, and you were there, and you too scarecrow…) at the warfield in san francisco.


i didn’t know this footage existsed until i searched “dresden dolls new years” into youtube. the footage is phone footage, but it captures the vibe. the vibe was miraculous.


this is the first time in a long time i’m not playing a show or doing an event on new years eve, and it feels strange to be not on stage.


but it feels right.


i have my own roly-poly little baby new years to look out for, and we’re about to go, avec babydaddy, on a stroll over to our cousins house, where we will swill some champagne and soup and probably be asleep by about 12:25.




i’m not a big believer in new years resolutions. i think we should be resolving everyday to, you know, be awesome. so may you be awesome tonight, tomorrow, and every day for the rest of the year, and i’ll resolve to keep reminding you and me of this all the time forever and ever amen.


i will say this:


this year has been a fucking crazy year.


i got pregnant.


my best friend died.


i got bitten by a tick when i was seven months pregnant and spent three days in the hospital.


i had a baby.


life, my friends, does not stop life-ing. nor does death stop death-ing.


i’m sure next year will be as cray as this one, because as i have learned, the cogs do not stop turning, and the only constant thing is change. things come and go. objects get lost and found and lost again, skin tears and heals and scabs, the sky opens and closes and the sun winks and gleams as we wander our environments, lost and found and lost ourselves.


the only way out? may we embrace it. for better, for worse, for death, for birth, for the sake of all the things alive around us. this planet’s crazy. it’s the only one we got, this life, this body, this moment.


so may we take a second tonight to mourn the old, mourn the loss, love the change, breathe the air, laugh like maniacs at the randomness of it all, and take stock of the now, cause that’s all we ever fuckin’ get.


the now, the now, the now, together as we are in all our imperfectness.


in closing, a metta prayer to all of you reading this…


…wherever you may be….


may you be safe from harm and danger,

may you be happy and peacful,

may you be compassion with yourself and with everyone around you,

may you make friends with your bodies,

and may you have ease of well being.






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