something very silly to amuse you

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some of you may have never seen this…i’d forgotten about this and it just came into view on youtube for random reasons.

if you want a few minutes of ridiculous amusement, this was my idea of fun a few summers ago. i was in edinburgh and jogging down this labyrinth-like-tunnel every day and decided that, obviously, the thing to do was to make a “labyrinth” spoof.

so we did.

we were staying at the wonderful cunningham-siggs household at the time and it was all hands on deck.

it’s really awesome and really dumb.

this is the kind of thing i decide to spend my time on even though there is absolutely no good reason to do it and it makes no money.

if you want to see the original clip, it makes it even funnier…there’s a rip of the movie up here and the scene we spoof is at 18:00 or so….

watch out or you’ll wind up spending your night re-watching labyrinth.

note neil gaiman in mullet wig @ the end

….and don’t encourage me or i’ll wind up doing entire film spoofs with my patreon money. like – the whole dark crystal. or… or….it could get ugly




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