signing the giantest books

how EXCITING is a giant giant-book signing?
you judge. here’s a video of one…

yesterday a bunch of crazy people gathered in upstate new york to organize-sign the FINAL FRONTIER of the kickstarter: we’re finallllllllly getting “the bed song” books out the door; they have been in the making for TWO years and look pretty goddamn amazing. and are about to get put in the mail to the 100+ people who ordered them. just in time for christmas…2014. but whatever. 2013 sucked anyway. SURPRISE!!!

the books contain huge, beautiful bed-song-related photographs by kyle cassidy, which were never (and never shall be) posted to the internet, but some of which hung at the kickstarter art parties the summer before “theatre is evil” came out. neil wrote a special (really beautiful and personal) essay for it…and goddamn it’s a beautiful object. it weighs 15 pounds and comes in a wooden box. i hope those 100+ people who have been waiting for two years to get it think the wait was worth it.

thanks to the amazing designer andrew nelson from down in the valley designs for making THIS THING BEAUTIFUL; to neil, kyle cassiday, and trillian stars for coming up; SuperKate, eric sussman, neil’s friend laura, lee barron, and augusta ogden for HELPING MAKE THIS DAY NOT SUCK.

kyle posted a whole blog about it HERE and put this video up so fast.
how he does it, i do not know. the man is a media ninja.
maybe his secret is that he still uses livejournal?

anyway: read the whole story.

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