ten minute life update, hello.

oops. just posted an event that’s already happened. that shows you about where my head is at. life update? i’m in upstate new york right now, feeling very detached from reality after so many months of book-work, but feeling like i’m about to emerge from the Cave.

neil has figured out what to do with his life and where to do it; i’m slowly starting the journey of What Is Next for Amanda as the book edit comes to a close. i know i’ll be at Bard college for the entire fall, creating an amazing piece of theater with the students there. then know i’m going to be on book tour in november and maybe parts of december. then i know it’s christmas.

then i have no idea. noooo idea.

i know anthony is sick again, and that’s going to keep me from plotting an entire australian shows/festivals/throwdown/symphony tour this winter, which was what was originally plotted. something more profound will grow in the wake, of that i am sure. what, i do not know.

i know i have to go to south africa to deliver the last kickstarter house party. i know i have to come with with an idea for the boston ballet. i know my apartment in boston is a mess and needs to get cleared out – there’s 13 years of touring boxes to sort through. and i know that i want to spend some time with neil. and i know that i want to get back to recording. and i know i have to clean up my office, and have been thinking hard about collectivizing a team of artists to share resources in the management department. and i know i want to do more yoga. and get back to reading books. and making a podcast and interviewing everybody who is interesting. and making visual art again. and learning how to play chess. and writing songs. and recording them. and figuring out how to sell things in a sustainable way on the internet. and maybe write another book. and maybe do a residency in berlin so i can make a german language record and a residency in paris so i can do a french language record and i know i’d like to start a string of pop-up bars in london, new york, krakow, budapest, tokyo, and hudson new york.

those are my thoughts at 11:36 am today.

good morning.

how are you guys?


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