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The Descent of Band (re-post from mike doughty) AND forum update (SORRY GUYS!)


i just finished signing 4,000 books.

neil and i are heading to CAPE COD of all wholesome places and soaking up the family vibe with my stepsister lisa & her man todd, my nephew ronan, my wicked-awesome college-bound stepdaughter miss maddy gaiman, and my parents….all frolicking on the beach and eating american foods. i am bringing books on how to regain your brain (including an amazing one recommended to me by the awesome folks at McNally Jackson bookstore in NYC, “moonwalking with einstein” by joshua foer).


the feedback on this blog about memory-loss was astounding….you guys are amazing and it always pains me that you’re generally more articulate writers than i am.
and the stories. jesus. someone on twitter told me they lost their uncle to ambien, he drove off in his sleep. lots of bad bad (and funny) ambien stories. seems like a good time to dump that shit out (or sell it for street value once i get to the beach to some local cape cod teenagers looking to snort ANYTHING. just…..kidding).

anyway. things just got worse. since posting i’ve forgotten who pretty much everybody is upon meeting them.
i ate a cherry and couldn’t place what it was. i knew what the taste was. but my brain couldn’t think of the word. it was terrifying.
i also walked out into traffic. neil, thinking i knew what i was doing – followed along. i’m very happy we didn’t get killed by a cab.

we have a new rule, literally and figuratively: if one of us walks into traffic, the other one should not blithely follow.
bonus points for shouting I LOVE YOU YOU’RE ABOUT TO GET HIT BY A CAR.

i’m going to probably hit a doctor – i’m already emailing with one – but a few things have been isolated:
– hormone change/i’ve switched birth control methods after 7 months of being on a pill. a LOT of women claim they experience panic attacks an depression after doing that. could be related.
– ambien (i’m going to try to switch to melatonin + wine. anyone else have sleep-tricks? i ONLY use it to regulate jetlag, so fellow international frequent flyers not using ambien: WHAT DO YOU DO? my american-australian ass found SALVATION in ambien and the long-flight jetlag problem. i’m loath to give it up.)
– general stress (even with all the good things happening, my little brain is on overload).

we’ll see.

*stares out train window, holds husbands hand*

*sparse, poignant piano music*

*goes back to blogging furiously*

in other news….everyone curious about the future of music and bands and money should read this blog.

day after day i keep meaning to blog about the david lowery/emily-white-at-NPR hubbub….(this hubbub)

….and then i keep seeing other musicians saying EXACTLY what i would.
this doesn’t cover all the ground, but mike doughty (soul coughing) nailed a LOT of facts about bands/business/touring life here:

yay mike. truth speaker.
i’ll try to weight in with my own two cents over the july 4th break as my inbox stops exploding….

if my tumblr was functioning as an actual tumblr, i’d have just posted this via tumblr, but i’m currently working on making a
NEW HOME FOR THIS BLOG so that i can stop using tumblr as my blog-platform.

MEANWHILE….you may have noticed that the forum has been BLACK for going on 6 days.

this is due to simply…..fucking up. we thought we had control over the domain name and in the giant scramble and filing cabinets and digital paperwork…we didn’t. sometimes we fuck up, and this is one of those times.
we should have solved this problem years ago but we simply ambled along in ignorant blissfulness until one day BAM we woke up and the forum was down and nobody had the keys. OOPS.

luckily we’re sorting it out with the domain holders AND all the content is intact AND the timing actually isn’t as horrible as all that because we  were just about to move the forum over to amandapalmer.net anyway…..so, Sign From Dog.

we should have it back up in a jiffy, more news and links coming soon when we sort the shit out.

and sorry all you shadowbox people – i know a lot of you connect there on a daily basis. hang tight.

here’s a great photo (via @Katers_Potaters) from the benefit i did saturday night for the NYC seaport museum…which was a BLAST.



neil and i learned a SEA SHANTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

click at your own risk: http://youtu.be/Rgw9Z_S2T0U




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