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tristan’s release; release

today was my day to recover, but it left me more drained than i’ve felt in ages.
the dolls reunion shows were epic…in the old-school sense.
the band, jake, the band.
the voyage felt kind of like an true odyssean toss on a blood-dark sea…so much feeling, so many memories, so much that can’t be said.
people who didn’t know me and Brian for those 7 years would have a hard time understanding how fragile and yet powerful these shows are. i’m going through some heavy shit, as could have been expected, getting back on the ship.
riding on the storm, just like jim said.
ah, warrior on that island of circe where the mangos and the hot goddess are sublime… yet longs to fall to sea-tossed knees and kiss the sweet, ithica-flavored sand.
and today instead of napping, my computer shit the bed again. iambic pentameter THAT, dude.
and about three major things hit the shit-fan. the Australian record keeps running into problems.
Jason emailed to say he dropped HIS phone in a RIVER. what’s WITH today?
happy news? there is. i had three good meals today with wonderful people. i had a nice glass of malbec.
i read further into my giant omnibus of armistead maupin. Neil gave me both 2.5 volumes for a total of 5 pounds of fabulous crazy love gay swinging san francisco tales, set in a house that i’ve been told by many quite resembles the quasi-art-commune i’ve been calling home for ten years. as i write this, i can hear lee upstairs, rattling around in his own kozmik kimono, editing a youtube clip from his footage of the second boston show where my bra was half of during “me & the minibar” but i didn’t notice it until jaron brought me the news with a cup of wine. that’s love.
i’m totally fucking digging the armistead.
can’t hardly put it down.
in other happy news: TRISTAN’S RECORD, which many of you pre-ordered, is DONE, five recorded piano songs of pure bliss, and i’m so so happy and proud. here are a couple of my favorite shots of him from the studio…(and some by his girlfriend)…
with his parents…
with me, recording the duet we wrote together….
the album is being sent to the printer next week and we’re celebrating with a
tickets are on sale as of friday november 5th at 10AM EST, HERE on ticketmaster. they’re just $10 each (wherein all proceeds go towards a 5-Week scholarship). ALSO, a limited number of free tickets will be available for Berklee students, faculty, staff, and alumni (1 ticket limit per Berklee ID). seating is general admission. doors are 6:30, and the show is expected to get underway at around 7pm on sunday, december 12. i’ll play for a bit, then tristan will play, we’ll do a Q&A together, and then we’ll do a meet and greet in the lobby as time allows…
anddddd…if you’re not in the boston-area/didn’t get to help chip-in when the kickstarter was up and running, get over to bandcamp QUICK and preview our duet (“jános vs wonderland”) and see if you can snatch up one of the limited edition CDs!!
more soon on lots and lots of other stuffs……but for now, sleep.
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