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post-tour. pre-menstrual.

feeling extraordinarily shaky and sad. post-tour mortem, maybe, i also hate, hate, hate, hate the cold weather to the core of my being, i’m also buried in a pile of Work Shit and everybody else around be seems to be dealing with one drama or another. a few minutes ago my best friend’s mom passed away. she was old, it was coming, but it sent waves. i’m happy i’m not dead, and i’m happy nobody i know is dying at the very moment. that helps.

i may try to blog on the plane down to describe my despair, but i may just let it leave. PMS. it’s not just for dinner anymore.

i’m also working, in my head, on some other blog topics i’d love to throw out there.
topic one: children. i read THIS and it pissed me off. i need to explain.
topic two: labia. why the fuck are pre-teen girls slicing them off to be “normal”? NO GOOD, says amanda.
topic three: what i’m doing for the next year and how you might be able to help….

speaking of help: if you HAVEN’T YET VOTED IN THE BOSTON MUSIC AWARDS…..DO SO HERE. and HERE is a little giveaway/thank you we’re doing for those who vote. your vote over there actually counts, and there’s only another day or so left. do it.


tour’s over and i’m finally alone after the holiday blitz. leaving in just a minute to go to my dad’s with my sister and her Man for a two-day visit.

what a fantastic fucking tour it was though…every show has it’s little stories and weirdnesses and the band just got better and better every night.
by the time we finished, it felt like it was time to hit the road and really play. the guys in nervous cabaret, and melissa, their manager, they’re just wonderful people. i felt lucky to be with them.

here’s the gang, backstage RIGHT before we hit stage for our last show, in knoxville:


that’s (from left to right) elyas (frontman & guitar), fred (trumpet), brian (drums) and sam. kenny’s missing, but you’ll see him further down….
in a sheep head.

i met a lot of people i’d known before, i signed every night, i got to collide with a bunch of friends, people fed us delicious foods.
we felt taken care of. except in northampton, when the fucks at the venue wouldn’t turn the heat on. fuckers.

SO many people brought wonderful THINGS, from food to booze to love and presents, i can’t list you but i can thank you.
thank you. thank you. really. you know who you are. thank you.

i feel sickeningly grateful for what i see when i hit the road.

one thing that makes me happiest is seeing how fucking NICE all of my fans are to one another.

if it felt like extended family before, now it feels like close family. the degree of trust is just insane.
we’re like deadheads without the tie-dye.

my favorite shot of all tour, taken as we paraded onto the stage in brooklyn:



speaking of that night.
you should watch this. it’s a fantastic clip of the band, me and neil and the assembled entourage of freaks backstage in NYC getting ready for the show.
2 hours before this clip was taken, neil and i got rear-ended on the BQE on our way to the show and had to pull over and deal with the scary shakiness of being in an accident. we were both a little freaked.

the shirtless man you see is sam, the trombone player.

the space you see up parading through before the show with the megaphone is the bar UNDER the venue…we had to walk through it to get to the lobby so we could enter from the back of the house.

it was fucking fantastic. i felt so happy to be alive (car accident notwithstanding) and have this job. you can tell.

but now?

it’s reckoning time as i stand at the cliff-edge of my life and look down at the abyss.

i just wrote three paragraphs of bitchfest about my life and deleted them. some things are better left unblogged.
PMS. the other white meat.

here are some great shots from tour….

these first few photos are by bryan bruchman (in portland, me):

the confession booth in portland, maine.
i twittered a few minutes before going down and those following my on twitter came into the janitor’s broom closet with me.
some people brought me beer! like this kind gentleman (who introduced himself as neil’s freind, the writer joe hill. then i googled him and now must read his books.)




i think i love everything about this picture:

my girl beth (holding the CD) and her hot girlfriend kayla (holding the redbull, which we actually didn’t sell at the merch booth), hocking merchandise.

if they look adorable, it’s because they are. they live together in brooklyn and rescue cats when not digging me out of various holes.
how can they not be?
i love them and i don’t know how i’d survive all this insanity without people i liked around me.

this is kayla displaying progress on one of the live-action-auction paintings.
we tried to have a different painter come and paint on stage every night:

the paintings we didn’t auction live are up for auction on our brand new official ebay…we’ll be putting all sorts of weird shit up there from time to time, who knows what. but for now…three tour paintings. you can find it HERE.

here are two more, that sold live at the brooklyn show….(that’s fred harper on the left with neil and molly crabapple on the right, in-between fred and i):


photo (as well as a bunch further down) by lauren goldberg/

kenny, the sheepish bass-player:
photo by bryan bruchman

rocking out:


photo by jim gavenus

and yep, as evidenced below, i’m still in love. so’s he. it’s good. it’s better than good, it’s the fucking best.

we’re good for each other.
this is not a department of my life about which i cam concerned.

writing this blog is helping cure my PMS. mostly the pictures are just making me happy.


this is mr franz nicolay (of major general, the hold steady & world/inferno friendship society) KILLING it with us in brooklyn…

and the incredible sxip shirey………..and if you were wondering what kenny looked like WITHOUT the sheep head, there you have it:



the boys….elyas, fred and sam….
photo also by josh larkin

painting by HeatherRose in burlington on the first night of the tour:


being an adult during the talk for


being a total child and playing ukulele atop some poor bastards shoulders:


with my dad, mr jack palmer, at the falls church. VA show…..

and here you have the whole deal………….me and my peeps in falls church, as part of the hypebot talk (which you can see HERE…)

ps – we SOLD OUT of the new design of hoodies on tour, so we reprinted and you can order ‘em here to keep you warm this chilly winter:
we MAY also reprint a short run of the tour tees (sans date back) for those of you who loved the art but couldn’t make it to the shows, so keep your eyes open.

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  • empair

    That article was an enormous piece of shit playing on the insecurities of teens. Worse, it was totally cavewoman-esque and practically anti-feminism during a time in world history when, as Antony Hegarty says, “a feminist revolution could save the world”. It’s so true though. In this time of patriarchies of religions, women need to really shed expectations except those they have for themselves.
    Same stuff with the whole labia thing. I might be a dude but I know other guys who are all in a fuss about their foreskin and it’s unbelievable. If you think you’re going to contract some disease, sure, chop it off, but the chances of that are so unlikely that you’d only be succumbing to irrational fear.
    It’s taking the whole thing of we have to do what our peers do to fit in thing to a whole new level, an irreversible, physical one, and it’s physically sickening. Being a teen, as I am, in this day and age sucks– the majority of people my age are totally anti-individualist. Even those who would be considered “outcasts” are desperately clinging to niches of their kind.


  • Nomie
  • amanda

    you dont know me, but i absolutely love you with all of my heart. just thought that you should know.

  • procrastinating

    I’ve heard about the labia surgery. Its one of the fastest growing cosmetic surgeries lately… There was a documentary about it called “the quest for the perfect vagina” – probably all up on youtube. I can’t believe people are cashing in on Body dysmorphic syndrome.

  • Brody

    Please be sure you’re taking Vitamin D supplements and a multi-vitamin during the cold, dark winter (god you people live like ANIMALS out there…says the native Californian). It really does make a world of difference.

    Congrats on the tour!

  • straylightunity

    It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside that two of my favorite creative people are in love.

  • KinkyTurtle

    Love, love and more love to you, Ms. Palmer! I cannot fucking wait to hear your views on 1. bullshit about women ‘having to have kids and HAVE THEM NOW!’ and the like and 2. the incredibly disturbing ‘chop your cunt up to make it prettier and therefore less dirty and more acceptable!’ trend that’s going on currently. All things I’m concerned about, all things I blog about. So sorry to hear about your friend’s mom; my love and condolences go out to you and all her family. Do not worry, AFP; PMS and all things sad will pass and brighter days will come. Very, very soon.

  • hedge
  • hedge
  • QueenxNina

    I think it’s great for women to be moms, but if you’re going to be a mom THAT should be your “dream career”, not just something you feel you have to do to keep the population going, like that lady made it sound. I feel like she’s pressuring women to do too much- have a perfect career AND be a perfect mom. It may be possible, but I don’t think that it usually works that way.

  • kaitlynkelly

    I am so honored to be standing behind you while we were walking onto stage in Brooklyn. Thank you for changing my life.

  • liz_zers

    you inspire me to live my truth… thank you :-)

  • hedge

    sorry that the northampton show was memorable, simply, for the lack of heat. it WAS cold and the venue sucks suck for being miserly…but…we loved you.

    and we still do.

  • Sam

    Dear Ms. Amanda Fucking Palmer,
    I must say, reading your blogs are kind of refreshing. Living in the middle school (yes I know, kill me now) world I do… It’s like everything you read has no diversity; nothing seperates itself from anything… and everyone looks the same too, but it’s all different when I listen to your music. Ms.Amanda, you are truly an individual. Your uniqueness saves me from the whiny bitches I am forced to associate myself with every day. I’d most definitely lose my sanity if it was impossible to tune others out through The Dresden Dolls on my beautiful beautiful device known as the iPod. I mean, giving random thanks to those is the point of Thanksgiving. Am I right? I’d really just like to say thank you though. Thank you for not being afraid to be yourself, to not worry about what the judgemental people say. Thank you for giving me the gift of therapy through your art form, music. It really gives me hope that one day I can be as confident as you, that I could do something extraordinary. You are indeed my hero, Ms.Palmer.


    p.s. Don’t forget to be fucking amazing.

  • Amy

    It makes me so happy to see pictures of you in Burlington, even if I wasn’t there to enjoy it. All the pics are lovely!

    Also, yay you and Neil for making my best friend Dena’s day at the bookstore the other day ;)

    Also also, I hate being told when I am *supposed* to have kids. I mean, is it really healthy for my hypothetical children to be born to two people who absolutely do not want them at this juncture, just because someone said we should? Does not compute.

  • Kristen McHugh

    First, I love the pictures. There is nothing as joyous as someone completely in their element. :D
    Second, please come to Pittsburgh. Please. I will pimp the hell out of the show if you do, and I will cook.

    Third, I don’t know what your thoughts are on the Huffpost article, but… It kinda pissed me off. It’s as if no matter what we do or want or dream, we’re always reduced to being Uteri on legs.
    (Idk if Uteri is a word, but…) It’s as though the only thing that really gives us any value, ever, is spawning. I think that being a parent is too important to do it in a half-assed way, or doing it on a timetable that leaves us with resentment and regrets.
    What do you think?

  • steigengal

    RE: Topic 1: Children. I can’t wait to hear what you have to say regarding that tripe of an article about how us women folk need to get back to having them babies. I got “fixed” when I was 25 and that was the BEST thing I could have ever done for myself.

    Steve and I enjoyed having you over after the Knoxville show. You are such an amazing person and I love you more and more after reading your blog posts. Hope the small gift I gave you helps keep you warm this winter.

  • Jamie

    That first article about having kids is pretty terrifying. I’m 21, plan on becoming a music teacher and marrying my boyfriend within a few years after graduating college… and I can’t wait to spend a nice long while enjoying my life with him, doing what I love. What’s the rush to start contributing to the overpopulation?

    My mom married at 24, and I, the oldest child, was not born until she was 33. Why? Because my parents were dirt-poor and didn’t want to have children they couldn’t well provide for. I think having mature, stable parents is a fantastic thing.

    I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on all of this too; I feel that we will have similar thoughts. Rock on, Amanda, and thank you for being such a strong and admirable woman.

  • Meg

    hi amanda, i’m new to the amanda fucking palmer group but i love following you on twitter, following your adventures and seeing all the beauty. we all try to be genuine and try to live life to the fullest, but it looks from a distance like you are passionate about everything you do and truly succeed.

    i am also eager to hear what you have to say about item #1. my impression: the woman is confused; the article is saying a few different things. i think its right to tell women that, if having a family is a priority for them, not to count on being able to put that off. it’s a reality of nature, really. but a statement like “But let’s talk about the greatest gift a woman can receive: being a mommy” is offensive. just because it was her priority, or she enjoys motherhood, doesn’t mean anything to ME, except that i have the choice to make having a baby a priority or not. Also offensive is the comment “For professional women, there simply is NO good time to have a baby”. Another fact of nature: babies disrupt things, whether or not you’re a professional (whatever that means). A balanced life that includes a loving family DOES NOT, necessarily, include little bundles of joy.

    And really, people who say “Go for it all” piss me off. It’s that mindset that has set this artificial standard, just like an artificial standard of feminine beauty, which no one can reach.

  • CeciTart

    The pics are fab. And the one of you and Neil being adorable, is in fact quite fucking adorable and so filled with joy and love, it makes me smile soo much. My last few days haven’t been so great, and once again there you are as this positive force of nature in my life helping making things better. I can’t wait to read about the things you are planning to write about. And also very much hope to read more stories about the song origins. (but totally understand your life as a force of nature is quite full)

    I eagerly await our paths crossing again and hope one day to give you the slightest bit of happiness and joy in return for just how much you have done for me.


  • cinnamonduff

    I’d love to hear you expound on that “Don’t forget to have kids” article. Not everyone needs or wants to have children. I did, and am happy with that – married at 24, had the first at 26, another 5 yrs later, and the last at almost-36. They’re wonderful, and I’m happy I made the choices that I did. But why should everyone make the same choices?

    Smart, beautiful, talented people should breed – for lots of reasons. Improving the gene pool. Providing a supply of useful workers for society. Trying to overwhelm the not-so-smart/talented/beautiful people (who, if, we’re not careful, will overrun the world). Having a chance to nurture MORE smart, beautiful, intelligent, talented people. But that doesn’t mean EVERY smart, beautiful, or talented person needs to start popping out kids.

    If you want kids (and can support them- by which I mean not only financially but emotionally, educationally, and such) – please do. If you don’t – don’t have kids. Use your talents to support the already-existing kids to nurture them into awesome adults.

    But for gods’ sakes, please don’t assume that any smart/talented/beautiful person (and yes, this is always directed at women) simply “forgot” to have children. Like no one has *ever* suggested the possibility to her. SHE UNDERSTANDS THE BIOLOGY. SHE SIMPLY ISN’T INTERESTED IN BIRTHING A CHILD.

    • Kristen McHugh

      I’m on board with a lot of what you’re saying. But… “Trying to overwhelm the not-so-smart/talented/beautiful people, (who, if we’re not careful, will overrun the world).” Um… sorry. That’s an incredibly dismissive thing to say about anyone. It’s the sort of Queen Bee statement that is just as damaging as pushing women to be thin/have-it-all/marry-and-birth-babies because that’s all she’s good for. You don’t know a person’s value until you know the person. I’m hoping that’s not what was intended.

      • cinnamonduff

        Kristen, I’m not sure what you mean, but I think you may be reading more into my tongue-in-cheek statment than I intended. Did you interpret what I said to mean that anyone who is not smart/talented/beautiful is worthless? How do you know what I consider to be a smart/talented/beautiful person?

        I think you’re reading my statement as some sort of advocacy of eugenics. To be clear, I wasn’t advocating some sort of “super race” of s/t/b people.

        And I don’t understand the “Queen Bee” thing.

        • Kristen McHugh

          Thanks for clarifying. My point was only that the language was, given that text does occasionally lack nuance, unclear. Which also speaks to what one considers s/t/b. That particular portion, read solely by itself, was…iffy in interpretation. It’s why I commented. ( Queen Bee, btw, is the head of the clique. As in, the meanest cheerleader in high school is usually the Queen Bee.) No worries. As I said, I was pretty much on board with what you were saying. That part simply struck me as odd. :)

  • AishaM

    Amazing pictures. Wish I had been able to make it out this time.

    You and Neil are adorable in that photo.

    Happy for you. :) Hope the PMS lets off soon.

  • Els

    that huffington post article is bullshit, and thanks for proclaiming that. i’m 29 and single and nowhere near getting married or having kids – it’s just not the way things are turning out – yet most of my friends are and all my family can’t believe i want to go off and fulfil my creative dreams…they all think i’m setting myself up to become an old maid. that kind of attitude does my head in, and it’s difficult to keep optimistic against that relentless pessimism and bowing to convention.

    I feel like most people I know, except the very lucky ones (very, very few) have ‘settled’ with their partners and haven’t gone for broke in their careers. I refuse to do either and I keep on refusing to do either, and feel like I’m getting punished for both things. Amanda, you’re a beacon for having the guts to do things on your own terms and see the love you take be equal to the love you make…as someone once kinda said.

    the fact you’re strong, open and honest and not in thrall to traditional bullshit about what women should be doing…we need more people like you. there are examples everywhere throughout history but you have to seek them out to emulate them and to prop up your own strength when the rest of the media and the world is telling you by pursuing your dreams you’re going to lose out on everything else.

    so, thanks!

  • Miko

    I wish I was a fraction as awesome as AFP.

  • SR Kay

    Love you, Amanda. You’re good for the universe. Thanks for being here.


  • Eric

    Just to play Devil’s Advocate regarding that first article, the author doesn’t necessarily say that ALL women EVERYWHERE absolutely MUST pop out a child whether they think they want it or not, and they must do it IMMEDIATELY. She just says that if (IF) a woman wants to have a child, she should take into account that pursuing a career now could interfere with the desire to have a family down the road because, well, there’s only 24 hours in a day, and having a child after a certain age is unhealthy for both mother and child. I think some of the people getting up in arms about the idea of women being portrayed as nothing more than baby-making machines are taking her statements out of context.

    HOWEVER, I will admit that her statement about motherhood being the gosh-darn greatest thing a woman could ever hope to achieve is certainly condescending toward women who have other aspirations in life.

  • Eric

    Comment #2 (to be viewed separately from the political rhetoric of my first comment):

    Sorry you’re feeling down, Amanda. I shall help cheer you up with a joke I wrote in high school. Prepare for hilarity.

    Q: What did the baker say to his fiancee as he left to seek his fortune in Paris?
    A: “Donut forget me!”

    Ha ha…ha.

  • csdaley

    Amanda you rock and so does your boyfriend. I would buy an album of you singing the menu of McDonalds. Now hurry up and give the west coast some love ;)

  • AndrewJanke

    Loved seeing these photos. Made me happy. I was able to catch your Brooklyn show and it rocked. I’ll write you about it when I have time.

    It would be cool to hear your take on children, childlessness, and the pressure towards motherhood. (Aside from this particular article, which sounds like a troll.) I read Beyond Mohterhood and Childless By Choice this weekend and have been thinking about it lately. Don’t think we’ve ever heard you directly talk about children or the lack thereof before.

  • Ryan_Anas

    I am so sorry for your friend’s loss. A loved one’s mourning can be very hard, and it can be hard to allow yourself to feel that pain when you are trying to be there for someone. Wishing strength for you both.

    I can’t say how very happy I am to experience of the storm of beauty and altruism that is your show. The people, the art, the love; Just great =) It’s a long hard road to where you are. Thank you for traveling it an never compromising. It has lead to such a beautiful place.

    I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on all of these upcoming topics. Geez, I guess the smugness doesn’t end with the pregnancy.

    Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts and pictures from the tour, and I’m glad they have made you feel better. Your blogs always do that for me, too =)

    • bubs215

      Amanda…….something to do……for u……im heading to thaland in january for some yoga and a detox on an island that has beaches and jungle…….with stop in bangkok for thai vegan cooking school…..

  • scarygirl

    This blog post + strong black chai + chocolate cookies = great endo/PMS remedy.

  • Pissing Kittens

    OMG Please read Joe Hill, he’s amazing, Heart Shaped Box is fantastic, and so brilliantly scary you’ll never be able to look at a man in a fedora the same way again! (but then he is the son of Stephen King so what do you expect?)


  • Pissing Kittens

    OMG please read Joe Hill he’s amazing! Heart Shaped Box is fantastic, and so wonderfully scary that you’ll never look at a man in a fedora the same way again (but then he is the son of Stephen King so what do you expect?)


  • lisalovesrhps

    y’know, amanda, i pms at EXACTLY the same time as you. today. i feel honoured

  • Nina MacLean

    As soon as those shirts are posted for me to order, I’ll probably go all out and get like…5 things off the site…I <3 that tour shirt.

  • rhyska

    I would read anything you would write on those topics you’ve mentioned. I’m ready to listen.

  • Serena Culfeather

    The pictures have made me feel really happy and warm inside too and I wasn’t even there! Love the one of you and Neil especially.
    Apart from the PMS, I can imagine the depths you can reach after such a high as a tour like that. I’ve experienced that on a much smaller scale and feel positively suicidal afterwards.

    Looking forward to the blogs on the list above :)


  • karinelizabethwhite

    amanda! i saw you in brooklyn for the first time with my friend kelly (rory’s mom.) she sent me your birthday message months ago and i got totally hooked! you were awesome. your energy, your fans, your *who gives a fuck* attitude. i can so relate to you when you write, our lives couldnt be more different, but somehow i get ya. PMS fuckin sucks. i get it bad too. its like im a different person. i rationally know nothing sucks as bad as it seems when im immersed in fucked up hormones, but i cant shake it. it seems like we should be able to talk ourselves out of it….be stronger than it. but no. it wins. anyway, at least it passes.

    i hope you like the bracelet i made you! you are holding it in the pic of you and neil! but if you wont wear it….you dont seem to wear a lot of jewelry….sell it or give it to someone who loves it. its important to me for my stuff to be loved. i think you are actually smiling at my friend kelly (rory’s mom) who was chatting with you out of the picture frame. she deserves all your smiles…she’s your biggest fan i swear. she was you for halloween! very convincingly too! if you ever need a body double…she’s your girl!

    you fuckin rock.

  • Aubin

    Hi, Amanda!

    The other photos from the Portland, Maine show (the confessional, on the bar, the painting auction, and Beth at the merch table) were taken by Bryan Bruchman, too and originally posted here:

  • Jennifer King

    Do your cheeks ever get sore from smiling so much? The Knoxville show was stellar! I would really love to prepare a veg feast for you & your entourage, hopefully you can swing by Louisville so I can! XOXO

  • bjacques

    Wow! First, congrats on the tour and please, please, please come back to Amsterdam.

    Second, I don’t know if you’re pissed about Mika Brzezinski’s fatuous article or that it carries weight because she’s a regular on MSNBC Morning Joe and on HuffPo. The latter would bother me more. read the comments, though. a lot of people there are calling bullshit on her.

    The column starts off innocuously enough. Her advice isn’t especially insightful, and points 3 & 4 seem to contradict each other, but whatever.

    “If you plan on having a family don’t forget to have children” sounds reasonable enough, except she gets to working the “find a man” angle for all it’s worth. Marriage is the “ULTIMATE challenge” and 2/3 of the way down motherhood is the greatest gift a woman can receive. (Cue “Having My Baby,” by the Circle Jerks, from “Golden Shower of Hits”.)

    When it comes to “having it all,” Ms. Brzezinski does walk the walk, so here’s how all young women should follow her example.

    1) Be born to parents who have diplomatic pedigrees and went to prep schools and top-drawer universities . Papa Zbigniew Brzezinski was Pres. Carter’s National Security Advisor, sort of the Democrats’ answer to Henry Kissinger, and was son of a lesser noble and diplomat in Poland. Mama Emilie Benesova was the grandniece of Eduard Benes, the first president of Czechoslovakia, went to Wellesley and is a sculptor. According to Wikipedia articles, Mama was born in 1932 but apparently gave birth to Mika’s older brother Mark in 1965 and Mika about 1967. So I guess she received her first “greatest gift” relatively late, at the age of 33.

    2) Carry on the family tradition by attending the Madeira Finishing School (anyone remember the headmistress shooting her pastic surgeon boyfriend? God, I’m old), do two years at Georgetown and finish at Williams, a very posh private college.

    3) Get a job in national television news and become a national TV news reporter in seven years. So much for lingering at the bottom. I’ll cut her a bit of slack, though. She might have used connections, or her privileged background would have been enough to get her in the running, but she does appear to have brains and her career as a TV reporter looks pretty solid. She also seems to have shown some spirit once.

    4) Your career (and your husband’s) safely launched, receive the greatest gift (or two). No details are given, but I’m guessing “the girls” are maybe twelve at most. Mika was already a nighttime anchor by this point. Lately, though, she comes off as a typical Village bobblehead (i.e., media pundit).

    She just comes off as being unbearably smug, as you’d expect from someone in her position.

    I’m supposed to be working!

  • Monique

    I get the first article’s point. It should have been worded better, but I understand what she’s saying.
    I’m a 32-year-old veterinarian, and single mom to a 3-year-old, and I’m awesome at both. But I have a lot of colleagues that have wanted kids and have put it off and off and off until after college, after vet school, after residency, after job establishment, and now they’re reaching 40 to get started, and some ARE having problems. I don’t believe the article is forcing women/men to get on with it; I believe the statement is if you want kids, just keep in mind it may be more difficult later than sooner, even with career in tow.

  • shortcake

    please, please, please put the tour shirt in the webstore. i wanted one so badly but they were all sold out by the time you played at the arts center. luckily you still had my second choice, AFP on glorious vinyl.

  • Katie

    Don’t let the cynical conservative morons at the Huffington Post piss you off. Her condescension starts with this “pity me for your own humorous gain” comment: “And if you are luckier than me and are born beautiful, at least make sure you wash your hair regularly and wear a clean blouse.”

    Read between the lines. Perhaps Ms. Manhatten ain’t so lucky. She obviously has no idea on how to balance her job with her family.

    Her bio says it all, starting with all her work experience, even mentioning her daddy dearest by full name, before mentioning she has “a husband and two kids.” Perhaps she should give them names if she loves them so much. Or maybe she was trying not to forget to add them to her life.

    Finally, just because I am unmarried and young and don’t have my career yet does not give her any right to refer to me as “girl”. I am not the daughter she obviously chose a career over.

    This lady probably has so many self-esteem issues that she has to resort to working for a website that makes people PAY for internships for small ego boosts.

  • angharady

    That article on kids. Woah. I can’t even bypass that and address anything before I get this off my chest.
    So much for feminism and being your own woman? That article leaves me with the impression that family + children > what you do with your life. I am a person who finds the thought of children disgusting. Hell, maybe it’s because I’m a teenager myself. Maybe it’s because it would have to be adoption for me anyway. But with the world in this overpopulated state, the last thing women need is to want to have kids right here and now. I know so many people with divorced parents who are young. Some grow up fine and some don’t.
    I’m just pissed off now. My parents got married when they were 23. My oldest sister was born when they were 30. I was born when my mom was 42 (a lot of miscarriages..I am so not worth that much wow.) And that is fine with me. It almost freaks me out when people’s parent/s are just turning 30. Yikes.

    But yeah.
    I have just gotten over myself to start commenting here, even if I’ve been a stalker for wow, almost a year. Your concerts/tours sound so amazing. I love how you’re so much more..human than all those rock stars out there. Seeing you fully clothed doing some adult interview makes me giggle.
    Those pieces of art are the coolest thing ever, seriously! I want to come and paint at a concert eep come somewhere in the northern midwest and I will! Speaking of which, I am finally getting of my lazy butt and putting my collection of art with your + Dresden Doll lyrics together on the internet. Excitement! Should paint one for my portfolio! Quite exciting.

    Screw pms and have a nice day. Must feel good to have a break from the tour yes?

  • sugarcube672

    God. This is the first blog of yours I’ve read in a while. I teared up a little, I must admit. thank you. See you on the 13th I hope

  • isa

    these young girls need to be force-fed a steady diet of bikini kill and le tigre until they are sufficiently convinced of the horror of whatever this genital mutilation bullshit/latest tool of misogyny society has come up with.

  • Bob

    Not to make light of the whole ‘woman’s need to get married to/make babies to feel fulfilled’ link…

    “PMS. it’s not just for dinner anymore.”
    “PMS. the other white meat.”

    I feel new t-shirts being printed.

  • ScarlettSiren

    Amanda, it was a pleasure to feed you and Company! You were all so nice, and gracious and you all put on a fucking FANTASTIC show! I’m glad to see that the lowest point was the lack of heat here in Noho- but even with that it was great! I have some great stories to tell and some fab memories to keep! Let me know next time you’re hungry and in Western MA! I’ll feed you again!

    (Also-standing at the Merch booth with kids who were SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU was something fantastic. The whole damn crowd was ELECTRIC!)

  • Alex

    I am so upset. I was at the Press Club when you were there but could have sworn you were taller. I was literally sitting behind you with my boss (ex, it was my last day) Whatever. Had I gone up to you, I would have told you that your Smith College show last year was the best concert I’ve ever been to.

  • angechilada

    Hey! I was that chick with the striped shirt in the crowd photo. That concert freaking made my year. My bf had never seen you live and I told him he needed to experience the magic that is AFP LIVE!! haha. Thanks for the great experience! I am never disappointed when I go to see your show. :)

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