home. howard stern. dickens breasts.

my heart broke in several pieces during the last leg, my wonderful friends propped me up, i played shows, life not only went on but became so real it felt like chewing hard candy gravel.
but in a good way. i’m too tired to think of a good metaphor. just…life. real, family bread love tears looks hands squeezing nose-blowing shit life. fuck it.
i’ve never felt so grateful. for the bellies, for the food, for the love. i really need it, and it came in ample droves. i hugged people for longer the usual this week,
because *I* needed it. funny, that.

i wrote a new song. i hadn’t done that in a long time, not since this summer in london when i wrote “dear old house”.
i started it in portland and finished it in san francisco and played it that night, as sloppy as it was. i think it’s one of the best things i’ve written.
it’s called “trout heart replica”. i don’t know what to do anymore with the songs i’m writing.
but i am insanely proud of myself for forcing my time into songwriting time on the road.
it’s hard.
i had to be a bitch.
i had to rent a hotel room.
i had to arrange rides. the warmkessels helped.
i had to stay up really late one night and not get enough sleep before the san francisco show.
but i did it.
that same day, i hit the dicken’s christmas fair with the girls from vermillion lies and shot a video with my old friend jenessa joffe.
it’s sick. will share, i hope, in time for christmas.
if you live in san fran, go, go, go to the fair!!!
it’s the last weekend!
it’s like a renaissance fair except not QUITE so dorky and just truly magical.
i saw many living-statue bare breasts in the “french postcards” theater. go see THAT. and get some mead.

i always feel so fucking weird after tour.

i am in my apartment and it’s quiet. where is zoe. where is the danger ensemble. where is the bus.

howard stern played me on his show today. somebody over there found a bootleg of me singing “creep”. whodathunk.
i just listened to the recording….i love how unknown i am.
“i don’t think she’s ever recorded anything….”
what about my five records, deck?

anyway, it was nice of him. i sent him a copy of oasis, in thanks.
they called me for an interview today and it will probably air tomorrow.

i went christmas shopping today.
i bought only books. all books.
about 27 books.
it was expensive.
but fast, efficient, and honestly, there is no better gift than books.

i always remember my good friend chuck from college interjected once, during a hallway conversation about what we were buying our family member for christmas,
“you know what MY family buys each other for christmas in pennington, new jersey? …….(dramatic pause)………… BOOKS.” serious look.

then he died. i really loved him. lots of people i lived with in college died. strange.

will catch up with a better, more photo-and-video filled missive tomorrow.

i am happy.
i finished my christmas shopping.
i wrote a new song.
i made a video.
i’m practically broke but i made the right decision to bring the danger ensemble with me. it worked.
they are my family, for the time being.
they all stayed in LA at katie kay’s and (according to katie kay) all went to disneyland today.

disneyland will never be the same.

i had meetings in LA. i met with a book agent.
you’ve pestered me enough. i’m thinking about writing a book.
not so much about myself.
that would be too obvious. but about Things.
i will need help, from you. i will ask.

i sat at the airport alone, eating a burrito and thinking about how everything, everything, everything, is used to further the goal of not simply
not being alone, but not FEELING alone. there is only one thing worse that eating a meal at a table alone in an airport restaurant.
and that is eating a meal alone at table a in an airport restaurant next to an old businessman also eating alone at a table in an airport restaurant.
sometimes i can’t even look.


i read this randomly because i get a google alert from people’s blogs, and sometimes i just go look.



Next thing: New Year’s Eve
Holy shit I am sooo excited. Since I last posted, Amanda announced that she is throwing a special VIP pre-show party at a loft in Brooklyn. I went back and forth on whether I should go or not because it was $75 but who was I kidding. I bought it. I guess I was worried that I would feel out of place. The Dresden Dolls community is so artistic and talented and creative and I am…well I am not. I am so in awe of them every time I go to shows. But then I came to my senses and remembered that more then anything else, the DD/Amanda fans are the most accepting, non-judgmental loving and awesome people in the world. It’s going to be amazing. Now I need an outfit.

But getting back to what I mentioned last post.  Before the NYE show last year, I had seen the DD for the first time on the True Colors tour and then I saw Amanda solo with Aberdeen City opening. Neither show was a typical show with the awesome DD fans. The NYE show was the first time I was a part of that. I remember being so in awe of them. The brigaders and all the fanfuckingtastic outfits and there was just soooo much LOVE that night. It really triggered something inside. I was not a loner growing up. In fact I had many friends. But I always felt different. I knew deep down that I was not the same as these people. But I felt like I fit right in at the show. Since then, I embraced that odd, darker side of me that I always thought made me a weirdo and I am so grateful because of it. That’s part of the reason why I am so excited for NYE. For me it’s a celebration of being true to myself and being with others that feel the same way.


when i find things like this and read them, i feel every problem in my life go away for a moment, i feel like it doesn’t matter if i just disappear completely, i feel like i’ve achieved the kind of success
that i set out for in the first place, i feel like i’ve come full circle, i feel like the fucked-up loner that i was in high-school, the walkman-wielding-blue-haired-spiky-fuck-all-y’all one eating her cafeteria lunch alone in the concrete practice space….that girl does a time-space continuum and explodes and catches fire and smiles for a second.
i think to myself: we did it.


best tour shot ever

everybody outside neil gaiman’s house…..
left to right:
jaron (sound), kat (danger ensemble), jeffmaker.com (lights), chip (video documentarist), lyndon (violin), zoe keating (her amazing self, cello),
amanda fucking palmer, mark (danger ensemble), laura (merchandising queen), steven (danger ensemble), katie kay (tour manager), tora (danger ensemble).
lorraine (neil’s fabulous assistant), neil gaiman (funny writer-type).
(photo by cat mihos)

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  • April

    I love the picture. I thought the same thing when I heard the Howard Stern thing.

    I was at the last show in LA. I had to drag my ill body. Sorry for sneezing during your set haha

    Thanks for making that night amazing

  • http://www.myspace.com/jessydaprile jessy master of post-its

    Dear Amanda,

    I flew out of L.A. yesterday. I looked all over hoping so see you. I didn’t.

    I would have enjoyed a burrito with you. And we could have asked the the business man to join us.

  • Kabouterprinses

    you are beautiful, and i hope next european tour leg will be as awesome as this one.. if you still need more hugs, i’ll gladly provide you with them in paris!


  • callistosmile

    I am glad that our lovely city of Portland was the starting place of a new piece of art from you. We can’t wait to see you again.

  • http://www.girlbehindthelens.com/journal/ Jennifer

    Being on the last leg of the tour must have been difficult, but I want to thank you for rocking the fuck out of the Wonder Ballroom in Portland. It was an awesome show and you brought together such an amazing team… your ‘road family’… Danger Ensemble kicked ass… Zoe? Well, I cannot even begin to describe the awesome talent of that woman.

    Much as I’m sure you’re ready to rest up and find some sense of normalcy in your life- I cannot wait till you find your way back out the PacNW again. :-)


  • Brad74

    Wow, how cool is it that you get to hang out with the guy who wrote American Gods and Sandman.

    I hope you stop by Philly on your next tour. I’m definitely disappointed that I didn’t get to see this tour.

    I purchased a few dozen books (it seems) for Christmas this year. Everyone will be happy. I will be broke, but it’s OK since they all bought books for me too.

  • siri

    sweden. stockholm. first week of february. no need to say more.

  • http://www.mellingtoncartwright.com M.L.C.III


    Sometimes it boggles me how we amazing and creative people can plummet into small potholes of melancholy. I guess it’s the calm after the storm. It happens to me at times, and I think I figured it out a bit for myself. I’m really good at running around a lot, all over the globe, or even just all over the insides of my own cranium wall…. and when the cocktail parties of perpetual motion stop it’s as if your mind goes into a culture shock of time stopping… or slowing….

    So after finding out that my brain has a hard time sleeping in the same bed in the same little room every night I reflect on the art work I have done, drink a glass of wine, find someone to hug and thank life for all of it’s little intensities that I make and that others make.

    In short, thanks for being so honest and forward in your work, and thank you for all the little sweet intensities you bring to life. It definitely makes living bright with technicolor!

    • http://www.mellingtoncartwright.com M.L.C.III

      …oh… and thank you for the extra long hug at the Seattle show! Much appreciated.

  • Zanna

    I think 99.5% of your audience feels like the girl who wrote that livejournal post. And that is why you are at least twice as awesome as things that are only ordinary-awesome.

    It breaks my heart quite a lot that the New Years Eve show this year is 18+.

  • Just another Matthew

    That your life has Neil in it makes me very, very jealous.
    This is on top of the jealousy I have about your talents and general awesomenitude.

  • Mikilin

    You know, I find that sitting in airports is one of the most humanizing things. There is so much potential for such culture shock, yet you have at least one vital thing in common with everyone, the destination. It sounds kind of obvious and silly… an observation like that.
    But there’s a lot to that idea when you think about it.

    There’s nothing like seeing what an impact on another person you’ve made though to make all of your problems take a back seat for a moment. I mean… what else can we hope for really?
    And that’s something you’ve most assuredly accomplished. For me at the very least, though that’s nearly impossible with all your very loving, very committed fans.
    Oh, and books are totally the best Christmas present ever. If you were to write a book that’d be pretty awesome. Your meanderings on life the universe and everything would definitely be a fun read.
    Mmm. Burrito. *wanders off to kitchen*

  • theansweris42

    Amen to what Zanna said. I really connect with that blog post. I yearn to have that innate creativity that comes out in the ability to create amazing and beautiful things, but I often find myself completely blocked in the process from getting it from my head to an external medium. I don’t know whether I lack the talent or skill, or if it’s just that I lack to courage to not be afraid to just go for it and say fuck it, I don’t care if I screw up.

    At your show on Tuesday, I felt a huge connection with everyone in that crowd, and felt that same artistic fervor that I yearn for… just in my appreciation of the atmosphere and the music and the amazing theater of the DE, and felt at home. So thanks, Amanda. Thanks DE. Thanks to all the amazing crew. Thanks Zoe. Thanks Neil. Fuck, just thanks everybody.

    Congrats on an amazing tour and a fucking epic album as well as lots and lots of congrats for all the new amazing friendships you’ve gotten out of doing this.

    P.S. I fucking love giving and getting books as gifts. That’s all that’s been on my wishlist for YEARS, and no matter what, if there’s a book on someone’s list…even just one..that’s what they’re getting. Mmmmm literature.

  • Omar

    Think of how the rest of us loners feel when YOU’RE gone… Most of us only get out of our shells when you bring us all together once or, if we’re lucky, twice a year… Your presence is greatly missed. :)

  • http://www.yevgeniy.org Yevgeniy

    Thanks for the awesome show you guys put on in Michigan, once of the best shows I’ve seen. Thanks!

  • Emsy

    To that livejournal post… yes and also yes. And also to your response. I saw Beck live earlier this year and realized halfway through the show that I wasn’t that into Beck anymore, but I had to do this for my growing-up self, who thought that this guy who put beeps and drones in his music was soooo sophisticated. That girl was smiling BIG during that whole concert.

    Life is funny. I needed your music/philosophy so badly in HS, especially the idea that nothing is holding you back, so be bold and go do these things that you want to do. And I only heard this in college and after, when I was still sort of mourning the feeling of being trapped. Would I have absorbed it if I had heard your voice back then? Or just relished the angry-kid-hears-angry-music thing and not gotten it, that I could DO shit in addition to singing along?

    Moot point, obviously. But I’m so glad that you, that Brian, that your enormous collective coterie of awesome awesome people are in my universe. I’ll see you on NYE! I’m gonna go say hi to that LJ girl.

  • http://halfmar.tumblr.com HalfMar

    I cried while reading this… don’t know why, but this blog moved me even more than other ones. Especially the last bit hit me. Strange…
    I also love Trout Heart Replica!! You say it’s the best thing you’ve written, I say it’s the best thing I’ve ever heard! All your songs are amazing, but hearing this for the first time… I had a different feeling than with other songs, it touched my heart. It’s wonderful, it’s beauty beyond words.

    Love the photo, it’s really like one big happy family :)

  • Antònia

    Hello Creature of Love

    I’ve just read practically the whole blog in two sittings, it became addictive…

    I saw you guys in 2006 in Barcelona, what an exciting moment! After the show we were still in the venue and talked to Thomas Truax for a while, but afterwards didn’t know where to place ourselves in order not to be ran over by the mass. We just got in a corner, and a few seconds later, who came right next to us? You, darling (of course the mass nearly ran over us there haha). As shy as I am, I doubted wether I’d ask you for a sign or not, I just kept staring at you, all glowing, a few centimentre away. Then you signed my ticket quickly and proceeded to sign someone else’s… I couldn’t even say hi, I was somehow like “hpppft, let’s go home”. Honestly, I was disappointed.

    After reading your blog, things have changed in my mind and heart, 2 years and a half later. Of course you are the creature of love I thought you were before the concert! I’m glad I found out… I suspected it since I started getting into your music, but the event after the gig changed my view.

    I’m glad today I bumped into this blog and I am with a smile asking to keep spreading the love around, as I try to do every day (with more or less success).



  • Brook

    hmm. well I was going to comment on a few things, but I can’t seem to put anything into words. so I’ll just say this. I’m sure the majority of your fans feel like the girl with the livejournal entry. I know I do. there’s something different about your shows, or a dolls show. it really does feel like everyone is part of a big, close, crazy family, and there’s nothing better than that. you should be so fucking proud of yourself, amanda, look at what you’ve done. :)

    I love the picture at the end, you guys are all amazing. and the though of the danger ensemble at disneyland is VERY amusing. :D

    lots of love <3

  • Jaime

    Books ARE the best gift: the gift of knowledge and pleasure and substance.

    I’m co-authoring a book on human trafficking next year but it probably won’t come out for two years. I’ll send you a copy…. or bring you one if you’re touring ;)

    I love you.

  • cheers

    If you wrote a book I would get it for everyone I know for Christmas. And New Years. Maybe every Monday morning I would just send out more copies to cheer people on. I would give one to my conservative boss who I can’t come out of the closet to. I would pass them out to lawyers downtown in the street. Drop off a stack at locally owned bookstores, coffeehouses. Right next to zines and books by local rappers.

    Keep on keepin’, Amanda Fucking Palmer.

  • Lindsey

    I will totally help you write your book ;) My new hobby is helping other people write books so I can pretend I’m too busy to work on anything for myself. In a few years it should pay off when I get a special shelf in the library I so desperately want filled with books with my name in the acknowledgements…

  • http://dustintheink.tumblr.com/ dustintheink

    I found your new song “Trout Heart Replica” on youtube by accident, not knowing it existed….. someone had recorded a video of you playing the song (they didn’t know the title of course).
    I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. I was compelled to write out all the lyrics for myself because I knew I wouldn’t be able to find them yet, and I wanted to more tangibly interact with the words themselves and the meaning through reading them. It is so heartwrenching, and so absolutly moving.
    I’ve been a fan for a long time but only just discovered your blog, and have been reading since your Salt Lake performance. You are an inspiration. I’m impressed by your creativity, your sincerity, and your smarts (I love that you love to read, and know about things like the ampersand and the play Lysistrata). I love the way you put your heart into your work. Your fans can feel that, I think, and that is why we connect so deeply with what you produce. It isn’t phony. I write, and I aspire to be able to tap into something so real and sincere in my writing, and connect with my readers in such a way.

    I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to uproot and tour, and then to have it all end and be home again, sitting quietly in an apartment.

    All of my best wishes to you. Thank you for what you’ve created. It’s fucking awesome.

  • http://solelysoly.livejournal.com/ solangel

    So I woke up this morning to find that you read my blog. Christmas came a little early for me this year. I can’t really think of anything coherent except that I can’t wait for New Year’s Eve and anyone else going please say hi.

    • lentower

      when in doubt about saying
      HI !
      @ an amanda show, or a brian show, or a brian+amanda show
      just say
      HI !

      we’re a friendly crowd!

  • Sassy

    I know exactly how that blogger feels and I am thankful to him/her for putting into words what I can’t. Thanks for bringing all of us together :)

  • http://www.jewlie.com ninchns

    I hope you got the Christmas Stocking I made for you at the LA show. Thank you for the show and I hope you have good time off.


  • Muertecaramelo

    Hi Amanda! Nice you are home and not feeling alone nor sitting on an airport. That photo is the most convincing proof that love is all around you. :)

    About another proofs, I recently wrote something similar as the post you are reproducing. Sadly, is totally in spanish… =/
    and that brings me to:
    Do you speak Spanish? That’s something that after yours HOLA! I’ve asked myself…

    Well, that was totally off topic.

    My best wishes for you, your family, your chosen family and the super extended family that you’ve got on every fan, every one of us.
    Yes, we’ll help with that book. Count on it ;)

    Love on Spanish is AMOR and that’s what I send your way from here :)

  • Kate

    I cried reading this too.
    I love books for Christmas.
    I know how those alone-in-the-airport moments feel.
    I’m so glad you’re happy.

  • lentower

    one of the incredible awesome things you do
    is write songs
    especially as it is hard for you to do
    even with all the focus your yoga has taught you

    thank you for this one “trout heart replica”

    thank you for all those done before

    and adTHANKSvance for those to come

  • starlet

    My daughters loved ur show, they were glad u loved the ponies they gave u, that u took the time to ask them there names and had a short converation with them u made our night. they said that was the best concert ever and want to go to all ur concerts.

  • Wish

    i was at your LA show and loved every piece of it. i’m so glad that you brought the danger ensemble along- they fit.
    i would love to see the photo set of them descending upon Disneyland. the visuals in my head are fantastic.

    Having them was good because it filled the place of love that is usually filled by the brigaders. i missed being able to perform and your show made me -SO- homesick for Boston in such a good way. I haven’t felt warm fuzzy things for Boston in a while- I think it’s time to go home for a bit- spin fire in the snow and love on people.

    so thank you for the night of loveliness, of creativity. thank you for writing that new song and performing it- i loved it. we loved it- even if you couldn’t tell with the LA crowd’s typical fake apathy. believe the cheers, not the lack of dancing.

    i bounced home at 230 after giving you an extra long hug and wrote a poem. i’ve never done that after a show. maybe someday i’ll send it to you. it still needs work. chances are you won’t get it until after i’m done with my MFA, but you’ll get it. promise.

    anyway, you rock. way to make howard stern pay attention to you, the silly man

  • Linda Leseman

    At least you had the balls to die your hair blue in high school and eat lunch alone. Makes me wonder where the blue-haired members of my high school are now. They’re probably being awesome somewhere.

  • http://www.thorncoyle.com T. Thorn Coyle

    Your SF show was gorgeous, as are you.

    I spend a lot of time in airports, myself. Loneliness is something we carry inside. Art and beauty ease it. Thanks for your art.

  • Melissa

    Thank you for the awesome concert in L.A., waiting three hours in the freezing cold was all so worth it when you held me to your face and signed my Dresden Dolls tattoo. I never had told you the story behind my tattoo. I decided after the concert December 27 2005 after my very first concert with you that you were dedicated to not only your fans but to also giving a great show. When we (melissa and Natalie) brought the painting outside yourdressing room door I never would of thought you would meet us. But when you did I knew I was in love. My tattoo not only symbolizes my love for you guys but also is dedicated to that faithful night in LA.
    And trust me, if I would of known when you were going to be at the airport I would of been right along side you probably eating your burrito probably having a deep conversation about nothing at all ;)
    With all my love,
    Melissa Smith

  • vovat

    Isn’t Howard Stern a DJ? Shouldn’t a DJ be a little more up on current music?

  • Mikayla

    I just wanted to let you know that I went to the LA show and it changed my life. FOREVER. Thank you

  • http://electricburritos.blogspot.com/ bre_anachronism

    Ironically, today, on my rush to get to work after some squeezed-in christmas shopping, I looked down into my floorboard full of bags of gifts and realized that I, too, have bought only. books. for. everyone.

    I kind of like this.

  • Mandy

    i’m glad you read that girls blog…i think most of us (your fans) feel the same as her on some level. You make the world a less lonely place for so many of us. when we are eating alone at the airport, we have our ipods, your words, your voice, your music. It’s a comfort, its company. But what do you have? thank you….I just wish I could give back to you half as much as you give me. all I can do is say Thank You…it really just doesn’t feel like enough.

    • http://www.jewlie.com ninchns

      You are so right on with this. THANK YOU AMANDA, from the bottom of our hearts.


  • http://www.myspace.com/lostjoshh Lostjoshh

    I’m sitting here at work, a hallway kiosk in a downtown San Francisco pseudo-shopping centre, selling over-priced language learning software. Or trying to.
    Other people are trying to make rent and tuition.

    A group of young school children on tour just walked by, yelling and screaming, rocking the stand.
    It made me smile.
    I had slight tears in my eyes already. An emotional day.
    One of them yelled “school kids rock!” ~ “Hell yeah!” I yelled back.
    It made him smile.

    I’m emotional today, I spent the last week with no sleep beyond two hours a night because I went to see live art in Sacramento and San Francisco during finals week, and squeezed in a day at the Dicken’s Faire. It was all magical.
    It was worth it. Amanda Palmer is alive.

    I made art the next night. It was scary. It was violent. it was a prison. It Worked.

    “Trout Heart Replica” broke my heart that night. It’s been breaking all week.
    I love it. It’s why I have tears in my eyes. It’s healing me.

    Thank you

    Someday, when I complete my theatre / art degree, I hope to make art with you.

    It’s powerful. Like Love. Like people.

  • madam jenn

    i sent you a book. there are pictures in it too.

  • http://obmika.tumblr.com/ akimbois

    I’m glad the tour went well and you’re back to getting some much needed time after the tour!

    I also hope you feel better. You sound like you need more hugs, hopefully you’ll be getting more.

    Love the group picture, by the way. :D

  • Amanda

    About the blog excerpt: I feel/felt the same way. I saw you guys last New Year’s Eve and plan to see you, Amanda, this NYE. Last New Year’s was absolutely spectacular, it was really, excuse the cheesy expression, a magical night. No other way to describe it! I tried!
    So much love and fun and fabulous creativity.
    You make my heart all warm and fuzzy.

    Much love from snowy NY,
    A fellow Amanda (:

  • Alicia

    I am so happy to hear you are considering writing a book. I’ve thought you should write a book for a long, long time now, but I didn’t think it’d ever happen. This is really exciting.

  • Shiny

    amanda, your new song is beautiful. when i heard it- posted on youtube- i wondered what you would name it. i think it is my favourite song you have ever written.

    thank you for existing.

    sending <3 your way

  • http://rushifaa.livejournal.com Rushi

    Making yourself write is so hard, I know, but when you’re done it just feels so wonderful :D That’s an awesome picture.

  • http://blog.kittiekat.org MistrsEvilKitten

    Hey! I went to Disneyland on the 18th!! “It’s A Small World After All”…

    I was a fool and didn’t check which shows were going to be in LA before my vacation there for this past week. I found out you were playing at 8:00 on the day of your show! I was in Huntington Beach and had I rode with my parents… my dad has a corporate vehicle so there’s an age limit for driving it. My parents couldn’t understand the random need to go to Hollywood and I couldn’t take myself there… So I MISSED YOU! :*( It could have been SO perfect!

  • Griffin

    I was at the San Francisco show, and when you played “trout heart replica” it was so beautiful I cried. Thank you so, so much for sharing that with us.

  • setecastronomy

    Just tried to place the highest bid for the “I killed amanda palmer” speech bubble from Austrians FM4 radio station (last year Frequency festival, Austria, charity auction, remember? ) ->


    (look further down that page, I love that pic of Amanda),

    but either my browser, the internet connection or my right index finger were too slow, since I lost :-(

    May I bring my own cardboard speech bubble along for signing, the next time you are around, touring “old” Europe?

    all the best

  • http://maartendas.blogspot.com feeblemind

    That (the blog post of the fan who was touched so profoundly by your art) must feel so great. Do you thank a higher power for these kinds of things? I was just wondering… (I’m a Christian myself)

    A propos art, I bookmarked this website under Art instead of under Music. Just so you know :)

    I’m considering going to see you in Paris in February. I would have to come over from the Netherlands though. Part of me wants to come, another part thinks it’s too much effort/too expensive etc. Hmm… perhaps you can help me decide? ;-)

    P.S.: I know the loneliness of airports (going back home alone from family visit in Canada). My journal was my remedy.

  • dfano

    Dear Amanda,

    Sorry, I hadn’t heard of you either until Howard played the clip of you doing “Creep.” Absolutely loved it. To find out you’re hooked up with Ben Folds and Neil Gaiman, two of my favorite humans, was unbelievable! Seeing that Ben produced WKAP made me buy it immediately. I love it. I’m now a huge fan.


  • Christopu

    Writing a book? Super!

    Not that I don’t love your lyrics and voice… butttt wll there ever be a fully instrumental album in the future?

    Your show this time around was amazing– no recent show i’ve seen compares.

  • FsquiggleE

    Why does the phrase ‘Trout Heart Replica’ sound so familiar to me? I’ve been racking by brains all day. Is it perhaps ‘borrowed’ from somewhere?

    • http://maartendas.blogspot.com feeblemind

      Trout Mask Replica is a famous album by Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band.

      • FsquiggleE

        Ah yes, of course it is. I don’t know the album itself but I’ve heard of it through the ramblings of the late, great Lester Bangs.

  • Knightowl

    You are bad luck, amanda!
    4 days after you signed my laptop in chicago, it got stolen.
    I guess I will have to take your advice and go outside now!

  • http://gabrielgrub.blogspot.com/ June_Miller

    I’m glad you premiered your new song that night. It must’ve been awfully nervewracking performing something you literally only finished about 20 minutes beforehand. But it was lovely. Utterly lovely. Rough, too. When I have my own internet connection again, I plan to give it another listen or three or god knows how many.

    Why you gotta be hatin’, though? L.A. gets WKAP answers AND a ‘Fuck Prop 8′ bit? With girl kissing? Hatin’. But I’m cool with it. My co-worker and I agreed, you need haters(z). They build character.

    I almost fucked up the whole trip up to Frisco, though, by forgetting my ticket and remembering it halfway through the trek. That’s pretty much why we got there later than I anticipated. We’re cruising just outside of San Jose north, kicking it, grooving to Outkast, and then I just blurt out ‘AAAAHHHHH FUCKING TICKETS!!!’ Flipped a bitch, I tell you what.

    But it was good. Very good.

    You and Howard Stern. I can only imagine the interview questions and what conversations could have come out of them. That’s awesome he digs you, though. And that more folks are digging you, because of that.

    I was thinking of going to Dickens Fair. I’ve never heard of it before this, and I regret that immensely. I am a dork. However, I don’t think it can be done. I gotta head southward for xmas, and then I’m thinking of shooting back north afterward. My little car’s just trekking all OVER the state. She’s a good’n.

    Plus, they didn’t have Gabriel Grub listed as one of the characters you’d get to meet. C’mon now. Humbug to Ebenezer. It’s all about the gravedigger.

    I would’ve probably been to nervous to try and chat up your high school counterpart. Only because she sounds so cool. Thank god you made it. Though, really, there shouldn’t have been much doubt.

    Things, eh?

    Well, I’ll do my best to help.

  • Ana

    I am so sorry to hear that people you lived with in college are dead. This might be too forward of me, and I would totally respect your choice not to answer, but what happened to them?

  • Brian Ray


    That zine, with the caution tape, was sent in by one of my ex-best friends.

    I thought it was so fucking amazing a year or two ago.
    You sent us an autographed picture.

    I threw it away when I moved to college and I respect myself and you more for it. You’re just another human and that’s what’s beautiful about this whole thing.

    Keep speaking to us, Amanda.

  • Justfire

    This is my first non-lurker moment.
    Anyway, you should tell us how your voice is doing post-surgery and now after tour? I’m hoping it’s doing well, you’ve been sounding great.

    And I’ll buy your book.

    Happy Holidays.

  • http://www.myspace.com/exeterspracticum David Reed

    I wouldn’t get too concerned that howard, robin and artie on the stern show thought you’ve never recorded anything. If you’re a fan of the show you know how disconnected with modern music they are. They relentlessly questioned eachother about whether any of them had heard of a band called fall out boy before having pete wentz on the show a couple weeks ago. All they really had to talk about was how “hot” ashlee simpson was. They still think bon jovi is the media magnet he once was in the 80’s and make multiple references to dee snider, led zepplin, etc.., when talking about music. Don’t get me wrong, I love the show. They’re just not the “go to” gang for up to date music news.

  • http://www.myspace.com/biteme13 Danielle

    I go to the Dicken’s Fair every year. Getting tea is fun. If you’re ever out here at this time again, get there as soon as it opens and reserve your spot for high tea (almost spelled “teat”). Also, try the fencing. The “Ladies Oratorical and Recreational Society Sings Saucy Songs” show is also a must see.

    I saw (forgive me, I forget his name) the man that does magic and comedy during your shows. He was doing some tricks in the pirate/sailor section of the fair. I had to do a double take. I would have stopped and watched, but I was on a food mission with my family. :(

  • 39 last week

    I wasn’t sure what to make of you, or whether you would forever leave a negative connotation in my head…

    My daughter has umm.. “more than a passing interest in your work” – put it that way. I was so glad to be driving her & her boyfriend down from Portsmouth to Brighton when you were touring in the UK. I had heard of you – the Dresden Dolls, bits & bobs, nothing else really. I looked over the venue as we arrived a little early (Brighton). I was pleased as it looked intimate, and could see that as she would be relatively near the front of the queue, that she would be close, and that would make her happy. I slipped her some extra money as she stood in line with her b/f, then left them alone, gave them some space, and found something to do for the next 3 hours or so…

    I took pictures as it rained in Brighton. Stopped in a pub, had a drink, looked at the hookers and their pimp in Burger King with some surprise. (My pictures were rubbish by the way, too much rain on my lens – I would never normally take pictures in the rain – too protective of my gear for starters!), but I seemed distracted.

    As it reached 10pm, I kept an eye on my mobile, but there was a missed message & a voicemail. My brother had called. My mother was in Hospital, had had a massive stroke, and was probably going to die in the next few hours.

    In the next minute or so, I decided there was no point adding 3 more casulaties, and knew I wasn’t going to “rush” back. This was such a BIG night for my daughter. On the other hand (like some previous gigs), I wasn’t going to let my 16 year old hang around for too long “on the off chance that I might see them” – as I knew that generally this just led to disappointment for them – and me getting colder (she seems immune).

    I parked up, opposite your tour bus. Could see that there was a queue. “Great”. I was genuinely pleased – an organised queue to have their picture taken/get an autograph – that sort of thing. Much better that way, the “kids” know what is happening then…

    I saw my girl and her b/f, and they seemed to be at the front, and then I saw you there, sitting down, with your friendly face – CD’ s of “WKAP” on sale on your little desk, and signing away, posing for photo’s and a big smile.

    I slipped past the fence, and as my daughter reached her “turn” took a snap with the camera I had given her a few months back (she shot some great pictures of you – and some good video too!)

    They took my mind off things as I drove back the 80-odd miles back to Portsmouth. I knew my wife would not ring now – not to say my Mother was dead. I had spoken to her quickly on my mobile, and was starting to peace things together – she had not rung, as she didn’t want me to drive back upset – for no real reason that would help…

    I drove back, but as I closed in on Portsmouth (and the hospital – just 5 minutes from my house), wondered if my wife would be home – already, as she had been there since 8pm, the time my brother had texted me… Nope. I rang, and my wife was ready for me at the Hospital gates as I drove my daughter and her boyfriend up there, and we “swapped over”. My wife drove them home, and I made it in time to get a last squeeze from my Mother’s hand – she had had a massive stroke, and soon had another, and was gone forever.

    She died early Monday morning. But since then my eldest has had so much to say about you and your performance – and that of the whole gig. It really made an impression on her – if you hadn’t already.

    I thought (as I have been searching for various Christmas presents these last few days), that I would never be able to “shift” some resentment to you, as I was there, but it was not your fault – and that I did not rush back to catch my Mother’s last hours, but nope. I used to fight with my Mother, but we had made our peace a year or two ago. I watched her slip away with my brothers and sister at her bedside. I had told her that I had come back from Brighton with her grand-daughter from a “gig” when she had squeezed my hand 30 hours or so before, I could tell she seemed pleased – she knew I loved to do that.

    Since then, I have found out more & more about you, as I have tried to find things for my daughter for presents – and anything to do with you is pretty high up that list – it almost solely comprises books/CD’s/DVD’s and so on actually! (P.S. – When is the WKAP book coming out? ;-) )

    You made and make my daughter happy, and that makes me happy, and it made my Mother happy with one of her final thoughts before she had another stroke and lost all consciousness.

    Thank-you for that – she died happy with that – she knows I love my daughters, and that I was happy, and I think that she was glad it was that way round, rather than the extra hours at her bedside.

    Keep it going Amanda

    Dave the parent/gig driver…

  • chemirocha

    Oh my… Zoe Keating, Amanda Fucking Palmer, and Neil Gaiman, three people I admire so much all somehow together via the coalescings of creative fate.

    Rock on, ya’ll.

  • Sara

    I hope you know, that everyone with a brain that listens to you, sings your praises 24/7. Blog or no blog, we all love you, and you’ve changed all of our lives.

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