introducing chip & the WKAP tour documentary on youtube.


so…i was in seattle last year, hanging out with jason webley, evelyn evelyn and the guys from estradasphere.
and while i was staying at the palatial estradasphere estates, i met the fabulous chip yamada. chip was sort of the michael pope of the estradasphere bunch, he created all their live video and was an honorary member of the posse.

he shot the only live evelyn evelyn footage that exists on youtube, and shot a bunch of footage from my solo shows at 608, and most famously, shot the totally impulsive fremont zombie walk video. (i love that one).

and now….i’ve stolen him away to come on this US tour and he’s been secretly shooting everything, editing on the fly and now after a long wait we are going to start throwing footage up.
it’s an ongoing documentary with footage of just about everything and we’ll hopefully have about 8 or 10 episodes by the end.
the fantasy is that by watching this footage, you guys will really get a sense of the danger ensemble, what our life on tour is like, what the crew does….and what the stage show looks like if you happen to live in anchorage or bali and can’t make any of these shows.

episode numero zero (introducing the tour, ladies and gents):


episode numero uno (an interview with the danger ensemble, lyndon and amanda):

if your friend is being a betch or a deck and refusing to come to the show with you, send them these links.
yay chip.

speaking of fun things to watch, currently backstage in toronto at the mod club, watching my face freeze off.
last night in pittsburgh was sublime.
we did a secret last-minute webcast, a quickie with me and the whole danger ensemble after we got offstage last night….
part 1 is up here, and part 2 is up here.
we’ll be doing another (longer) one soon, they’re fun as hell. party on the internet!!
wine excuse! stay tuned.

they’re predicting mad snow tonight. i have two cold sores. i hate winter. i really do. even with the awesome hats and all.

i’ve fallen into a weird tour blur.
i don’t feel very human today.


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