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it’s late at night. i’m in zoe and katie kay’s hotel room in detroit. about to go to the bus and sleep in the parking lot.
my ghettofaublous life.
detroit is cold. and (sorry guys) really depressing. we play here tomorrow.

some things make life better.
the show in toronto was off the hook. outside, it was freezing and sleeted. inside, full of thawed-out love.
we got our best tour gift of the week: a red squid hat. i’ll try to get a picture. it looks great on steven.

i am feeling very buried, very humanless, and very behind.
i have too much email to answer. i am trying. i am failing. this is ok.
today was supposed to be a day to catch up and i could barely field what came in.
but we all still went to an afternoon yoga class and ate together. life has it’s priorities.
we’re all sort of hitting the cranky tour wall.
egos are getting more fragile.
a general plague of tour PMS.
the cold isn’t helping.

this amazing picture by kyle cassidy, shot in philly, makes life better:

my old friend zea barker surfaced with some photos of me painted up as a bronze commuter/office worker in 1999.
don’t ask. it was a public art installation in south station in boston.



also, in the winter-y feel-good dept:

a new version (the very first time i performed it with jason webley, right after we wrote it) of “electric blanket” is now up on youtube:

so awesome.
speaking of jason webley…..
he asked me to pass this along:

“I’ve got a little winter sale going on this month. Among other things, you can pick up all five of my albums for $39. I also have two brand new t-shirts, including an Evelyn Evelyn “Purple Two-Headed Elephant” design that is sure to be all the rage this season. Don’t
be the foolish looking person not wearing one after the holidays!

Any order this month over $30 comes with a free mix CD called “Winter Comes” which includes eleven unreleased songs by some of my friends and collaborators, including Sxip Shirey, Geoff Berner, Zoe Vermillion and myself. It also has a sneak peak at one of my favorite tracks from the forthcoming “Evelyn Evelyn” full-length album. Shhhhh!

Order at my web-site:



yay the evelyn sisters.

sleep tight
sleep tight
please don’t let there be a shooting here tonight


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