and….IT’S HAPPENING. I’M USING PATREON. please support me if you can.




well, here we are.

the next internet moment.

the new frontier.

kickstarter 2.0.

last night at my show for PEN american DIY at the ace hotel in new york, an NYC artist named jules banks handed me these flowers he made for me, out of dollar bills.

it was such a beautiful fucking gesture (these dollars will never be spent, they’ve transformed into art forever) and it seemed so fitting given today’s announcement…


i’ve been hinting for over a year about launching a patreon, and BLAMMO, i just did it.

last year was eaten writing and putting out “the art of asking”, and this year i want to GET BACK TO MAKING ART.

i have lots of plans, lots of projects, lots of ideas for videos. i want to get back into the studio with john congleton (who produced and engineered “theatre is evil”, the kickstarter record, and just WON A GRAMMY for his work with st. vincent).


i want to finally get to berlin and make a collection of songs in german.

i want to do the same thing in paris, and make a bunch of french-language recordings.

i want to finally release “bigger on the inside” (which i just recorded with zoe keating on cello) and “the thing about things”,

and i want to make videos for them.


i want to finally, as i’ve been promising, do a collection of recordings with MY DAD.

i want to put all this music out on the internet.


i want to start a podcast.


i want to do a LOT of things. they’re gonna cost money.


some of you may already know (or be using patreon)…if not, here’s your primer.

this is basically the same text that i’ve posted up on my patreon page.

i also made a video (filmed in the exact same alleyway where i made my kickstarter video in melbourne…..

with the same filmmaker, jim batt).

to see it, and if you want to support me, click here:

patreon is basically like kickstarter, except it….never ends. it’s more of a SUBSCRIPTION site, where your backers (patrons) agree to give a set amount of money every time you release a piece of content. that piece of content can be free to the world (a lot of vloggers and daily web-comics use it). it’s true patronage – you’re not paying to get secret access to the art – you’re just stepping up and telling the artist you’re willing to give them a steady salary while they Make Shit.

if you’re a fan of mine, and really want to support me in the creation of new songs, film-clips/music-videos, long-form writing and more random, unpredictable art-things (comics? podcasts? who knows)….this is your chance.

here i am again, asking.

i’ve been struggling since i got off my label in 2008 to find the right platform for ongoing support, through which i can release constant material (and get paid). i think this is it.

i’ve gotten to know myself. as a creator, as a songwriter, and as a recording artist, i thrive on instant gratification and a direct mainline to my audience without having to go through labels, distributors, the machine, the mass media. i love making things and INSTANTLY sharing. and i know my fanbase: you’re smart, kind, supportive, future-embracing people.

i think patreon is a revolution in music-release and art patronage: i’m planning to release pretty much ALL MY CONTENT for free: on youtube, bandcamp, my site, wherever.

it’s yours, it’s everybody’s, you can take it, you can share it.

but i need support, true patronage, from you you YOU if i’m going to take the plunge and have money to live and make art.

i’m friends with jack (the CEO) and the fine folks at patreon, as i was pals (and still am) with yancey over at kickstarter. i really believe in what these people are doing, and i’ve been really astounded and inspired to see what all these other artists, from writers to cartoonists to singers, are doing with their patreons. it isn’t making world news, because it is what it is: a quiet, underground network of artists connecting directly with their fans, bypassing the entire commercial system. this is AWESOME. it is, eventually, how the internet can really save art. it also means YOU need to step up and support the artists you love, the political cartoonists you want to see satirizing the system, the painters you want to see reflecting their realities, the musicians you want filling your hearts and your speakers, the journalists you want to see writing about the state of the world.

almost 25,000 of you supported my kickstarter, and i don’t expect those kinds of numbers here – this is more of a commitment: though you do get to road test it if you’re scared (you can pull out before you’re charged at the end of any month – so it’s risk-free).

my kickstarter was a one-time all-in deal, this is more of an ongoing commitment to me and my music and spontaneous art-making. kickstarter was like dating, this is like….going steady. it’s not exactly like getting married, because…yeah. it’s not that hardcore. maybe someday i’ll start and make a killing: one patron, one artist enslaved for life. (maybe not.)



now, backstory: i’ve been flailing (often happily, for sure) since i left my label in 2008. self-releasing and distributing vinyl and CDs isn’t easy, and isn’t always super-profitable. giving my music away for free online has been an adventure, but not as profitable as i expected. you may be surprised to know that “theater is evil”, even though it had 25,000 backers and was given nothing but rave reviews in the press, sold very, very few? copies in stores. that wound up sinking me financially…even though it was the best record i’d ever made.

i really believe that putting content up for free on the internet is Fundamentally Good: it means everybody can share….but i honestly don’t make enough through that method alone to support a recording studio and video-making habit…there are months when my pay-what-you-want revenue from bandcamp and my website combines totals less than a few hundred dollars. that means the only way to pull in money is to tour, sell merch, or…to do another kickstarter to call upon everybody’s support and goodwill. that’s what i’ve been doing.

the problem with kickstarter is that, while it’s great for huge projects, i don’t want to do get repetitive, or exhaust the fanbase with “HEY I’M MAKING YET ANOTHER RECORD, PRE-ORDER HERE”…..i just want to be able to go into the studio, make music with friends, call a film director, make a video, take a few months off, write, record, and press PUBLISH when i’m done, the way i can with my blogs. bam, bam, bam.

i also don’t want to have to think up clever merchandise (i know we love fuzzy posters, and t-shirts, and photo books, and signed things, and mugs and tea-cozies, and and and….but how much Stuff is too much Stuff before we don’t need any more Stuff cluttering up the earth’s future landfills and want to just get back to the music, which was supposed to be the point, right?)

don’t get me wrong: i’m not going to give up on physical or merchandise (i mean, manufacturing my own nudie pens has been the highlight of my cold winter), and i’m not going to give up on collecting my music into “albums”… i think that’ll make itself clear once i’ve recorded a bunch of stuff for patreon and released it. i’ll be HAPPY to use kickstarter or other forms of crowdfunding to see what the demand is for “ALL THESE SONGS AND MORE on VINYL”…that’s easy. then if 1,600 people want vinyl, i’ll make 1,600 vinyl. bam.

i know i’m addicted to PUTTING OUT THE THING NOW. i’ve seen what’s happened to me when i’m able to slave all night on something and wave it around immediately the next day online or at a show. without that drive, 8in8 (the all-night record i made with ben folds and damian kulash and neil) wouldn’t have happened, and i don’t think i ever would have written “gaga, palmer, madonna” if i hadn’t been able to upload it directly to YouTube that night.

i don’t find it as inspiring to work for two years on a bunch of songs, know that i’m going to have to spend time raising funds for a record, a few more months (or years, in some cases) going through the record-biz “recording cycle” it’s boring. i mean, all respect to the artists who do it, and i may choose to do it with one project or another, but mostly, fuck it, i just want to MAKE STUFF AND PUT IT OUT. and get paid, and then keep going. does it mean i won’t ever get a grammy. yes, it does. but who cares? who am i making music for anyway….you, or the grammys committee? right. back to the point: i like fast, now, bam. getting paid for doing things Fast Now Bam is usually impossible.

here’s the key: i have no idea how much money is going to filter in. i may wind up getting $5,000 per thing, or $50,000.

i can already hear the backlash: “BUT AMANDA, A UKULELE SONG DOESN’T COST $50,000 TO RECORD”.


you’re right. but videos cost a huge amount, and make nothing.

and you can’t really put a price tag on how much it costs to write a song. it’s priceless.


this is where the trust comes in. making art costs a lot, and also nothing.


you’re not just paying for the studio time, you’re covering EVERYTHING.

my office rent. my travel. my food. my new york times subscription. my phone bills. my staff. the hours i blog.

you’re basically paying for me to live, and work, ALL THE TIME.


if a lot of money comes in, great. i’ll spend it.

it’s up to you to trust me whether i’m going to spend it on the right stuff.

if it weirds you out – don’t do it.


here’s the other key: THIS IS A HUGE EXPERIMENT.

we can keep tweaking this as we go. if the patron levels seem too high, too low, aren’t working….we can shift and change them. if anybody comes up with a brilliant idea of what would be wonderful to include in a new level, we can ADD it. if i decide that i want to spend a year doing cover songs, we can build in a system by which i can take requests from all patrons.

this is a platform where we can be in constant communication.

i’m hoping to drop my first piece of content (a newly record song) within a few weeks, and do my first webcast (for patrons of $10+) in about a weeks time.

if you guys know me, you know i LISTEN. we’re here to make this sucker work together, and we will.

even if you’re a one dollar backer, i want to know what you’re digging about the platform and what’s bugging you.

i’m really excited to see what happens with this, guys.

whether you’re backing me for a dollar or ten dollars, i’m happy.

every patron person who’s supporting backing me is important to this community, you’re who i’m creating for, and i’m glad you found me here.

let’s DO THIS SHIT!!!!!



p.s. if you DO decide to become a patron: TELL PEOPLE! tweet! facebook! share the info! as with kickstarter, the way to make people feel safe about this system is to show that you’re willing to take the plunge. others will follow.


THE FAQ (frequently asked questions)

if you have questions, COMMENT BELOW!!!!!!!!!!!

please submit them on twitter, on facebook, on my blog, or here on the patron stream once you sign up.

Q: “i’m kind of confused by the Things you keep referencing in your video. what other Things are you talking about besides songs?”

A: well, videos is the obvious one. making music videos can be way more expensive than recording music, and i still love making them.

one of the first songs i’m planning to release here on patreon (i just recorded it) is “bigger on the inside”, a song i’m really proud of, featuring zoe keating

on the cello. i see a really beautiful music video for it in my head, but i can imagine it costing at least $20k to film when all is said and done.

i’d also love to experiment with what art and patronage really is….maybe i’ll write something, maybe i’ll decide to do a marathon recording webcast, maybe i’ll start doing an interview podcast with special people i meet or know, maybe i’ll decide to lock myself in a room and spend five days creating a painting using content from the feed…..i really have no idea. i think i’m going to push the limits and see where the pushback happens (if any). it’s this lack of knowing that makes patreon so exciting to me. i like not knowing things. :)

Q: what if i all of a sudden go broke and can’t afford the $50 i’m about to be charged?”

A: all patrons are charged at the end of the month. if you’re in a financial jam, or if you decide i’m satan’s spawn on may 29, even though you loved me on may 1, you can cancel your patronage. you’d be charged nothing.

Q: “wait….does this mean everybody can game the system, get everything for free, and cleverly cancel their patronage on the last of every month?”

A: yeah. but only real dicks would do that, and i trust everybody, pretty much.

Q: “you asked about charging Per Thing versus charging Per Month in your blog, and I want to pay Per Month, it’s easier! Why Per Thing?”

A: i thought hard about charging per month instead of Per Thing, because patreon lets you do either, and a lot of artists are successfully charging per month.

however, that makes me nervous: what if i’m traveling and touring and/or taking off time for three months in a row and don’t have output to share? i’d feel guilty.

i know me well enough to know that i don’t work consistently: this isn’t a weekly web-comic, i’m a sporadic weirdo. Per Things seemed safer.

here’s the way I figured it: patreon has a MONTHLY CAP, so if you want the security of only EVER paying $10 a month, because you don’t want to think about it, and that’s what your budget can afford, you can CAP at $10. that way it’s like paying $10 per month, WITH the added advantage that if i decide to post No Things

in a given month, you’ll be charged NOTHING. so it’s technically better for you, and i won’t feel guilty, ever.

Q: “but if i cap my backing at $10 a month, does that mean I won’t get ALL THE THINGS? i want ALL THE THINGS”

A: lucky for you, i’m treating everybody equally. you don’t lose access to ANYTHING when you hit your cap. you’ll still get EVERYTHING emailed to you if you’re backing at the email level, and access to all streams even if your cap is $1 a month. you don’t get punished for capping.

Q: “when are you going to put out an Actual Record I Can Touch? call me old school, but i just want to buy a simple record.”

A: i dunno. check back in about six months. meanwhile, you can purchase one of the gazillions of physical records & CDs I’ve released if you’re super keen on touching things:

Q: “um….what if i want to just donate money to you once? this is weird.”

A: um. that’s fine. you can make a one-time donation to my site’s music page here…down to the right where it says “support my art”. thanks. (

Q: “i love you. i just wanted to say that.”

A: “i love you too. here’s a hug ((((((((((())))))))))))”




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  • gabakulka

    This is wonderful news. I’m off to check out the patronage-levels and all. Best of luck! <3

  • Woodstock

    Ok, let’s do this!

  • Cat Astrophe Speranzini

    This is fantastic! I’m a college student and can’t afford contribute a lot, but I’m always up for helping your art in any way I can

  • Jonathan L Davey

    Damn, system culled my comment in loggin in… OK, let’s go short… nice work Amanda… I’m going to play your Ted at an event I’ve been asked to talk social at… local girls school hosting international students from UK, Germany, Italy & France… I’m going to get them asking with a little help from you ;)

  • Isa Theobald

    This is so great! I really love this idea. And your work. Thank you for all of this!
    (And if you want to see a very unknown part of germany – which is called The Shire by visitors – let me know it ;-) )

  • Lydia Tewkesbury

    I am a bit poor but I will contribute for as long as I can! Good luck xxx

  • Mike S

    Done. So we are now in $80/month on Patreon, etc. This is more expensive than a Kickstarter habit ;-)

  • Burns the Fire

    Inspiring and inspired news, Amanda!! Break a leg and merde!

  • XineLively

    Yeee Freaking Ha! This is a plunge that I am thrilled to take with you. One of the best benefits of being a patron of AFP is that you get to join in a community of fan freaking tastic human beings. I know that participating in a livecast was huge fun and the discussions and support among this community were brilliant. The kindness, thoughtfulness and trust that you show to us just travels out to the community and exponentially expands. I want to go to there – and stay. Asking and giving and creating is the motto for the world I want to live in and I feel like you’re creating it. Thank you.

    I’ve been a Patreon Patron of a band (Pentatonix) for a while now and Patreon is a fantastic group and they handle the financial transactions reliably and well. I am so excited to be able to support you and your art!

  • YarghMatey

    Shut up and take my money!

    Just kidding. Never shut up. Still take my money. :)

    • Stacy

      so now… we’re just paying them to hang around and not make music anymore? that’s sounds kinda lame no thanks. When they have some cds or mp3s of new music then sure I will donate again like everyone did on kickstarter..

      • YarghMatey

        Total opposite, actually. Your pledge only kicks in when she releases content. So no content, no pay.

        • Stacy

          this isn’t new music and this isn’t concerts and touring I dunno maybe I will think about it again. A new DD album would be cool though you have to admit

          • YarghMatey

            But it *is* for new music and such. So, content = songs, music videos, albums, etc. With this system you’re just pledging in advance what you’re willing to pay for the songs/albums/videos/etc.

            But, you’re not charged until the end of the month (and only if a new song/album/video/etc has been released in that month), so if said song/album/video/etc is released and you hate it, you can cancel your pledge before you’re charged.

            Personally I think it’s an interesting system and I’m willing to join the experiment. I set my caps so that I won’t ever be charged more than I’m willing to budget.

          • Stacy

            you know the more you guys hassle me the more I probably won’t get involved with this – I’m really happy she is doing something for her fans but it ain’t ‘new’ music by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t really need to hear coin-operated boy in some other language and if I wanted a printed mug with the band logo I would just make one myself because I am cool with stencils and stuff. When you have something new I will certainly buy it, and I will buy tickets to see her the next time she comes to town. That would be worth my money.

          • luci_fer

            YarghMatey was responding to you, clarifying the purpose of the patreon. I.e money for content.

            If you don’t want to be involved, that’s fine; don’t be. No one is forcing you or…hassling you…to do so.

          • Stacy

            Thanks for the clarification of who is talking to me – like I wouldn’t know. Um yeah actually I’m defiantly not going to be involved with this because of rude obnoxious people like yourself. Thanks for butting your big nose into a conversation that had absolutely nothing addressing you personally, and also nothing you could offer that we couldn’t read for ourselves. XD

          • luci_fer

            I know you knew who was talking to you.
            I didn’t understand how this person was hassling you, when they were simply explaining something.

            Rude and obnoxious I’ll give you, but you’re being a bit silly if you want all your conversations to be private on the internet, when you’re having them in public in someone’s blog comments.

            …Also you upvoted yourself.

          • Stacy

            Stalker much?? Goodluck trying to get new fans with jerksfaces like you around.

  • metronv

    A little nervous trying new things, but I’ll take the plunge with you, you’re worth it.

  • Aaron J. Shay

    I’m broke as a bad joke but still wishing you the best of luck.

    This is the future of crowd-funding and freelance artistry.

  • Jay Harrison

    You say you’re all about the fans, but when I emailed you back in July; but when i emailed you back in July looking for a little social media signal boosting. I didn’t even receive a “would love to, but sorry i can’t”

    I hope this works for you, but sorry i can’t.

    • Sarah Good

      You really need to consider a few things before you just say stuff like that. The ratio of Amanda Palmer to Fans is, based on her twitter following, a million to one. if afp started signal boosting one person’s Thing, a lot of other people would expect her to do the same thing for them – and in doing so, she’d lose a lot of time that she could be dedicating to art.. which is why we’re all here, yes? I don’t think she’d have half her following if she was a glorified signal booster, I know I was first drawn to her because I thought “holy shit, I can really resonate with what this song is about”; it wasn’t because I thought “people are preaching the name of Amanda Palmer like she’s the next Jesus Christ because she goes around and does good work for the people”

      It’s understandable if you’re skeptical of what she’s trying to ask here for, but please don’t attack her with messages like this. Her art has already helped a lot of people in and of itself, and just speaking for myself, that has already been more then enough. She’s only one woman, she can only do so much, and she already does an awful lot.

      • Jay Harrison

        Not skeptical in the slightest, i’ve seen patreon help a lot of artists, as i’m sure it will for Amanda. Also not in any way attacking her here, just stating my opinion.

    • madfoot

      oh my god … seriously? Do you know how many requests like that she must get? Should she sit there all day retweeting fans just because they asked? Is that how YOU would want to spend your time?

      I always wonder about these people who sit there all day begging for retweets and then getting bitter when they aren’t noticed. They remind me of kids who never learned that whining doesn’t get you more cookies.

      Artists aren’t here to notice you. They’re here to make their art, which, if it affects you and gives you joy, your job is to then create amazing art and increase the beauty in the world, not write a letter to your ersatz Santa Claus and then run crying when you don’t get your bee bee gun.

      And PS, I get retweets from saying funny things … making people laugh, or giving genuine compliments. Not for blurting out “please RT” or sending creepy DMs. If your art is creepy conceptual performance pieces, you are a MASTER. Otherwise, I don’t want to know.

      • Jay Harrison

        Did I say I was begging for retweets for something to do my art? no I didn’t. I didn’t say anything at all to her on Twitter, I actually wrote an email; and it most certainly was nothing to do with getting my art out there further.

        How’s anything meant to get done if you don’t ask? I needed help, so I asked.

        So put your fucking claws away, there’s no need to go on the attack.

        • Frida

          I’m pretty sure that Amanda is perfectly fine with you asking her for help. She may never have seen the message (given the very many emails she must recieve), and I’m sure she would have responded if she had the time (don’t you think so?). Write her again!

          This is your chance to give her the help that she needs. She sucsessfully reached you by posting this on her blog, and she is asking. This is a chance to give the response you would like to recieve yourself!

    • Tara

      That may be true and I’m sure she gets a lot of requests. But I’ll tell you this. I have gone through some dark shit and one night I was crying and really and truly broken. And I wrote her. She wrote back. She cares about her fans. She’s busy and she has a life, but she’s an artist and I will support her in anything she does, no matter what. and I will always remember getting that reply and feeling that someone heard me.

  • Anne

    This is fucking exciting!

  • Dustin Hill

    I’m so excited to try this experiment with you! There are very few artists who I would trust to treat this like the opportunity it is. I’m in at the $10 per item level. I wish I could do more, but I’m giving what I can. Thank you for everything you do! AFP ROX!

  • Joe D. Foster

    I dunno – I’m still a bit torn about the new system. I was plenty happy with the kickstarter model of “here’s what I want to do – support me or not based on what you think of it.” At the same time I hate the idea of missing out on a bunch of stuff.

    I will need to ponder this for some days.

  • Alfie Ross

    i’m so excited. ARGHHHHH.

  • Jann McKenzie

    This sounds like a plan to me!! I am honored to sponsor you!! I am in!

  • Sarah Good

    I have to see what my financial situation does in the next few days, money is really tight for me right now. But I’d love to be able to sponsor you for at least a dollar, hopefully five, maybe ten. we’ll see, but it’ll be something. <3 much love.

  • Lowri

    This sounds great! And YES UK TOUR! Can’t wait!

  • Susan Bailey

    Taking the plunge! As an art student I want to see if this is a viable option to fund work. Yay for grand experiments!

  • Thomas Truax

    Kudos to you Amanda for shouting out about my own little Pledgemusic campaign even on this same morning that you were about to make the big announcement about this. That’s class x

  • Mandi Blahey

    Finally, what we’ve been looking for. I’m proud to support you, for you, for the art, and for me, and my heart. <3 Bring on ALL the madness! ~xo~

  • Lucy

    Frig, I am so near my monthly cap already. Ughhh if I were mature I’d just wait this one out and get your songs from bandcamp when they come out. Hmmm…

  • madfoot

    I spend $5 on all sorts of stupid shit. I’d rather have it go to you than to the dollar store’s collection of Weird Shit Made In China By Children, Prolly.

    For merch, do you have a zazzle store or similar? You can just put awesome shit up and allow people to choose what to have it printed on. I know you know this, I just feel like talking, la la la you can’t stop me.

  • Nebshar

    You’ll have my money soon. Nevertheless, can you please upload the Patreon-video (and subsequent videos you may release) to a platform/platforms other than YouTube?

    All your stuff is blocked in Germany on YouTube due to the dispute of GEMA with YouTube (and you being in an association that is contracted with GEMA means they will block everything by you, forever). There does not seem to be a chance of a resolution since this has been going on for years — it’s really hard to share the video pitch with people here (and of course your other videos unless they are on vimeo or such as well).

  • Meegan Cloughley

    when ever I can I will help, pretty keen on seeing you start a podcast, tho would ask if you would put it out on anything but itunes.