hola, dear comrades.

writing to you from an in-between space in brisbane, australia.
i’m having the usual difficulty keeping up the pace of reportage on my own existence, which seems to get more beautiful and surreal by the moment.
i’ve delivered 3 house parties in the last three days and my heart is exploding with love and stories…but i don’t have time to put it all into words…it’s like….

i dunno. here’s the thing, before i get to announcing some new shows and all that.

there’s been such an insane influx of IMAGES and MOMENTS floating through my life, many being captured on camera, that i feel like i’m drowning in a sea of digital representation….it’s actually plugging up the drain. i’ve tried to attack this problem from a million different angles over the years, and it seems like an unsolvable problem. the more i do, the less i blog.

does anyone else have this problem? it’s a very particular kind of modern constipation.

i’ve heard there’s a new modern epidemic, often to be found in major metropolises or huge music festivals, called FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).
i don’t feel like i’m missing out. but i do feel a crazy imbalance when amazing things happen and i don’t tell you. am i sick?

there seems to be one possible solution: hire my own personal manic-depressive photo-journalist sidekick to accompany as i enact out this bizarre existence.
my brain cannot do these two things at once. so? outsource. and if it goes well, maybe we can start a franchise. your own personal hunter s thompson.
he needs his own convertible (and drug stash) as he speeds ahead of my ride to the house party…chomping on a joint, popping strips of acid, saying
preferably – bien sur – he’d wear sunglasses at all times.

meanwhile, now, here:
i’m going to try to paint with words. that is what i have time to do right now, as there’s soundcheck in 45 minutes and this is my time off today.
i have to learn to write anyfuckingway.

here are the words.

the book is coming together in my head, and i’ve been digesting everything that you guys have been throwing my way. i feel it coming together, some placenta forming, dots connecting.
i want to write the next installment of the book-blog (pt.1 here/pt.2 here), but i’ve been waiting until a moment where i actually have the energy to read the comments as they come back at me in realtime. so stay tuned.

i’ve been in australia for a while with almost no time off, but i did manage to get to the fucking beach yesterday…in honor of jherek’s birthday. here’s the band at byron bay…

the house parties have been too epic and i feel need their own well-edited e-book, and i feel too badly blogging the australian house parties while i’m still behind and haven’t blogged the last batch of north american shindigs. am i sounding like a broken record? i feel like one. one nice band-aid is that the tumblr feed has been a haven for my overscheduled-self colliding with my over-sharing self: lots of people have been writing their own accounts of the house parties and i’ve been reblogging them. tumblr has become a nice, homey, place to be. it’s funny: all these platforms (twitter, tumblr, instagram) truly have their own character.

twitter is the crowded pub downstairs from your apartment.
tumblr is the bookshop cafe across the street.
instagram is the used clothing store that sells illicit cherry-flavored vodka from behind the counter.

but i’m keeping up with certain friends and people’s lives through all these platforms….it’s amazing.
i randomly decided to follow damian from OKGO on instagram…and i only follow a handful of people.
i now know everywhere he’s been in the last year.
i know more about his life than i do about most of my friends back home.
it’s weird.
he takes amazing photos, damian. he’s all symmetrical.

back to the point: i’ll blog the house parties not in real time, but in slo-mo. if you’ve BEEN at any of them, help a brother out and send good photos to me & hayley at
that’s where we put the booty and sort through it. then usually sean picks the winners and hits them over to my desk, and i blog when i have time.
meanwhile, here are some announcements of upcoming shiznit, and a call for help….


first off, tel aviv:
i am going to make my first trip to israel, with neil, to play two shows…one house party that was purchased on kickstarter (one of the last of 35, they’re winding up and have all been incredible) and one official show in tel aviv at club barby (more info below).
when i first found out that i was going to need to travel to tel aviv for the house party, i asked neil if he wanted to go with me. he’s been there and has his own connection with the joint; given his family’s jewish heritage, some of his family wound up there after the holocaust. i considered doing a regular show and put the word out on twitter, looking for advice. i was already aware of the cultural boycott (you should be too, read up here…my good friend and activist shawn setaro – erstwhile bassist with the dresden dolls – had been keeping me updated for a while and was the first one to make me aware of the boycott back in the day). when i got a few tweets back from people who thought it would be a mistake, i decided to think about it more, dig deeper. i didn’t book anything and i went off on european/UK tour #1 in july and august. i ran into edward ka-spel, my hero from the legendary pink dots, who’s about to tour in israel, and i got the whole low-down on what it’s like to play there from him. i kept thinking.
and then something happened to tip my opinion. there’s an israeli organization called Breaking the Silence. they’re are an organization of former israeli combat soldiers who served in the occupied palestinian territories and have, in their own words: “taken it upon ourselves to expose the harsh reality of Israel’s military rule and occupation as we implemented it on the ground.” this is their website:
they reached out to see if we would look into what they were doing, and offered to show us around to see for ourselves what was happening. so we’re going to get together with them when we visit israel, to see the areas they’re talking about. but mostly i just want to play music.

someone over there already made an incredible poster:

here is the link for tickets:
if you want to discuss this with me and with everyone else, please do in the blog comments. please be kind to each other.
also, i’d love suggestions for good articles and/or a book or two to read while i’m preparing for this trip. (some people already posted some great suggestions on twitter, thank you.)


an evening (or two) with neil and amanda in NYC:

if you missed the memo on twitter and tumblr, neil and i are planning to finally publicly release the live record we kickstarter’ed oh-so-long-ago.
we’re going to make new (less over-the-top, but still real nice) packaging for the three discs and also finally make some vinyl.
here’s the artwork, still based on the beautiful cut-out that cynthia von buhler did:

we’ll have info on the actual pre-order for the album itself SOON SOON SOON but meanwhile we’ve decided to book a little record release action in NYC.
we’ll play stuff from the album and probably do some new things and mostly just throw down on stage in our usual improvy way, and hopefully invite some special NYC-area guests to come hang.
there are JUST A FEW tickets left for the show in NYC, HERE. there’s a rumor that a second night will be added, but it’s not confirmed. stay tuned.


we’re also going to be together for a VERY special show in boston, with a lot of our friends.

A Tribute to Becca Rosenthal: A Night of Music, Art and Remembering
will be happening Monday October 7th at 7pm
at the beautiful Somerville Theater.

here is the gorgeous poster (created by cassandra long):

as most of you know, we lost our friend becca last year for reasons unknown. i wrote a long blog about her HERE). she was a big part of our lives and the dresden dolls’ community.

her parents reached out to me and neil to see if we would help signal boost the scholarship fund they’re trying to start over at smith college, becca’s alma mater. they need to raise a lot of money in a small amount of time to get it legitimately rolling. we decided it would be a good idea to get all becca’s boston-area posse together to throw an event in her honor.

the night will be presented by me, brian viglione (of the dresden dolls and the violent femmes :), mr neil gaiman, and tons of art/filmmaker/performer friends of becca’s, including michael pope, cormac bride, emilyn brodsky, siena oristaglio, and cassandra long…the list goes on. the whole night will be a celebration of becca’s life and the art and music she loved. we will play songs, show clips, share stories, and remember her together. if you didn’t know her, you should still come. you’ll get to know her. and she was awesome. you’d have wanted to know her.

seats are $25, with a limited number of Gold Circle seats for $100. Gold Circle seats include an after-show meet and greet, plus cassandra long’s original, limited edition art poster (still in the making) signed by the performers. tickets are available HERE. btw, the venue holds about 900. please buy in advance.

ALL proceeds are to benefit The Rebecca Samay Rosenthal ‘07 Memorial Fellowship Fund at Smith College.

and if you can’t be there for the show (or you don’t like events), but you’d like to contribute directly to fund, you can make a direct donation:

[Annual income from this fund shall be used to provide internships for students enrolled in library special collections concentrations (including but not exclusive to the Archives and Book Studies concentrations) and/or to provide general internship and research funds for student work in special collections.]


LASTLY…the VERY LAST LEG OF TOUR for THEATRE IS EVIL is going to be in europe.
the shows for HAMBURG, COPENHAGEN, COLOGNE, BRUSSELS, BERLIN, WARSAW, KRAKOW, MILAN, BUDAPEST, MUNICH, and VIENNA are all on sale here, some shows are nearing sold out, BUY AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!

tickets and additional info are all at

our new friends from PERHAPS CONTRAPTION are going to try to join us as buskers and on-stage mischief-makers in as many cities as possible…
but they need your help if they’re going to make it very far outside the UK.

if you saw these guys in london, you can understand why we want to encourage them my any means possible to come and play with us….they’re incredible and crazy and loud and smart and wonderful (and pretty good-looking).

if you CAN help them out, DO!!!

here’s what they NEED, in their own words:
Perhaps Contraption are a 9 piece art pop marching band thing from London seeking extra shows (living rooms, warehouses, clubs, bathrooms, parks, ANYTHING) and places to rest their weary heads during a jaunt around Germany and Belgium with AFP.

They can provide sweet sweet morning song and/or evening party oompah in exchange for attentive audiences and shelter!

The wish list includes:

Oct 28th: A show / crash pad en route to Hamburg from London (this could be a stop in Belgium, Holland or Germany!)
Oct 29th: A place to stay in Hamburg after the AFP show.
Oct 30th: A play to stay / perform in Germany (preferably in the general direction of Cologne from Hamburg!)
Oct 31st: A place to stay / perform in Germany (preferably in the general direction of Cologne from Hamburg!)
Nov 1st: A place to crash in Cologne after the AFP show.
Nov 2nd: A place to crash in Brussels after the AFP show.
Nov 3rd: A place to perform / crash in Berlin
Nov 4th: A place to crash in Berlin after the AFP show.
Nov 5th: Head home to London with big smiles aplenty.

if you can help them in any way, email christo!
(he’s the one holding the FLUTE, front and center):


and that’s all for the moment.

if you want to follow the day to day magic, before it goes into the blog-processor, follow the twitter.

and if you happen to know my hunter s. thompson, hit me in the comments.

i love you all a lot.


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  • Jo

    I’m neither a photojournalist nor manic-depressive (I think; I’m a little scared to actually go in and be diagnosed), but if you need a seasonally (at the very least) depressed almost-poet who can learn which buttons to push on a camera, I’m your girl.

  • Monica

    I volunteer if you ever decide to hire a photographer/photo journalist to follow you around and document the shit out of things. Seeing as I’ve already followed you across 3 continents, and captured several concerts/house parties why not? :)
    Can’t wait until next time!

    • Kylie Stevens

      Monica would be perfect for the Hunter S Thompson gig! I vote you give her the job.

      • Elenda

        Hopefully someday Monica will spill the beans and post some of those forbidden pictures we REALLY want to see. ;)

  • Amir

    I can’t explain enough to you how excited people in Tel Aviv are of you adding this show.
    Its a complex situation here, but your fans here are the same as any fans you have anywhere in the world. 99% of them are pro-peace and pro-solution and they have no hate for anyone. You will feel the love, we promise :)
    Its easier to just not address it or think about it, but coming and seeing and meeting and talking and playing music is the best way.
    Thank you!

    • Amir

      Also this might be interesting:

      Open letter from the concert promoter Shuki Weiss

      Dear friends,

      the middle east is seeing some turbulent times, no doubt. and it’s been turbulent times here for 63 years now since the state of Israel was founded to provide a home for a people that know a thing or two about persecution…

      the regional politics have never been trickier, and as of the last few weeks it at least seems like democracy is trying to shine its light on an area whose sole current democracy, Israel, is seeing some challenging times itself with questionable leadership and a less-than-positive foreign policy…

      but you know what, we’ve seen questionable leadership in several of the world’s leading nations this decade (without pointing any fingers), and that didn’t seem to stop artists from going to play FOR THEIR FANS and expressing their opinions on stage when they feel the need.

      as British novelist Ian McEwan told reuters a few days ago while in israel: “If you didn’t go to countries whose foreign policy or domestic policy is screwed up, you’d never get out of bed… No, let us come and engage, keep talking. The worst thing that is going to happen is when everyone stops talking”. (his full speech is posted here:

      coming to play Israel is not a political decision, or a question of is a matter of establishing a relationship with the fans, and inspiring them to do good – as music so often does. Israel is blessed with some of the world’s most unique venues, from the ancient roman amphitheatre at ceasarea, the arava desert’s king solomon mines, or the magnificent backdrop of the city of david at jerusalem’s sultan pool – and at the same time blessed with an audience whose enthusiasm about rock and roll and western culture in general is parallel to no other country this side of the world, and whose combined creative energy has been celebrated throughout the world with many of Israels accomplishments in the fields of technology, science, entrepreneurship, medicine, and of course the arts.

      shuki weiss promotion & production have been working on several projects looking to inspire positive change by influencing music fans. be it with artist workshops in Israel and the West Bank (along with colleagues from Palestine and the international community) teaching kids to use music as dialogue rather than let hatred and fear rule, or “simply” with live music events in which artists are given the stage and allowed to pass on their message – whatever that message may be.

      we will be present at ILMC this weekend and would be happy to discuss these initiatives further.

      “we see our local artists taking initiative on a daily basis here, as they are obviously more involved on a day to day level with our reality, but I believe international artists can continue this wave of positive influence by coming here to play for their fans” says shuki weiss.

      “roger waters played in front of 60,000 fans in a chick pea field in Israel, beginning the show by telling this captive audience that he believes this generation of israelis yearns for peace and has the ability to tear down this wall… it was a very emotional show, and I can tell you for a fact that roger’s message will resonate in the audiences mind far longer than elvis costello’s cancelation.

      I’ve been promoting shows in Israel for 35 years now, and none of the hundreds of artists I’ve worked with have ever been silenced or censored on a stage in Israel. those who care to speak their mind are free to do so, and those who come to play ‘solely’ for their fans are met with a truly passionate audience who is so thirsty for this western culture and influence and award the artist on stage with incredible amounts of love and energy”.

      in the words of one of the many artists that played here in 2010 (as posted on their website immediately after the show):

      We talked long and hard about if it was the “right thing” for us to still go or not [to Israel…] when we initially got the offer for the show all those months ago. But the simple fact is we do not believe that playing a show in a country is an endorsement of its government. […] our shows in Northern America during the Bush administration did not mean we were comfortable with the invasion of Iraq. Sure, given the recent events and the way Israel and the whole of the middle east is discussed and viewed through the western media it would have been the easier thing to do for us to cancel, to forget about it and wait until Israel is out of the news again.

      We live in complex times, there are terrible things that happen the world over, but a country’s people are not its government. Tonight we played one of the most memorable shows of our career, 1004 people singing their hearts out, 1004 people who hope for peace and resolve wherever the troubles may be, be it on the door step or the other side of the world.

      Thank you for tonight Tel Aviv, we hope to see you again soon.


      Tom (and the other Editors), Tel Aviv 2010

      Tom and the other editors had told us they recognized the incredible energy in the room immediately, as have all of the bands we’ve had play here over the last few years… be it Madonna who played to 100,000 fans in tel aviv in 2009 declaring on stage that “Israel is the energy center of the world”, linkin park telling 15,000 fans that “we couldn’t have ended this tour in a better place with a better audience”, and countless other examples from the scores of artists that have played here over the last few years alone: depeche mode, madonna, ozzy osbourne, jeff beck, placebo, chris cornell, lou reed, laurie anderson, and the list goes on and on…

      in a region desperately looking for answers, the arts should be leading the way and inspiring change – rather than ignoring reality and their power to make a difference.

      peace begins with education, not de-legitimization.

      in hopes of reconstructing inspiration with the world’s artistic community.

      shuki weiss

      shuki weiss promotion & production

      Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

      • Jack

        Another interesting letter, from the 1980s:

        Dear friends,

        Africa is seeing some turbulent times, no doubt. and it’s been turbulent times here since the republic of South Africa was founded to provide a home for a people that know a thing or two about persecution…

        the regional politics have never been trickier, and as of the last few weeks it at least seems like democracy is trying to shine its light on an area whose sole current democracy, South Africa, is seeing some challenging times itself with questionable leadership and a less-than-positive foreign policy…

        but you know what, we’ve seen questionable leadership in several of the world’s leading nations this decade (without pointing any fingers), and that didn’t seem to stop artists from going to play FOR THEIR FANS and expressing their opinions on stage when they feel the need.

        as British novelist Ian McEwan told reuters a few days ago: “If you didn’t go to countries whose foreign policy or domestic policy is screwed up, you’d never get out of bed… No, let us come and engage, keep talking. The worst thing that is going to happen is when everyone stops talking”. (his full speech is posted here:

        coming to play South Africa is not a political decision, or a question of is a matter of establishing a relationship with the fans, and inspiring them to do good – as music so often does. South Africa is blessed with some of the world’s most unique venues such as the famous Sun City – and at the same time blessed with an audience whose enthusiasm about rock and roll and western culture in general is parallel to no other country this side of the world, and whose combined creative energy has been celebrated throughout the world with many of South Africa’s accomplishments in the fields of technology, science (heard of our nuclear weapons program? Our staunch ally Israel helped out with that one), entrepreneurship, medicine, and of course the arts.

        We have been working on several projects looking to inspire positive change (or as President Reagan calls it, ‘creative engagement’) by influencing music fans. be it with artist workshops in South Africa and the bantustans (along with colleagues from the international community) teaching kids to use music as dialogue rather than let hatred and fear rule, or “simply” with live music events in which artists are given the stage and allowed to pass on their message – whatever that message may be.

        we will be present at Sun City this weekend and would be happy to discuss these initiatives further.

        “we see our local artists taking initiative on a daily basis here, as they are obviously more involved on a day to day level with our reality, but I believe international artists can continue this wave of positive influence by coming here to play for their fans”.

        “Elton John played in front of 30,000 fans in Sun City, beginning the show by telling this captive audience that he believes this generation of South Africans yearns for peace and has the ability to tear down this wall… it was a very emotional show, and I can tell you for a fact that roger’s message will resonate in the audiences mind far longer than “Artists Against Apartheid”‘s cancellation.

        I’ve been promoting shows in South Africa for 35 years now, and none of the hundreds of artists I’ve worked with have ever been silenced or censored on a stage in South Africa. those who care to speak their mind are free to do so, and those who come to play ‘solely’ for their fans are met with a truly passionate audience who is so thirsty for this western culture and influence and award the artist on stage with incredible amounts of love and energy”.

        in the words of one of the many artists that played here in 1985 (as posted on their website immediately after the show):

        We talked long and hard about if it was the “right thing” for us to still go or not [to South Africa…] when we initially got the offer for the show all those months ago. But the simple fact is we do not believe that playing a show in a country is an endorsement of its government. […] Sure, given the recent events and the way South Africa and the whole of Africa is discussed and viewed through the western media it would have been the easier thing to do for us to cancel, to forget about it and wait until South Africa is out of the news again.

        We live in complex times, there are terrible things that happen the world over, but a country’s people are not its government. Tonight we played one of the most memorable shows of our career, 1004 people singing their hearts out, 1004 people who hope for peace and resolve wherever the troubles may be, be it on the door step or the other side of the world.

        Thank you for tonight Johannesburg, we hope to see you again soon.


        Tom (and the other Editors), Johannesburg 1985

        in a region desperately looking for answers, the arts should be leading the way and inspiring change – rather than ignoring reality and their power to make a difference.

        peace begins with education, not de-legitimization.

        in hopes of reconstructing inspiration with the world’s artistic community.”

        • jezzamy

          You are a sick and troubled soul Jack.

          • Jack

            Did you get the rub? It wasn’t *actually* a letter from the 1980s, I just took the previous letter and replaced the references to ‘Israel’ with ‘South Africa’, and ‘Tel Aviv’ with ‘Sun City’. Interesting how it fits so well! The same arguments were used then, believe it or not.

          • jezzamy

            I got ‘the rub’ and it was ridiculous, as is the analogy.

      • Julie Humphress

        Roger Waters is currently a proponent of the Palestinian call for boycott and has been for 7 years. This letter was released by Waters last month…

      • Félix Marqués

        I don’t like the line “coming to play Israel is not a political decision, or a question of conscience”. Yes it is, I’m afraid. Things that have become political matters won’t stop being of political importance just because you wish them away. The only possible response is acknowledging that it has become a political question and then coming up with your own answer to it.

  • Erin

    As a writer and photographer, being your personal Hunter S. Thompson sounds like the absolute best thing that I could do with my time. If you’re serious about hiring someone (or allowing someone to tag along with you and couchsurf and eat ramen), you should set up a way for people to apply. I think you would have a lot of qualified and interested candidates.

  • Glowbug

    When I first heard you were playing Tel Aviv, I was sorta quite disappointed. Whenever I hear of an act touring Israel and talking of it’s “fantastic culture” etc. it always makes me annoyed, and I really hoped you’d call it off last minute in a flurry of solidarity inspired rage. However, instead of that, you’ve decided to actually go and do good there, and that’s about a thousand times better than angrily doing nothing. I know you’re not beholden to me in any way, but thanks. It gives hope to those who need it most.

  • Mary Jane

    a few words about the conflict, projection and cultural context:

    speaking as an Israeli former peace activist (I currently live in the US) with a very liberal left-wing point of you, when I see people from outside the middle east, particularly westerners, explain their opinion about the conflict, 9 times out of 10 I hear projection:

    the british man looks at the conflict and says oh ok, I get it, one side is a colonialist and one is a native

    the american looks at the conflict and says oh ok, I get it, one side is white and one is black

    etc etc. and this way, with hardly any knowledge of the conflict and it’s subtleties, people would project their white guilt on Israel (you seem to be slightly lighter skinned than the Palestinians, and you have a
    democracy, so you must be evil white people taking someone’s land), or a similar type of based-on-nothing hatred towards the Palestinians. All these boycotts are a classic representation of that that feeds the problem and not the solution (vilifying one side of the conflict, causing more fear based

    the conflict is way more complex than that – it’s not at all black and white. There is no bad guy. There is no bad guy! both Israelis and Palestinians have been acting out of fear and self-defense for years and in
    their own narratives, they are both in the right, and there is no contradiction. I hope you understand how harmful that boycott is (and I hope you try to find / meet groups or organizations from the Palestinian side as well who oppose the racist, misogynistic, gay bashing dark ways of Hamass). I
    say the same about boycotts against Palestine.

    the conflict is not about land (the territories are tiny), it’s about identity.

    I hope I get to see a Palestinian state form, and I hope to see a safe Israel that is not constantly threatened by its neighbors. Vilifying one side of the conflict only feeds the hate and fear and drives us further from that goal.

    I was very happy to see you can see beyond that and you’re going to Tel Aviv. It’s an awesome vibrant city with a wonderful art scene. sadly, probably the only gay friendly city in the middle east. gay friendly is an understatement, the city is FUCKING GAY, and it’s awesome :)

    • Jack

      The conflict *is* about land, and dispossession. It really is fairly simple, the Palestinians are occupied – they do not occupy any Israeli territory. The Palestinians have no say over the home demolitions, inequality in water provisions, military restrictions on movement, etc. There are no Palestinian settlers kicking Israeli Jews out of homes in Tel Aviv. There is simply no symmetry, this is a vastly unequal ‘conflict’, and those interested in perpetuating the status quo tend to paint it as very nuanced and complicated, to encourage inaction against it.

      • Mary Jane

        again, not that simple. the occupation did not cause the conflict – it’s a symptom of it. The conflict started decades before – how do you explain the unprovoked massacre of the native (!) Jewish population of Hebron in 1929? the various repeated attacks against the Jewish population started way before the occupation – the occupation is a (not very successful) attempt to provide Israel with some security (after constant unprovoked attacks by its neighbors over the last 60 odd years – hopefully that’s something you have an issue with, a tiny country – the only Jewish country in the world – constantly attacked by far greater countries around it. to me that makes Israel the underdog).

        you come in with the assumption that Israelis do not belong in the middle east and Palestinians do, and that’s a wrong assumption. the 67 borders Israel is not an occupied territory – the Palestinians should start by recognizing Israel. their refusal to do so prevents peace. please remember that a Palestinian state could have happened in 1949, and the Palestinians refused – they were (and unfortunately) still are more interested in eliminating Israel than in establishing their own state.

        that’s because they view Israel as a representative of the west and all its evils, instead of its own country, and it seems that you do the same.

        “There are no Palestinian settlers kicking Israeli Jews out of homes in Tel Aviv” – wrong. almost 100 years of blatant attacks against Israel (not the settlements – Israel itself) and Tel Aviv say otherwise; the Hamass charter says otherwise.

        Having said that, I do agree that the settlements are morally wrong and should be dismantled. and I do think the current government in Israel is fear mongering and short sighted. Again though, this is not the cause of the conflict.

        • Jack

          You are correct, the occupation did not cause the conflict – Zionism did. The colonial enterprise that began with the first aliyah but really kicked off with the second (just after turn of the century). Resistance to colonialism started to become more coordinated around that time too. As the indigenous population began to be forcibly removed from their land, or squeezed off by European landowners, the Palestinians started to fight back. Among the significant proportion of non-Zionist Jews, or those who believed that Zionism was an anti-state, socialist Arab-Jewish brotherhood kind of program, there was cooperation and mutual understanding, and there was a far larger proportion of the city that protected its Jewish inhabitants during the Hebron riots than those who participated in the attacks.

          Israel has been attacking its neighbours and its indigenous population throughout its history, it is a remarkably belligerent regional power, with the unconditional support of the world’s last remaining superpower to back it up. It’s total fantasy to describe it as the underdog (as if David had some nuclear weapons to use on Goliath just in case things got out of hand).

          Jews have lived in the Middle East for thousands of years, as have Arabs. Modern Israel is a colonial entity comparable to French Algeria, though I see no reason why (and don’t know of any BDS activists who advocate for) Israeli Jews should be expected to leave. They should stay where they are (if they want to), and extend equal rights to their Palestinian cousins, along with the refugees they prevent from returning. Depending on who you call ‘the Palestinians’, their leadership has repeatedly recognised Israel, the PLO did so in 1988 when it declared the Palestinian state. In 1947 the Palestinians were never asked (the question was put to various other Arab states), but if they had refused the division of their land by foreign powers, whereby the Jewish third of the population owning 7% of the land were allocated 55% of the territory, I wouldn’t blame them. You mention you’re in the US, would you object to the creation of an exclusively Kurdish state on 55% of the territory of the United States, with the resulting population expulsion to ensure the state had a majority of Kurdish people?

          You say I’m wrong on the ‘Palestinian settlers kicking Israeli Jews out of Tel Aviv’, so maybe provide some examples. Have Hamas succeeded in establishing Kiryat Arba-style enclaves in Ramat Aviv Gimel?

          • Mary Jane

            ok, I do agree with some of your points (the US should not actively support Israel) and continue to disagree with others, but lets pause for a minute – this is exactly the kind of harmful discourse that BDS promotes that I was referring to – a black and white one in which one side is the “bad guy” and is to blame for this entire conflict, while the other is an innocent victim and an underdog. and in this little argument we’re having we’re falling for that over simplistic erroneous view again.

            we can sit here all day long and bring up horrible things done by either side, but at the end of the day, both sides are acting out of fear and self defense. there are no bad intentions here, from either side. BDS coming out and promoting hatred against Israel feeds the problem and not the solution, and the argument we’re having here is exactly the proof of the kinds of harmful discourse it promotes.

            I grew up in Israel during the horrible wave of Palestinian suicide bombings inside of civilian population in the late 90’s early 2000’s. the buses I used to take were bombed, my favorite bar was bombed (this was happening weekly). and still I can totally understand the Palestinian narrative and see the conflict through their eyes (‘a poem for Dzhokhar’, anyone?). If I can do that, surely you can be a little less one sided and get a little broader view, and see things through the eye of Israelis who are acting out of self defense after constantly being attacked.

            perhaps instead of boycotting, blaming, shaming, condemning and hating we can talk about what a solution might be? perhaps organizations like BDS can start doing that instead of feeding the endless blame game and sense of victimization?

          • Julie Humphress

            Have your read ‘Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions’ by Omar Barghouti? I’m having trouble understanding why you keep accusing the BDS movement as hateful. I’ve posted an article by Roger Waters and a statement by Desmond Tutu in support of BDS. Maybe you can point out the hate in their statements? BDS is a nonviolent movement, modeled after the successful end of the South African apartheid regime. It’s worked before, it can work again.

          • Mary Jane

            because it’s a double standard.

            obsessively criticizing Israel while flatly ignoring astonishing human rights violations, brutal misogyny, civilian targeting, mistreatment of women, gay bashing and racism of its neighboring countries is a double standard. if you want to criticize, please hold all sides involved to the same standard. otherwise this is just one-sided scapegoating.

            also, there is 0 basis for comparison between the conflict and apartheid, I don’t even know where to start – 20% of Israeli citizens are Palestinians with equal rights. Palestinians are not an oppressed racial minority inside of Israel, they are a separate country of the same ethnic group. the bottom line is it takes about 5 minutes of reading to understand that there is no basis to even compare both situations – comparing them is a total lack of knowledge of the facts in a very basic level.

          • Julie Humphress

            That’s fine. I’ll allow myself to be sidestepped. I condemn human rights violations, brutal mysogny, civilian targeting, mistreatment of women, gay bashing, and racism in all states.

            Back to this issue of boycott..

            When the state of Israel no longer occupies and displaces a people we can move on to equal standards. To compare Palestinians and Israelis as equals is a denial of the facts. BDS breaks down the policies, culture, institutions that contribute to the systematic oppression of a people. It provides examples and actions that can be taken. Of course, it has to be recognized that Palestinians and Israelis are not equal first. Otherwise, it’s back to arguments about double standards and scapegoating.

          • Peter Cohen

            “Why criticize the Occupation when there are worse things going on somewhere else” is one of the tired arguments of Occupation apologists. Injustice anywhere is wrong, and many who opppose the Occupation have a long history of opposing injustice anywhere it may be found, like Desmond Tutu, who calls the Occupation is worse than Apartheid, or Alice Walker, who calls it worse than Jim Crowe, or some of the Holocaust survivors who are disturbed by the similarities with their own experience.

            You also underestimate the inequality of Palestinians within Israel, in the same way as a white American might underestimate the inequality of black people in the US. It’s much haredet to see discrimination when one is part of a privileged group.

            Where do you get your knowledge, Mary Jane, you who are so quick to call others ignorant?

          • Peter Cohen

            Again, it is a myth that there are “two sides.” This kind of oversimplification makes it difficutl to understand either the historical or current socio-political realities.

          • p

            Thank-you, Jack, for taking the time for this.

          • Terry

            Anything to get her name in the press. I think it is kinda sad.

  • RiverVox

    Thank you for going to Israel. Tel Aviv is a warm, wild beach city and I think you will feel at home.

  • didichanoch

    As someone who’s in the local house party kickstarter, I’m obviously delighted that you’ve decided to come. And as someone who has many friends who didn’t make it into the kickstarter (some of whom became fans too late), I’m thrilled that they’ll get a chance to see you perform as well.

    I applaud your decision to go on a tour with Breaking the Silence. What you see will, most likely, disturb you deeply. It should. There is some deeply disturbing stuff happening here. Sadly, I disagree with Mary Jane. There are bad guys. As groups, both sides kinda are bad guys, inasmuch as “bad guys” are a thing you believe in. And, obviously, there are terrible people on both sides. There are also awesome people on both sides.

    Many of us who want a peaceful solution, who want to live in a sane country, are giving up and leaving. I might do it too, if it weren’t for family and friends and various other loved ones. But those of us who live here, who are staying here? We need things like an Amanda Fucking Palmer show. We need them to stay sane.

    Well, that’s enough rambling. See you in a few weeks. You may remember me as the Israeli who came to the kickstarter event in Berlin and brought you a hat made for you by a friend (who will be coming to both shows here as well) and then interviewed you there. Tell Neil I said hi.

    • Mary Jane

      Hi Didi – I don’t know if I would agree that both sides are “bad guys”. I think both sides are acting out of fear for their own survival as people – as nations if you will. Lets face it, we don’t know if 50 years from now Israel will exist and we don’t know if Palestine will exist – that’s scary.

      I agree about Breaking the Silence – they are a great organization. What they do should be use to inform and to build dialogue, not to bash Israel from the outside. And again, there are deeply disturbing things going on on both sides, lets not forget that. I would like to see a Breaking the Silence equivalent in Palestine.

      My only complaint is about people who obsessively vilify and criticize only one side – and mostly when I see that I identify the mechanism of projecting their own history on a conflict they don’t understand.

      • Shani

        Completely agree with every word :)

      • didichanoch

        Very few bad guys are actual “bad guys”. There are very few mustache twirling villains in the world. So we must be judged by our actions. And those aren’t great.

        It is difficult to find equivalencies because our situations are different. We have a state. Palestine is not a state. We live in fear, to a certain extent, some of the time. For them, it is much more of a constant state. And yet, there are strong voices calling for peace on the Palestinian side, just as there are on ours.

        As I said, I’m thrilled Amanda is coming here. When compadres worried (and this worry has been around ever since the kickstarter), I said “Amanda doesn’t perform for states, she performs for people”. And I think she would have come for the house party regardless. Also, as previously stated, I’m happy she didn’t go the BDS way as regards to the public show, because I don’t believe BDS is helping. If I thought it had a positive effect, I would support it. Even at the cost of an Amanda Palmer show my friends could watch. As it is, I think it is a polarizing factor, and that’s not a thing we need more of.

        • Mary Jane

          of course I say “bad guys” tongue in cheek, for the sake of discussion. as Solzhenitsyn said:

          “If only it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being”

          my only point was that one should separate legitimate political criticism against Israel (most of which I agree with) from hateful bashing comments against Israel questioning its right to exist. I feel this is the spirit behind the boycott, and it’s ignorant; Zionism is a beautiful movement in human history. people that were nomads and experienced 2000 of persecutions and racism coming back to where they came from and have always belonged and reviving their original language? don’t take it for granted.

          I will criticize my government until I’m red in the face but people who call for the destruction of Israel are speaking out of plain ignorance – people calling the only democracy in the middle east with human rights, women’s rights, LGBT rights a “militant state” while it’s the only state in the middle east that is not militant simply do not know the facts, and are looking for an object of hate (or, while they criticize the only democracy in the middle east for not being perfect, fine, why not criticize all the darkness and misogyny of its neighbors? why only constantly criticize Israel?). when we voice our criticism against our government we should clearly differentiate ourselves from that erroneous and hateful point of view.

  • revsparker

    Eek. Disqus ate my comment/résumé. I had it all worked out, really!

  • Shani

    Cultural boycott.. *sigh*
    This is just hypocritical, I’m sorry. Artists not performing in Israel so as not to convey the message that they agree with its government.. but what about the message it conveys about Palestinians? That it’s ok to be a terrorist and/or support terrorism, it’s ok to teach your children hatred, the fools there in the west don’t mind so long as they get to play the righteous defenders of poor victims. Wait, what’s that? I’m GENERALIZING? ..
    I can understand boycotting the settlements, because by living there peope already make a clear political statement. But the rest of Israel? TEL AVIV? seriously? What do artists hope to achieve by this boycott?
    why not be creative and, say, perform in both TLV and Ramallah, each time broadcasting the concert to the other in real time, thus bringing together an Israeli and Palestinian audience by music?

    I had to get that out.. thrilled that you’re performing here Amanda, can’t wait!……..

    • Jack

      Nurit Peled-Elhanan has written an excellent study of Israeli textbooks, and it appears that Israel ‘teaches their children to hate’, rather than the other way around. Terrorism is not ok, though if we were to compare Israeli and Palestinian terrorism, Israel is a far more effective and frequent practitioner (collective punishment, house demolitions, targeted assassinations, in addition to the repeated bombings and incursions into Palestinian towns and villages).

      The purpose of boycotting all of Israel is to make it clear that Israelis, and by extension their government, need to make a change in the way they treat those they occupy. They should stop preventing the refugees from returning, they should grant equal civil and political rights to all those living under Israeli control (which, unless they wish to withdraw from the territories, includes the West Bank and Gaza). The settlements are a consequence of Israel’s brutal militarism, but not its cause.

      • Julie

        I’m really more interested to learn what happened to Becca. That is such a tragic story. How did she die?? What happened?

        The last thing I’m worried about would be the same old story regarding the never-ending conflict in the middle east. I have been hearing what seems, that same story my entire life, and that part of the world. They have plenty of money, resources, and support from the entire world at their disposal. Let them straighten their own problems for lasting change. Sorry, I worry more about real relevant local issues at hand. We have enough problems, in my opinion.

        • Dumbville

          Nobody cares about stupid Becca!!! Lets talk about the middle east. Humbug!

      • Painter with brush

        Jack thank you for your post, it gives me insight into how wild and hysterical this conflict has been treated. I find it interesting how many in the west, treat the Palestinians as children, free of responsibility for their actions. My children are being educated in Israel, and I am sorry to inform you that their textbooks are not filled with hate. My wife and I sent our son to a mixed Israeli Muslim/Jewish school in a neighboring Arab village. In the three years that he attended I learned a lot about Arab culture and the life of Arabs in Israel. Note that when polled the Arab Israelis, Muslims, Christians, Druze and Bedouin all prefer living in Israel rather than under a Palestinian government. If one is speaking about education, in your anger you state that a study by an Israeli academic points to hate being taught to Israeli Jewish school children, tif education of children is so important to you, why have you chosen to ignore all the information attesting to the racist upbringing of Palestinian children at the hand of the PLO and Hamas? And that is the problem, the need to vilify Israel at every turn, makes you blind to reasons behind the conflict and the actions of both sides, rather than just the one you demonize. Shana Tova and Peace.

        • Jack

          In Israel the argument is repeatedly made (usually without evidence) that the Palestinians ‘teach their children to hate’. The study I mentioned stands alone in the Israeli political landscape as one which suggests that Israeli textbooks are also (and actually more so) guilty of Nakba-denial, promoting stereotypes of Palestinians as violent and irrational, whitewashing Israeli crimes, etc. This is why it has elicited such revulsion in Israel.

          Rather than citing more studies, this lady responds to your ‘they teach their children to hate’ argument much better than I could:

      • jezzamy

        More distortion, hate and lies (and Peled’s work has been recognised as a sham and not accepted as valid by academia), you are pathetic Jack.

        • Jack

          In academic circles her work is discussed, some agree and some don’t, as is the way of these things. In Israel she is marginalised and attacked for her opinions, which are well outside of the mainstream there. This says more about Israeli political culture than Peled-Elhanan, who has a deep understanding of those invested in seeing the occupation perpetuate. Here’s a good summary for those interested (and Harriet Sherwood is hardly pro-Palestinian):

    • Guest

      Amanda, wold you have played for privileged whites during apartheid in South Africa, then the next day enter the bantustans and play for the oppressed blacks? This is called “normalization.” There is nothing however normal about Israel.

      Please read:

      “Music cannot “build bridges” between Israel and the millions of Palestinians whom it oppresses. Bridges can be built through boycott, as was the case in South Africa, with the ultimate result being that the rights of all people are respected.

      The purpose of the boycott is to exert pressure on Israel to respect the rights of Palestinians, by ending its occupation and blockade of the West Bank and Gaza Strip; recognising the rights of Palestinian refugees who are prevented from returning to their homes just because they are not Jewish; and abolishing institutionalised discrimination including more than 50 laws [1] preventing equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel.

      This boycott builds on a historical tradition of popular resistance around the world: from within Palestine itself, to the Montgomery bus boycott in Alabama, to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Historically, boycotts have been proven to work to end injustice.”

      more at

      • Bonny Lee

        A wonderful, thoughtful, intelligent comment. Upsetting as it is to read rationalizations for breaking the boycott, it’s so wonderful reading responses like yours; getting the truth out there in response is a great opportunity, well done and thanks for the link, i hadn’t seen this blog before. peace.

    • Gaelic

      Amanda, would you have played for privileged whites during apartheid in South Africa, then the next day enter the bantustans and play for the oppressed blacks? This is called “normalization.” There is nothing however normal about Israel.

      Please read:

      “Music cannot “build bridges” between Israel and the millions of Palestinians whom it oppresses. Bridges can be built through boycott, as was the case in South Africa, with the ultimate result being that the rights of all people are respected.

      The purpose of the boycott is to exert pressure on Israel to respect the rights of Palestinians, by ending its occupation and blockade of the West Bank and Gaza Strip; recognising the rights of Palestinian refugees who are prevented from returning to their homes just because they are not Jewish; and abolishing institutionalised discrimination including more than 50 laws [1] preventing equal rights for Palestinian citizens of Israel.

      This boycott builds on a historical tradition of popular resistance around the world: from within Palestine itself, to the Montgomery bus boycott in Alabama, to the struggle against apartheid in South Africa. Historically, boycotts have been proven to work to end injustice.”

      more at

      • jezzamy

        Absolute hateful rubbish, you should be ashamed of thinking that way.

    • Peter Cohen

      All of Israeli society benefits from the Occupation. Where does your water come from? I understand where you’re coming from, but having worked in Palestine myself on several occasions, I am now convinced that only international pressure on Israel, of the type brought to bear on South Africa, will yeild a fair and lasting peace. Sorry Shani, but If Amanda listens to me, you will get to see her as soon as Israeli troops and Settlers are out of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the blockade against Gaza has been lifted.

  • Jean

    Performing in a chauvinist patriarchal culture didn’t undermine your stance and message as a feminist. (See: dear daily mail) so I personally don’t see why performing in an oppressive war state has any bearing on your stance and message about peace and compassion and empathy. Light is not tainted by darkness and cannot be afraid of going into the night.

    • Jack

      Those who engaged in a principled boycott of apartheid South Africa would disagree with you. I think history has proved them right.

  • Claire Targaryen

    I’m a depressive journalist, and I volunteer faster than Katniss did for the Hunger Games.

  • Sarah

    I totally hear you on the blogging thing. I do concert reviews (at ) and the more awesome shows I see, the less time I have to write about them and share videos and etc. I am seeing something like 18 killer concerts in four weeks and I have no idea what I will do or how I’ll keep my blog from making fun things seem like work… it feels ridiculous to even attempt to catalog our lives sometimes…

  • kmwilliams

    You go rock the FUCK out of Tel Aviv, AFP. If you didn’t play any place that had fucked up government policies (and some fucked up citizens) you’d never play anywhere. (Maybe Iceland..)

    • yarden

      I don’t know about that fucked up people and fuck government statement of yours, because we are democracy, the only democracy in the middle east in fact. about the people, I think there is hate like every other country who’s in some kind of war; but there is a lot of love too. NOT just the Israeli side is fucked up because we don’t burn the other side flags and we don’t call out to kill them all.

      • lentower

        To paraphase Winston Churchill:

        Democracy is a horrible form of government,

        but it’s the best humanity has come up with.

      • Jack

        You know that during the first (primarily nonviolent) intifada, and previous to it, it was a criminal offense to display the Palestinian flag in Israel or the occupied territories? No need to burn a flag if you simply ban it from being shown.

      • kmwilliams

        Every country in the world has some fucked up government policies and some fucked up citizens.. that was my only point.

  • shiranne

    We barely got to touch on the insanity of the Israel thing when we spoke last night after the Brisbane show (which was fantastic!!), but more than anything I just want to say THANK YOU!

    Thank you for coming and doing this EXACTLY the right way, seeing and learning WITH us: on the one hand not letting the hate keep you from seeing the darker side of Israel (and it can be so easy to look the other way), but also not letting the hate keep you from the love that awaits you there.

    Like Amir said, so many people are so excited about the show, and you saw the dress from the AFP Music Night folks, and our video of the Ukulele Anthem in Hebrew, and that’s just a small fraction of the fanbase! The vast majority if not all of your fans agree with you a whole lot more than they agree with our political leaders.

    And like Didi said, I think Breaking the Silence is an excellent and not at all easy choice. You’re brave, and I hope other musicians and artists and scholars learn from you and try it your way.

    See you soon, and thank you thank you thank you for everything!!!

  • Jan de la Rosa

    Hey, Amanda. Should I presume you already have hosts in Germany? My bestest friend lives in Cologne and could cozy you up… Just not the whole band, sadly…

  • Luka Riot

    I would buy your book regardless of the subject matter, simply for your writing style. Yeah maybe it could use some light editing for structure or whatever the fuck, but your choice of and way with words is magnificent! You’re too good a songwriter to not be a great author. Super looking forward to seeing what it becomes.

  • Yaheli

    Thank you for coming here, really. I just don’t get that Boycott; I don’t get why the hell preventing people from culture and fun will make a difference, it only causes to more hate and loathing from the people of Israel who just want to have fun and listen to good music (And of course that there is no boycott for Ramallah). I hate it that artist that shares a public interest to preform in Israel his been told by Anti-Israeli organisations that he is doing a big mistake and sometimes, it works and they don’t end up coming here.

    • Jack

      People want to be free from occupation too. Unfortunately the Israeli government, and the vast majority of its citizens, are unwilling to stop occupying another people. For the Israeli people, part of the reason is that they ‘just want to have fun and listen to good music’, and as long as they do so they can ignore the brutal occupation just 20km from Tel Aviv. Currently Israel can continue as if the situation is normal, and they have no incentive to stop their brutal treatment of the Palestinian people. This is why we should boycott – it sends a message that such behaviour is unacceptable.

  • rog.

    hey. i am a soldier in the idf. and i hate politics, so i’ll try not to get political.. i hate when people die, i hate even more when people hate each other. that’s what i have to say.
    Amanda, i recomend you to read a book named “Son of Hamas”. it explains the development of the situation here, durring some of the toughest periods of escalation we experienced, through the eyes of a palestinian i learned to admire, who nowadays lives from-hand-to-mouht somewhere in the US.
    i think it expresses best the feelings of both sides, government and people.
    you can read more about the author in here:

    40 days left….!

    • Jack

      Well you wouldn’t want to just hear the Hamas side, so here’s a book I think gets the Israeli position across well. It’s by an IDF veteran, the son of one of the architects of the 1967 war and subsequent occupation, and grandson of one of Israel’s founding fathers. He’s a good speaker so you can listen to him here before you read the book (his name is Miko Peled) –

  • Rebecca

    If you ever wanted a photojournalist in the UK I could totally be your gal. I have experience and all.

  • Shahaf Weisbein

    I wonder how many of the Israelies that commented here were soldiers themselves, playing the “you don’t support the government” card. To separate the music from the policies of the place your play it in, is a privilege. One that is supports the oppressors. It’s great that you just want to play music, but it’s never just music-music is part of a complicated cultural structure, and in coming and playing in Tel Aviv you support the hegmony. in this case, the soldiers-country. Israel is one the most militaristic countries in the world. it’s not the government that holds up the occupation, it’s the people.

    As an international hearing about the occupation you don’t have a lot you can do to help end. but you can be an allie, and that means supporting the Palestinian call for boycott. I know being an allie is sometimes tougher than fighting your own battles.

    Shahaf, Tel Aviv

    • lentower

      Playing on both side’s territory is a better choice and a better statement.

      • amandanana

        And waaaaaay better PR!!!!!!!! which we all know AFP LOVES the mostest

        • lentower

          Amanda loves her family, friends, and fans the mostest! ; – }

          • Elenda

            Boycott schmoycott, as long as we are popular somehow, right? ;)

      • Félix Marqués

        I had been thinking about this. It’d be pretty great. She could use the opportunity to see the situation by herself, AND I guess that Israel wouldn’t be able to use her as propaganda. It could also be even better if she blogged or wrote guest columns about her experience?

        I don’t know. What do more informed people think about this? Would it still be somehow exploited by the government of Israel?

        • Julie Humphress

          ‘International cultural workers who fail to heed the call for boycott and attempt to visit Palestinian institutions as a “balancing act” are assuming “parity between justice and injustice,” which Nelson Mandela has warned against.’

        • Tali Shapiro

          Hi Félix, the opportunity to see Palestine is always open (unless you’re deported from Ben Gurion airport). No need to “balance” shows for that. The problem with doing a show is that it’s always used for the “only democracy in the Middle East” line. So you have the Israel embassy in the UK tweeting “wish we were there” to Skunk Anansie, for example ( The only way to nullify that is by the artists making a statement that they want the tweet deleted, which Skunk Anansie failed to do.

          But even more problematic is that the money is always inherently tainted (see my comment earlier today). And in the case of Amanda’s concert specifically, the Barbi club, for example, works often with Shuki Weiss, who’s in complete tandem with the government

    • Taaz

      Israel is not “one of the most militaristic countries in the world” – Israel is one of the countries with the strongest armies in the world, because it is dealing with many countries and militant groups that actively seek its destruction. Considering the conflict, Israel has an amazing civil society and is one of the only countries in history that while involved in a harsh reality of conflict still remained democratic and liberal.
      Israeli society is multicultural like no other society on earth. It has extremely liberal and tolerant citizens, and also less tolerant citizens. Tel-Aviv is one of the main stronghold of liberalism in the world.
      The conflict is not black and white, and Israel’s occupation of the West Bank is one of the developments of the conflict, not its origin.
      The Israelis and the Palestinians are now trying to make peace, and boycott and exaggeration, and this whole discourse of hatred, are not helpful.

      If you call Amanda not to perform in Israel because of its policies, which other countries should she also avoid? Because I can think of at least 100 countries with worse policies than Israel, non of which are even democratic.

      • Raymond Deane

        You present this as a rhetorical question: but in fact the answer is simple. She should avoid any country in which those oppressed by that country have called for it to be boycotted. Also: how many “countries with worse policies than Israel” openly exploit culture as a means of whitewashing their crimes? And how can a country that defines itself ethnically and discriminates systemically against those not sharing the dominant ethnicity be “democratic”? What is “democratic” about Israel’s de facto sovereignty over the West Bank, which it rules as a military dictatorship of the most brutal and fascistic kind?

        • Jill

          Well, she did write a poem for a terrorist if that helps… I came here to read about music. Boy, did I sure pick the wrong month for music.

    • Gaelic

      Amanda, please refrain from performing publicly in Israel. Please do tour Gaza and the West Bank, to see the most oppressive occupation in this world today. People have lost land, homes, farms, businesses, education, children, and lives. This oppression is being daily whitewashed by the Israeli propaganda machine, and international artists are a big part of that machine. Be they classical, jazz, metal, or alternative musicians…. they are part and parcel of Israel’s “hasbara.” Just deciding to refrain is not asking too much. If you would vocally support #BDS, that would be something of acclaim.

    • jezzamy

      No I do not agree with you. The gig at the Barby Club ( a small independent indie rock venue) has NOTHING AT ALL to do with the government or military and everything to do with a place of enjoyment and relief for any Israeli citizen (Jew, Arab Muslim or Christian etc) or tourist that wishes to see some live music. Leave your politics out of it.

      • Félix Marqués

        Sadly, politics arleady ARE a part of everything, and often it’s even better for them when you refuse to carefully watch the political meaning of your actions, because that way the powers that be can impose their perspective on your acts.

        • jezzamy

          No Felix, YOU can impose YOUR perspective on other peoples acts.

          • Félix Marqués

            Does that contradict anything I said? O_o

    • jezzamy

      Leaving aside your extremism for a moment have ever wondered why, as you say ‘Israel is one the most militaristic countries in the world.’ ?

      • Jack

        It was founded as an extremely militaristic colonial settlement, with several militias attached to it (while the Palestinians hadn’t had the forethought to train an army of their own), and remains so today? As they say, Israel is not a state with an army, but an army with a state.

  • MelanieAnne

    No convertible but I can be the manic-depressive photojournalist you need! As long as travel is semi-reasonable I am down! The suitcase full of substances will need to stay in the states for understandable reasons. This is bat country and I totes have all the cute sunglasses to accomdate it! :)

  • justafanofafp

    I love you too Amanda and I wish you will find your time to make your unique art. Find a way to fight your constipation. I like to go to the side of fans saying please Amanda don’t bother to hug everyone thats waving and trying to get confirmation that they are your fans. Just give them a wave and a big thanx on stage and as you do on a blog now and than. Make your art please and show it to the world. Give your opinion and thoughts in your art we’ll just wave applaud and love you crowdsurfing over our heads.

  • Shelly

    Please go to Israel. Although I am from there and therefore might be biased, i aproach it like this. we are people, we are more then the news, more then just politics and military operations. We are human beings. Plus, you will love Tel Aviv.

    • Jack

      Many of Amanda’s Palestinian fans (both in the West Bank and the refugees abroad) will be unable to attend the Tel Aviv show, which you can do easily. The Israeli government prevents Palestinian refugees from returning to their homes, or even visiting to go to a concert. Why is it fair that you are allowed to go to the show, but Palestinians born in Jaffa, or who’s parents were, cannot?

      • Mary Jane

        uhm, because they are in a different country? you generally can’t visit countries against which you keep declaring wars

        • Jack

          It wouldn’t really be correct to describe the West Bank as ‘a different country’, firstly half a million Israelis live in it and are treated as if they live in Israel (government provisions, military protection, the vote, etc), and secondly all the Palestinians there are effectively under the control of Israel – they do not control borders, they have no army, no control of airspace, they often can’t even collect their own taxes, imports/exports are Israeli supervised.. Some ‘country’. And unless the ghost of Anwar Sadat (it took me a while to think of an Arab leader who had launched a war of aggression against Israel..) would like to attend, none of those who would like to see Amanda Palmer have been declaring any wars. They’ve been dispossessed and the perpetrators have never been brought to justice.

      • Julie Humphress

        Because it’s the only “democracy” in the Middle East? *sarcasm* I’ve appreciated reading your insightful comments, Jack.

  • Edina

    I’m constantly suffering from not able to sharing my experiences w the world being caught up in the meat world. There are beautiful and amazing things happening all around us that we usually tell to our nearests and dearests – except when you are living abroad (like me) or not being able to connect w your peeps in real time (virtually or phisically, whatever works).
    I am not a flippin awesome rockstar amazon like you Amanda, but I live through and experience the same frustration like you described here, so what I want to say
    1) no, you are not alone with these feelings
    2) no, it’s not weird
    3) we all wish (ehm, we, those lovely extroverts that love to spread&share their life experiences with everyone else – because sharing is caring :D) to have a side-kick who constantly documenting our lives (with photos and text) while we are constantly wondering if all this sharing is really needed and good for us or not.

    So, you are not alone. :)

  • rob

    no offense, but how come all the people calling for boycott are tel avivians / londoneers speaking in the name of palestinians?last time i checked there’s internet in rammalah, and also in gaza.. you “boycott activists” only want to add fule to the fire and cause caos and anarchy. instead of asking amanda to play both sides (incase someone knows her in palestine, which i doubt) and promote a dialouge, you waste your time in trying to brand her as your poster girl.

    with no dis-respect to the conflict or the suffer on each side, US killed in Yemen, Sumalia etc’ way more ppl then on both sides of conflict just on the last year. and how come your not promoting boycott on Syria? iran? lebanon?

    amanda- music is music. play wherever the fuck you want (as long as it’s safe).


    • Jack

      BDS is a Palestinian-led movement, the most prominent figures are people like Omar Barghouti, Ali Abunimah, Haidar Eid, Rafeef Ziadah, along with the 170+ Palestinian organisations that issued the call for boycott in the first place, back in 2005. Any Westerners or Israelis that are also involved in the movement are simply responding to that call, and siding with the oppressed against their oppressors.

      When the Syrians, Iranians, Lebanese, or anyone else asks for a boycott against their government or external oppressor, people of conscience would of course respect that call, as they did with apartheid South Africa.

    • Peter Cohen

      Rob, one of the rhetorical tricks I’ve noticed pro-Occupation apologists using is ad-hominen attacks on the legitimacy of those who defend the Palestinians or pro-Palestinian actions. Another is pointing to other injustices in the world that are “worse” than the Occupation. Niether plot will work. The Palestinians today are living in an ethnically stratified hell reminiscent of Germany of the 1930s. They are oppressed according to religion and ethnicity by people who are actively stealing their land (and water). This is a situation that is intolerable but that can be solved to everyone’s benefit. Israel will never give up the benefits it enjoys from the current system wilingly. Only pressure from the people of the world – as in South Africa – can force their hand toward a just and meangingful peace.

    • Raymond Deane

      I’m neither a Tel Avivian nor a “Londoneer”, nor do I claim to be “speaking in the name of Palestinians”, but I take the Palestinian call for a cultural boycott of the Apartheid state of Israel as the basis for my activism,likewise the criteria enunciated very clearly by the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI). It is up to us in those countries (particularly Western countries whose governments are complicit with Israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people) from which artist(e)s travel to perform in Israel to request that those artist(e)s reconsider – it’s not up to the Palestinians to perform this task for us.

      Please tell us in what way the regimes in “Syria, Iran, Lebanon” manipulate culture in order to whitewash their occupation of other people’s lands? Do the regimes in those countries invite artist(e)s from the West to come and whitewash their crimes on a regular basis? Clearly there is no analogy here with the tactics of the Israeli state, so your “what-aboutery” is irrelevant.

  • lentower

    1) Are there clubs that play popular music in the West Bank? (Gaza seems too dangerous for Amanda to try and find a venue to play in.)

    I wonder because western music, particularly rock-n-roll, seems to be against the religious beliefs of many fundamentalist Muslims.

    2) If yes, are there any shows just before or just after Amanda’s Tel Aviv date in the West Bank, that Amanda could offer to be an opener for?

    Then send them to Eric at

    Mention this blog, and provide as much info as you can:
    * pictures of the venue.
    * web links, emails, & twitter names of the venue, and other acts.
    * requirements for US and British passport holders to cross between Israel
    and the West Bank.

    • Tsipi

      Trying to disregard the racism implicit in the question (Palestinians are people, not “Fundamentalist Muslims” and come in all types. There are “Fundamentalist Jews” in Tel Aviv, and I don’t see that stopping you)… There is no parity between playing in Tel Aviv and playing in Ramallah. Creating the appearance of parity is part of what is called “normalization”, and it is extremely harmful to the Palestinian struggle. There are not “two sides” to this “conflict”. There is an oppressive regime occupying and killing/stealing from/violating rights/limiting freedom of movement/imprisoning/beating/etc an entire people.

      Please do not help create this very wrong view of the situation.

      And for your viewing pleasure – Shuhada Street, in occupied Hebron. The street is designated for Jews Only (several hundred settlers who moved in to colonize the city, and the thousands of soldiers that came after to “protect” them, including kicking Arabs out of their homes), and a narrow passageway reserved for Arabs Only. If this isn’t colonization, if this isn’t apartheid, then the words simply have no meaning.

      • lentower

        You miss my points.

        Sad that you don’t try to understand others before attempting to communicate with them. Makes the chance of any real change close to zero.

        Some questions:

        What about the war crimes Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. have and continue to committ against the Israelites?

        What about the crimes Palestinians committed against Jews in Palestine before 1947?

        What about the crimes non-Jews have committed against Jews for thousands of years (including the Nazi Holocaust)?

  • Alana

    Crikey Palmer… Tumblr too?!?! I wasn’t even on Twitter until this past month! Oi vey, woman… no wonder you need your own Hunter/Huntress S. Thompson… it’s hard to keep pace with you!

    A word of humble encouragement… keep on keeping on. You are one of the great connectors of people and Tel Aviv – the Middle East – need connection to the greater community… not disconnection.

    And lovely to see the photo on the beach in Byron Bay. It’s a favorite spot on the planet for me. Hubby and I spent a wonderful solstice there last December. When he and I met, our mutual love for Byron Bay was one of the many connections that this southern gal and my Boston man had in common.

    Rock on, sistah!

  • Nikki Vine

    I know your Hunter S. Thompson… she’s sitting here typing this note to you and wondering why I live in bat country… thusly why I drive fast and always carry a fly swatter. I can do anything you throw at me…write, sing, dance, drive, blog, photograph, post, draw, paint, organize shit so it works (without you having to touch it), operate a blowtorch, melt glass into interesting forms, hold my own with a diabolo and dance with things on fire for entertainment purposes. I accept your challenge!

  • AJ Andrien

    If you’re serious about a manic-depressive photojournalist sidekick, I don’t know if you could do better than Jhayne (@foxtongue)

  • Noa Magger

    Dearest. i’m really happy you came to this decision regarding the Israeli shows. Coming here and experiencing the scene for yourself instead of listening to arguments is the best possible way to go. Deciding for yourself which side you’re on (or not). Israel can be very confusing and overwhelming. But i’m sure you and Neil will have an interesting trip :) See you soon!

  • Shashkes Sarit

    I’m really happy you decided to come play in Israel. I’m just sad I won’t be there to watch you.
    The only very slim chance for peace in the area is by bringing down the borders between people that both governments are working hard to build. Art and music can play an important role in that which is why I think boycotting is not helpful.
    I’m also impressed with you wanting to see things for yourself. From my perspective I’m not very optimistic… Many of the liberals on both sides (including me) are leaving the area in search for a place we can create for something instead of fight against…
    Besides the Israeli Palestinian conflict that you will probably hear a lot about I suggest you look into issues that are tearing Israel from the inside like the growth of religious fascist power. check out It’s an NGO I used to volunteer with when I was still there. If you want I can help connect you with the them so they can show you things you probably don’t know about. Jewish extremists areas where women wearing short sleeves can be spat at, segregated buses where women sit in the back and more atrocities which make me hesitant to go back there…
    Anyway Israel is a beautiful and interesting place to visit just a very hard place to live in… so have some fun and really looking forwards to hearing your thoughts on this.
    In the picture you can see signs in one of the streets in Jerusalem telling women to walk behind the fence so men don’t see them…

  • Steele Riley Saldutti

    @amandapalmer I love reading your blog because I relate so much in so many ways. The funny thing is, leaving on our first small tour and launching our kickstarter this coming week I totally get the feeling of being overwhelmed trying to remember to post to twitter, Facebook. Keep your promises, keep connected to the fans. keep up with all the little things, travel plans, t shirt orders. The fun times though, it’s totally surreal. I experience it on such a smaller level but I love the way you can make it so relatable. If you ever have a chance. Check out vanladylove you inspire us.

  • Tom Steiger

    I am TOTally looking for a job atm if you’re serious. Will supply convertible and sunglasses.

  • not shawn

    Eh fuck, Amanda … why even bother to talk about boycotting Israel when of course you’re chasing the audience (and its ready cash), Shawn Setaro be damned (or rather ignored). Seriously, you are the biggest hypocrite when it comes to actual issues that matter. Gee, I have an idea … why not stage some kind of attention-getting ploy for Peace from the Tel Aviv stage?!? Nothing that would actually stand for anything, or for fuck’s sake get you arrested, just something that would get you some media attention. I’m not the genius that you are so I can’t suggest a worthwhile stunt, but along the lines of holding up a big, fat peace symbol and having Israelis and Palestinians on stage with you. Ahhhhhh …………. peace & love. Then, you can read some fucking Noam Chomsky.

    • lentower

      What do you hate about Chomsky? He’s pro-Palestine, anti-Israel.

      • Elenda

        Any stunt that will cause Amanda some attention in the news is a stunt worth doing, even if it means looking like a complete jackass. I’m not really surprised anymore. Why should anyone be?

  • Israel is Not Part of the USA

    Yeah, all that Israel love is seen right here:
    Horrible video of racists Zionists YOUTH calling Obama some pretty horrible things, just a bunch of right wing asshole Zionist youth from American doing their Birthright.

    I will no longer support you or Neil Gaiman for even thinking of pandering to Israel.

  • Page

    That is a lovely poster…I especially like the curly pit hair. Can you steal one for me? I will pay. And I don’t really think you need a journalist to follow you around, documenting your whole life. That seems…….I want to use the correct word here…..arrogant? No. Supercilious? No, wrong again. Self aggrandizing? Not really. Those are all too harsh. Perhaps there is no word for what I mean to say. I just think you should go ahead and live your wonderful amazing life and not worry that we might “miss out” on something. A little mystery is nice from time to time. And I hope to someday have my own AFP adventure to relate….I don’t need everyone else’s. :)

  • lentower


    I’m happy with what you find time to share.

    IMHO, no need to hire an MA – Media Assistant.

    • Terry

      Amanda doesn’t need a blowhard like you to bully people. No thanks.

  • Andrea Probert

    It’s your life not ours, Amanda. Awesome though it is that you share such a huge part of it, I think it’s a good thing that there’s bits we miss out on, that belong to you alone ;-)

  • Joseph Barber

    It’s difficult to get thoughts out on paper even at the best of times, and when traveling around it’s near impossible. I hope your concerts go well, and you don’t feel too bad about not blogging, because whenever you do it’s a joy for all your fans.

  • ronit

    Amanda, Hi, I wonder: If you would have the opportunity to have a gig in Ramalla conditioned that you will be totally (including all your nipples) dressed – long sleeves etc. Would you be willing to compromise your artistic standards for the sake of the “cultural code”?

  • Jinjirrie

    Dear Amanda

    Palestinians are asking people to respect the boycott. Please heed their call and do not compromise it with compromises that run outside the ambit of the boycott and that are organised without consultation with them. If you would like to find out more about the boycott, please contact PACBI at htttp:// and accept the advices of Palestinians themselves.

  • Raymond Deane

    Amanda: I’ve great respect for Breaking the Silence, but you are in danger of manipulating them into providing a smokescreen for your intentions, which are: to ignore the call from the dispossessed and persecuted Palestinian people for a cultural boycott of the rogue Israeli state. So you perform there (thus offering yourself as a gift to the regime, which stated in 2005 that it “sees no difference between culture and propaganda”) and then BtS show you around and you see the horrors that are being perpetrated on a daily basis against a people who will have no chance to attend your performance – will that make you feel better? Or you take the BtS tour first, see those horrors, and then perform for the perpetrators of those horrors (because almost all Israelis do military service) with an easy or even an uneasy conscience? It makes no sense. Please heed the Palestinian call, which has been supported by Mandela, by Tutu, by Alice Walker, by Roger Waters, by so many great people who care about peace and justice.

    • lentower


      How do you know these are Amanda’s intentions?

      She’s quite clear above, that she mostly just want to play music.

      • Raymond Deane

        Your question is meaningless: these are clearly her intentions because this is what she is planning to do – play Israel in violation of the boycott call.

        “She mostly just want (sic) to play music” – in a state which explicitly admits that it sees no difference between playing music and making propaganda for that state. You seem to think of artists as flighty, irresponsible beings existing in some ethereal realm beyond human realities. The reality of Israel is apartheid, dispossession and persecution of Palestinians, and systematic and constant violations of international law and international humanitarian law.

        • lentower

          Are you a fan of her art?

          If so, how long?

          • Raymond Deane

            If you can explain to me why this is of the slightest relevance,, I’ll happy reply.

          • lentower

            It appears you have no knowledge of who Amanda is, and how she differs from most other artists.

          • Raymond Deane

            You continue to refuse to explain why this, whether true or not, is relevant. NO artist should perform in Israel until it ceases to oppress and dispossess the Palestinian people. Full stop, end of discussion.

          • lentower

            Thanks for answering.
            You clearly don’t know her.
            Or why any boycott should not be absolute.
            (If I have time later, I’ll post something about that.
            But it’s low priority, since the people who might benefit from it,
            have made up their minds about this,
            and aren’t opened to changing their positions
            with the time I have to try to expand their horizons.)

            Or why the Palestinian are as much to blame as the Jews
            for the present sad conditions.

            You may posture and demand as much as you like,
            but your tone and single-mindedness is unlikely to
            change anyone’s mind, including Amanda’s.

          • Raymond Deane

            The single-mindedness is all yours. To say that “the Palestinian (sic) are as much to blame as the Jews” is very revealing – I write nothing about “Jews”, but about Zionists and Israelis. The fact that you equate them reveals everything about your perspective. Finally, to say “the Palestinians are as much to blame” is to put the victim on the same level as the rapist.

          • Culver

            Raymond, welcome to this AFP comment section. This blog is an echo-chamber of the neo-Amandanites. They don’t want to read anything that questions her supreme authority on everything. It isn’t about blaming the victim as much as it is only about Amanda always being right. Lenny is kinda the lurking bouncer for this blog too, so just ignore him and his over-defensiveness remarks whenever possible. Next time only post happy thoughts and positive remarks here. Thanks! :)

          • Bonny Lee

            Mr. Lentower, please educate yourself before continuing to show your ignorance. I posted this link above re. a brief “Israel/Palestine 101″ you might begin your education there. Even if you don’t get your history straight, explain how a Palestinian child drinking settler-contaminated water, having lost siblings, being “as much to blame” as the Israeli government? Yes, the Israeli government, not “the Jews.” “The Jews” is people of the Jewish faith. In the US, a majority of Jewish people (60%) do not believe Israel was given to the Jews by God. Many of us are not ZIONISTS, because zionism doesn’t mean “safety for Jews” it means “military occupation and ethnic persecution over land”. So please speak of Zionists and the Israeli Government and while you’re at it the billions of US dollars that our Government, which can’t agree on anything else, unilaterally supports. All that money…and Palestinian children condemned to life behind a 24-foot concrete wall, not allowed out of Gaza, yes, imprisoned there for life with a siege the israeli govt describes as “we’re not starving them, we’re just putting them on a diet.” Please educate yourself–dont believe me, don’t believe Mr. Deane, but don’t speak without actually educating yourself. Are you and Amanda as close as your messages imply? If so, y’all can become educated together and make an informed choice. I don’t see any posturing in Mr. Dean’s intelligent and factual posts. Is he single-minded? Well, 5 million Palestinians living as rights-less prisoners in their own country is a pretty immense tragedy. You’re willing to ignore it, the world requires more people like Mr. Deane to make it their passion to free those millions.

          • lentower

            I’m quite educated on this matter, having read extensively about it for over a half century.

            I have no obligation to educate you or anyone else,
            but you would grow a lot if you learned enough,
            to understand why I wrote what I did.

            best -len

          • lentower

            And you continue to ask, instead of just answering my questions.

            Which would have taken much less of your time.

          • Gwistmaya

            It’s okay. Mr. Deane has no knowledge of what Israel is, or what Palestine is, or either. It’s the malady of our times – the Facebook Activist; the lazy intellectual who can’t be confused with facts.

          • PlayGroundBoss

            It’s okay Lenny. No need for fake accounts here. We understand.

        • jezzamy

          Explain to me Mr Deane how exactly she is ‘in violation’ (meaning – to do something that is not allowed by (a law, rule, etc.) merriam webster) of anything?

          • Jack

            How else would you describe someone who is consciously breaking a picket line, called for by the majority of the relevant wronged party (in this case the Palestinians)? That is a violation of the call to boycott.

          • jezzamy

            There is no picket line this is not a strike and she’s not a worker. You’re getting mighty confused here Jack.

    • Gaelic

      Well said, Raymond.

    • israeliskunk

      Simple, really: Amanda is going to Israel anyway because a bunch of people paid $5K into her Kickstarter to reward them with a “house party” & she decided to add a show in Tel Aviv (probably because it’s convenient). Why she’s posturing so much about it, I don’t know.

      Amanda, just stop talking about it. I don’t want to think this, but you sound a little hypocritical. You know about the boycott, but you’re going to do it anyway??? If you want to play music, then just show up and play.

    • Lamise

      Well said, Raymond.

    • Ryan Bellerose

      alice walker? dude you just lost all credibility , people who think jews came from lizards= complete morons

      • Jack

        I don’t think renowned civil right leader and much-beloved novelist Alice Walker has ever said anything anti-Semitic – even when a Palestinian lady prompted her, saying ‘May God protect you from the Jews’, Walker replied that she had already married one.

        • Lara Silbert

          She didn’t say that to criticize the lady’s anti-Semitism, she said that to express her disgust at what she sees as the Jewish tendency to be apologist for Israel.
          And she didn’t just say she married one, she said “too late”, she’s already been married to one.

          Bizarre that you equate that with Alice Walker speaking out against anti-Semitism, which it certainly would have been nice if she’d bothered doing instead of condoning the lady’s antisemitic attitudes.

          To quote Walker’s own article describing what ACTUALLY happened:

          I gave her a gift I had brought, and she thanked me. Looking into my eyes she said: May God Protect You From the Jews. When the young Palestinian interpreter told me what she’d said, I responded: It’s too late, I already married one. I said this partly because, like so many Jews in America, my former husband could not tolerate criticism of Israel’s behavior toward the Palestinians.

          • Nicole

            Can you provide a link for this article, or at least information about where and when it was published? I tried googling this quote and found no full article, only variations of this quote attributed to Walker on various pro-Zionist, anti-Palestinian rights sites.

            To briefly clarify what I mean by “Zionism”, I am referring to the political movement and philosophy based on the idea that Jews have a special right to the land that hold Israel/Palestine, over all others who have or do live there, not “Judaism”. I am Jewish. I am not a Zionist.

            But back to Walker–she is a brilliant author and loooooongtime advocate and activist for human rights and opponent of anti-semitism. I have seen outright lies and misrepresentations of her politics and work a lot in recent years by pro zionist/Israeli advocates because of her commitment to Palestinian rights. As a Jew it deeply offends and frightens me when accusations of anti-semitism are thrown around for purposes of political expediency.

            If this is a real, unadulterated quote you would like readers here to consider, please share the full article from which it came so we can read it in context. Thanks.

  • ZazaFL

    Amanda, please don’t breach the Palestinian boycott call. The oppressed are asking for solidarity, as with apartheid South Africa, the boycott is an important way of resisting Israeli apartheid. . Whether you want it or not, your visit will be used by the state as an endorsement of their policies of oppression of the Palestinian people. Please heed the Palestinian call to boycott apartheid Israel until it complies with international law. Consider joining the growing list of artists who have decided not to stand with the oppressors, artists of conscience such as Faithless, Leftfield, Gorillaz, Klaxons, Roger Waters, Massive Attack, Gil Scott Heron, Santana, Pete Seeger, Pixies, Tindersticks, Elvis Costello, Ken Loach, Cat Power, Cassandra Wilson and many more who have refused to condone occupation, apartheid and war crimes. Please don’t cross the Palestinian picket line and play today’s sun City. The fans you will be playing for will be a segregated audience, can you really do this? I hope not. Please cancel.

    • Félix Marqués

      Just wondering: if Amanda played gigs in both Israel and Palestine, would it still be an act that Israel’s government could use as propaganda?

      • Jack

        Many have done this – all that happens is that the Israeli government can continue to act as though the situation (which includes an occupation, a blockade, and examples of ethnic cleansing) is normal – nothing is out of the ordinary, the status quo is acceptable to the world, or at most the situation is that of two equal parties fighting over a territorial dispute. The parties are not equal and we can’t characterise this as just a ‘conflict’ – it would be like calling the Trail of Tears the “US-Cherokee conflict.”

        Many who ignored the boycott call at first, reasoning that they could bring people together and advance the chances for peace, later regretted going. Macy Gray and Roger Waters are two examples. If we want to draw attention to injustice and encourage ordinary people to act against it, eventually (hopefully) followed by their governments, boycott is a peaceful, principled tactic.

        • Félix Marqués

          I see. Makes sense.

  • disqus_kEOietn3eX

    Hi Amanda. I only discovered you a week ago but I could already write a thesis on How Amanda Palmer Gave Me Balls. You’re now on my inner circle of who, from the outside world, I allow to influence me.

    Observation. Maybe those who try to steer you in a different direction from where you feel driven to go just don’t hear or understand your words? How can messages of love, acceptance and compassion, no matter how they’re delivered, not have the potential to have a profound effect on anyone on any side of a conflict? If I had any enemies, I would pay you to perform for them and I would pay you to do the same performance for my friends.

    It seems, at this time in your life, that every decision you make takes courage but I’m confident you’ll continue making those decisions with your balls in your own hands.

    • lentower

      Yes, a lot of people don’t understand Amanda’s words.

      Some of those people are too caught up in their own agendas,
      to understand Amanda’s.

      • Jack

        If this person only discovered Amanda a week ago, presumably you consider their opinion less important? That is what you’ve been implying by asking others ‘how long’ they’ve been fans.

        • lentower

          No, this is what you would “imply” if you wrote the words I wrote.

          Until you can stop assuming other people feel and think as you do, trying to communicate with them is very difficult. You need to walk a mile in their shoes first.

          • Jack

            Why have you been asking people how long they’ve been Amanda Palmer fans for, instead of responding to their comments/suggestions (which is what Amanda requested in the blog)?

          • lentower

            To get a better understanding of their understanding of Amanda.

          • Terry

            How does someone’s personal understanding of some really obscure musician make a difference when it comes to middle east political issues exactly?

          • lentower
          • Julie Humphress

            Lentower, I’ve been a subscriber to this blog for quite sometime. I don’t recall her mentioning you as her spokesperson. Did I miss that somewhere? A link to her designating you as spokesperson would be appreciated, rather than this constant spamming and links to your own point of view as a representation of Amanda’s. While you speak on her behalf and she posts a new blog about puppets, I find this all a bit gut-wrenching.

          • MonkeyBars

            Don’t deny him his pleasure in being a discussion-groupie gestapo. It’s okay Lenny, you be just as rude, bossy, and illogical as you want replying to anybody. Good boy!

  • Mary Jane

    seems like the discussion died off but I can’t help it, one more long comment –

    any comparison between Israel and South Africa is embarrassingly misguided:

    1. The white population in South Aftica was colonialist and not native; the Jewish people were native people to the area, some stayed continuously and some were exile and came back (would you oppose the native Americans coming back to their land? that’s the basic premise of Zionism)

    2. In South Africa, both the white and black population were part of the same country and the black population was segregated and discriminated against for racial reasons; in the conflict in the middle east, both Israelis and Palestinians are of the same ethnic group at large and are two separate countries (this would be the same as saying that the US is executing a racist policy by having a border with Canada)

    3. The black population of south Africa did not repeatedly attack the white population for over 100 years, waging one war after another with a declared goal of eliminating them. Remember, all the wars in the middle east were started by neighboring countries (Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan) against Israel, not the other way around…

    I have a lot of criticism of the Israeli government – and the Palestinian government (especially Hamass) – but at the very least please see the situation for what it is, with all its complexities and subtleties and stop simplifying it by comparing it to other clear cut black and white (pun intended) historical scenarios. Doing so feeds the problem and not the solution. If this was a black and white right vs wrong situation it would have been resolved a long time ago but it’s not the case (rule of thumb: if a conflict goes on for more than 100 years then it’s not a clear cut bad guy vs good guy situations, those conflicts end pretty quick).

    There are peace talks going on now – let us all hope that these would yield a Palestinian state, an end to wars against Israel by all of its neighbors and them formally recognizing Israel’s right to exist and to be secure, an end to the settlements and an increase in economical cooperation between both states.

    • Jack

      1. An argument based on genetic links with tribes from thousands of years ago is impossible to translate into a just political solution today. Many tribes lived in that region, many Palestinian Arabs have a strong genetic link to the ancient Israelites (presumably those that converted to Christianity and Islam in the years after the Bar-Kokhba revolt), and many Ashkenazim (Jews with Eastern European heritage) do not necessarily have that link. However genetics really is irrelevant – we’re talking about a 19th century, primarily European project of settling an already populated land. No one had ever argued that the Jews already living in Palestine should have left, any more than the Christians should have. The European colonial project, remarkably similar to South Africa’s (where the persecuted Boers fled in order to establish a national home), is what was objected to.

      2. There is only one effective governing power in historic Palestine, and it is the Israeli government. In some areas it is a civil government with a number of discriminatory laws targeting its Palestinian minority, and in other areas (the West Bank) it is a military government, in which Palestinians have no say at all. That certainly is apartheid – Palestinian Arabs are an ethnic group systematically discriminated against by the ruling power, and several million of them do not have the opportunity to vote out that power.

      3. The black population of South Africa did resist, and as the apartheid system became more entrenched and brutal, so too did resistance increase. Mandela himself established Umkhonto we Sizwe, the military arm of the ANC.

      It is Israel which repeatedly attacks its neighbours, attacking the native Palestinians in 1948 (and previous), attacking Egypt in 1956 and 1967, attacking and occupying Lebanon in 1982 (and 2006, and continuing to violate Lebanese sovereignty on a daily basis), Syria in 2007… This is not to mention their repeated attacks against the largely defenceless population they occupy – the slaughter in Gaza during 08/09 comes to mind.

      Unfortunately the bad guys can often keep winning for many decades and even centuries – the colonial project in South Africa and the continent at large continued for well over 100 years. We can only hope the Palestinians won’t have to endure modern apartheid for much longer – BDS is a nonviolent way of helping the process of decolonisation and equality.

  • Tali Shapiro


    I’m going to say some harsh things, but it’s because the reality here is- to understate- harsh, and one must understand the role she plays in the places she decides to interact with, when she has a choice in making this interaction.

    I’m glad you’ve decided to come and see Israel’s military occupation for yourself, but what you propose has been opposed by the oppressed (, and with good reason. The Palestinian opposition to collaboration with Israel’s mechanisms of oppression (entertainers being used for diverting attention from Israel’s daily warcrimes, for example. More info at http:// is part of the local reality, in which your role is defined and set even before you lay foot on the holy land. Obviously you’re to some extent aware of the problem of sadistic treatment inherent in colonisation, but I have a feeling that right now you’re perceiving Palestinians’ reality as “just another overdose of representation”. Palestinians aren’t zoo-animals to present their suffering to the indifferent passers by. Let alone those who come to entertain their cagers. It’s sad to me that our friends at Breaking the Silence would facilitate your tour knowing how it will be used to whitewash Israel’s war crimes, that they themselves regret and oppose, even though I’m sure you’d boycott after you’ve spent one half-day tour in the ghetto of Al Khalil (Hebron), which is where your tour will probably take you.

    What the people trying to convince you to cancel your gig in Israel are trying to show you, is the tour before you set foot, so you will not do something which hurts the people living this reality. Since a tour is in fact more effective than words, here’s your tour with Breaking the Silence, please make sure to watch it BEFORE you do a show in Israel

    I’d like also to add that we all understand the difficulty of your situation, right now, and we’re all here to move through hard decisions together. We all understand the importance of maintaining a relationship with your audience, but we also understand that your audience’s “right to entertainment” doesn’t trump Palestinians’ most basic rights to life, freedom of movement, freedom from arbitrary arrest, freedom from torture and all other 30 human rights addressed by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, that the state of Israel is withholding (another understatement) from the indigenous Palestinian population under its control. A population that by international law is supposed to be “protected” by the army.

    I’m ASKING (I use the word intentionally) that you engage with us, because, I- for one- am watching my loved ones suffer this stranglehold and its consequences are VERY real to me. So please, ask questions, let us know your concerns, so all of us can truly discuss and solve our differences.

    Thank you for your engagement in our reality,

    • lentower

      Are you a fan of Amanda’s art?

      If so, how long?

      • Tali Shapiro

        Lentower, do you have a disagreement with my words? Does my “fandom” (I don’t tend to idolise generally) somehow take away from what I say, or give it more credibility? I’m mostly someone who has a continuous, up close and personal encounter with Israel’s colonisation of Palestine and it’s effects on the Palestinian people, and on other groups that are all under the control of this regime. I’ve felt its strong-arm myself, either directly, or through the pains of my loved ones (which I’d argue is rather direct).

        I can only assume (so correct me if I’m wrong) that your question, which was also directed at others here, who support the boycott, is to create a kind of uneasiness in us for requesting that she cancel her show. After all, if we’re not “fans”, her show doesn’t regard us. So I pretty much repeat what I’ve said: Amanda’s show effects EVERYONE living under the regime as it (and other performers’ acts) are used in order to give the state of Israel an image of “normalcy” and “glamour”. The words of Israel’s ministries have already been quoted in these comments that Israel sees no difference between propaganda and culture, thus Amanda’s art and music is fair game to use and abuse as whitewashing material for Israel’s war crimes. You’re a “fan”, I presume (correct me if I’m wrong), so the integrity of Amanda’s art must be important to you.

        • lentower

          It’s to get some understanding of their understanding of Amanda.

          • Tali Shapiro

            Lentower, I’d appreciate you’d stop treating boycott supporters on this thread as if they are cattle and copy/pasting answers to each of us. We actually do each have our own opinion. Some are fans, some are not, some think it’s irrelevant as the issue actually isn’t Amanda per-se, because AmandaPalmer™ has just been reduced by the state of Israel to its very own propaganda (Prime Minister Netanyahu’s personal propaganda pamphlet courtesy of Sheldon Adelson and the Jerusalem Post who’s militaristic agendas are no secret That’s why each one of us- persons- are reaching out to her on a personal basis, here, where she invited every one to discuss the issue. So we’re giving our information and our opinion. If I had assumed Amanda thought as I did, I assume, she wouldn’t perform in Israel to begin with.

            You, however, seem to be making a lot of assumptions on “those who are pro-boycott” without regarding anything of what I (or anyone else) actually said, nor taking the time to view the links, nor taking the time to base your statements on actual information. I assume (correct me if I’m wrong) that you have more than Amanda behind your self-appointed task of gatekeeping “fans” and “non-fans”. Could it be that you actually have an opinion on the issue of boycott of Israel’s mechanism’s of oppression? Could it be that you favour Israel’s treatment of Palestinians? I must be mistaken, because you’re just here to guard Amanda’s integrity. As a woman I don’t know who made you “Guardian of Amanda”, but I find you slightly creepy and a lot patronising.

            I’ll answer your statements, if you actually take the time to address mine. Until then, I’ll be waiting for Amanda to take me on a tour in her shoes.

          • Peter Cohen

            Lentower, you are making light of the many Jewish Israelis of conscience who have dedicated themselves to peacefully the Occupation. Some of them, like Anat Kamm or the Shministim, are in prison for following their consciences. There are not two sides here – “Israeli” and “Palestinian” or “Jewish” and Israeli. You too are making assumptions. Please educate yourself before voicing opinions based on propaganda. And making the Palestinians pay for past wrongs done by others to the Jews is morally incomprehensible.

          • Elenda

            Well she did write a poem for a terrorist, which most of you probably already knew, but just in case you forgot… And aside from the obvious contradictions have fun arguing with lunatics here about middle east politics. It never ceases to amaze me how crazy this blog can read sometimes.

          • lentower

            I’ve been educating myself about this conflict for almost six decades.

            And have often seen people who are frozen into one position,
            and can’t see the other side.

            And neither side will get anywhere, until they do they see the other side.


            The boycott isn’t helping. It’s just furthering the hate.


            And I expect my comment here, as many others in this thread,
            will just be meet with more hate.

          • LennyIsADrone

            Are you a fan of Amanda’s farts?

          • annie fofani

            len, mr gatekeeper, if you’re going to speak of hate speak of your own. accusing ones adversaries of hatred is an old worn tired crutch. a person only knows what’s in his or her own heart, so tell us of your hatred if that’s what’s on your mind. do not lecture us on frozen positions from your immobile ‘boycott isn’t helping’ stance. for decades now, your ‘both sides kumbaya speech’ is what’s not working.

            and no, like millions of others i have never heard of amanda til now. but then i watched many of her videos and see she is a talented person, althought apparently and unfortunately with a weak collaborative will. many of us will know who she is now, and we will not forget. this decision of hers is introducing her to millions, as someone who did not stand on the side of justice when it matters most. very sad.

          • lentower

            Thank you for your thoughts.

          • Bonny Lee

            “Pro Jewish”?
            Sir, stop writing before educating yourself.
            In the years you mention, My father was a Jewish kid in Palestine, who went there because it was his famiily’s only choice. I’m not going to tell you the whole story, I and others have posted links. Israeli policy is not Judaism. Judaism isn’t Zionism. Read instead of writing. You aren’t making sense. And the way you talk about “Amanda”, and “understanding” her, you sound more like a stalker than a fan.

          • lentower

            My reply at
            applies here too.

            With this addition:
            I’m a fan not a stalker,
            though you’re welcome to your opinion.

      • lb511

        Len, you’ve been saying this pretty much on every post.

        I can answer it for you. I have been a fan of Amanda’s music for 8 years now, first as part of the Dresden Dolls then as a solo artist.
        I am also a Palestinian and because of my ethnicity and nationality, I will not be able to see Amanda Palmer play live (let’s just say the military occupation would rather keep us locked up on the other side of the wall).

        So yes, I cannot in due conscious support a concert that not only is inherently unjust, but supports the Israeli government propaganda machine.

        • lentower

          Thanks for your reply.

          I have compassion for all who are hurt and oppressed: you, other Palestinians, Israelites, and beyond.

          As I said elsewhere, the best thing for Amanda to do here is also play a concert in the West Bank. I don’t know whether Israel’s security control makes this possible. And she would need assistance from Palestians to find a venue, get permits for a ninja gig, etc.

        • lentower

          Thanks for your reply.

    • Patrick Harrison

      Good comment Tali! As a big fan of your music Amanda (who had the joy of singing along to Do It With a Rockstar while you moshed with us on Saturday night), I’d be heartbroken to see you play a gig in Israel.

    • israeli Harry

      Thank-you, Tali, for continuing to counter Amanda Palmer’s disingenuity as she “tours” Israel.

  • Karen MacRae

    So to recap Amanda, you’re disregarding the actual call from the Palestinians because you found out about Breaking the Silence and you just couldn’t communicate with Breaking the Silence without playing your show in Israel? Have I got this straight? Basically, this boils down to cowardice. You’re scared not to play, right? You’re afraid of the backlash but still want to appease your fans (and look like you’re doing a good deed) so you slapped in some information about a dissident organization and popped in a poster of yourself along with self congratulations on how you’re such a great person. Let’s face it: this has nothing to do with Palestinians and or Breaking the Silence, now does it? It does have everything to do with you and yes, your name will be remembered when this zionist settler colonial project is dismantled and Palestinians are free.

    You made a *choice* Remember this. You *chose* to step over the picket line.

    • lentower

      Like many other people, you are assuming your own thoughts and beliefs are the way another person’s thinks.

      Until you can put “yourself into another’s shoes”, that is, understand what is in another person’s head/heart communicating with them will accomplish little.

      • Elenda

        Are you a fan of free thinking and debate, lenny? I suggest you try it sometime.

  • Dave Lippman

    One way to think about this is to consider the boycott as a strike by otherwise powerless workers, or in this case residents of an occupied land. They are asking you not to cross their picket line.
    We must walk through the world with awareness of our effects and of the conditions of our fellows. In the USA we should focus on income inequality and persistent racism and so forth. Otherwise we are unconscious and not helpful as artists or citizens or humans. If you go to an occupied territory, speak out. If you are asked to boycott it, boycott it. Then you are a true, honest, brave, useful participant in human society.

  • Andrew Felluss

    Amanda, the Palestinian call for cultural boycott asks that international artists stop providing the cultural fig leaf for the racist state of Israel. Please consider respecting their call for solidarity and canceling Barby’s.

  • jmgreen

    Amanda please give more consideration to the call from Palestinian civil society to boycott Israel. By playing in Israel you would be normalising the situation whereby everyone from a Jewish background is made welcome but Palestinians are denied their most basic human rights. The international boycott movement is calling on Israel to comply with international law and end its human rights abuses, please take part and show your solidarity in the form that Palestinians have requested,

    • Elenda

      Personally, I think Amanda should move there permanently and apply for citizenship. That sure would get some attention on the late night news.

  • Peter Cohen

    Dear Amanda,

    First I wanted to say that I think you are brilliant and talented and clearly a thoughful person of conscience. I also expect that any one who can completely deflate The Daily Mail for their unfairness would be respectful of the global boycott against Israel for their cruel and inhumane policies against the occupied Palestinians. Please listen to my collegues who are fighting for justice in Palestine and reconsider!

  • Lamise

    Dear Amanda,

    I’ve been a fan of your work since the early 2000’s and have made it to every show you’ve played within a 100 mile radius of wherever I happened to be at the time. I’m glad to hear that you are thinking about your trip to Israel. Please consider what Raymond said below. Also, I encourage you to check out the 2005 call for academic and cultural boycott of Israel (, the Punks Against Apartheid group ( as well as Roger Waters of Pink Floyd’s recent call for artists of conscience to join the boycott movement (

    I’ve always respected your work and firm commitment to social justice and activism. I hope that you will reconsider your trip to Israel. You can contact people at or for more information about the boycott. We would all really love to help in terms of talking about the situation, explaining the importance of the boycott, and grappling with the complexities of the situation.

    Please do consider reaching out, Amanda!

  • Nena

    Dear Amanda, please respect the call for
    boycott by the Palestinian civil society and cancel your concert in Israel.
    Please don’t play in Israel until it obeys international law and ends its
    brutal and racist policies of systematic abuse, humiliation, dispossession,
    torture and violence against the Palestinian people. Please join the increasing
    number of musicians who refuse to be made complicit in these crimes against
    humanity – knowing full well that their concerts will be used by the Israeli
    propaganda machinery to whitewash Israel’s image. And Amanda, no tour in the
    occupied territories will change that.

    So please Amanda, stand with the oppressed and respect
    the Palestinian call for boycott, their ONLY
    yet effective non-violent way to fight for nothing but their human rights and
    dignity – if the world and musicians like you – are

  • mrsloobyloo

    Amanda, you say you mostly ‘just want to play music’ as well as hanging out with Breaking the Silence (who are awesome) but from what I’ve read and heard about your work, you don’t ‘just play music’. Your work is considered, compassionate and passionate, politically aware. So how would you justify, to yourself, stepping over that fragile yet so important picket line that is a boycott called for by the Palestinian people? Comrade? There have been some artists who justify it by believing that their art/performance/musicianship is more powerful in the peace-making stakes than that of Palestinian artists/artistes/musicians, than the efforts, lives, struggle, politics, culture, history, Human Rights, UN law, and voice of the Palestinian people and therefore, they break the valued picket line. Their performances have then been celebrated, publicised, used as currency for culture-loving (but not for occupying, civilian oppressing and apartheid operating) Israel. The artists get money, fame, fawning, applause, etc. I like to think that there is more to you than this. A boycott is an act of non-violent direct action. Will you break that valuable thing that is the call by Palestinian people, for support from the free world, support on their terms – the cultural and artistic boycott of occupying Israel? Or will you be part of what holds it together? I hope you enjoy your trip and especially with Break the Silence; but please consider deeply, and do not ‘just play music’ there.

  • Hichem

    I guess if you just want to play music, you wouldnt mind playing a gig in Gaza?

    • lentower

      Might have a look at

      Also are there any local cultural norms that Amanda would have to meet to perform?
      Cover her head, arms, legs, … ???

      • Tsipi

        Did you ask that question before booking Tel Aviv? Is there any limit to your benign white liberal racism?

        • lentower

          I have no idea if Amanda’s and her staff looked into venues in the West Bank or not. They have always appreciated input on possible venues.

          Sad you label people who disagree with you as “racist”.

          • Tsipi

            I don’t label people who disagree with me as racist. I label attitudes that assume extreme degrees of religiosity someplace, because you have designated it as Muslim. This is not your first comment attributing fundamentalism to Palestinians. In Israel/Palestine there are many fundamentalist groups, most of them Jewish. There are also Christian fundamentalist groups, and Muslim ones. Similarly, there are many secular people and areas, and non-fundamentalist religious ones… and others.

            It is an extremely white-liberal attitude to “sensitively” ask about cultural norms, but to only do so when you are speaking to an “exotic” or “lower” culture. A general sensitivity usually does the trick, without resorting to patronage: “What do we need to know about visiting your home?”. In any case, you haven’t even booked in Gaza, why are you asking about clothing lengths?

            What is sad is the fact that you label anyone who criticizes you as lacking communications skills, but do not realize that maybe those of us living in the middle of this mess know some things you don’t – and it is also pretty patronizing.

          • lentower

            With all due respect, this conversation isn’t getting us anywhere.

            Your comments about me say much more about you than they do me.

            You are also insisting on your definitions of many words.

            It’s not worth days of my time to work through all that with you.

            And it’s not helping Amanda.

            Best to you.

        • lentower

          You would have to ask Amanda and her staff, if they looked into booking shows in Gaza and the West Bank while they were planning her visit to Palestine and Israel. They do appreciate venue suggestions.

          Labeling people is not helpful.
          I’m neither “racist” or “liberal”.
          My ancestors came from Europe,
          but I’m not an albino.

  • Joe


    Just for the record, not sure if others have said this because there are too many comments to read through at this point, there is a difference between playing a private show for Israelis who bought your kickstarter package and playing at the Barbie. What we are taking you to task on is the Barbie show. You can still go and perform privately for people, since we have no business in your private life. Playing at the Barbie, however, becomes a political matter and is used for propaganda purposes (all those arguments have been flushed out by others here). I don’t know if the Barbie show is paying for the trip to perform privately. I imagine that is tempting, but ultimately, that is breaking the picket line set forth by the Palestinians. To relieve yourself of this by doing a war tour does not cut it either. If you wish to learn about the conflict then go to the region and learn. Go on a fact finding trip with Palestinians. But taking such a tour while also there to perform publicly and at a complicit venue is not a fact finding tour. It is what we call a fig leaf: something good you do in order to cover up some wrongdoing. Cancel the Barbie show. Go in your private capacity and then go and see for yourself what is going on in the conflict. Everything else has already been said.

    Good luck.

  • lentower


    What you have decided to do is fine.

    If you can also do a show in Gaza, that would be great.

    There is so much fuzzy thinking here among those who support the boycott.

    best -len

    • LennyTheBrownNoseRaindeer

      It’s fine. Fine fine fine. Fine all the time. No worries. Lenny said so. Thanks Amanda!

  • lentower

    There are artists who art inspires people to love everyone.
    To accept and cherish them.

    Amanda is one of them.

    To tell such artists not to go to a place that desperately needs that message, is counter-productive to making any real progress in resolving this conflict between Israel and Palestine.

    One failure of this boycott called for by the Palestinians is to not distinguish between entertainment, and art that inspires love.

    • LennyIsADrone

      Wow, they must pass around some really nice Kool-aid at your church lenny.

    • weirdness all around


      Lenny has joined the cult of Amanda Palmer. I guess an art goddess can do no wrong?

  • Patrick Harrison

    Hi Amanda, as a huge fan, I’m really disappointed to hear that, despite looking at the situation closely, you have decided to cross the picket line and organise a gig in Tel Aviv. I hope you’ve read the PACBI website – if you haven’t, you should really consider some of the arguments put here:

    I had the honour of rocking out with you here in Sydney on Saturday night, and it was truly one of the most amazing gigs of my life. But I’d never be able to appreciate your music in the same way if you go ahead with this gig. Simply taking a tour with Breaking the Silence doesn’t neutralise performing a public show for an apartheid state.

    I think you should go to Tel Aviv, and play for your kickstarter obligations. And you should take the tour with Breaking the Silence too. Visit the old city of Hebron, where a few hundred settlers terrorise the 10,000 Palestinian inhabitants in an attempt to ethnically cleanse the areas around the Ibrahim Mosque/Tomb of the Patriarchs. Visit Nablus, go through checkpoints where Palestinians are routinely denied entry while settlers are allowed to drive right though. Visit Bethlehem’s 300 checkpoint at 4am, when Palestinian workers from the territories have to line up to try and get into Israel to start their jobs at 8am. If you are like me, then seeing these things for yourself will break your heart and fill you with rage. If you aren’t, then I can respect that.

    But to play a public gig in Israel is to cross the picket line and say – this isn’t cultural and religious apartheid, just another country with a few problems. And I would lose a lot of respect for you and your amazing, challenging, uncompromising body of work if you do that.

  • Jinjirrie

    Dear Amanda Palmer,

    We appreciate your engagement with the cultural boycott in your
    statement on your blog [1], and would like to clarify to you that while
    your kickstarter house party does not fall within the ambit of the
    Palestinian-led boycott, because of its private nature and the absence
    of institutional backing, the gig at which you plan to play at the Barby
    would cross the boycott picket line.

    To use a fact-finding tour with the Israeli organisation, Breaking
    the Silence “to see the areas they’re talking about”, as a kind of
    whitewashing of a contravention of the boycott is unacceptable.

    We would hope you instead do make the effort, as did Jello Biafra
    [2], to view the results of Israel’s oppression of Palestinians, and
    then decide against breaching the boycott by playing at a public venue
    in Israel.

    Would you have countenanced a tour of the apartheid South African
    bantustans with a white organisation and still played Sun City? We
    encourage you to listen to Palestinian voices who ask artists to respect
    the boycott and to realise that voices from the community of the
    Israeli oppressors do not represent Palestinians, and indeed often serve
    to silence and obscure the Palestinian message using deceptive words of
    ‘peace’ and ‘co-existence’. Palestinian people, in contrast, are asking
    you to co-resist with them in solidarity by respecting their boycott

    As the PACBI (the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel) has explained:

    ‘we simply ask that they do the sensible thing and stay away from
    Israel until they are knowledgeable enough about the “situation.”
    Artists are not being asked by one or two local individuals to boycott
    Israel, which could be dismissed as uninformed or unrepresentative of
    the common interest. In the Palestinian case, artists are being asked to
    respect the cultural boycott of Israel and its complicit institutions
    by a majority of Palestinian civil society, over 170 organizations from
    across the political and social spectrum, and especially by a great
    majority of Palestinian artists and cultural figures. If the Palestinian
    near-consensus is not sufficient to convince them, then they can at
    least refrain from performing, accepting prizes, or exhibiting art in
    Israel until they have visited the occupied Palestinian territory and
    spoken with exiled Palestinian refugees’.[3]

    Some artists who played and then became aware of Israel’s oppression
    and the legitimacy of the boycott, like Macy Gray [4], Roger Waters [5]
    and Denise Jannah [6], later regretted their performances and would not
    have played had they known then what they later discovered.

    Please refrain from playing at the Barby, please don’t breach the
    Palestinian-led boycott, divestment and sanctions call and do make the
    effort also to find out more for yourself about Israel’s occupation,
    settler colonialism and apartheid.

    DPAI (Don’t Play Apartheid Israel)

    We are a group, of over 1300 members, representing many
    nations around the globe, who believe that it is essential for musicians
    & other artists to heed the call of the PACBI, and join in the
    boycott of Israel. This is essential in order to work towards justice
    for the Palestinian people under occupation, and also in refugee camps
    and in the diaspora throughout the world.



    [2] Jello Biafra cancels his Tel Aviv gig

    [3] Artists Violating Cultural Boycott of Israel: Moral Inconsistency and Logical Incoherence

    [4] Macy Gray Regrets Feb Concert in Tel Aviv Israel

    [5] BDS Roundup: Alice Walker, Roger Waters call on Alicia Keys to cancel Tel Aviv show

    [6] Denise Jannah Expresses Support for BDS

    See also:

    Open Letter to Amanda Palmer: There is a profound ethical obligation to refuse to play in Israel

  • Hannah

    don’t worry about posting EVERYTHING!

    That makes it more special, that some things are just memories, while others get shared.

  • Sam Xie

    Many Palestinians do not believe in a cultural or economic boycott of Israel, and feel that closer ties are the path to peace. Over one million Palestinians visited and vacationed in Israel during Ramadan, and tens of thousands work in Israel each day. There are many joint ventures in environmental, agricultural and high tech business.

  • Ryan Bellerose

    Amanda, Congrats on being an artist with conscience. demonising an entire country is ridiculous and these asshats calling for a boycott are simpletons.

  • Ben

    Watch this video, and see for yourself what BDS is REALLY about.

  • Ben


    If you join the BDS movement, you will be making a huge mistake. It is NOT
    a human rights based movement. It is the work of a one-man NGO
    (and Tel Aviv alumni) based in Ramallah. His name is Omar Barghouti. By
    his own admission, the BDS movement is a ruse designed to eliminate
    Israel (or in his words, “a Palestine next to a Palestine”), contrary to
    international law which supports two states. It is a hate movement,
    based almost entirely on false propaganda, disguising itself as a human
    rights struggle. I say this as someone who once supported BDS: don’t
    comply! Israel is NOT South Africa!

    It is also not a colonial state. As it turns out, Jews are the real
    indigenous people of the Levant. Read this account from a Native American, Idle No More activist, and you’ll see why…

    • lentower

      Hi Ben,

      Could you provide the URL to the article in the Toronto Sun?

      I don’t have the time to search through their whole web site.
      Nor do I expect Amanda will.


  • Ben

    for Palestinians is attempting to organize with the Council of
    Canadians a conference titled “Indigenous Perspectives on Water: Canada
    and Palestine.”

    The objective is to conflate Palestinian and Native rights issues. Indeed, Justice for Palestinians
    is seeking a speaker from Idle No More, a Native rights movement in
    which I have been active. I take strong issue with Palestinians’
    appropriation of the Native cause.

    begin, though Palestinian propagandists love to characterize Zionism
    (that is, Jewish nationalism) and the re-establishment of Israel in 1948
    as colonial enterprises, it is the Jews who are aboriginal to the Holy
    Land. Alone among other nations, Jews’ language, history, culture and
    folklore were born and forged in the Holy Land. There is no statute of
    limitations on being indigenous. Accordingly, to claim the Jews are
    colonizers in the Holy Land delegitimizes all indigenous peoples because
    such attempts trivialize the unbreakable, maternal ties to the land
    that make us, like the Jews, indigenous.

    stark contrast, Arabs arrived to the Holy Land only in the seventh
    century, when Arabian armies colonized the Middle East. Longstanding
    presence may generate rights, but it is not synonymous with being
    indigenous. For example, Europeans have been on American soil for
    centuries but that does not render them indigenous in the political
    sense. Like Arabic culture in the Holy Land, white North American
    culture was imported via empire.

    Palestinians are silent with respect to the rights of indigenous
    peoples still dominated by Arab states from Morocco to Iraq.

    there can be no comparison of the Palestinians’ experience to that of
    Native Canadians. North American indigenous peoples suffered
    unprecedented genocide. Our people were obliterated through massacres,
    disease, starvation and forced assimilation in an attempt to remove us
    from the pages of history. (This, ironically, was the declared aim of
    the Arab armies that attacked Israel in 1947.) Sixty-five million people
    were reduced to less than three. The Palestinians, on the other hand,
    have grown from a population of approximately one million in 1948 to
    more than six million today. The average Palestinian under Israeli rule
    lives in conditions that our people could only have dreamed of and that
    are often better than those on reservations. Moreover, the Palestinians
    have received approximately $30 billion in international aid since 1993.
    This, despite the fact that Palestinian nationalism’s preferred method
    of expression has been terrorism.” ~ Ryan Mervin Bellerose, Native American, and Idle No More activist

  • rog.

    Amanda, if you havn’t decided yet where to lodge and if you like: I live 15 mins drive from the TLV airport, half an hour drive from the Barby.

    Big, quiet house with a small rehearsing room and plenty of place for you and the band… And 7 cats who would LOVE to meet you.. :)

    tweet me, @RinatOGruman

  • Painter with brush

    Amanda darling, I have just discovered your music and it is incredible. It is dynamic, etched in pathos whilst delivered in a romantic yet avant garde manner. Really! I am a Painter/musician living and working in Israel. The art scene here is also dynamic and organic, amazing things are happening here and Tel Aviv pumps like few cities do. Note that if you perform in Tel Aviv you will probably be performing in front of Arabs as well as Jews, since Arabs number around 40,000 in Tel Aviv. You will also see a crowd filled with all colors, religions and gays as well. It is estimated that over 2,000 gay Palestinians have fled the W Bank and Gaza to enjoy sexual freedom in Israel. That being said, it is all about making art, delivering the songs, entertaining and being entertained by the crowd. For the time you are on stage you will be making your art, not delving into the minds and ideologies of your crowd. Art must transcend the mundane, and take us to those bright and shadowy corners of our psyche, where the juices of love and creativity abound. I am looking forward to your appearance at Barby in Tel Aviv, it is a great venue, you are close to the crowd and the energy is delicious. Art for art’s sake.

    • Jack

      You won’t see the millions of refugees, who have been denied their internationally recognised right of return by Israel, at the concert. You won’t see the 1.7 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza, blockaded at all times and bombed more than occasionally, at the concert either. Any Palestinians in the West Bank who are lucky enough to have a permit allowing them passage to their home city, Jerusalem, might be able to go to the concert, though if they are arbitrarily held up at a checkpoint for hours, or arrested with no charge under the ‘administrative detention’ laws, they might miss the concert also.

      Why not use art to help humanity, rather than to prop up an anti-human system?

      • Ben

        “internationally recognized right of return”

        Wrong. 194 is non-binding AND was rejected by the Arab states. 242 is binding, but it only calls for a “just settlement of the refugee question”. Nowhere does it say that all 6 million Palestinians should be admitted into Israel’s borders.

        “You won’t see the 1.7 million Palestinians trapped in Gaza, blockaded at
        all times and bombed more than occasionally, at the concert either.”

        First of all, Gaza is not part of Israel. Second, the blockade is legal, and upheld on the other side by Egypt.

        “Any Palestinians in the West Bank who are lucky enough to have a permit
        allowing them passage to their home city, Jerusalem, might be able to go
        to the concert, though if they are arbitrarily held up at a checkpoint
        for hours, or arrested with no charge under the ‘administrative
        detention’ laws, they might miss the concert also.”

        WB is not part of Israel either. It’s under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority. If you want to criticize the expansionist policies of the Israeli government in the territories, that’s one thing. However, the wall and checkpoints were established in response to wave after wave of suicide bombers. In other words, these policies you are calling “anti-human” actually saved thousands of lives.

  • Tali Shapiro

    Amanda, you asked for articles and books, I hope you’re actually listening. Here’s a good place to start I’d love to see a blog post of yours reviewing this film.

    • ellen

      Yes, this “discussion” got dropped like a hot potato. I hate the hypocrisy.

  • jezzamy

    Amanda I’m pleased you have decided to visit Israel and to play shows there. Many bands have visited in recent years despite the abuse and lies hurled at them by political fanatics. The so called BDS movement has a sinister agenda not clearly recognised unless one explores what they really stand for. One of their main objectives is to apply the ‘right of return’ to generations of Palestinians into what is now Israel, thus in affect ending the Jewish majority in the country. In a nut-shell the destruction of the only Jewish home in the world.
    Enjoy your visit and let music rise above politics and it’s dirty tricks as it always should.

  • jezzamy

    The ‘logic’ of BDS supporters: Collective punishment of Palestinians – No Way.
    Collective punishment of Israeli’s – Hell Yeah.

    • Jack

      You must be mistaken, BDS is an explicitly nonviolent movement and has never engaged in house demolitions, carpet bombing of cities, chemical weapons attacks on civilians, terrorising populations with night raids and arbitrary arrests, or the killing of protesters. That’s the explicitly violent IDF organisation.

      • jezzamy

        I wasn’t referring to violence per se (and no chemical weapons have ever been used to kill Palestinian civilians so you can drop that lie, and no carpet bombing either) just collective punishment which in the case of the BDS is cultural, academic and economic toward the Israeli population. Also you might like to know one of the founding leaders of the BDS bowel movement Omar Barghouti has taken doctoral courses at Tel Aviv University, how’s that for hypocrisy!

        • Jack

          In that case I don’t think the two ‘collective punishments’ are comparable – the amount of cultural and economic punishment leveled at the Palestinians by the IDF (preventing performers and cultural groups from entering the West Bank, or shutting down a children’s theatre festival in East Jerusalem ), along with the brutal blockade whereby Israel calculates how many calories to allow in to Gaza so mass starvation is avoided, but the population is kept manourished – this type of collective punishment gets less attention than the more obvious bombings of civilian areas and demolition of houses. Can you imagine the response if the Palestinians were somehow allowed to decide how much the Israelis should be permitted to eat?

          And white phosphorous is a chemical, and was used on civilians in Gaza. The Dahiya district of southern Beirut was flattened by the IDF in 2006, so as to induce suffering in the civilian population, with the same technique repeated in Gaza ’09.

          I see no hypocrisy from the prisoner who chooses to eat the prison food, while asking others (who have the choice) to stop doing business with those who have unjustly imprisoned him.

  • lentower

    For those who don’t know:

    “BDS” expands to “Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions”

    The Wikipedia article has it’s pro’s and con’s in describing it. Too often biased, too often poorly written, much too long for an encylopedia article, but if lists points on both sides.,_Divestment_and_Sanctions

  • Ben

    And naturally, any and all pro-Israel comments are instantly down-voted, despite there being very little in the way of reason and logic used by the other side.

  • Nicole

    Hi Amanda! This is Nicole, Shawn Setaro’s partner. Thank you for inviting discussion on BDS. the cultural boycott in particular, and your decision to play in Tel Aviv.

    I ask you to please cancel your public concert in Tel Aviv.

    There are a lot of comments on this blog and I haven’t read nearly all of them, so I apologize if I repeat points that have been made a million times already. It seems like other people have well covered the role of visiting artists in government propaganda and some basic information about the horror of military occupation, and I really, really hope you will click the links people have provided and read/watch what’s there.

    There are points where we all are forced to take a side, and often none of the options are perfect and all have serious negatives. In the 1980s there was a controversial cultural boycott of South Africa. Many US musicians supported the boycott, many others broke it for whatever reasons–money, publicity, feeling that their white fans in that part of the world shouldn’t be penalized for their government’s action, wanting to see the country, whatever. I don’t think Freddie Mercury wanted to support apartheid when he and Queen decided to flout the boycott and play Sun City, but actions have consequences, and those consequences aren’t completely tied to intent. Whatever their intentions, Queen in effect supported apartheid by playing and gave those struggling for liberation a demoralizing smack in the face. Conversely, the regime was eventually toppled by the brave, hard, sometimes deadly work of black South African organizers and their allies, crucially including an international movement for boycott, divestment and sanctions. Things didn’t get better because that’s just the way of the world, or white South African racists were educated and realized the error of their ways, change was FORCED by pressure on a number of fronts.

    I was a kid at the time and only vaguely aware of the injustices perpetrated in South Africa, though I was horrified by the little I knew. But, if I’d been in a position to take an informed stand, I know which side of history I’d want to be on.

    The apartheid in Israel/Palestine is not The Same as it was in South Africa, there are so many differences and it does no one any analytic good to obfuscate them. However, there are also a lot of similarities, a fact acknowledged by a lot of people I’d hope we all agree are worth listening to carefully on this subject, including Nelson Mandela and Desmond Tutu. Here is a video Desmond Tutu made in support of the current BDS campaign, a greeting to participants in the 2012 national BDS conference at U of Penn:

    When you were talking with Shawn about the boycott, we sent you a book by Ali Abunimah of the indispensable news site Electronic Intifada ( and a copy of one of my favorite documentaries, Slingshot Hip Hop ( I especially urge you to watch the latter if you haven’t yet. It shows the blossoming hip hop scenes and community in occupied Palestine, as well as the harsh struggles of these young artists just to be able to have shows at all and build community, because of the military occupation and racist policies. Relatedly, I genuinely don’t understand how you could play a show in Tel Aviv in good conscience once you know, for example, that many Palestinians will be physically prohibited from attending that very same show, should they wish to come as well. I’m sure you have many wonderful Israeli fans (I even know some of them!), but it is much, much, infinitely more important to me to support Palestinians in their struggle for liberation, including making, distributing, and building community around music and other art than it is for your Israeli fans to get to see you play live in Tel Aviv at a public concert this year.

    The boycott is not just a symbolic gesture that is meant to signify disapproval of the occupation, as some commenters here seem to think. I believe that as artists, we actually have a social responsibility. I know you’re a Brecht fan, so I’m guessing this concept may resonate with you. We have a responsibility regarding not only the form and content of our work, but how we choose to share and distribute it. It is impossible to “leave politics out of it” under military occupation. As the great historian Howard Zinn titles his memoir, “you can’t stay neutral on a moving train.” I just finished my first film (thank you, again, for tweeting about my kickstarter campaign and your words of encouragement at your NYC show last fall when my pledges were coming in more slowly than I’d hoped and I couldn’t sleep for fear I wouldn’t make my goal and wouldn’t be able to make the film at all) I’m about to start submitting my film to festivals, but I’ll be skipping Israeli festivals and will decline any invitations to screen that would violate the boycott. It’s literally about the least I can do. I hope you will join me.

    • Jack

      Well said, Nicole.

      • Nicole

        Why thank you!

        • Tali Shapiro

          Nicole you’re an example!

          • Becca

            Amanda Palmer doesn’t really care about any of these issues. If it will make her popular in the media then it doesn’t matter how outrageous… She doesn’t care. Period.

          • Félix Marqués

            Sure, darling. *pat* *pat*

          • x

            Amanda is very insecure, and needs a lot of attention and approval. She will change her behavior if enough people are leaving her Twitter feed and absconding from her shows

            (like when she decided to start paying her back-up musicians after that outcry).

            I agree that the politics don’t matter, but what people think does. So please keep registering your outrage:

            An artist who so consciously embraces lefty politics looks like a poseur when she performs in a country that’s been boycotted by so many other conscious objectors.

          • Peter Cohen

            I think you guys might want to be a little more respectful of Amanda and not make assumptions about her psychology. Leave the character assassination to the Hasbara folks!

    • Rune Lombardo

      I wanted to comment too – but i see that Nicole and others have already unfolded the facts so beautifully. All I can do is emphasize the truth of her words: Please change your mind on playing Tel Aviv. It’s not about rejecting ordinary people, it’s about supporting justice, and refusing to normalize the daily, structural violence and oppression of millions of Palestinians. Apartheid shouldn’t be normalized. Please reconsider this concert!

    • Pats Kokomo

      Well said. Will you listen Amanda?

  • Ric Cooper

    Amanda, I hope you & Neil have a wonderful time in Israel – I’m sure you will. You’ll make up your own mind about the political situation. All I would ask is that you give some thought to where, and by what means, dissent is either empowered or suppressed.

  • Tali Shapiro
  • Lara Silbert

    Neither side is blameless in this conflict, but it will be solved by communication and building understanding and tolerance, not dehumanization and demonization of one side.

    Amanda, go watch what Norman Finkelstein has to say about the boycott movement being a hate cult. You don’t want to support a movement like that.

    • Nicole

      I don’t see how it’s building communication or understanding to call me and other BDS-ers a “hate cult”. Movements for justice are almost always controversial in the beginning, and I’ve heard basically the same rather slanderous things being said about BDS now said about countless justice movements in the past. I’m not seeing hate in the pro-BDS comments here, I’m seeing love and solidarity and passion. Maybe some anger, but hate? Amanda asked in her original post that we please treat each other kindly and respectfully in the comments, and I’m not sure dismissing a huge portion of the people here as a “hate cult” really meets that criteria.

      • Lara Silbert

        Finkelstein called it a hypocritical, dishonest cult. There’s a video in which he discusses why he feels that way, I’d recommend checking it out.

        There is a tendency for BDS to attract a certain crowd of bigots who are using the Palestinians for their own agenda. Fortunately, I’m not seeing that on this page – I’ve encountered it a lot on other pages, but credit where credit’s due, and I know that there’s reasonable people in the movement as well. (Although I must say, I’m not impressed with that “Shoot the Jew” nonsense in South Africa.)

        But as I said, I firmly believe that BDS just makes the situation worse, demonizes Israeli mistakes and looks the other way at Palestinian mistakes. There’s no way that demonization over communication can help in any way, and that’s why I feel that supporting organizations like Combatants for Peace, Seeds for Peace, Checkpoint Watch, and trying to get more and more Palestinians and Israelis to understand each other is the key to resolving this conflict.

        As far as I’m concerned, this is a battle of extremists vs extremists which ruin everything for normal decent people on both sides who are ready to live in peace, and BDS just adds fuel to that fire.

        • Julie Humphress

          Norman Finkelstein agrees with boycott, divestment, and sanctions as a tactic. His issue seems to be the movement doesn’t take a stance on a one or two-state solution. It’s true, supporters of the BDS movement consists of many people with different ideas about how things will look once Palestians have the same rights as Israelis. He calls the BDS movement a “cult” because Finkelstein supports a two-state solution and believes that is the only solution the broader public is able to grasp. He thinks focusing on Palestian rights and claiming to be agnostic on a one or two-state solution is hypocritical since many involved in the movement openly support a single state.

          Cultist? Extremist?…I keep coming back here because I care deeply about this issue and I’m an Amanda Palmer fan. Anyway, Ali Abunimah responds to Finkelstein’s allegations without the name-calling…

  • Imen Hab

    Dear Amanda, you quoted “Breaking the Silence”. It show that you are informed of all the violations of dignity, of the daily humiliations, of the apartheid, of the war crimes who happened every day in occupied palestine. Dear Amanda, I hope you will read me, and I ask you to not play for this apartheid regime. Because even it’s not your goal, your gig in Israël will have for consequence to whitewash apartheid. I’m sure you don’t want that situation. Israël apartheid regime recognize use artists like you to say: “You see, everything is ok here”. Please don’t normalize this Amanda, and take the right decision to stand with human right and justice for all. Again, please Amanda, don’t refuse the Palestinian oppressed people who ask artists to not perform in apartheid Israël. This is a call from 171 palestinian civil society organisations, you can read it here:

  • Erez

    Say what you will about the BDS, they are very dedicated to the campaign, commenting and replying to every post.
    Even as a leftist it’s hard for me to get along with a somewhat zealous, simplifying and to my opinion a morally condescending movement. It is fine to call for a boycott of Israel (although i am personally against it) and equally ok for people to reach other conclusions and still be effectively promoting peace.

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda,
    I know you can’t resist a good comic book, so here’s today’s resource

  • Lara Silbert

    Amanda, this excerpt of an open letter to Roger Waters by two Israeli concert promoters, published on Ynet yesterday, might be of interest to you. I think it sums up the case for performing in Israel quite well.

    “During his visit to Jerusalem about a year ago, British novelist Ian McEwan said: “If you didn’t go to countries whose foreign policy or domestic policy is screwed up, you’d never get out of bed… No, let us come and engage, keep talking. The worst thing that is going to happen is when everyone stops talking.”

    Coming to Israel with your show is not a political decision, or a question of conscience. The goal is to establish a relationship with your fans, inspire them, make them happy. We urge you and your peers not to bury your heads in the sand and come to Israel to create dialogue among music lovers wherever they may be.

    You should understand that this region can be a better place only if you encourage the many good people from both sides of the fence who believe the region’s nations can live side by side in peace and are working towards this goal.”

    • Jack

      As mentioned, every argument you (and Shuki Weiss) are giving regarding how Israel is being ‘singled out’ or that music should be independent of politics was given by those defending apartheid South Africa against the boycott, and they got louder even as South Africa became more isolated. The full (rather hostile) interview of Roger Waters is here in English, if anyone wants to read –

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good day Amanda. I gave you some historical resources, a bit more on BDS from Palestinian artists’ perspective, resources on the reality of Palestinian children in Israel’s prisons. Here’s a short example of the everyday abuse of Israel’s checkpoints:

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda, here’s today’s resource about the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza strip. It’s called “Slow Death”

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda, here’s this morning’s resource on Israel’s systematic use of torture

  • דָּן וֵג

    Hey Amanda.

    please, cancel your show in apartheid Israel.

    a friend of mine who came to your coceret in Amsterdam few monthes ago posted on facebook a letter they wrote to you saying that boycotting Israel will hurt queer people who don’t have the money to come to your concert abroad the most, and that coming to Israel is important for developing calture etc.

    this was my comment:

    “Dearest Nir. As someone who has the financial means to travel to an Amanda Palmer’s concert abroad, and has even done so not too long ago, it is disturbing that you find it appropriate to speak for those who do not have the means to do so. As a queer, vegan, leftist activist, and as your friend, and as someone who has never been able to afford to travel abroad, and who is unable to find a job because I’m a mentally ill, Mizrahi queer, and as someone who comes from a disadvantaged socio-economic background, and who struggles to survive, I feel a need to tell you – following this status – something about class struggle.
    First of all, a large number of the group you are speaking for, queers who have no money to travel overseas to attend a concert, are those who will least be able to enjoy Amanda performing in Israel. As a queer without the means to travel abroad, the 150 NIS cost of the show is more prohibitive to me than it is for people who can afford to travel abroad. And as someone who does not live in Tel Aviv, the city that is managed for the rich only, like most queer folk whose financial situation doesn’t permit them to travel to concerts abroad, getting back and forth to the concert in Tel Aviv means adding significantly to the cost of the show, making attending it even less relevant for me.
    In addition, as a Jewish activist who wants to show solidarity with Palestinians, I don’t think the struggle against Zionist occupation and oppression should be comfortable for me. The whole idea of BDS is to make the occupation uncomfortable for the occupiers, and as someone who is part of the occupying nation, as you are, and who enjoys myriad privileges as a result (economic privileges as well as others, such as freedom of movement much greater than that of Palestinians, the kind that actually makes it possible for you to go to a concert that would be just a distant dream for Palestinians living under military rule) I am glad to forego my privilege of going to the show, certainly when I consider that this stands in the face of this concession is oppression and military occupation that Palestinians must live with every day.
    To try and present this situation as one of parity (so there’s an occupation, but we’ll miss a concert! And we won’t have a developed cultural life! Oh no!) is complete blindness to one’s privileges, and is a violent and oppressive act. If it is so important to you to ensure cultural richness in Israel, as I understand from your comments, I would be glad if you would invest your efforts in the struggle against the closing of Palestinian theaters by the occupation forces, and against the many challenges that the occupation presents for Palestinians trying to cultivate a cultural world for themselves. It would be great, as a first step towards being an ally, rather than thinking only of your own comforts.

    Dan Veg Petach Tikva,
    Occupied Palestine”

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda. We talked about the systematic torture of Palestinians in Israel’s custody, now let’s talk about the custody itself, and what that does to a people who sealed fait is to spend their time in it. Here’s today’s resource

  • Y Luft

    The way I see it, the cultural boycott on Israel achieve only one thing: It supports those in Israel that say that “the whole world is against Israel for they anti-Semitic, and we have no one to trust but ourselves.” And thus they justify the occupation. You talk about community and bringing people together, but boycotts are about bringing people apart. If you wish to make a change, find a way to bring people, Palestinians and Israelis, together.

    • Jack

      Bringing people together is a noble cause, and the only way we can do that in this situation is to end the occupation, and give all Palestinians their human rights. There’s no shortcut to that, and to try to have an event in Tel Aviv, where a small amount of (systematically discriminated against) Palestinians will be able to attend, and then call that ‘bringing people together’, or the ‘power of music over politics’, or whatever – this is called normalisation. It treats an abhorrent status quo as an inevitable reality to work within, and it doesn’t challenge the most clear injustices, like the occupation. BDS is asking for what you are asking for – bringing people together as equals, and achieving peace through justice. It encompasses Palestinians (as the wronged party in this situation, they should take the lead on their own liberation), but also asks Israelis and other internationals to play their part and show solidarity. A large proportion of those posting in favour of boycott on this page are Israelis.

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good noon Amanda, we’ve talked about Israel’s direct human rights violations, such as systematic imprisonment and torture, now let’s talk a bit about economy and how that’s used to basically entrap Palestinians in a reality where their lives are in servitude of the money-making war machine.

    Specifically this quote is relevant to you:

    “Despite having a population smaller than New York City, Israel has emerged in the last few years as one of the world’s largest exporters of weapons. In June defense analysts at Jane’s put Israel in sixth place, ahead of China and Italy, both major weapons producers. Surveys that include Israel’s growing covert trade put it even higher—in fourth place, ahead of Britain and Germany, and beaten only by the United States, Russia and France. The extent of Israel’s success in this market can be gauged by a simple mathematical calculation. With record sales last year of $7 billion, Israel earned nearly $1,000 per capita from the arms trade—up to 10 times the per capita income the United States derives from its weapons industry… Israel’s arms industry was reinvented as a major player in the Israeli economy, now accounting for a fifth of all exports… Israel has rapidly come to rely on the continuing captivity of Palestinians in what are effectively the world’s largest open-air prisons. The reason is that there are massive profits to be made from testing Israeli military innovations on the more than four million Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.”

    So I can’t tell you exactly what percentage of the money you get for your show is made on Palestinian blood, but as you can see, it’s not really escapable. That’s why we’re asking you to avoid it altogether.

  • Tom Pessah

    hi Amanda

    I’m a Jewish Israeli student and I also wanted to ask
    you to cancel your concert. People are really really suffering, on both
    sides but especially on the Palestinian one. Two recent examples are a
    man from Gaza, Wael Abu Sada, who just died from a heart disease after
    he was repeatedly prevented from traveling out of there
    and my friend Shahd Abusalama who may be prevented from studying in the
    graduate program she was accepted to due to the same restrictions. She
    writes about that here
    I’m sure others have linked to many more examples.

    I know you
    are not like Madonna, and you would be unlikely to think that playing
    your music here will solve the middle east conflict. Your performances
    are full of humor and self-irony. So please, please use this opportunity
    to make people aware of this suffering. Cancellations make headlines in
    Israel and spark conversations about what everyone is trying to ignore.
    Please don’t be part of the machine that erases the occupation. You can
    choose to make a difference. Please think of these real people and how
    you can make a difference in their lives, as well as giving hope to
    Israelis like me who also oppose this injustice.

  • Tom Pessah

    hi Amanda

    I’m a Jewish Israeli student and I also wanted to ask
    you to cancel your concert. People are really really suffering, on both
    sides but especially on the Palestinian one. Two recent examples are a
    man from Gaza, Wael Abu Sada, who just died from a heart disease after
    he was repeatedly prevented from traveling out of there
    and my friend Shahd Abusalama who may be prevented from studying in the
    graduate program she was accepted to due to the same restrictions. She
    writes about that here
    I’m sure others have linked to many more examples.

    I know you
    are not like Madonna, and you would be unlikely to think that playing
    your music here will solve the middle east conflict. Your performances
    are full of humor and self-irony. So please, please use this opportunity
    to make people aware of this suffering. Cancellations make headlines in
    Israel and spark conversations about what everyone is trying to ignore.
    Please don’t be part of the machine that erases the occupation. You can
    choose to make a difference. Please think of these real people and how
    you can make a difference in their lives, as well as giving hope to
    Israelis like me who also oppose this injustice.

  • Ofer Neiman

    Dear Amanda Palmer, I am an Israeli citizen. I think you should NOT play here. If you do, you will provide the privileged with entertainment, while millions (of Palestinians) are not even allowed to come to Tel Aviv, even though they live under Israel’s occupation.

    Heeding the boycott call by the oppressed, as represented by Palestinian civil society NGOs, is the way to go.


  • Tom Steiger

    I am a male, American WASP and an avid fan of Amanda Palmer. I thought I’d get that out of the way up front since judging from a lot of the questions and comments here this is one of those discussions where your bona fides are just as important as your comments.

    For me the most useful part of this discussion has been the analogy to apartheid South Africa. If you are a casual consumer of mainstream American media and don’t dig into the issue then the impression that you absorb is that the Israelis are “Us” and the Palestinians are “Them.” The apartheid analogy smashes that perception and refocuses the issue very rapidly and effectively, so thanks for that.

    Consider what was effective in ending apartheid – apart from the heroic efforts of the activists in the oppressed community, obviously – was it the cultural boycott or the drive for divestment and the economic and political pressure? Now, due to the special place that Israel holds in American politics (rightly or wrongly – that’s a whole different discussion) there is no hope of significant economic or political pressure in this case and so the only tool left is the cultural boycott. Unfortunately, the fact that you only have one tool doesn’t mean that tool is appropriate or effective. Apartheid didn’t fall because Botha was distraught over not being able to attend a Stevie Van Zandt concert.

    The effect of a performer honoring the boycott or not is directly proportional to the stature/popularity of that performer, and Amanda Palmer ain’t exactly Lady Gaga, if you know what I mean. Don’t get me wrong: I loves me some AFP. But when I tell people I am flying across a continent to see Amanda Palmer the almost universal response I get is, “Who?” A lot of the rhetoric in these threads seems to imply that the entire outcome of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict hinges on whether Amanda Palmer plays a single show to a few hundred people at a dive bar in Tel Aviv. It just ain’t so.

    I think this discussion is very valuable on the whole, I’m just calling for a little perspective.

    For what it’s worth, if it were up to me I think I would probably cancel the show. A big part of the problem for the Palestinians is that they are sequestered away and struggling to be heard, and to ignore their call for a boycott seems a bit like kicking someone when they’re down. But having said that, in the grand scheme of things I don’t think the decision – either way – is terribly momentous.

    • glenda

      During Apartheid, it took the actions of many, many usually-anonymous people to topple the Apartheid regime, from the individual Americans who refused to drink Coke (the company then disinvested in the country) to the black schoolchildren who walked out of their classrooms in protest of their substandard education (the government responded with bullets, and was met with global condemnation). It’s not that Amanda Palmer herself would change the situation, but that Amanda Palmer plus Jello Biafra plus Brian Eno plus Elvis Costello plus all of the Americans who refuse to travel there plus the American Jews who refuse to give money to AIPAC plus so many other people WILL effect Israeli policy.

      Besides that, I don’t think you can ever know what kind of effect your action – which may seem small to you – has as it reverberates through space and time. The effect of the small wing of a single butterfly may be astonishing. You just don’t know. I think it’s irresponsible to live as if that’s not true.

  • Grace

    I know nothing about Israel/Palestine, but I’ve also come up against the total overwhelmingness of living vs. posting. It’s the opposite problem, though: you said “constipated,” but I feel that all this flash-acknowledgement, exposure to thousands, bite sized, facadical, already-chewed information we get online just gives us all cultural dysentery. (Reading a novel vs. reading a billion twitter updates? Same amount of reading, totally different experiences.)
    Like you, I love being myself loudly and sharing it with everyone who has eyes or ears or both. It’s exhausting. The very literal audience has blurred together with the concept of the audience in your head – which creates this very strange edit-and-create-simultaneously situation, which is not only impossible, but totally insane. Constipated for you. The opposite for the audience.
    It’s weird.
    It’s proooobably not evil.
    But in any event – I suggest trying to go for one day (just one) without telling anyone all the amazing things you’ve done. I trust your enthusiasm and passion, your wit and humor, your kindness and empathy without even reading about it. I don’t have to read it to know that it happens. You’re safe. You can go dark. Take the pressure off. Just one day.

    Just an idea. See what it does?
    (Maybe a personal Hunter Thompson is a better idea.)
    Love and be loved.


  • Grace

    A follow-up…
    How do you deal with 230plus comments? I just tried reading them and they all made me so sad. How do you give yourself so much without getting sad?

  • Gaia

    Hello Amanda, thanks for your insightful replies to me on Twitter, I see that you have plenty of time to answer and endorse Twits from those who call to boycott Israel, and those who defend it.

    This is what I call a balanced person that claims to be a defender of human rights.

    So you took so long time to decide whether or not to come and visit us….

    what made you decide to finally accept the challenge and visit Israel?

    Will you tour with Breaking the Silence? You should also take time to tour around Sderot and visit some of the shelters people had to build to protect theirselves against Hamas
    missiles, which are still falling, but you, probably, didn’t know much about it, am I wrong?

    Hope you have a wonderful time meeting people from both sides,good luck with the Concert, and again, thanks for not ignoring me on Twitter.


  • Tali Shapiro

    Good noon Amanda. Heard you’re ill, so hope you feel better soon. I know all these resources are a bitter pill to swallow, so here’s one about love under apartheid

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda. A strange local tradition has emerged in the past decade in the occupied West Bank. Every Friday Palestinians gather to protest the apartheid wall. Bil’in is just one of these villages. unfortunately there’s only this version in French online. But you can get an English translation version on at

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good day Amanda. Today’s resource is about Palestinian women prisoners in Israel’s prisons

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good noon Amanda. We talked a lot about the current situation for Palestinians under Israel’s military rule, last week. So here’s a bit of a history lesson to the area

    Al Nakba (Part I)
    Al Nakba (Part II)

  • Peter Cohen

    Hi Amanda. I admire you and hope you have reconsidered your decision to break the global boycott against the Occupation of Palestine. As a college student, I worked for the boycott against Apartheid in the 80s and musicians played a critical role in spreading awareness and moving it from a fringe issue to an unstoppable victory. Please be on the right side of hostory on this one!

  • Shaul Hanuka

    Performing in Tel Aviv is endorsing 46 years of occupation and 65 years of appertained.

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good afternoon Amanda. Today’s resources are about Israel’s school education and basically about how you get a whole population to act brutally against another population:

    A video:
    The latest in Israeli curriculum change:

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda. I see you’re being approached by the so-called “Creative Community for Peace”, so today’s resources are directly relevant to them and who they are, and will give you an idea of how millionaires of the music industry have taken a political stance in opposition to human rights. Which is just one more reason why people who are trying to revolutionise the industry need to take firm stances for human rights.

    On “Creative Community for Peace”:

    On Israeli musical event producers (note that the Barby Club, where you’ll be performing, works with Shuki Weiss, mentioned in the article):

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda. We’ve discussed Israel’s imprisonment, mistreatment and torture and it was kind of depressing and leaves one saying “but what can I do?!” So here’s the latest action taken by over 120 cultural workers on the matter
    We can all do SOMETHING.

  • Raymond Deane

    I’ve already commented to express my support for BDS and to implore you to cancel your Israel visit out of respect for the Palestinian boycott call which, remember, isn’t for all eternity but “until Israel complies with international law and international humanitarian law”. What I’m missing here is some comeback from you yourself – you have asked for dialogue on this page, but you are not contributing to it. Please let us know your response to the rational arguments that have been respectfully posted here!

    • rebecca

      Agreed, rather disingeniuous to ask for feedback and then not respond.

  • Madleen fararja

    U now I am tired from u people u think u know everything about my homeland Palestine but u simply don’t u just heard the story from one side and then u decided who u should stand with but from now on we are Palestinians sick from all of u we will get our freedom with our hands by help of God and real humans who knows the real truth so daemon u do what ever u want care not but we will regret

  • Claudia

    I challenge you to visit Gaza or the refugee towns and camps in the West
    Bank before you go play in Israel. Talk to the people there about what
    their lives are like, see how the indigenous of the land have been
    forced to live, and then decide for yourself.

  • Phil Butland

    Hola comrade Amanda

    I am a long-standing fan, both of your music, and of your willingness to take a stand on issues that are important to you. Like you, I am also a fan of human rights. Unfortunately, the Israeli government is not. The West Bank is effectively ruled by the Israeli military, and Palestinians in “real” Israel are treated as second-class citizens, with laws limiting everything from who they are allowed to marry to where they can buy property (for those few Palestinians who are rich enough to do so).

    For this reason, all major groups in Palestinian civil society have called for a cultural boycott of Israel. The principle is similar to the sports boycott of Apartheid South Africa – find an area with which a country is trying to normalize itself with the outside world, and break the normalization. The cultural boycott is supported by veteran anti-apartheid activists like Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

    I find it strange that some comments on this site are complaining about people discussing politics – you are nothing if not a highly political artist. It is for this reason that the Israeli government will gleefully use you in its propaganda. Even if you talk to Breaking the Silence, even if you go to the
    West Bank, you will be used as an example in encouraging other artists to scab and break the boycott.

    The boycott of South Africa was successful because of the depth of international support. Even people who didn’t agree with the tactic appreciated the will of South African society and didn’t play
    there, didn’t buy South African products.

    Please go to Israel and the West Bank and Gaza to find out for yourself. Please talk to Breaking the Silence. But please don’t break the boycott by playing apartheid Israel. Come on Amanda, don’t be a scab.

    Phil, Berlin

  • Aliyah Rehman

    Hi Amanda, this Aliyah. I ask you to please consider you decision to play in apartheid Israel. Whilst Israel may be a great place perform in, the truth about Israel cannot remain hidden. The state of Israel has continiously broken international law. Israel has broken 65 UN resolutions. Israel’s occupation of Gaza & the West Bank are illegal under international law. Israel’s construction of the wall (also known as the seperation barrier) is also illegal. Israel also illegally demolishes Palestinians homes and builds jewish settlements upon these. These settlements are illegal. In operation cast lead in 2008, Israel used the chemical weapon white phosphorus, killing over 1000 civilians in Gaza. I wrote an article recently about women who have had to give birth at checkpoints as Israeli soliders refused to let these women pass. Some of these women died, some of the babies died, whilst all were traumatised by the experience ( By joining the BDS movement we can put pressure on the Israeli government to stop it’s illegal activities, to stop harming innocent civilians and to stop it’s illegal occupation. As an artist it is your moral duty. Join the others who support BDS such as Roger Waters and Alice Walker…

  • ASMC

    If Monica is going to be Amanda’s Hunter S. can I be Monica’s Hunter S.? Yo, Monica, let our forces combine!!!! :-D

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good noon Amanda. Tonight, Israel’s army has demolished the makeshift structures and tents of the survivor’s of the demolition of the village of Khirbat Makhoul for the third time

    This is just one example of Israel’s ongoing project of ethnic cleansing. You may know this map of progression of Israel’s territorial control

    The historic information leads us to contemporary resources, for example this Human Rights Watch report, outlining the grave violations of human rights by way of house demolitions of the indigenous Palestinian population

    And just so we’re all clear on the unfathomable tragedy of a home destroyed:

    • Gaia

      How pathetic your attempt to brainwash Amanda!

      You write lies and distort the truth.

      First map?

      Is a lie. The WHOLE area was called “Palestine”

      Third map?

      Is a lie too. During that time period, no one was calling for a
      Palestinian Arab state in the territories occupied by Jordan and Egypt –
      least of all, Jordan and Egypt, but Palestinian Arab leaders didn’t
      demand one either.

      Please Amanda read this:

      Israel gave up control of the Sinai, Gaza, Southern Lebanon and much of the West Bank over the years for peace. Palestinians and leftists are chanting in chorus for the destruction of the State of Israel.

      Keep dreaming you guys, we are not moving anywhere. Yeah, search for more propaganda, I could also post pictures and videos showing dismembered corpses after Palestinian TERRORISTS blowed up in coffee shops and buses killing civilians.

      But Amanda, I will spare that for you.

      • Gaia

        The real map:

  • becca

    More important issues exist in the world than twerking by Miley Cyrus. Please address these issues that you originally raised.

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda, I heard you’re a Sinead O’Connor fan, so today’s resource is a hint of what Sinead might have told you, had you asked her advice on the matter of a performance in Israel

  • Gaia

    Amanda, people supporting the Israeli boycott in Israel are wolves in sheep clothing.

    See this:

  • Bonny Lee

    Hi, a fan (who happens to be an Israeli-American Jewish woman) adding my voice: Please honor the international boycott, divestment, sanctions movement and cancel your concert in Apartheid Israel. Would you have played Sun City? Please read Bishop Tutu, President Carter, Nelson Mandela, Alice Walker: Israeli occupation and apartheid called “worse than South Africa’s” by people who experienced it. Please educate yourself. You will be shocked by what you learn. Read Israel’s own daily paper, Ha’aretz, go the U.S. Campaign to end the Israeli Occupation ( or Jewish Voice for Peace…”Israel/Palestine 101″ is a balance and quick animated introduction to the issues surrounding this tragic human rights situation ( …educate yourself, make your own decision, but please don’t believe propaganda or fear doing the right thing.

  • Gaia

    Tali Shapiro is spamming your blog with ANTI-Israel propaganda and lies.

    • lentower

      and an occasional teaspoon of truth.

      wish Tali had the spine to once a week do a comment post here

      full of ANTI-Palestinian propaganda and lies.

      • Gaia

        I debunked each one of her lies.
        Now, will you read or plainly ignore them?

        • lentower

          1) Amanda tweeted a few days ago,
          that she is still reading the comments on this blog.
          (Rare, she has noted several times over the years,
          that she reads the comments once,
          and seldom come back to an old blog’s comments
          after she has posted the next blog.
          (Which indicates she is seriously reading this feedback.))

          2) Amanda seldom comments in the
          comment section of her blog.

          3) My guess is she’ll do her next blog on this Israel trip
          after she gets back from Israel.
          A small chance she might do one before (Her public
          performance schedule is light until after the Israel trip,
          but that doesn’t mean her schedule isn’t full.)

  • Tali Shapiro

    Good morning Amanda, last week we discussed the Palestinian popular resistance, a bit, and focused on the village of Bil’in and their weekly demonstrations. This week, the resources will introduce you to the story of Nabi Saleh and their weekly demonstrations.



  • ZazaFL

    Hi Amanda,
    I wish you would engage with people on this issue – you opened up the conversation but that’s it. If you don’t see how important this actually is, then I don’t know what to say to you. You asked me to email you about this, I did that – spent ages to get it right, to try to convey how essential it is that people of conscience don’t tread on the call for solidarity of the oppressed Palestinian people. You didn’t reply, why is that?

    • lentower

      part of my comment

      1) Amanda tweeted a few days ago,
      that she is still reading the comments on this blog.
      (Rare, she has noted several times over the years,
      that she reads the comments once,
      and seldom come back to an old blog’s comments
      after she has posted the next blog.
      (Which indicates she is seriously reading this feedback.))

      2) Amanda seldom comments in the
      comment section of her blog.

      3) My guess is she’ll do her next blog on this Israel trip
      after she gets back from Israel.
      A small chance she might do one before (Her public
      performance schedule is light until after the Israel trip,
      but that doesn’t mean her schedule isn’t full.)

      4) Amanda asked above in the blog:

      “please be kind to each other.
      also, i’d love suggestions for good articles and/or a book or two to read while i’m preparing for this trip. (some people already posted some great suggestions on twitter, thank you.)”

    • lentower

      Her words above say she’s been aware of the boycott for a while,
      and concerned about it.

  • Nena

    Hey Amanda, I’m also startled that we hear nothing back from you….. You started this discussion on your blog for a reason, I’d assume? You stated that you know (?) about the boycott and that you’re planing to play a public gig in Israel anyway. Still, you initiated this discussion and asked for information and many people did take your request seriously.

    Everyone took their time and provided you with lots of info about the reasoning behind the call for boycott. They posted testimonies, articles, lectures, videos and statements by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UNHRC, Jewish Voice for Peace, etc. etc. about the inhumane situation Palestinians have to endure under Israeli occupation, about the racist appartheid policies inflicted on them. Policies the Israeli governement and military can proceed, while systematically breaking International law, with total impunity. Hence this so important grassroots movement, initiated by the palestinian civil society, asking you to not breach the picket line.

    So the information is out there and …. nothing. No statement from you, no questions, no critique… nothing. One would think that the subject does matter to you, or why else would you start all this in the first place?

    So I still hope that you’ll engage in this discussion, that you’ll take a stance.

    And I still hope that you won’t just ignore the realities until after your concert. As others already have suggested: Make a tour with Breaking the Silence, talk to Palestinians in occupied Hebron, and THEN decide if you still want to ignore the boycott and play your public gig. The other way around – as convenient as it may be – simply makes no sense. Or go on tour now on . It’s all out there.

  • Gaia

    All your pathetic efforts are meaningless.

    The boycott is promoted by a bunch of jobless haters that spend hours sitting and searching on HATEFUL places.

    Guess what, haters?

    “boycott campaigns that have zero effect on Israel’s economy”

    Now, eat that cookie.

  • Gaia

    Hello Amanda!

    I want to show you how the boycott campaign is rather blind than effective and is trying to hurt the job of Palestinians and Arabs working on Israeli places.

    Did you ever heard about boycotter’s efforts to boycott Sodastream?

    “SodaStream” Israeli Company with 900 Arab Employees:

  • Gaia

    “Why is there such a strong call to Boycott Israel by various college
    organizations and professors when the majority of countries around the
    world are committing verifiable atrocities that are all but ignored?”
    is Israel under the magnifying glass when it is one tiny state (the
    size of New Jersey) surrounded by 22 Muslim Middle East countries that
    commit endless crimes of murder and torture of their own women and
    children in the name of religion?”
    Most of you just want to do the right thing. The right thing requires thinking for yourself.
    It’s time to do your own digging.
    (Do not use Wikipedia. Their entries can be updated by just about anyone!)
    Here Is Israel!

    • lentower

      Wikipedia can be use with scepticism,

      which is part of thinking for yourself.

      As a place to learn the terms used in the subject area the article
      is about, which can help one find better sources via web and library searches.

      As a source of content elsewhere to have a look at.

      And often, for real balanced information about a subject.

      The fact that anyone can edit, has lead to both it’s quantity
      and growing quality.

      And can let’s all sides in an issue contribute to articles about it.

      I haven’t looked at any of Wikipedia’s articles on the Palestinian/Israel conflict,
      so have no idea if they have reached the balanced presentation that is a
      Wikipedia principle.

  • Nena

    Dear Amanda, I’m wondering if we’re going to hear any feedback from you? About a
    month ago you stated that you know (?) about the boycott and that you’re
    planning to play a public concert in Israel anyway.
    Nevertheless you did ask for information on the issue and initiated this discussion.

    Many people took your request seriously.

    Many people did take their time and provided you with info about the reasoning underlying the Palestinian call for boycott; with articles, testimonies and documentaries illustrating the racist apartheid policies inflicted on the Palestinians. Info that shows that the Isreali government and military are systematically breaking International law not only with total impunity but with the financial and diplomatic backing of our western governments, particularly the US.

    Hence this non-violent grassroots-movement asking people of conscience to stand in solidarity with the oppressed Palestinian people and to respect their call for boycott until Israel obeys to International law.

    So people did follow your invitation and argued for this important cause (and against it) and… nothing. No reply from you, no statement, no question, no critique. Nothing.
    I assume that the issue does matter to you… or why else would you’ve started all this in the first place?

    So I hope we’ll hear from you soon. That you’ll take a stance.

    And I do hope that you won’t just ignore the issue and postpone dealing with it until after your public concert. As others here have already suggested:
    Go to Israel, do your private kickstarter gig. Make a tour with Breaking the Silence in Hebron and talk to Palestinians. Go to the wall in the occupied Westbank. And THEN decide if you still consider breaching the picket line a good idea. The other way around – as convenient as it may be – simply makes no sense.

    Or go on tour now on

  • BRenner

    Israel needs people like Amanda. Its more important that she come because there is so much fear here. So much confusion about life, that a person who lives in a way that can teach at least one person something about love is more important than any one group thinking they are right or wrong. Amanda can help, thats why she should come, she can help by just being herself.

    • lentower

      As I said below, love is needed to resolve this 65+ year old conflict.
      And Amanda performing at a live venue is another way to
      get her style of acceptance and loving out there.

      • Guest


  • Peter Cohen


    I respect and admire you and I appreciatte that you gave serious thought on the impications of breaking the boycott. I’m also glad you discovered BTS and will be meeting with them.

    My own eyes were open to the truth of the brutal Occupation when I went to work in the West Bank a few years ago and I hope you will take the time to see the cruel and unacceptable reality you are supporting by breaking the global boycott. If you do, I’m pretty sure you will not do it again until Palestinians are free.


  • Peter Cohen

    For good information from credible people of conscience, I recommend the books of Gideon Levy, Ilan Pappe and Mico Peled – or you can watch their talks on YouTube.

  • Offer

    Only upon reading this I can start to see how much pressure is put upon artist coming to Israel..

    At any rate, it doesn’t take a genius to realize the reality here is not black and white (despite the way many here seem to see it..). Both Israel and the Palestinians do wrong things, I don’t think many would deny that.. how wrong and how many could be debated.. While I feel many (not all) of the “wrong” things Israel does are necessary in order to protect Israelis (protection which was proven time and again to be necessary unfortunately), and while I feel the wrong things Palestinians do seem to be overlooked in these comments (shooting rockets at civilians or murdering an entire family can never be excused), I feel the real question is what should be done next..

    Palestinians have already declined a few offers for becoming an independent country, even though I feel the basics of what will be in the end are agreed by most (two countries, based on 67 borders, Palestinian respects Israel’s right to exist and vice versa, Jerusalem is a problematic issue, but can be solved) and were offered.. I really hope the talks happening right now will yield better results, despite most people being pessimistic about them. If they don’t I’m not sure what will happen, I guess it depends on why the talks fail. If the Palestinians are offered more or less what they were offered before and don’t take it, I’m really not sure what they are hoping to get.. I assume Israel will offer everything it has again, since it did before, and due to American pressure..

    Well, anyway, regarding the subject at hand. If anyone thinks the government here cares if Amanda Palmer performs, they will be shocked to find out they don’t. If anyone here thinks that if the show gets cancelled dozens of fans will completely change their viewpoint of the conflict, I doubt it..
    Cancelling will disappoint fans, nothing more nothing less..

    Finally, I hope (and want to believe) you won’t restrict yourself to talking just to Breaking the Silence, like most here, they have an agenda.. and while they will show you true things, which are important to see, they won’t show you everything. No one organization will.. that’s why it’s important to get a few viewpoints while you are here.. talk to as many people as you can if you want to really form an educated opinion!

  • israeliskunk

    It’s nice for Amanda that she thinks she is beyond repute regarding the Israel boycott, but the problem for onlookers is that she raised the boycott and called for discussion around it then simply disappeared from the conversation. It seems hypocritical, at best.

    I suppose there will be a blog post talking about everything she “learned” in Israel for the “education” of everyone else, but frankly who cares? She’s hardly an expert on this topic, and not even a person who is particulairly insightful.

    Amanda, if you just want to make music, then do it; but don’t insult the intelligence of your audience by bringing up politics and then dropping the discussion because really *you just want to go to Israel like any other tourist* and have a look around at this “fascinating* country. Many tourists go to the West Bank; that’s hardly cause for self-congratulations.

    • Gaia

      LOL….sounds the failure of the trolls who were busy trying to bully Amanda for the last 2 month.

      Guess what buddy, you failed.

      She is here.

      • israeliskunk

        “troll”? I wrote from my heart. AFP’s response to this is surpremely disappointing. I’m not a bully. I wrote once before on this blog (you can check) and said Amanda should go to play music, if that’s what she wants. But she describes becoming “educated” and so forth, and it’s pathetic and sad and hypocritical since really she just wants to play music. All I want is to hear her play music too, but not all this other stuff.

        • Gaia

          Cry me river.
          Amanda is very VERY welcome to EXPRESS WHATEVER SHE WANTS TO SAY.
          You meanwhile, go on and ban freedom of speech as much as you want.
          You FAIL.

        • lentower

          You’re not a “bully”. Others in these comments have been excessive.

          She and Neil have spent much more than half their time in Israel & Pelistine so far, exploring both sides of the security fence. And much less than half the time making music.

          She spent time before the trip reading up on the conflict.

          You’re entitled to your feelings. But to me, you’re being too harsh on Amanda.

      • lentower

        Not everyone who wanted Amanda to cancel the paid show is a troll.
        Many of them have sincerely held positions, but too many of these

        pushed too hard to change Amanda’s decision.

        It’s unlikely that rhetoric, repetition, or extreme language will change an adult who thinks for themselves – which Amanda is. To be more effective as an activist, you have to learn this. That reasoned rational arguments made once is both respectful and more likely to be effective.

    • lentower

      Amanda was seeking input to her decision here.

      She meant for commenters to feel free to discuss it with one another,
      not that she would join in the discussion here.

      She couldn’t make everyone happy with her decision about the boycott.

      Her fans will welcome a blog on Israel, understanding she isn’t
      an expert.

      Those who are pro-boycott are understandably unhappy that she

      didn’t cancel the paid show. Sad the pro-boycott people have to be

      so negative about Amanda’s choice.

    • lentower
  • oz oi

    You are in Australia, a colonialist country where Aboriginals has lower life expectancy than an Arab in Gaza, a country which invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, responsible for the death of almost half a million people in the last 10 years, two countries which never done any harm to Australia.

    And yet you try to find an angel how to justify your visit to Israel and people here all want to “boycott” Israel. Did you ever think about boycotting Australia for what they have done, or is this discussion is reserved only for Israel where the soldiers can actually see their homes when they fight for it and where half of the Jewish population are refugees from Arab countries, i.e. Jewish Arabs who are not less native to the area than an Australian aboriginal.

    You are all hypocrites.

  • Sadness

    Shame on you for breaking the anti-apartheid boycott. Neil too? So sad. History will show what a fool you were. Shame!

  • Nathan

    This isn’t a fair discussion. 99% of the people commenting here are members of anti-Israel organizations which send them leads of artists who are scheduled to perform in Israel which they follow and flood them with one-sided information in order to fool them into cancelling. The same people commenting here also comment and send messages to all other artists who play in Israel and thus there’s no way they are somehow fans of all those musicians, If you want to hear a real discussion, you must open this debate up and let those (there are many) who support playing music and send positive messages of peace and love through music in Israel. Otherwise, all you’re seeing here is one-sided propaganda.

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