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still life with wedding party

the part of the story that you need to know is that two years ago, before neil and i were even dating, i gave him the bride for his birthday.
he was 48.
i used to be a bride for a living. many of you know this. but some of you probably don’t.
for about 5 years, off and on, i made my living as a street performer, standing still as a white-washed living statue in a wedding dress and veil, giving out flowers and kisses, selling love, hope and eye contact and staying glued to my milk crate as love and indifference passed me in human waves on the street.
i busked mostly in harvard square, but i also traveled, especially when the winter hit and busking in boston was impossible and my day job at the ice cream store started driving me crazy.
more than ten years ago, my sister got married in new orleans. i flew down early, since my parents were footing the bill for the plane ticket, figuring i’d make some money hitting the street.
my mother took this photo of me in jackson square in front of the st. louis cathedral.
i was 23.
the money was terrible. there was an overpopulation of street performers.
i was nothing special.
rumor had it there was even another bride statue, but i never saw her.
then my sister got married. i was a bridesmaid.
then ten years later, my sister got divorced.
i always said i wouldn’t get married.
why not just live with someone for christ’s sake?
plus, everybody in my family was divorced and just kept getting more and more divorced.
it just seemed stupid.
two years ago, i was 32.
i had just put out Who Killed Amanda Palmer, my solo record.
i didn’t know Neil very well, but i knew him well enough to know that he would love a statue for his birthday.
we were in new york at the same time and i told him to come meet me in washington square park. that i’d be on a bench reading a book. he’d find me.
beth helped me. (and she rocked it. this was the awesome part of the job for an assistant, i thought. “bring me some extra white sheets and face paint and meet me in the park.”)
it was november 10th, his birthday day.
and it was cold.
he was 45 minutes late.
there was construction in the park.
i’d set the bride up on her milk crate against a big stone monument, and it took him a while to find me.
it wasn’t a good pitch for street performing. i think i made $8 in that 45 minutes, and mostly gotten made fun of by the construction workers and a herd of junkies who couldn’t’ figure out what the fuck this crazy chick was doing standing painted white as a bride statue in a park under construction freezing her ass off and making no money whatsoever.
but he came. he gave me a dollar.
then i hopped down and took my collected $9 and took him for a hot chocolate at cafe gitane, but didn’t have enough money to pay the bill (yes, two hot chocolates in New York cost over $10), so he covered me.
now i’m 34.
it was his 50th birthday last week, and we were engaged to be married.
i decided to marry him because i honestly don’t think i’ll ever find a better man for an amanda palmer.
i really don’t.
and so, for his birthday, i wanted to give him something good.
we woke up in new orleans on a gloriously sunny day, where we were all gathering for his big birthday party that night, and we went hat shopping, since i’d told him i’d buy him a top hat for his birthday. friends of his from all over the world were coming.
after the hat was picked, i escaped, mumbling something about wanting to run ahead and arrange some nice tea for him at an undisclosable location. he loves his tea, the brit. he’s very particular about it. magically, the man in the hat shop, named jason, had recognized us both when we walked in and said something like “AHA. I’ve been expecting you.” it couldn’t have been more convenient…i slipped off and left neil my card to pay for the hats (we bought one for jason webley, too, which is it’s own whole symbolic story) and chat with hat-seller jason, mostly trying to convince him to overcome his agoraphobia and come to the dresden dolls gig at tipitina’s.
and i ran to the courthouse steps, where a random assortment of people had gathered. it was going to be just a few people, then the list grew as the word spread.
the courthouse had kicked everybody off the steps for having no permit.
jason made an executive decision to move the entire party to jackson square in the park.
i texted neil to meet me at a restaurant on the other side of the square just as we were kicked out of the park. i tried to beg the park officials to just give us five minutes. he said Fuck Off and Get Out.
neil was about a block away at this point so i scrambled outside the park to the steps right outside the church and it dawned on me that i’d stood in exactly that same spot, 10 years ago, where my mother took that picture.
kitty, kate and holly and maddy helped me with my veil and dress. fabulous lorraine fended off the park rangers.
tourists took pictures.
and the rest of my motley bridesmaids…casey, and laura and frances, and trillian, and hayley and elyse and hera, they all held flowers.
then everybody hid.
i waited there alone, and still, and he came to me.
he put a $5 in my basket. i’ve obviously appreciated in value.
i gave him a rose and we looked at each other. and the wedding party came to life and surrounded us.
i had asked jason webley to officiate the wedding.
he did introduce us, after all, and he also knows how to make magic happen with big groups of people.
his rock shows often end in street theater gatherings where effigies of himself are sent into space via 100 balloons and sometimes he does things like lead whole parades of people to rivers where he gets on a burning raft and drifts off. he’s that kind of guy.
kyle took a lot of pictures and also brought cake and rings that he bought in a voodoo shop.
kitty got the vows on video:
neil lost his ring the next night at the jason webley show during the part where everybody tickles each other.
i said that was the best way to lose a ring and who knows where it would end up but maybe we should take the other ring and throw it in the bayou so we’d always know where it was like in harold and maude. instead i gave him my ring for safekeeping and it fits on his pinky.
he also says that the tea was the best part. i know him by now. i could not promise tea and not bring it.
in all truth the Figuring Out Of The Tea took more energy than everything else combined – superkate and i finally decided on a thermos of hot water and a separate teabag with an additional container of cold milk because that’s the way he likes his tea, for fuck’s sake.
kate brought the cup and saucer and the spoon.
hera took this one, of jason officiating….
and this one, of kyle taking pictures….
and of us kissing, a black and a white:
and kyle and the wonderful olga nunes put together the official wedding album, with some of the most beautiful pictures i’ve ever seen of the wedding party…..
….it’s absolutely beautiful.
thank you kyle, thank you olga. thank you hung-over morning wedding party and thank you neil gaiman, my wonderful moxy, for taking me as your lawfully wedded statue….
i love you with all my human heart.


the wedding party as photographed by kyle cassidy:

trillian, hayley, frances, casey, the fabulous lorraine, superkate, maddy, me, neil, holly, kitty, jason, laura, hjörtur, elyse and hera.
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  • thishilary

    Congratulations! I’m so, so happy for you both. <3

  • kypri

    I didn’t realize I was crying until the video ended and a few big fat tear started rolling. This was so fucking beautiful to read and watch.

    I have so much love for you and Neil and the things you do… You are such gloriously positive forces in the world. Thank you for spreading love.

    • i_justdontknow

      I did the exact same thing. :)

      • Bridate

        As did i. and i saved the picture at amanda’s blog of black kissing white as a reminder to never forget or leave behind that sort of magic. i only hope i can bring that much mystery and spontaneous happiness to the special moments in my life. thank you so much for sharing with us, AFP and neil…

  • Brendon Doran

    beautiful and apt, congratulations :)

  • Julia

    wait, so… are you two actually married now?

    • Laura

      I don’t think it’s legal for a human to marry a statue :)

    • warriorgrrl

      Yeah I couldn’t figure that out either…mainly because Neil didn’t seem to know about it beforehand!

  • Veggirl120

    You two are both amazing and fucking FANTASTIC people. It makes me smile to know that there are people like you and Neil inhabiting the earth. Love you both and congratulations!

  • Carole

    beautiful. i don’t know what else to say because you’re going to be happy for the rest of your life, and that is glorious.

  • D. Gruber

    Ummm, what can I say… Congratulations, of course!

    But also it makes me incredibly happy to see the two of you incredibly happy and it seems like you and Mr. Gaiman are quite a good fit.

    Mazel Tov and may you see many happy days together for the rest of your lives.

  • Ayala

    It’s 11 years later, although you might not still be an active statue and your costumes change, but you are still selling love and hope (and of course, just spreading it around). This was beautiful.

  • no cars go

    oh congratulations. this is truly beautiful and one of a kind. i never cry at weddings, but i’m sitting here bawling. true blessings and wishes – and everything for you two crazy cats. so awesome. your story’s twisted in fate.

  • Jason

    Bawling my eyes out right now. You two are so beautiful together.

  • Sarah Waller

    You look so, so radiant.

  • Emily Burns

    So fucking adorable and heart-warming. ^_^

  • Callasandra

    I absolutely, absolutely love the look on Neil’s face on page 14 of the book. Priceless.

    Best wishes to you both. It was a pleasure meeting you in Lexington, and thank you for signing your name next to Neil’s in my WKAP book. ;)

    • Gypsylune5

      In fact, I like the look on Neil’s face when he’s around Amanda!

      • Callasandra

        Agreed. :)

  • Clare Nicholls

    Beautiful. Many thanks.

    Much love,


  • nomadiqueMC


  • Nathalie

    Such a beautiful surprise!

  • Andreas

    CUTE! This was a delight to read/watch/see. I wish you both the best in your life together! Thank you for all you’ve done.

  • Kei

    Amazing. I don’t really have any other words.

    Congratulations and many happy returns!

  • Beldam

    I’m bawling, Amanda, Bawliing. I’m so so happy for you two and I don’t know if there’s a more perfect-for-each-other couple in the universe. I sincerely doubt it. I love you. Thank you for giving me hope and something to believe in.

  • Kei

    Double post because I’m the girl who sucks.

  • Holly Galpin

    This is the most romantic story I have ever heard.

  • Beldam

    whoops, double post.

  • Laura

    What kind of tea was it?

  • Zevubu

    Congratulation! I wish you both all the wonders, spender’s, beauty, and infinite adventure your love will bring.

  • mel hughes

    really don’t know what to say other than aw. bless. love you both lots

  • PolitelyOffend

    Congratulations to you both :)
    You two really give hope to those of us who fly our freak flag proudly.
    It’s stories like these that make people keep trying.

  • Kian Ryan


    And please, the proper preperation of tea *is* vitally important to a Brit’s continued existence. If the tea isn’t *quite* right, we end up winding down until we come to a complete stop. At this point, there is only one way to restart a Brit – Earl Grey, lemon, and a rounding chorus of Jerusalem.

  • Kimmiwimmi

    It’s so awesome, where I live people (especially men) are so afraid of being in love or even publicly showing affection for anyone. I love hearing stories about you and Neil playing together, laughing together, talking together, just BEING together. Keep the love alive, bright and happy! :)

  • EuphoricCyborg

    While I am upset that both of you are officially off the market, I can’t help but feel so absolutely fucking happy that you found each other and found something so special together. Congratulations Amanda and Neil!

    Your Fan Forever,

  • Monique Santiago

    beautiful. i’m speechless.

  • Dragonsally

    So beautiful, I’ve cried again watching this – cos hey, its a wedding!

    What an amazingly beautiful thing for you to do for your moxy. Your are both so lucky to have found each other.

  • Tri


  • Caligula

    Said this on Mr. Gaiman’s FB post, but figured I should spread the love here, too…

    CONGRATULATIONS! You two are absolutely precious together. Thanks so much for sharing! I wish you many happy years together. (:

  • Bluus

    That was beyond adorable and amazing and wonderful. You two are easily the most beautiful and lovely people in the world.

    And tea is always best with milk….

  • Aubrey

    You guys are amazing. I’ve only made it to One Dresden Dolls show but it was seriously like going to a carnival. And Neil’s book are wonderful to read. Congrats to you both.

  • Kambriel

    I’m so glad Jason led your paths towards eachother ~ it’s just so clear that some things are meant to be, and some people are meant to come together…

    May this world be filled with random acts of enchantment and love everlasting!

  • Zelda


  • Chaosevolutionary

    Small world… Michael McQuilken, a percussionist/drummer who toured with Jason one year (or maybe two, but who’s counting?) and I made a movie together. I silly horror flick called Screamplay, which will be released someday. I am somewhat horrified by the notion of its release, as I was horrified at the release of “the girls” after having agreed to release them because the filmmaker is an old colleague of my dad’s. But that’s not the point of the story.

    The year we made the film I went to a Jason Webley show in Berkeley to see my then-friend Michael McQuilken (who is ridicuously talented), and took my then 9 year old daughter and her best friend. They slept in a heap in the corner as a 20 something surly chick berated me for putting them through such a late night loud show. She didn’t know they were rock stars in their own right, and live for that sort of thing, they just didn’t have the stamina. So I ignored her.

    Jason and Michael and all the rest were magnificent as ever, and I’ll never forget it. How marvelous to know that Jason is connected to one of the masters behind Mirrormask and Mr. Punch (which haunts me to this day, in a mysterious and beautiful way).

    I fear I have overshared in response to your post, but there it is.

  • toni in florida

    how wonderful and fitting. congratulations to you both!

  • Ivy Ritter

    omg so happy for u and neil :) *_* I’m crying :)

  • FreyaChild

    I cried & laughed while watching the video. Absolutely fucking Beautiful!


  • Gypsylune5

    I’m not crying…I’ve got something in my eye! Beautiful!

  • Josh Parker

    The picture of the wedding party totally sums up the love, devotion and wonderful looniness of your extended family. Neil’s paint smeared face and “I have the best life…and TEA!” smile make the image for me.

  • Annie Chanse

    Congratulations to the two most beautiful, inspiring, talented people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting/knowing. I love you both dearly, and I wish you nothing but the best in love, happiness, and hope for the rest of your lives.

    Amanda, my favorite lyricist, singer, pianist, and performer, you looked radiant – the most beautiful statue bride I’ve ever seen.

    Neil, my favorite author, and creative-mind-that-I’m-jealous-of, I’ve never, ever seen another fifty year old man as handsome or as sexy as you looked in these pictures.

    The two of you are beautiful, and I can only hope that one day, I find the man/woman in my life that complements me as wonderfully and completes me as wholly as you two do each other. If everyone in life was as lucky as that, wars would end, murders would cease, and the world would be a happy place that radiated love from every direction.

    Here’s hoping that one day, every person in the world finds his or her Amanda/Neil.

    Again, congratulations to you both.

  • Maribostic

    Congratulations. I do believe thats the best wedding i’ve ever seen and it actually had sentiment behind it. Thats beautiful. I get hope from seeing that much love. :)

  • Misstressofthemetaphysical

    two of my favorite artists tying the knot who could ask for more?

  • Lorraine

    Congratulations Neil and Amanda on your bravery/foolhardiness in the commitment department – you are stunningly well suited, the omens are very good indeed, wishing you all the love in the world Lorraine x

  • Priscilla

    This is incredibly sweet.

  • Straykat


  • Shannon Hilson

    Congratulations, Amanda! You two are perfect for one another. Thank you for sharing your day. <3

  • Adeledawn

    Beautiful. And the photo album is gorgeous.

  • Ryan_Anas

    That sound pretty much perfect! A few hours before you posted the news on twitter, my mother texted me to tell me that the name ‘Amanda’ means well loved. It brings my heart so much joy to know that you are well loved in the way that is perfect for an Amanda Palmer. It’s a wish come true!
    <3 Ry

  • Cheryldl

    It is really nice to see a couple so much in love.

  • Pigs & Bishops


    I too thought I’d never get married, but circumstances led to it and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done – being married is so much fun.

  • owned by Morph

    soul mates, beautiful x

  • Mariemeier_art

    See you all on this day convinces me even more to have made the right choice. I think many people will choose a partner on a misunderstanding. This is the reason for many divorces. It does not take the time to feel in them than the person in front is good for you…I mean really good. They see that if she/he is pretty, or exercising or any other details but that’s only details. Life is not built on details. We do understand that after. BUT it happens that we fall on the good person. THE ONE that suits us. The one that from the beginning you have the feeling to knowhim/her from since forever, that who can not be someone else. Neil and You are for me the epitome of this idea and somehow a reflection of my own couple, beyond a mere superficial and only biological affinities, there is an affinity of spirit, I dare say the legendary soul mates . HUGE CONGRATS !!!!!

  • Jayne

    Congratulations Alice… in this strange weird wonderland you have found your Mad Hatter. You couldn’t have planned a better wedding with all of the planners in the world more fitting for the two of you. Congratulations.

  • Mary Wolfson

    Awesome! Congratulations to you both. I am so happy (and a little jealous, damn it!). And was that little Frances Bean Cobain I saw in your wedding party? I believe so! BEST WEDDING EVER!

    • Mary Wolfson

      *I must add that the jealousy part goes both ways, in that I am equally covetous of both Neil and Amanda each for having the best partner. <3 you both.

  • Simon N.J. Catterall

    Never read this blog before, but after reading this entry, I knew I had to leave a comment.
    Such a beautiful tale and a wonderful occasion.
    I wish you both all the happiness two people can find in each other.

    Never change and never stop being inspiring.
    Now I’m off to find out about your music. If it’s anything like you, I’m sure I’ll love it. (Buying it in Switzerland might be difficult)

    • Mary Wolfson

      It will be well worth the search. You can always buy her music on iTunes, also!

      • AstronautLettuce

        Don’t buy it from iTunes! Buy it from bandcamp so Amanda gets the money!
        Or go to the Dresden Dolls site and download their first album free.

  • Nathalie

    That was a nice ceremony ^^ Have a happy honeymoon :3

  • Laura-Marie Lønstrup

    Amazing story, very strange and beautiful :)

  • Wiiinnndddiii

    As a resident of New Orleans I’d like to offer my congratulations and also apologize that you were treated like shit at the courthouse. Unfortunately, that’s typical New Orleans…bullshit one place, magic someplace else mere blocks away. I’m glad it worked out, tho. Stay happy.

  • Reetta Leijonamieli

    Once again, my day has begun beautiful and smiling.

  • Kenneth

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story. A lesson to act in the heat of passion, and not live a life of regret.

  • Russty

    Sweetheart this is what marriage should be! Joining your life with another simply because there is just no other way. You and Neil seem just so simply right for each other. I never would have put you two together in my mind, but you fit! I often say about my husband and I that, I don’t make sense, he doesn’t make sense, but some how together we just make sense. It was just the way it should be. That’s exactly how it seems with you and Neil. It was just meant to be and it’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing the story and the photos with us. Congratulations! Huge monster hugs for the queen of all the misfits toys. Does this mean we can now claim Neil as part of the rag tag misfit band of toys? ;)

  • Russty

    Sweetheart this is what marriage should be! Joining your life with another simply because there is just no other way. You and Neil seem just so simply right for each other. I never would have put you two together in my mind, but you fit! I often say about my husband and I that, I don’t make sense, he doesn’t make sense, but some how together we just make sense. It was just the way it should be. That’s exactly how it seems with you and Neil. It was just meant to be and it’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing the story and the photos with us. Congratulations! Huge monster hugs for the queen of all the misfits toys. Does this mean we can now claim Neil as part of the rag tag misfit band of toys? ;)

  • Greg

    I don’ t say this lightly: that was WONDERFUL.

    Congratulations to the both of you!

  • Joy

    I love You both.

  • Colette Semien


  • Brin

    Congrats and well wishes to you both! THAT is how weddings should be done. :)

  • Mick

    Many congratulations, and thank you very much for making the world a little better by spreading your happiness! And I’m so good that the pigeons left the statue alone….

  • Xavienne

    Aww; congratulations! So wonderful & magical. :)

  • Lisa-Maria Jank

    Congratulations! It was perfect, thanks for letting us all watch… I’m so happy for you two!

    I, too, had to cry, at various points, but my absolute favourite is the way neil looks when he first sees you – the shot from behind a fence, and trees. He looks so surprised and happy – priceless.

    Please continue to spread the love the way you do, both of you.
    Love from Vienna!

  • Vero Golosova

    You all are so freaking fucking fabulously fantastic!!!!!:) lots of love from Russia!

  • Em Carding

    Beautiful! Tea is so important, and so elusive in the US. Proper tea, that is.

  • carrot

    Congratulations!))) Can only wish you bests ^_____^

  • Liralicia

    You two are so beautiful together.
    I wish you all the happiness in the universe. May the rest of your lives be a very long version of a perfect moment, just like this one.

  • Marcos

    What else could I say? Love and congratulations for you both (for you all, actually).

    Last week I read about David Byrne officiating a wedding ( and I said to my wife (whom I haven’t actually married): hey, we could really marry if we could have David Byrne. Now, *that* rises the bar a little higher.

  • Annah Lång

    Now THAT is how you hold a wedding! Congratulations!

  • Fitzcaelte


  • Rowsred

    May you union never hunger, may you never thirst. May your marriage be long and filled with tears of every flavor and joy of every stripe. May you know all things fantastical, fantabulous, and fan-damn-tastic. I think that just about covers it. :) !Felicidades to two of my favorite artists!

  • Miareeva

    Congratulations! :)

  • James Mobius

    Congratulations you two fabulous goofballs. Remain and grow ever more awesome together.
    -luv James Mobius.

  • Garnets

    Congratulations! :)

  • Mordicai


  • Sarah

    many, many congratulations to both of you! Neil is my absolute favorite author, and i am incredibly happy that the two you found each other… and i absolutely love the story and the ceremony… it’s perfect… many happy and wonderful blessings to you both!

  • shana lee hampton

    Mazel Tov!

  • bre_anachronism

    Absolutely beautiful. The entire affair and everyone involved.

  • Heathernoye

    i always cry at weddings… even Man and Statue weddings apparently. thank you for sharing such a special moment!


  • Bohemian_heathen

    wouldn’t have expected anything less for your wedding day! congratulations. xx

  • Wilder125

    Congrats to you both. From a guy who rereads Good Omens at least once a year. Enjoy your lives.

  • Leah

    Amazing.. weddings are my profession and this is one of the best I’ve ever seen – at one of my favorite places in the world.

    You two are amazing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  • sari

    Dear Amanda:

    As a long time Neil fan, I must admit I’ve always known of you, but not much more than the basics.

    You have completely won me over.

    Amazing! Also, love love the photo of you and Neil in the album where he spots you on the steps – it looks like he’s screaming in glee.

    Best wishes!

  • Chelsey Blair

    This is so gorgeous. You two are amazing. I hope to find a love like that one day.

  • cubicletroll

    God I love you two. :-)

  • AmyK

    It’s been really neat to watch the unfolding of your relationship. It’s a beautiful thing to see people who are well suited to each other come together. Mazel tov to you both.

  • michelle

    Couldn’t have been more perfect. Congratulations both.

  • blondefairy1975

    Congratluations! You guys are awesome!

  • BadPanda

    Oh wow; that was stellar. I’m not one for weddings, mostly, but that one got me. Congratulations! I tremble to think of how the “official” one could ever top it :)

  • DextersMom

    fucking beautifully perfect. congratulations to both of your very deserving souls. may this be your peace for eternity. xx

  • John Coons

    Two of the most creative people I know. Of fucking course you would make it impossible for us to ever top your wedding.

    Beautiful, unique, worthy of drawing a crowd, and just a little messed up. As it should be. Congratulations.

  • Guy

    Such an awesome thing to do – very many heart felt congratulations to the both of you, muchos love – G

  • Bookworm

    So happy to know I wasn’t the only one crying tears of joy when I read this. What a beautiful adventure. Congratulations to you both.

  • Rusty

    wahoo! Congrats!!

  • Angelica


  • FluorescentNinja

    This makes me a very happy ninja.

  • nghi

    I love it when a plan comes together!

  • jenne f travers

    i’m speechless from the absolute awesomeness of this.

  • EmoSeal

    I am all teary-eyed! Haha…This is so awesome, and that photo album is beautiful. I’m really really REALLY happy for you two =)

  • ángela potel gómez

    the most beautiful thing i ever saw
    wishing you the best~

  • imlostinboston

    mazel tov! what a great story. also, i just figured out while reading it that i used to see you in harvard square as the bride. only i didn’t know who you were. but i used to think you were/had such a cool gig!

  • Chinagrrrl

    *** tears *** TEARS, I tell you. Tears of joy and irony and spendiforous joy! Many happy happiness. For ever and ever. A(manda)men.

  • ChelseaBug

    You and Niel are the most amazing people I have not had the pleasure to meet. I wish you both the happiest moments together.

  • Kineticwings

    Simply beautiful. I’m crying right now. Congratulations to you both!!

  • Lindsay

    From a writer married to a musician, I wish you all the happiness in the world.

  • Kat

    Oh my gosh, Amanda, you two made me cry. What a wonderful way to start the rest of your life together. I love both of you so much and I just know you’ll be happy together always <3

  • Kevin Doyle

    Um… wow. Yeah, brought a damn tear to my eye, too…

  • Ifiwereakaylaship

    You both are so beautiful. Thank you getting married in New Orleans. I love you two.

  • Daniela


  • Melissa W

    Congrats congrats congrats. Totally made me cry!

    I love you both and wish you many happy years together!

  • Ilexwoman

    You two seem to be meant for each other ..may you share many many more amazing moments…..till erosion…may the heavens shine light on your love

  • E. Christopher Clark

    I don’t know if this is my first ever comment, but I feel like I’ve been lurking forever. Anyway, I had to come out of hiding to say congratulations and to thank you for sharing the beautiful story.

  • Rachael

    Oh, bravo! Congratulations!

    Totally weird to think that Neil lost his ring doing the exact same tickling routine that I did at Jason’s show last month in Baltimore.

  • mily

    Thank you for being beautiful!

  • Geeky Hippie Punk

    Like your first commenter, I didn’t realize I was crying until the end. I came via Gaiman’s blog. How beautiful! May you and Neil be as blessedly happy as my husband and I have been!

  • Amalia

    This makes me believe. Thank you.

  • Trillian

    Thank you for letting us share a part of this beautiful moment; it’s something we will always cherish.


  • Liz

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, amazing and wonderful.

    I’m so happy you are both in the world and forces for chaotic good. =)

  • Rutabaga84

    I’m sitting here at school on my laptop and this seriously made me almost start bawling! I’m so filled with happiness at the two of you. If anything inspires faith in the future, it’s that you two are together and so filled with magic and joy!

  • Rozillla

    Beautiful arrangement! Seems as though you both had a fantastic time, congrats.. sort of!

  • Ami

    I can’t express my joy and happiness in words. You are definitely the most beautiful, amazing, artistic, natural and absolutely fantastic couple in the world! Reading this blog made me feel so warm and happy and somewhere deep inside my heart I even wish I was this absolutely perfect statue and had such a handsome man in black by my side. I always cry at weddings, and now when I see my two biggest inspirations and idols getting “married” I can feel little tears of joy rolling down my cheek.
    I’m so happy, so extremely happy for you two.
    That’s real true love.

  • Lesleyd

    OMG That is fucking awesome!!! Congratulations!!! Big hugs and I soooo wish I was there!!!

  • Rachael

    Beautiful! Perfect! I can’t imagine a more splendid way to mark a birthday or a love between two people. Congratulations to you both!

  • Alesiopdv

    Congratulations Neil and Amanda, beautiful ceremony! Notice the beam of ligth at the end of the video? That´s what makes a moment unique, when Heaven shines…

  • Carole

    Oh my. I’m one of those fans usually lurking in the dark, but I just HAD to comment this. I always say that my husband and I are the most beautiful couple of the universe and for the 1st time EVER, I know two people who definitely seem to share the same pure, uninterested, radiant, simple and yet so powerful love.

    He & I met 4,5 years ago now, we got PACSed 4 years ago (PACS for “Civil Pact of Solidarity” is a form of civil union in France, allowing two people of same or different sex to benefit of the same advantages as married people), and eventually married 2 years ago and I’m still as happy and in love every single day and thanking I don’t who for that insolent luck.

    I solemnly declare you 2nd most-beautiful-couple-of the-universe ;)

    Congrats, lot of love and huges kisses from Paris


  • Claire Hemmings

    Fabulous & beautiful… I’m cynical about marriage but this one makes perfect sense! Congratulations both of you! <3 xxxx

  • Barbie M.

    This is like the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • Kimmy


  • Barbie M.

    This was the cutest wedding EVER! I’m so happy to read this because I think just like you thought (about Weddings and stuff) and now I kind of hope finding the Neil Gaiman of my Amanda Palmer…

  • christian nutt

    omfg congratulations! :D

  • MariNaomi

    What a beautiful story! And a lovely dress. Congratulations!

  • Confusiel

    You are right, the wedding album is one of the most amazing wedding albums I have ever seen. What a great birthday present! You people are inspiring.

  • Jen

    I am so happy for you! Congratulations to you both! You are two amazing and fantastic people and I wish you so much love and happiness.

    I love the vows, especially the “unlikely but magnificent amalgamation of tissue, blood and bone” and “until death, erosion, or act of vandalism do you part” Do you mind if I use a version of that in my wedding?

    Love and congratulatory hugs and kisses!


  • GeekGyrl

    this is the most romantic wedding statue story I’ve ever sniffled over…I wish so many happy returns to you both, I need to use new math to count them. Blessed be, ya’ll!

  • Joannavonrichtofen

    Incredibly beautiful. Congratulations!

  • Frida


    This story made my cry..
    That was beautiful!

    Love from Norway.

  • The_Pip

    Two people are married when they say they are. Everyone else can either celebrate with them or F*ck Off. Of course the symbolism is important, especially for a writer and a musician, but it’s the icing on the cake. The cake itself is what matters.

    Congrats, never go to bed angry, and the secret is between the two of you.

  • Robyn

    This was the most romantic wedding I’ve ever seen. All weddings should be like this. Congratulations to you both! Live long and prosper! :-)

  • tarable23

    Congratulation to you and Neil. Tears of joy while reading this. Thank you for sharing this magical day with us! Now I will go have a cup of tea in honor of the newly wedded couple.

  • amfine

    I just caught this, and realized I am grinning from ear to ear with a tear in my eye (people have already given me strange looks at the coffee shop, having four pics of seals and a woman in a grey leotard displayed prominently on my laptop screen: studies for a selkie). What a beautiful wedding, a beautiful story and a beautiful gesture. Congratulations to you both!
    (p.s. I’d tweeted about a song request earlier and offered brownies. That wasn’t a bribe as it sounded. The brownies will come either way.)

  • Jonibrass

    Happy Day and Many Happy Returns.

  • itrademyoldshoesfornewfeet


  • Bljankowski

    This is the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen.

    It’s also the only one that rivals my own in the sheer joy and happiness of everyone in attendance. Over the years, I’ve come to realize that’s the best part, because it’s the part we remember most.

  • Kerry McCombs

    Lovely. Congratulations.

  • Dean Smith

    I love you guys. Thank you for doing this for each other.

  • Mallori Gottesman

    I hereby dub thee, Art-Married.
    The best kind of married to be.

  • Alexa

    Congratulations. I am thrilled for both of you.

  • CE Murphy

    i waited there alone, and still, and he came to me.

    That is an utterly beautiful line, and that is twice in the last week that you and he have made me cry (the first being his Dresden Dolls review), and congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, may you live happily ever after.

  • CeciTart

    I can not properly express how I feel about all of this. Just know that the joy and love that you both have and share is a glorious thing that I feel so lucky to observe. Much love to you and Neil.


  • Loreleï_L

    So much lovely sweet Congratulation to both of you.!
    This was very beautiful and poetic (is that word in english ? I’m not quite sure, anyway)!

    I just do not find right words about my feeling, because it’s very strange : You, human being living so far away from my home, I have been touching by your art thank’s to internet (what a chance to live in this century, and moreover, in the same century of you), and well, in few words, I have to tell you that you’r like a muse to me. Last year, for example, you were very very present in my “artistic brain” for the creation of my first little movie (to a cinema exam), I would like to send you but, I just do not dare because I just don’t find it good enough to bring it to your eyes.
    All this to say : You’r very important in my artistic project which takes 90% of my life. And I feeling so strange because you just don’t know me, absolutely, like I don’t really know you, we never see each other, but I’m just so glad, happy, touching very touching, etc., by what you’r writing just right here, what you show about what happened in this day, a little bit like if I was “there”, or that I’m close enough to you to have this feeling.

    So, well, I just would like to say you, both of you, a sincere Congratulation.

    (Please, apologize me for my “french – english”)

  • Musictwig

    ::BIG GRIN:: Yet another reason I love you both! (There’s quite a list by now :)

  • Bob Beatie

    Congrats, that is an awesome wedding :)

  • Alice

    This was beautiful, I love the creativity and how awesome you both look and how awesome this turned out for you. You don’t know me, but as an outsider to your life – I congratulate you on the continuation of your happiness. Letting me see this, makes me want to meet you even if it’s just once.

  • Claude666comics

    I’m a little bit jealous. Here’s my favorite writer (i collected everything he do) got married with my favorite singer (i love you so much Amanda). What a team you made !

  • Corrieancone

    how delish & wonderful that was !! tears it did bring ..such joyous moments ..wishing you happiness forever…

  • sjd0218

    Wow, if I ever consider getting married, I totally want it to be a surprise, a spontaneous moment of crazy love that means more because it was created out of what it means to be your two, than the silly traditions.
    Excellent. Many happy healthy days to you both.

  • Alice

    Many, many congratulations.

    You guys give me hope.

  • fdhbstephanie

    Love it – so fucking romantic!

  • Vilewoman76

    Absolutely wonderful! Much happiness to you both!

  • Donna M.

    I’ve been a fan of Neil’s since 1995ish. I’ve met him roughly five times at various conventions. I’ve seen a lot of photos of Neil over the years. I have never EVER EVER seen him this happy. The same goes for Mrs. Amanda Fucking Palmer-Gaiman. Here’s to your eternal happiness, for tomorrow and all tomorrows.

  • AstronautLettuce

    The awkward moment when Amanda married Neil and is on one side of an ampersand..

    So happy for you both! Spent the entire time reading this smiling :)

  • Spacelager

    Now that’s a fucking love story)))

  • Fiona

    aahhh a white wedding. :)

  • Tia Sparkles Singh

    I am utterly charmed, moved and touched and I was laughing so much, where did that solitary tear come from? Beautiful! Congratulations from a total stranger who had never even heard of you two till 2 minutes ago :) Tia

  • Tia Sparkles Singh

    Wow, I guess I was living under a rock – ha! Thank you google for enlightening me!

  • salgood

    Very nice! Now that’s a birthday surprise.

  • Rose Grounds

    beautiful <3

  • kaysootee

    This is awesome! I’m for some reason completely dazzled and giddy and delighted over the fact that you and Neil Gaiman are together. It makes me happy every time I think about it. Congratulations!

  • Kirstin

    Congratulations, Neil and Amanda!
    I wish you all the happiness in the world <3

  • Clay R

    That is absolutely fantastic… I hope someday my awesomeness is half that of yours, Amanda.

    The “Beer Activated Girl” Guy

  • Melanieheim

    Amanda this was gorgeous, the love you two share is remarkable, you can see it in your eyes. I am sure your real wedding will be just as breathtaking. You are a very lucky lady to have such love and talent in your life. As a fan of everything you do, i am excited for our new Year’s Eve bash. It will be an amazing night at the Warfield. I have tons of suggestions for the evening, but do not want to spill the beans in a comment box, so if you or someone else could contact me, i would love to talk party hats/streamers/confetti/glitter and donation of my time to you on this amazing end of the year event. email me at: or facebook: melanie heim

    • Amanda Palmer

      best to contact and she’ll sort you. she heads up the brigade….

  • La Belle Dame Sans Merci

    This was so beautiful!! Neil and you are just amazing. It’s stories like these that make me believe in magic. ;)
    Congratulations and love!

  • Trina

    These are amazing photos. I follow both you and Neil on twitter and love that you share so much with the public. This looks like a terrific day and I love that you managed to have tea ready there on the street!

    Best wishes to you and Neil. You’re both amazing artists and I hope you have a lovely life together!

  • Tjohn75769

    Holy freakin’ crap. That is so cool. I’ve been a big fan of both of yours for years. Well, Neil’s longer but hey congrats and cool beans.

  • blagica milanova

    Congratulations for both of you!! This give new perspective and faith in love
    I like to have this kind of creative weeding its just so inspiring

  • Deborah Happ

    when i figured out neil gaiman was dating I, several miles away in brazil, sick fan, went to discover who this crazy lady was. and i ended up falling in love with you too. and i guess, if i ever get married, i want it to be like this.

    congratulations to both of you, my favorite artists in the world!

  • X_the_Unknown

    My wife and I have many anniversaries. Today is our second one, and one of the most important ones. Okay, fine.
    Today is the day we first made love, two years ago.
    So thanks, everyone involved, for being the second thing to make me cry, in a smiley happy way, today.

  • Razerlover

    I just found out. Silly me. Congratulations! You guys are so amazing. I was hugely into Neil’s writing as a troubled high school kid, and at the same time I was heavily into Dresden Dolls. So actually, I loved you each separately as artists before you ever loved each other :) So I feel like this marriage is the greatest thing since sliced bread and I wish you all the happiness in the world. It feels so right that the two of you found each other. I dunno. Thank you for sharing such a private moment with us :)

  • Rhi4jdm

    You two make me feel like love is (a) possible and (b) not so scary. HUGE congratulations to the pair of you. May all your days be happy.


  • semacbeth

    Congrats to you two.
    Could not think of 2 more awesome people who should be joined.

  • T.

    You guys give me hope for relationships and people in general. Congratulations. :]

  • K.C. Woolf

    This makes me so happy, and for so many reasons: you’re real, you’re inspirational, you pour your heart out onto the world and prove to us that that’s okay, and now you’ve found that strangely perfect person who can walk beside you where you’re going.

    I got married last June, to my lover and best friend, and your wedding pictures teleported me right back to that crazy and unique day, filled with an exquisite mix of love and joy that would have bordered on the unbearable if I’d had to carry it on my own.

    To anybody who’s cynical about marriage: read this post, and the comments below, and try to tell me it doesn’t make a difference…

  • Ann

    Comfort and joy – for the rest of your lives.

  • Kristin

    How beautiful! I’m getting a bit sniffly. :’) You complement each other very nicely. We are lucky you didn’t break the universe though, it can hardly handle such a uniquely awesome couple.

    It’s perfect that two completely inspirational people would find each other. I don’t know either of you obviously, just a fan, but I love you guys as much as someone can love complete strangers and I wish you the absolute best.

  • Miranda

    I’m so happy for both of you! I never thought I’d see Amanda Palmer get hitched!
    My eyes started welling with tears while I read this, then a piece of cucumber went down the wrong tube and they all streamed down my face while I coughed it up.

  • MzTaraK

    Congratulations to Amanda and Neil! What a beautiful story and wedding. Truly fitting for such an original person…I hate I missed the New Orleans show! :(

  • Sanguine

    You guys are magnificent. All happiness and frith to you. What a beautiful wedding album.

    And thank you for sharing it all with us, who love you but don’t know you, because there’s a strange hope you give us all.

  • Vampdaddy

    Yes, Virginia — there is a Santa Claus.

    And there is also still true love on this earth.

    Congratulations to one hell of a statue and one hell of a human.

  • Erica

    The world is better with this union of such creative and inspiring people. You both will have such fun together.

  • Ainitnojuliet

    You are one of the few things that keeps me grounded….this was so lovely to read after a very hard day at work-where I’d rather be working on more creative things.

    I for similar reasons don’t want to get married……but you just reinvented the beauty of the idea for me.

    You’ve inspired me in so many ways for quite some time now. This is one thing:

    This took place this past summer in New Haven, Ct. Finally after being such a shy kitten I came out and did the thing I’ve been thinking about doing for years. I handed out flowers and blew bubbles for a good solid two hours……it was divine…..

    thank you for your music, love, and existing…<3

  • i_justdontknow

    You give us all hope, and you give us stories to tell. Congratulations, to both of you.

  • lizz

    this is a quote that i ran into lately and it encapsulates many many ideas of focus, intention, magic, power, idealism, love, and source energy. i see things unfold in some people’s lives and i adore them because they seem to be the complete physical embodiment of this principle – i think that amanda palmer is one such being – i admire her for this commitment to art, change, newness, idealism, magic and love and i hope one day to be able to inspire even a tenth the number of people that she does. many many happy years together for you both – hugs from the stratosphere :-)

    “until one is committed, there is a hesitancy, the chance to draw back, always ineffective, concerning all acts of initiative (and creation). there is one elementary truth, the ignorance of which kills countless ideas and splendid plans: that the moment one definitely commits oneself – then providence moves too. all sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred. a whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in ones’ favor all manner of unforeseen incidents and meetings and material assistance which no man could have dreamed would have come his way. whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it.
    *boldness has genius, power and magic in it*. begin it now.”

    • Amanda Palmer


  • Cirianz

    And with proper English tea…. How could it be more perfect ;)
    Hugs to you both

  • Cacau

    Amanda, you inspire people. You are amazing. I’m happier today ’cause you exists. Really.
    But, honestly, come chill at Brazil sometime! :D I’d love to see you in person, lady!

  • Greg33

    You….. Are a blessing to the human race.
    You make us realize that there is something more…
    something better & something worth a damn in a world gone mad.
    My wish for you both is years of light love & laughter together.
    Dances in the rain & ice cream in winter.
    Thank you for the gift of your music & all the rest.
    Yours from Here in Thunder Bay
    Gregory AkA Gregory9

  • Selinaeve

    I love you both so, so much (and Jason, good choice of minister!). Congratulations, and love, and excitement, and luck, and more love to the both of you. I would say I hope you’re happy together, but there is no doubt in my mind that you are. There are no words that I could ever begin to make up that would explain how much love I have for the two of you, together and apart. You’ve changed my mind about everything, including marriage and my idea of love. Thank you. And I’m going to say the word love again. I love you.

  • Tricia Smith

    Honestly? I almost never feel hope that I will have something like this for myself one day. But this made me feel it. <3

  • Andrea

    YOU ARE THE BEST, most beautifully inspiring couple EVER! CONGRATULATIONS and WE LOVE YOU!!!

  • Clara Sayre

    This blog post made me smile so much…the photos made me smile even more. I don’t know either of you (though I met Neil last year when he spoke in Cleveland), but I’m as happy for you both as I would be for my friends. I am 30, married for 9 years (yep, got married super young), and love spending my life with my best friend. Blessings to you both….and congratulations!

  • Faline

    Wow. The wedding album is GORGEOUS and the story is just plain BEAUTIFUL.
    I’m so happy for you both.

    Amanda, I know you’ve heard this many times before, but you are truly the most amazing person ever. You are always so honest and I love the way you always blog about your life so that fans like us can be connected to you, too. Your songs are so inspirational, and always bring a smile to my face (even on a horrible day) when they come on from shuffle on my iPod.

    In short, you are my fucking IDOL. And I love you.

    Again, congratulations to you and Neil. I know that you two will have a fabulous life together.



  • Becca

    This is the most romantic story I’ve ever read. You’re beautiful.

  • Raliel

    When I saw the pictures in Neil’s twitter feed…I felt myself break into a soft warm glow and I knew that from this moment on the world would be just a little bit better than it was before…. this was the wedding of the century…who cares about William and katie!
    I will have to create you a belated wedding present (dolls are my current muse)

  • Meghann Sunners

    Congratulations to both of you. What a wonderful and special day. The photo album was wonderful, made me remember why people get married in this day and age of cynicism.

  • Cecilia Di Vita

    this is so beautiful. you’re oozing love and happiness and excitement. thank you for sharing that!

  • Sadieprater

    Perfect Wedding. I was married two years ago, still gloriously happy, and this day, your day reminds me of mine. Perfect…Down to the tea and the hustling of your squad. Well done!

    Also I was glad to see that that sweet bride found someone new after being jilted by that other English chap in his kitchen…

  • Em

    I never cry at weddings and I’m sobbing like my dog died.

    You and Neil restore my faith in love. If ever any two people were born for each other, it’s you.

    Thank you for sharing this.

  • SC

    Holy shit, that made me cry.

    Best of everything to both of you! Love xo

  • Camille

    awesome story – my assistant recommended your blog – & your man – i’ve got a good one too – aren’t we lucky!

    – saw Dresden dolls at NSW Uni a few years ago (sick!) – just had 5 mins as have to breast feed the baby & read your blog- luv a multi task I do – tits out keyboard at the ready – ye-fucking ha!

    i’m a costume designer from Sydney – heard you’re coming out again in the new year – would love to outfit you if you’re up for something different ( man – who am I kidding – you’re pretty strait laced nancy boy conservative – probably got a twin set & pearls all hooked up – NOT!) – please contact me via website/email

    love, love, love, love, love….Camille

  • s.luczko

    I don’t believe in this marriage shit & this is all so damned perfect. (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) <3

  • Hep1013

    First the SPIN review, and then this…goddammit, would the two of you stop making me cry? (And, incidentally, quit making me lust after top hats? Where did your hats–both Neil’s and Amanda’s from the album–come from, anyway?)

    But, in all seriousness, congratulations. As someone who’s dealing with all sorts of immigration-related drama/paperwork/bullshit in her wedding plans, this reminder of what weddings really should be lifts my spirits more than I can express. In the video and photos, the two of you were so obviously filled with such joy and love, all while simply being your marvelously quirky selves…and that’s all that fucking matters, right?

    I wish the two of you every happiness under both the sun and moon. May you have the same amount of joy together that you’ve separately given to all of your fans over the years, and may you never stop surprising each other.

  • Sverker Lindeberg

    Congratulations Neil and Amanda on your wedding! You two are two of my absolute favourite people in this world. All the best, and keep make the world a better place by spreading stories, art, music and love everywhere.

    All my best wishes to you,


  • June_Miller

    For once, I really don’t have much to say. Sorry about that.

    The only thing I really want to say is you two are very lucky, and I really am happy for you. That, and it’s fabulous how the universe works, sometimes.

    I’m very happy The Bride found her love.

    Congratulations again. <3

    I want to fall in love with someone like you, and I want them love me back just as fully.

  • Marauder

    Oh. Okay.

    I saw you and Brian perform in Chicago on Wednesday.
    I hadn’t been keeping up with anything going on, because of various things, such as school is crazy, etc.
    I saw someone in a white wedding dress with his face painted white.
    I heard the congratulations and whatnot, but wasn’t sure why they were happening. Had you and Neil decided on a date to do the actual marrying? Had I missed something?
    Then I saw this. Obviously.
    And, oh. Okay.

    It really touched me, and I’m not totally sure why, because even though I’m a bit overemotional sometimes, it’s usually not at happy things. I don’t know where this is happening.

    Just…congratulations. Yeah.

  • Irock

    That was amazing and brilliant and fantastic but for the love of God PLEASE someone tell me where I can get that HAT!
    The one Amanda is wearing in the first two pics of the wedding album?

    • Neil Gaiman

      Fleurs de Paris in New Orleans.

  • YogaGal

    Everyone loves a good bride story! Thanks for sharing yours!

  • Viraumus

    Dear Amanda,
    Your Chicago show was amazing. Thank you for that.
    And many congratulations to you and Neil on your nuptials. Nuptials has always been one of my favorite words, in part because it sounds really dirty–like some cheap Slovakian version of …anything really, I’m not really sure where I was going with that.
    Regardless of my direction, both of you are headed for maximum awesomeness.
    Thanks for being awesome.

  • taramis

    This is so beautiful and magical and amazing, and I’m incredibly amused at the logistics of the portable tea for Mr. G.

  • Acacialn

    you’re so fucking beautiful. i’m so happy for you two, i can’t even describe it. congratulations, amanda. i have loved watching you meet this man and fall in love. <3

  • insignifikunt

    I always told myself I never needed a Neil, or in his case an Amanda…Reading this makes me think I am probably wrong and it would be nice to have something like this.As a child of divorce I still find it absolutely fascinating when I see relationships that works, and your relationship is one of the most fascinating I’ve come across seeing as though you spend so much time apart and live much of your lives in the public eye. Your relationship seems to work better than most and that is pretty fucking inspirational. It’s proof that this shit can actually work.Wishing you both a lifetime of love and happiness together that just keeps growing.x

  • Matt Perron

    Why must you fuckers be so goddamned amazing?! Holy shit, I can’t even imagine doing something like that! Con-motherfucking-gradulations!

  • Kingdokk

    Now, that’s a birthday present becoming a surprise gift for us fans around the world.

  • Wedding Photographer

    The birthday surprise for him is absolutely cute, now I know what to give as a birthday present for my friend LOL!! Love your wedding story and of course the way he lost his ring LOL!! Best Wishes for the both of you

  • Adriana

    I wandered this way from Trilian’s blog on LiveJournal. Of course I know Neil through his books, and through Trilian I’ve learned of you. So, I thought I’d say–congrats and this was a wedding worth of New Orleans, and New Orleans was worth this wedding. ;)

  • Mika

    The best wedding I’ve ever heard about! So inspiring that it could only come from Neil and Amanda. Congratulations, you guys. ♥

  • natasha

    Congratulations! EFFING AWESOME!!!!

  • Gereg Muller

    Really, you need to get over this shyness problem.
    More seriously, felicitations and congratulations to the both of you.

  • Maryska

    Congratulations to the both of you! I’ve been fans of you both independently for years and had you asked me the hypothetical perfect match for Amanda Palmer or Neil Gaiman it would have been the other. ;)

    Have a wonderful life together!!!

  • Cassandra

    that was so immensely beautiful, I am crying. I wish you two all the happiness this world has to offer you.

  • Sasssaa

    Kuhaš mal? Kuhaš?

  • Guest

    Is that frances bean cobain … ?

  • Ruby

    When you are young you experiment with tea…there’s so many flavours…Orange Pekoe, Mint, Sleepytime, Chi Latte, Lemmon Zinger, and so on. I’ve dated them all. When you are older you know the tea you love and that’s that. Earl Grey with a spot of milk please.

    “Love is a friendship set to music.” Joseph Campbell

    …just don’t forget the damn tea! 

  • Becky

    I came back to visit this because it makes my heart sing, but all of the photos are gone.  Is there any chance they might come back?

  • Heinrich

    Amanda, could you possibly repost the pictures? I totally want to see the cuteness, >_<

  • Dennise R.

    I am gutted I am only seeing this so so late. The photos are now dead links :(

    I have gone to the album site which works though so yay :)

    Very beautiful indeed.

    I’ve been a fan of Neil for years and years, then, I found out we were born the same day. I then looked you up and you are amazing; and it turns out your birthday is 2 days away from my SO.

    It seems I’m destined to love you both.

    Much love,
    From somewhere in Mexico

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