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my household all left around 11 to walk down the street together to our local polling station….
i’ve never seen anything like it – the line was around the block. hundreds of people came out.

when i voted in 2004 the line was about 10 minutes.

we waited over two and a half hours to vote – and we were SO FUCKING HAPPY to wait.
volunteers were passing out donuts. there were lots of wheelchairs and crutches. lots of people had their teeny kids with them.

i live in a predominantly black and senior citizen neighborhood in boston. lots of folks, all different.
rich south end folks, poor working class folks, wicked old folks.

when we were towards the front of the line, this 25-year old black kid came out of the voting booth and yelled
“My FIRST FRICKIN VOTE, ladies and gentlemen! OBAMA!” and everyone burst into applause.

FUCK! yes!!!

snapshot from the line:

when i filled in that oval, tears came to my eyes.

mother FUCKER…..

i can’t wait. i can’t wait.
please, let this be the beginning of something new.


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