obama, obama

we americans out here on the euro-road are watching the polls and the goings-on over there with bated breath.
every time i mention the upcoming election from the stage, and the fact that we’re two weeks away hoping like mad to see a real change in our country,
the europeans go wild. just so you know: they want this as badly as we do. they’re following this election like the world depends on it (and it does, pretty much).

we are getting closer. but:


1. The polls may be wrong. This is an unprecedented election. No one knows how racism may affect what voters tell pollsters—or what they do in the voting booth. And the polls are narrowing anyway. In the last few days, John McCain has gained ground in most national polls, as his campaign has gone even more negative.

2. Dirty tricks. Republicans are already illegally purging voters from the rolls in some states. They’re whipping up hysteria over ACORN to justify more challenges to new voters. Misleading flyers about the voting process have started appearing in black neighborhoods. And of course, many counties still use unsecure voting machines.

3. October surprise. In politics, 15 days is a long time. The next McCain smear could dominate the news for a week. There could be a crisis with Iran, or Bin Laden could release another tape, or worse.

4. Those who forget history… In 2000, Al Gore won the popular vote after trailing by seven points in the final days of the race. In 1980, Reagan was eight points down in the polls in late October and came back to win. Races can shift—fast!

5. Landslide. Even with Barack Obama in the White House, passing universal health care and a new clean-energy policy is going to be hard. Insurance, drug and oil companies will fight us every step of the way. We need the kind of landslide that will give Barack a huge mandate.

-from moveon.org.

you can donate to the cause HERE:

even $5 or $10 helps them.

i’ve been contributing every few weeks to the campaign. not a ton, but a little bit here and there.
i wish i was rich enough to do a fancy matching-drive with you guys, i would….however, i’m broke at the moment.

BUT: do drop me a comment here and let me (and everyone here) know if you’ve donated time, money or effort to the campaign.
then we can all feel happy with each other.

more importantly than ANY of this:



plan your november 4th NOW.

for christ’s sake, especially if you live in the midwest in one of those scary states.

olga sent me THIS recently, and it made me so, so, sad.
it’s a clip of a terribly backwards & racist group of mccain supporters at a palin rally in ohio.

it hurts:

Highlight: “I’m afraid if he wins, the blacks will take over. He’s not a Christian! This is a Christian nation! What is our country gonna end up like?”

in rock news:
vienna fucking slayed.
munich tonight.

still owe you a london blog.


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