lon done. and please.

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i am wasted. the shows in london at the roundhouse were….fucking historic.
they truly felt like a reward for six years of effort. all of the people, all of the performers who have been with us for so long, all of the musicians we played with, my mind was just blown every time i turned the corner. the brigade was in top form, with so many people from so many countries creating absolute chaos and beauty in the lobby. have to say the roundhouse itself was a little sterile and the newly renovated architecture made it feel a little like an airport, so we had our work cut out for us. it worked, it worked. it was beautiful. friday was good, saturday was epic. we filmed, it was captured, it was real, it is over. we’re done touring for at least six months. my voice is gone. not lost, gone. will it ever come back? i miss it.

i am laid flat, can’t say much and about to get on a plane back to boston and my brain is pudding, but must say this.

for those of you in the states: please, please, please. vote tomorrow. please. please.
if you have time, go to moveon.org and make calls tonight.

a lot of you registered to vote with Music For America at our shows……
if you know you’re registered and don’t know where your voting location is, it takes three minutes of searching on the net.
if you don’t find it, google “(your city) election department” or city hall and CALL THEM. they will take your name and birthday and tell you where to go. you can do it.

michael moore said it good in an email he sent this morning, so i pass it along.



Tomorrow night, those who sent 2,800 of our soldiers to their deaths — all because of a lie the president concocted — will find out if America chooses to reward them — or remove them.

As good as things look for the Democrats, do not pop the corks and start the partying yet. Do not believe for a second that the Republicans plan on losing. They will fight like dogs for the next 24 hours — relentless, unforgiving, nonstop action to squeeze every last conservative voter out of the house on election day. While the rest of us go about our day today, tens of thousands of Republican volunteers are knocking on doors, making phone calls, and lining up rides to the polls. They’re not sleeping, they’re not eating, they’re not even watching Fox News. A day without Fox News? That’s right, that’s how insanely dedicated they are.

But the reason they have to work so hard is that, before they can get the vote out, they first have to completely turn around the massive public opinion against them. Almost 60% disapprove of Bush. Over 60% are opposed to the war. Those are landslide numbers. And the American people are not going to turn pro-war or into Bush-lovers by tomorrow morning. So it should be easy for us, right?

Yup. Just like it was when we won the popular vote in 2000 and when we were ahead in the exit polls all day long in 2004. You know the deal — the other side takes no prisoners. And just when it seems like things are going our way, the Republicans suddenly, mysteriously win the election.

Well, it’s not really that mysterious. They’re out there busting their asses this very minute, right down the street from you. What are YOU doing? You’re on a computer reading my cranky letter! Stop reading this! We have only a few hours left to wrestle control of the Congress away from these “representatives” who, if returned, will continue shipping our young men and women over there to die.

Here’s what I’m imploring you to do right now:

1. Go through your address book on your cell phone and computer and call/e-mail everyone you know. Tell them how much it would mean to you if they vote on Tuesday. If they don’t know where to vote, help them find their polling place.

2. Contact MoveOn.org ASAP. They will connect you to the folks who need you to make calls.

3. Contact your local Democratic Party headquarters. There are close races in nearly every state. They’ll put you to work — on the ground or on the phones. Or go to the local HQ for the Dem candidate running for the House of Representatives or the U.S. Senate and say, “Put me to work!”

OK, turn off the computer — and I will, too. There’s serious work to do. The good news? There’s more of us than there are of them. Let’s prove that, once and for all.

Is there anything more important that you have to do today? Nothing less than the rest of the world is depending on us.

Michael Moore


will recover soon and tell all.

lots of punk cabaret love


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