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THE FRAUD POLICE: afp gives a commencement speech to the class of 2011.

hola comrades…

strange times continue.

after my amsterdam jailbreak, i did a fantastic gig in utrecht (bless the tivoli nightclub, they let me & 300 fans squat in their club for the evening, for FREE when the numbers out-swelled our planned space) and then took off with my sister for a yoga trip. it was cut short when i got some really bad news about my best friend at home, who’s really sick. i came home early and shut down shop to be with him and his wife, and i’ve been hiding out from the internet more than usual.

i’m at neil’s right now, where his love, home-forraged mushroom soup, maddy’s english homework, walks in the muggy windy twilight, and dealing with large flatulent white german shepherds are the extent of life’s complications and are medicine for my aching soul. life and death. here we go.

here’s a picture i took the other morning in my kitchen that i like:

it’s something he always told me.

you don’t see things as they are.
you see things as you are.

or in the words of marcel proust…

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.”

this coming from a guy who spent a shitload of time sick in bed, mind you. that’ll do it.

within a day or two, i’m going to announce some TEENY TINY shows on the east coast (mostly new york city-area) and in europe. as always, the folks on the email list get the first crack at tickets.
some of these shows (especially the stateside ones) will sell out, near-immediately, so get yourself on the list PRONTO. i’ll blog the dates as soon as the tickets are on sale.
why do i do this? you always ask. i answer: i do this because I WANT TO REWARD the people who are willing to let my emails clutter their inboxes.
i love you. sign the mailing list. and share the link with friends, please. here: 

back to non-business:
i’ve been excited to post this since it happened…it’s the clip of my commencement speech to the New England Institute of Art’s Class of 2011.
i give myself an A+ for content and a B+ for delivery, but i’ll let you be the judge:

(watch on youtube / vimeo)

props to wonderful superkate who shot the footage, props to sean who edited it to look all pretty, and if you want to READ the speech…kate also transcribed the ENTIRE thing for the forum, you can read it HERE.

fuck the fraud police, and fuck plan B.


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