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The following “blog” has been lifted from an e-mail blast that went out earlier today.
You’d already have this if you were on the list; If you are, go check your email. If you aren’t, make sure to rectify that right now for next time, and read on…

people of australia,
people of new zealand,

if you haven’t been following me on twitter or reading my blog, since last we met: i got myself married, flew to australia, released an amazing music video for “map of tasmania” that michael pope directed, launched a remix contest for the track on indaba, reunited with my moxy, kicked off the tour, saw philip glass (and delivered tristan’s CD to him), played with some adorable wildlife, and met nick cave…and now? NOW i’m proud to announce that my new record IS OUT.

this album is dedicated to
you are all awesome.

EVERYONE can get it RIGHT NOW at bandcamp for as low as 69 cents. and should you be so kind as to wanna throw some money on top of that: YOU CAN, and as always, it will go directly to me.

we’re going to be launching some limited edition crazy bundle packages within the next few hours as well, so if you want to know exactly when, follow @AFPwire. to whet your appetite, here’s some of the shizzle we’re gonna be sellin’…

seen above: US digipack import CD; WE ARE THE MEDIA merch including shirts, screenprinted posters, a sexy screenprinted tie, pilsner glasses, beer cozies, a metallic patch, stickers & buttons; other odd THINGS like a pillowcase, AFP-branded vegemite, bumper stickers, and more.

if you’re IN AUSTRALIA, you can (hopefully) find the record at your favorite music-selling-establishment. if you do (or don’t for that matter), TELL US ABOUT IT. also, JB hi-fi’s been selling the CD, and i signed a bunch for them to sell. the first batch SOLD OUT, so i just did some more (and had some fun while doing so). see?

go get it. somewhere. bandcamp, post-war-trade, JB hifi, a brick and mortar real-life shop if you’re down under…it’s fucking awesome. and the artwork is gorgeous.
again, follow @AFPwire, and you’ll be the first to know when the bundle’s are going on sale, or if you just want the digital you can get it now, RIGHT HERE.

meanwhile…as i’ve mentioned
michael fucking pope created a monster. i think it’s the best video we’ve ever done together, and even if you’re having an utter shit day, watch it and i assure you you’ll have a smile on your face for at least two and a half minutes.

(view it on youtube or vimeo)

we filmed this back in december at pope’s place in brooklyn. here’s a blog which goes into much more detail and has a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos. and if you like it, TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT. post on your facebook walls, IM your friends…go nuts. and if you tweet it, use the #MapOfTasmania hash-tag so we can read your musings)…

and in february or so, we’re gonna release it for sale bundled with a remix EP…

“remix??” you say…
YES! to coincide with the launch of the video, we’re doing a REMIX CONTEST (something i’ve wanted to do FOREVA). it’s HERE at indaba music, where you’ll see you can WIN A THOUSAND BUCKS if you win. go download the stems and create your own version, using any software you want with indaba’s free remixer. there’s already a bunch there too, so have a listen to your competition, do that shit up, upload it, and tell the world. tweet using the #AFPrmx hash-tag so that people can check it out and vote.

hal and i have been listening to ‘em and helping judge, and some of the winners will not only win some scrilla but also be added to that remix EP we’re putting together.

big. bucket. of. win.

and now, my friends, here is some info on the tour dates…
the support acts are – as usual – all incredible. check the facebook RSVP’s for more info on each show, but you’ll definitely see some jason webley action, you’ll spy the jane austen arguement, and mikelangelo and his back-up band are playing with me at select shows…there’s also this weirdo named neil gaiman showing up at the sydney opera house….)

January 26 SYDNEY (Sydney Opera House)
w/ Neil Gaiman, Mikelangelo and the Black Sea Gentlemen, and more!

January 30 NEWCASTLE (Great Northern)
$34.70 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 1 CANBERRA (James O Fairfax Theatre)
$55.80 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 4 PERTH (Fly By Night)
$53 | ALL AGES (see below) | TICKETS | RSVP
Under 18s must attend with parent/legal guardian – more info HERE

February 10 BYRON BAY (Great Northern)
$55.60 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 12 BRISBANE (The Old Museum)
$55.60 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 17 WELLINGTON (Webstock)
CLINIC – w/ Jason Webley
$375+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 18 WELLINGTON (Webstock)
CONCERT – w/ Jason Webley
$375+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 19 WELLINGTON (Bodega)

$40 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 22 CHRISTCHURCH (Al’s Bar)

$40 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 23 AUCKLAND (Kings Arms Tavern)

$40 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

February 26 MELBOURNE (Forum Theatre)
w/ Mikelangelo & The Tin Star, The Jane Austen Argument
and other special guests TBA!
$57.90 | 16+ (see below) | TICKETS | RSVP
16 & 17s must be accompanied by adult throughout duration of show

March 2 ADELAIDE (Fringe Festival)
w/ Evelyn Evelyn
$45 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

March 2 ADELAIDE (Fringe Festival)
AFP SOLO (no Jason or twins)
$45 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

March 3 ADELAIDE (Fringe Festival)
AFP SOLO (no Jason or twins)
$45 | 18+ | TICKETS | RSVP

see you soon, my warm little vegemites…..
i hope that you love the album as much as i do.

(by marlene diaz, taken from the new @AFPart twitter account.)


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