spicks&specks / important newses coming.

hola comrades.
i still have an epic australia blog to share, but i think it should wait a few days.
you’ll see why soon.
please check in with me tomorrow. i gots some really important news.
in the meantime….
i’ll be on ABC australia’s “spicks and specks” april 7th at 8:30pm AET (melbourne). unfortunately as this is an australian TV show, it’ll only air in oz, but you can check out this thread on the box where people might be kind enough to share clips and whatnot should they find some. check out the S&S website for more info, be sure to tune in if you can, and watch for a blog tomorrow morning (april 6 eastern standard time)…
p.s. jason, sxip & i started evelyn evelyn rehearsals today. this tour is going to be one of the funnest things i ever done did in my life. tour dates are selling out slowly but surely. go get tickets!
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