solidarity is never solid.

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good morning loves,

here i am – being bad and cranking up my phone before out of bed but some days you just gotta do what you gotta do

a quick word to all of you about the womens march…because i know this is an issue that resonates with you as much as it does with me.

since i’ve been buried under an album release and taking care of a three year old with no co-parent around, i’m only just catching up on the fracturing surrounding the womens march as i get up and ready to march today in my own small town. aie aie aie.

(you can start here and dig back…but basically it’s the same factioning-off and infighting that you see in any huge movement: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/19/us/womens-march-2019.html).

it’s sad but it’s not surprising. listen:‪ ‬consensus is impossible. no two people will ever agree on a perfect feminism. know yer history. suffrage, civil rights…all filled with infighting and people getting left behind – or staying behind – as the march marched on.

we shouldn’t expect this to be easy or simple.‪ ‬but it’s disheartening. WHY CAN’T WE JUST GET THIS RIGHT?? whatever happened to SOLIDARITY?

solidarity is never solid. progress is like water. sometimes ice, sometimes steam, takes many shapes, and we ain’t always in the same shape at the same time.

but we are all H20. all human. all the time.

here’s my ask of all you, my patrons…

no matter what you are doing today – do SOMETHING. walk your goddamn feet, literally or figuratively, towards progress. support your local march, or call/email a rep about your local reproductive laws, or just walk around the gas station with “i will survive” on your phone speakers full blast everywhere you go.

comment here. i am reading. i will be proud of you.

tell me if you’re marching or spending your day fighting for feminism by taking care of your fucking SELF today because you’re in recovery.

whatever way you look at it, all women are marching together today.

marchin’ to grocery stores, marchin’ to jobs…some of us, who can, with signs & banners.

infighting happens, but onward we march.

as one giant ocean of progress.

away from voicelessness.

towards a future.

towards equality.

let’s do it people.

i’ll be marching in woodstock (starting at 11 am) if anybody’s around. i MIGHT BRING A UKULELE and hop up and say something. wave if you see me


oh and all you men who may feel alienated by this post, this marching, this whole feminism hoo-ha, i’m talking to you too.

this isn’t just about women’s issues. this is about everybody. no women’s rights, no evolved planet.

here’s something i tweeted yesterday:


i mean it

love you all

stay warm

stay solid (or dripping, or evaporating, whatever your chosen form today, jedis)





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