quarantine poem thread.

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hello loves.

i wanted to write last night, and i was hoping to write a long thoughtful thing today … but it all got away from me, again.

the to-do tasks of the current moment seem to be written on fine sand, and every day is a tidal wave that wipes the whole beach clean every few minutes.

i’m past apologizing. there is no point. this all is what it is.

the time it takes to do things is the time it takes. the time to fall in love. the time to fall out. the time it takes to wash a dog. the time it takes to endure a global crisis. there is no app for that, my loves.

i did think it would be nice to post this poem that wayne just sent me.

if you have a good poem to share right now, whether you wrote it long ago, wrote it because you’re moved right now in this very moment….or it’s just a good time to google and cut and paste some keats or some emily dickinson or maya angelou…just go for it. it can be a nice repository for others on the internet, too.

carpe diem, post a poem, o captains my captains.

ill try to write in the next few days but it’ll be hard, we are taking two family days to just do chores and spend time with ash. xanthea and ash made a craft easter basket and tonight she and i stuffed it with chocolate eggs for his easter bunny surprise tomorrow.

he asked today, on a walk, why none of the children would play with him. the heart. it breaks.

it is hard. it is hard. i know you know. i am still making my way through all of your comments on the main thread.

the response is coming.

the mind of time is slowly baring it’s belly to the universe.


For The Time Of Necessary Decision

The mind of time is hard to read.
We can never predict what it will bring,
Nor even from all that is already gone
Can we say what form it finally takes;
For time gathers its moments secretly.
Often we only know it’s time to change
When a force has built inside the heart
That leaves us uneasy as we are.

Perhaps the work we do has lost its soul
Or the love where we once belonged
Calls nothing alive in us anymore.

We drift through this gray, increasing nowhere
Until we stand before a threshold we know
We have to cross to come alive once more.

May we have the courage to take the step
Into the unknown that beckons us;
Trust that a richer life awaits us there,
That we will lose nothing
But what has already died;
Feel the deeper knowing in us sure
Of all that is about to be born beyond
The pale frames where we stayed confined,
Not realizing how such vacant endurance
Was bleaching our soul’s desire.

~ John O’Donohue ~


Often we only know it’s time to change 

When a force has built inside the heart 

That leaves us uneasy as we are.

to this, i nod.




ps the header photo was ash this morning. i came into the living room and he had peeled all the cushions off the couch and found a pencil hidden amongst the under-pillow debris. when i asked him what he was doing, he said: “i am writing an audiobook.”



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