PLOT TWIST! MERRY XMAS you can hear the whole record, TODAY. about “NPR first listen”

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oh my GOD y’all.

are you ready for a bomb? YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE RECORD.


plot twist. sorry. but sometimes amazing things happen.

it’s been a….week. jesus christ. i just got off the phone after doing three long back-to-back interviews with journalists in austria and germany, including one interview in which the journalist wrapped up the last few album-related questions….

….then he launched into his own painful miscarriage story, set against the backdrop of having been woken up this morning by his young (very alive) son wandering into his bedroom to get a cuddle, after which the journalist went into his office and listened to my entire record and broke down weeping.


i suppose. holy shit.



remember how i posted that robin hilton from NPR’s “all songs considered” absolutely loved the record?

well, it went up the chain to their head music office and NPR has just granted me an incredible opportunity: they’ve asked if they can add the whole, finished album to a feature  they call “first listen”, which means they’re going to stream the album for the next week before it hits stores.

the other artists currently being featured on the site are heavyweights: patty griffin, townes van zandt. it’s…a huge honor.

THERE WAS NO WAY I WAS GOING TO SAY NO TO THIS….it’s an amazing chance, and i knew you’d understand. the NPR audience is exactly the audience i think needs to hear (and will love and embrace) this kind of record.

HOWEVER….i don’t want you all to feel shafted…so the team is scrambling to get the album downloads to EVERYONE (yes, even the $1 folks) TOMORROW. merry early christmas!!!!!! you’ll get downloads as usual: in mp3 format AND in wav format.

when i send the download, i will officially charge y’all for the record. (this post is public and free). then the album will be “up in the real world” (on bandcamp, itunes, spotify. etc etc etc) on the official release date: march 8th. that’s also when my distribution partners (cooking vinyl) will have shipped all the records/CDs to stores so you can waltz into actual brick n mortar and buy it with cash money.

and that’s the day, march 8th, when i’ll ask you to go scream from the rooftops about it.

though if you’re feeling help-y, i would be totally happy for you to tweet/comment/RT the NPR tweet, or comment on their facebook post about the record, as a way of saying thanks (from us) for the help (from them).

and on Real World Release Day, march 8th – which is international women’s day – i’ll also be releasing the “voicemail for jill” video directed by amber sealey. it’s….unbelievably good.


you can stream THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION on NPR here:

from the review written by NPR music’s stephen thompson:

“There Will Be No Intermission reads at once like a diary, a manifesto, a chapter book and a letter to a friend. It’s almost unfathomably ambitious.”

YAS. QUEEEN. IT IS!!!!!!!!!


please, please, please….do me a favor.

you know what kind of record this is.

don’t listen to it on shitty speakers while distracted.

if you’re busy today……wait.

i’ve waited 7 fucking years to make this fucker and put it out.

you can wait to get to a good pair of speakers or headphones.


go home.

pour a tea.

pour a wine.

turn off the lights.


close eyes.

it’s meant to be listened to in one sitting if you can.

do it.

and i am holding my breath……

please, tell me what you think. i fly to toronto tomorrow for less than 12 hours of press, but i will be reading every single comment on this post and answering any single question you may have about the record. i am here.

this album has been my life’s work, our work, the work of the patreon.

do not forget that this album wouldn’t have happened without you. i don’t just mean the expensive recording.

i mean the actual songs.

you helped me.

you supported and held me.

now let me hold you.


one note:

many of you have already pre-ordered the physical album (if you haven’t you still have time:

and i will stop talking, so you can go listen to the goddamn record i poured my life into.

and stay tuned, more coming later tonight in the giant, febraury althing.

i said there would be no intermission.

i meant it.

i love you all so much.

i’m already in tears over here.

thank you.

thank you.

thank you.





oh shit….speaking of public radio, the minute i press post on this i am heading to the studios of WNYC, the bestest public radion station in new york, to do a long live session and interview.

tune in if you can….2 pm NYC time, here:

(click on “listen live” at the top of the page).

and it’ll be archived, i’ll post the link in the althing tonight in case you can’t tune in.

*waves while slamming the door to get to that thing on time*


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