the NINJA TED line-up, REVEALED!!!!

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hallo loves!!

greetings from TED 2018, where i am off my tits exhausted from the pacific northwest tour (will post a blog with lots of photos and stories when i get a chance…at this point, in like 10 days) and i am SLAMMING AHEAD with TEDness, stuffing my brain full of talks here in vancouver for the next five days. i’ll try to post as many things as possible on feeds (mostly twitter & instragram, stay tuned, and i’ll try to throw together a patreon post too, FUCK am i behind, this is my life, too much living and not enough time to blog. it’ll happen LATER.)….AND as is tradition, i’m organizing/throwing my annual NINJA TED for the folks of vancouver to benefit the food bank.

the tradition of NINJA TED is now long and storied, but it all started back in 2014 when i tweeted for a little space to do a ninja gig in, and the fucking VOGUE THEATER (which fits 1,100 people) tweeted back and were like “uh, we don’t have a show tomorrow. want to come here?” and i was like “uh, are you serious?” and THUS NINJA TED WAS BORN!

the whole idea was that TED is expensive, there isn’t a whole lot of community bridging between the TED conference and the peoples of vancouver, and i like being able to bring an element of un-sctructuredness into what is otherwise a super-highfalutin and fancy conference for the people coming to speak and perform, and we get to all share knowledge with each other FOR UNDER $20!! WHEEEEEE.

here are a couple of amazing articles to make you excited about what you will see:



seriously, how can you lose with a headline like “Pregnant Communist Amanda Palmer Leads Illuminati Takeover of the Vogue”. THAT IS WINNING AT LIFE.

it’s ON!!!! this is NINJA TED #4!!!!! that first year i also tweeted for a volunteer stage manager and got the wonderful local sarah shandl to help me out, and she’s helped me for ALL FOUR YEARS running now to put on this glorious benefit for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. the first year i just tweeted to the food bank and they showed up with buckets and we made a few grand! now we’ve gotten all PRO and we actually sell TICKETS! and help fundraise officially.

wheeee, real.

if you know anything about vancouver, you know that the homeless problem here is out of control…and the food bank always needs help. it’s so wonderful to be able to come back and do this every year and give them some dough. PLUS, i get to rope in all my crazy local musician friends and friends from TED and get a PROPER CHAOS HOOTENANNY GOING ON!!!

everyone will be on stage for about 5-10 minutes!!

here’s the BEAUTIFUL poster (main image at the top of the post), designed by andrew nelson! we will be selling these in the lobby to benefit the food bank….

THE SHOW IS ALL AGES!!! bring your little ones!
the doors are at 7:30pm, please be on time!

there are still a few tickets, but they’re almost gone.
you can get tickets and find out more HERE:

the tickets are $19.99 and 100% of the profit goes to the greater vancouver food bank after we pay our hard-working staff, the venue, and food and booze for the performers (and a couple of the musicians who need to cover transport costs!)

if you can’t come and you want to donate, please do, EVERY BIT WILL HELP!

we have a special, trackable donation link for you:

(as you can see we’ve already raised $1,250 from some generous people/friends at TED who are on the guestlist, thank you.)

and drum roll……HERE IS THIS YEAR’S LINE UP!!!

CARNIVAL BAND (local vancouver mayhem!!!)



SARAH PARCAK (space archeologist!!)


sarah has three TED talks, “Archaeology from space“, “Hunting for Peru’s lost civilizations — with satellites” and “Help discover ancient ruins — before it’s too late

MARIA POPOVA (brainpicker/book enthusiast!!)


maria shares some of her favorite books relating to dreams and dreaming for in “How our dreams illuminate our lives: A reading list

ADAM FOSS (juvenile justice reformer!)


adam’s TED talk is off the hook, “A prosecutor’s vision for a better justice system

JOSEPH GORDON LEVITT (actor, maker of people making things!!)




GEOFF BERNER (local vancouver accordionist!)



EMILY NAGOSKI (PhD-carrying sex educator!!!)


here’s emily’sTEDx talk “Confidence and joy are the keys to a great sex life

NEIL GAIMAN (writer/man with funny accent!)



JASON WEBLEY (troubadour/accordionist/storyteller/twin!!)



SARAH KAY (spoken word bad-ass!!)


sarah has two TED talks, “If I should have a daughter … ” and “How many lives can you live?





JOSHUA ROMAN (mind-blowing cellist!)



joshua has three TED talk performances videos you can watch: “On violin and cello, “Passacaglia“, “The dancer, the singer, the cellist … and a moment of creative magic” and “A human-robot dance duet


DAVID KWONG (magician!! on….left)


david’s mainstage talk, “the science of illusion”:


ADAM SAVAGE (mythbuster!!)


adam has three TED talks: “My love letter to cosplay“, “How simple ideas lead to scientific discoveries” and “My obsession with objects and the stories they tell


JARON LANIER (computer philosophy writer!!)


jaron’s TEDxSF talk: “You Are Not a Gadget


YOURS TRULY, AMANDA PALMER (feelings and ukulele researcher!)


and if you haven’t seen my TED talk yet you can watch, HERE: “The art of asking

we may add one or two more CRAZY GUESTS, STAY TUNED.


for you patrons who are going FUUUUCKKKK WHY CANT I COME>>>don’t worry! at the VERY LEAST we are PRO-AUDIO RECORDING THIS and will Thing it. and we may be able to get a live stream going as long as we can find someone! if we stream, we will post link here. the event itself will probably start at around 8pm (vancouver time) tomorrow night.






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