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holiday santa candle BANGS holiday turkey candle (part two of the new dolls doc)

i’m landed in melbourne, and so fucking happy to be here. the weather is summery and glorious.
tom dickins charioted us from teh airport, the nice lady from the telstra cell phone company saw neil’s tweets and offered to get us some free SIM cards,
i opened up the paper to see that nick cave and warren ellis are down the street from us at a recording studio as we speak, we’re having dinner with tom stoppard, and i spent the morning drinking coffee, experimenting with liking vegemite, and throwing balls to toby the jock dog.

now tell me that life here is not amazing.

to celebrate the wonderful weather, neil and i have been sitting on a couch, engulfed in headphones, listening to the recordings of our tour, choosing tracks for the kickstarter record….listening back is wonderful and painful and hilarious and is giving our marriage something fun to argue about when we run out of other things to argue about (our two recent favorites are FOOD and POLITENESS).

i’m so happy to see him, i missed his british ass something fierce. also, having him here in australia with me instead of landing here on my own makes our marriage feel somehow realer. like we’re two people who actually do things together.


the second part of the dolls documentary is up, i just watched it.

this one gets very down and dirty….brian and i discuss our sex life with each other (TMI FTW!!!) and i have to say, the closing scene with us holding hands after we climb into our bunks almost made me cry.
we still do that.

and the part where the holiday santa candle BANGS the holiday turkey candle….classic.
note how the turkey then takes on the more “difficult” sex questions as the interviewer.

displacement works.

i love it.


(here’s episode 2 on youtube if you wanna watch/like/comment there)

…episode 3 goes up on FRIDAY (tomorrow, depending where in the world you are)…if you wanna know when it goes up, subscribe to the youtube and vimeo channels…




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