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today’s the day. thanks for all your amazing feedback (and follow up feedback….).

THIS IS IT! if you click on the above or head back to my main page, you will be DELIGHTED.

along with the new reward tiers, i am also releasing a brand new, updated PATREON VIDEO (wheeee!!!!) filmed by the incredible jim batt & kim boekbinder, who you may remember from filming my original patreon video (and the theatre is evil kickstarter video). we have a trilogy going!!! i don’t know what we are going to do for part four. we have discussed trying to shoot on the actual moon.

take a minute to watch the video first, it’s embedded at the top of the post (just press playyyyy). if you’re reading this post on email, click through….

i’m really happy with it – it expressed the uninhibited & chaotic JOY that the patreon has brought me (and hopefully, you). we recorded it at me & neil’s house in woodstock and all over our neighborhood in upstate new york this past summer (if you’re local you’ll recognize a lot of the landmarks), and jim & kim (and their assistant editor, numidas) has been working on the edit since we filmed it to get the music and the timing right.

i thought about “thinging” it (it wasn’t cheap) but i decided not to: this is a super promotional moment, it doesn’t contain actual new music (although i did think about doing that)….plus the fact that i’m thinging this whole month…this one’s, er, on me.

i hope you love it.

even though it was made, more or less, to entice new people into the patreon….when i look at it, it’s almost more of a thank-you letter than anything else.

these past three years of patreon has been literally life-changing and i have all of you to thank, deeply – especially you 3,000 folks who were here from the start. so think of this video as a giant thank-you letter.


here are the new tiers, which you can now pledge to starting NOW!!! if you are already a patron, you can edit your pledge (here’s how). if you are pledging to any of the new tiers, please carefully read the information below:






this is the biggest addition…..these “art in the mail” packages will be sent out a few times a year (prob about 3-4 times, with a focus around the holidays). i will always let you know right before i mail them out, as i’ll need to make sure i have your most up-to-date mailing address. the art will be beautifully-created-and-packaged offerings designed by either me or one of my collaborators, and all will do a beautiful dance with the patreon. it may be a limited print of a watercolor, it may be an animated unique original drawing from a stop-motion video project, it may be an original piece of art because i do a project with a bunch of freaks and we create 200 things. it could be a stereoscopic pop-up card (like we did with the limited kickstarter edition of theatre is evil). it could be a little zine. it could be a laser-cut piece of wood. IT COULD BE SOCKS. if we can fit it in the mail, we’re gonna do it….

this stuff takes a LOT of time and energy from my team, which is why it’s so pricey. remember when i had to mail out 25,000 different packages to kickstarter supporters all over the world, a lot of it signed? it was hell. but we did it. and one of the biggest learning lessons from the free “fix your own shit” thank-you cards i sent out to patrons last year was the international shipping timelines – some patrons will simply have to wait longer to receive a package based on conditions outside of our control (local postal systems, international delays etc.). so if you are in this tier be aware international shipping may mean a staggered arrival, and if you’re in the signed art in the mail tier, these cards may come to you later than the non-signed ones, depending on where i am in the world signing the cards from.

that all being said, this is gonna be AWESOME.

i love the mail.

long live the mail!!!





all of the above, but your Art In The Mail will be personalized to whomever you want (including You). you’ll also have guestlist access (+1) when i come to town. we’ve been doing that for the $100 patrons and it’s been working out great – hayley pretty much coordinates everything. since i’m going to be touring a lot (all over the world) in 2019, this is exciting. if a LOT of people sign up for this and we have over 30+ patrons at this level in any given city, i may even add secret free shows just for these patrons. see more below


**NOT NEW, but reminding!** OLD-SCHOOL POSTCARD TIER (aka the $100 tier)



this is the ONLY tier that has a limited capacity, i’m keeping this at 30 patrons max. this is a really special group since most of these patrons have been with me since the beginning. some patrons here may switch to other reward tiers so i anticipate a few spaces opening up now. patrons in this tier will continue to get everything that was previously offered to them (guestlist +1, postcards) but now with the addition of the signed art in the mail cards.





this is harcore. you get all of the above (including my handwritten postcards), guestlist access +2 guests at any show, AND when i release new merchandise, anyone in this tier can opt-in for it. for instance….right now, i’m making a new, beautiful poster to be sold at the NINJA TED show in vancouver next month, to raise some extra money to benefit the vancouver greater food bank….



these posters will be the first merch offering to this tier. we’ll email you every time new merch is available so you don’t need to keep obsessive track.
note: to make sure things go smoothly for this reward tier, you’ll be eligible for any new merch after you’ve been in the tier for at least one month.



the super-angel $1,000 tier, aka ALL THE THINGS, aka HOLY SHIT.



i discussed this in the last post…this one is back, and i’ve made the slots limitless. if you’re here to help that much, we will figure it out. i’ve added two new $1k patrons in the last few weeks (hi birdy & michael) and it’s already a bounty of awesomeness and no-holds-barred reciprocal art-love. if you’ve got this kind of dough and want to direct it straight into the arts, blammo. we are here for you.



this is me making the new little icons for the patreon page (go look at it all, we just uploaded everything and it’s so so pretty and i love a day when i wind up with marker all over me).



and….some fine print about guest list n stuff:

first off: important information about GUESTLIST ACCESS for ART IN THE MAIL, SIGNED ART IN THE MAIL, EVERYTHING IN THE MAIL and ALL THE THINGS reward tiers….

all the reward tiers $75 and above offer guestlist access/spots. i live in the world of constant shows & theater & rock and roll and take for granted that everybody knows how a guestlist works, but i know not everybody does.

so for the super-uninitiated (if you never go to shows): a guestlist is literally a Guest List – it’s a PHYSICAL LIST at the box office where people pick up their tickets for a show. if you’re on the guestlist, the venue has your name, you rock up to the box office, you give your name (sometimes you have to show ID to prove you’re You), you pick up your free ticket(s) and/or VIP/aftershow pass(es) and you proceed along with the rest of the crowd. the $75 and $100 reward tiers are offering +1 guestlist access (which means “you plus 1 guest of your own”) and the $250 tier +2 means “you plus 2 guests of your own”). if you are in these tiers you can only request guestlist access for yourself – these spots are not transferable to your friends in other cities. previously, guestlist was offered *only* to the $100 tier, and 99.9% the time i was able to make it happen, but there can be some restrictions depending on the shows…for instance, if i’m playing a huge festival (like glastonbury or coachella) or supporting another artist, guestlist space can be limited or non-existent.

if i’m playing a headlining AFP show, i always have a decent-sized list, and i am making it a priority this year to have a deliberately sizable guestlist so i can accommodate my patrons in big cities, even if that means i have to buy tickets to my own show, or (yum….) create special-patron only events, which i will do if enough patrons (like 30+) sign up in one city (i’m expecting this may happen in london new york, boston, melbourne etc).

whenever new shows are announced and you want to go, if you’re in these reward tiers, you can email hayley and we’ll sort you. the earlier you request tickets the better – please do not wait til the last minute.if you wait until a week before the show to let us know you want to go or if a show sells out, it’s harder to guarantee tickets, as the lists do fill up fast sometimes.

remember, we’re experimenting!!!




we’re doing this in real-time, and together, we are changing the way communities work on patreon and online in general. there aren’t many (if any) examples or handbooks on how to do this…so we’re creating the rules and regs as we go along. when putting up these rewards – especially the ones that are offering physical stuff-in-the-mail, there’s no way for us to know how many people will pledge for them, so it can be a little tricky. if you ever notice anything funky, or have feedback or suggestions, TELL US!

i’m here, hayley’s here, my whole internet and management team’s here, we’re listening. if you have any general questions about my patreon, i have a little frequently asked questions page set up: and as always, you can send an email to and we’ll sort you.
if you have questions about patreon itself or about anything specific to your account or payments, you can also always reach out to patreon directly through their support page or on twitter at @patreonsupport.

also: WE ARE READING COMMENTS ON THIS POST really carefully, so feel free to comment down here and you’re pretty guaranteed to get an answer.

also, i’m open to other ideas, apart from socks, for the art in the mail tier.

i will not mail hand-painted live animals in the mail.

PHEW ok.

GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




afp (& team AFP)



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