2012.01.03 blog

brisbane ninja gig tomorrow afternoon!!!

brisvegas ninja action is back.

tomorrow, thursday.
1 pm.
all ages.
at a very very very bad-ass location very centrally located.

a request: ALL ATTENDEES PLEASE DRESS IN SOLID COLORS; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white, black (and if necessary, gray or brown)
that means, please try and find the same colored pants & shirt…the same colored shirt + shoes + pants + headwear = A++++++++

here’s a hint where it’s going to be:


follow the twitter for exact spot….
then see you all at the tivoli for the dresden dolls’ show
7 pm doors. please, get to the venue on time…the Jane Austen argument is on around 7:30, the bedroom philosopher hits quickly thereafter, and THIS JUST IN: we’re going to have a very special performance by BRIEFS (all male, all vaudeville, all trash)…don’t miss anything!!!


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