public webcast *tonight* at 11PM UK time.

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(public post)

my dears.


surprise: webcast tonight. for every-every-body. i’ve been having a rough couple days, and i know y’all have been too, especially in the states. i just did a webcast for the $10+ patrons (the archive is public, though, here) but i wanna talk to everybody so here we go….i  will be doing a live webcast tonight at 11PM tonight because fuck it. here is where you do the time-zone math:



set an alarm, write it on a post it note. lets meet up right here at 11: https://huzza.io/amandapalmer/live-stream/live-webcast-june-15th-2016


i’ll go for an hour-ish? who knows.


bring love.

i need a hug.





ps: in happy news…today was SINGING SAW on the record I’m making with Edward Ka-Spel!! I just posted a little live video to Facebook … go see

(facebook is being silly and not allowing the direct link so just scroll down the page a bit, it is there!)

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