I’m 40.

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hello loves.


I showed up on April 30, 1976.


“The mirror-like coating on the back of an antique mirror, whether made with tin and mercury or a thin sheet of silver, tarnishes or oxidizes over time. This results in dark or blotchy spots visible through the glass when looking at the front of the mirror. If you’ve ever looked at a mirror you know to be antique, you may have recognized this effect when seeing your reflection. On a true antique mirror in a frame, the oxidation is probably greatest near the bottom, as moisture from cleaning the mirror seeps down behind the frame and may soak the mirror backing at times. If the oxidation looks too even or uniform, the piece may not be antique. Look for scratches that seem they’ve been there for a long time as well, as they may indicate a true antique.”




i’m spending the day mostly offline, but I needed to grab my phone for a quick Patreon post, because you guys mean the world to me…my strange and beautiful and wonderful and imperfectly perfect human family, on whom I coast, with whom I fly.


thank you guys for

keeping me real

helping me work


providing the frame on which I hang the expression of my life.


this Patreon experiment, and the success of the art that we’ve made together, has given me a faith in humanity beyond what I thought possible. it’s truly blowing my mind, the fact that you keep trusting me to make art on my own terms. I’ve never felt so empowered in my life.


you have no idea how much I love all of you.


I am so overwhelmingly grateful to be




to be an artist


to be a mother


to be a member of the crashing human party


here we go….


….to the future, to the next decade, to all of you, to this strange journey we are all on together. it’s a crazy ride….lets help each other stumble along, shall we?


look for scratches that seem they’ve been there for a long time as well, as they may indicate a true antique.


I love you all.


celebrate every fucking breath.





ps if you want to give me something for my 40th birthday, I’d ask this: go onto the Internet, somewhere, anywhere, or do some thinking and email a friend….and share something I have made. something old, something new, a song, the ted talk, the book, a favorite live clip – a piece of art. pass it along to someone. that is the best gift…ever.


pps I’ll read all comments tomorrow. going offline again to go eat some guacamole. xxx


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