my article for the new statesman

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here it be..


i’m very proud of it, and very happy to share it with you guys here….

i’m also proud of the fact that i knocked out a watercolor to go with the piece the NIGHT before it was due because they wanted an image to go alongside the article and were going to use a photo of dzhokhar tsarnaev (the same one that was used on the controversial rolling stone cover)..and i was like, uh, wait, i have a better idea. look closely.




i’m not the world’s best artist, but i do love drawing and painting. be careful of complimenting my watercolor skills or i’ll wind up getting the bright idea to make “things” out of twee watercolors of flowers and penisis and cats and babies and stuff….it could get ugly. i could turn into THAT woman.

anyway, off topic.

i’m really proud of this article. both neil and jamy (my book doula) helped edit it down, thanks to them both.





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