best. birthday. ever.

This blog was originally posted to The Dresden Dolls Diary.


today it’s my birthday. i am 32.

for my birthday I walked alone from 13th street all the way to penn station with no sunglasses and the sun beating in my eyes.

for my birthday I bought a big container of watermelon slices from a bodega and ate them in under three minutes.

for my birthday I walked through the park and got to see a boy with curly long hair sitting on a bench reading franny and zooey by jd salinger.

for my birthday I walked into a bra store and looked at all the pretty things.

for my birthday I devoured a cappuccino and a vanilla bread pudding heated up and smothered with frosting and strawberries and bananas.

for my birthday I got the new york times with a big picture of obama on the cover and felt my heart go thump thump maybe he’ll be our president and the world won’t die.

for my birthday I got a flower, and a poster of my favorite wim wenders movie, and text messages and voicemails and emails and I felt loved.

for my birthday I stood at the bottom of the empire state building and looked all the way up to the top.

for my birthday I gave a five dollar bill to a guy playing saxophone in union sqaure station.

for my birthday I ate french food with french wine and then italian food with italian wine and got drunk and am not hungover. but I feel sort of fat.

for my birthday I’m going to see eddie izzard.

for my birthday I did graffiti.

for my birthday I got a soy shake and drank it while I waited for the seven train to take me out of queens.

for my birthday I put on my headphones and listened to “everybody’s gotta live” over and over and again and again and lip-synced along and slapped my hand against my thigh in the train and people stared and I smiled at them.

for my birthday I bought that same shirt that john lennon wore in that great photograph even thouigh its a total cliche.

for my birthday I let myself fall in love all day. and its only 6 o’clock.

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