11/29/04 – Berlin, GER

This blog was originally posted to The Dresden Dolls Diary.

I went to my tenth high school reunion just before leaving for europe.

alcohol – 1
amanda – 0

Ah, not only did the good old days wash over me with an infinite sea of hi-I-hear-you’re-doing-very-wells but I tasted the sweet taste of being hungover and ill in an airport. My late teens and early twenties all over again.
Thank fucking god they’re gone.

I simply pray that I didn’t do anything more embarrassing than my clouded memory can dredge up.

I did get to feel the re-creation of an ultimate High School Moment. I was in the ladies room of the trashy euro-bar
that housed the reunion, relating to some old friends the story of whacking off in physics(how, you ask? cleverly, and under multiple large, flowing, gothic skirts) while staring directly into the eyes of the ultimate heather-like volleyball girl who I considered my spiritual nemesis (thinking, as I achieved orgasm, something terribly arrogant along the lines of “you will never be free, you will never be free….”). As I finished relating the story in the reunion bathroom, a heather-like friend of the ultimate heather appeared out of a nearby stall and looked at me, flipping heather-yet-now-soccer-mom hair and said: “Yeah right”, while rolling her eyes heavenward and storming out of the bathroom. Ah, right back at home. Of course, I took the opportunity to relate this story to anyone who was willing to listen for the rest of the night.

Several drinks later, I snogged the football-team-captain-freak-basher who used to make my life a living helln after a short discussion and mutual truce. A large crowd gathered around us in a circle and applauded. A very West Side Story Moment.
I’ve since emailed my friend M. to see if anything of a less tasteful nature occurred.

Writing it all here in my public confessional makes me feel better, but I’m actually pretty horrified with myself. There was my chance to put them all to shame with my newly-found adulthood and maturity and I probably came off like a loudmouthed and bloated fool. In my defense, the fog of insecurity in the room was so thick that barely anyone could see straight and the open bar didn’t help. I’ll make up for it in 2014.

Berlin is as I always experience it: large, empty, cold and hard to find.

I woke up at 5 am this morning and took a long walk listening to the Avril CD. I swear, it’s like a disease. I’ve concluded that listening to this CD, the ultimate guilty pleasure, is about as punk-rock as it gets. The only true rebellion lies in doing the truly unacceptable. I also haven’t been tempted to listen to ANYTHING on a walkman since I was around 18. I put my finger on this morning over breakfast: if I had bought this CD at 12, I’d be addicted, and wouldn’t feel the shame of listening to such terrible, corporate, superficial over processed shite, because I hadn’t quite turned into a music snob yet and was perfectly happy listening to pop that made me smile.

Nowadays, when I listen to the music I loved at 12, it brings me back to a very specific feeling. The feeling belongs very specifically to my twelve-year-old self, a direct nostalgic connection to a solid spot.

But by listening to Avril, I have actually harnessed the power of the twilight zone and am able to re-live being 12 from a fresh perspective. How common is that?

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