BERLIN: hilfe! afp & neil seeking a good dinner party spot…

meine liebe berliners!

ok, ich liebe euch und ich habe ein geburtstag un auch ich habe hunger und auch ich muss unbedingt wein trinken.

neil and i and a party of twelve spectacular humans including neil’s daughter holly, my sister & her guy, my cousins and the whole evelyn evelyn crew are seeking a bad-ass spot to celebrate my birthday which is a day off from the Evelyn Evelyn tour in berlin, on april 30th.

where should we go? hilfe!!! better yet, can you host us?

ideal: we want to find somewhere special and wild and beautiful in berlin with actually good, healthy, amazing food, where we can hang out all night drinking and being InLove. food and atmosphere need to be weighed equally. (ie…we could head to white trash, where i have a bunch of pals, but we’d wind up eating french fries and burgers, which would bum us out.)

any of of these things could work:

-“ooh, we run a themed dinner party theater in an old WWII bunker and you could be our special guests”
“i own a drag-queen restaurant and we can create a table for twelve for you with your own special drag queen (yay!)”
“i am a fucking millionaire and have a private chef and will loan you my house and chef for the night, sorry, i’ll be in ibiza”
“my grandparents own a hotel in a ruined castle with a private dining room and i will book it for you”
etc. you know. get creative.

offers of “just come over to my huge house and i’ll cook wonderful food for you” will probably get filtered out because we want to be alone with each other (yes, even though there’s twelve of us), since we all get so little time with each other as it is. thus, restaurant is ideal.

if any of you have any ideas or connections, let me know. we just want to feel like a big roving family with a goal instead of winding up somewhere random and soulless.
we’ll obviously pay for everything, we’re not expected to be hooked up for free.

please e-mail with your info. pictures are always helpful if you have them. if you help us out, we’ll obvi hook you up with tickets and merch and love wherever you are.

love und alles geil,
die afp

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