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you just sit there wishing you could still make love – UkuleleHead #3 (also, i need NEW ORLEANS help)

first of all, love.
there is almost nothing that makes me happier than being in a basement of a hidden bookshop with the man i love.
i like being alone around people, and even more i like being alone together with neil, and even better than more i like him being 12 feet away looking at books in the theater section while i look at books in the music section. and also i like being a camera and i like taking pictures on my hipstamatic.
if you gave me some nice pad thai in my mouth all at the same time, then i would be in true heaven.
(if you’re wondering which bookstore…it’s McIntyre and Moore, in porter square, cambridge. i also took him to brookline booksmith. we bought hella books.)
second of all, UkuleleHead marches on. 5 days til release.
beth took a poll on the forum, and we found (to our surprise) that the aqua t-shirts decimated the black, after about 150 people weighed in on the vote.
who knew?
i thought you guys were bunch of vampires…like…strict black-shirt-wearers, at least this is what my touring merchandise experience has taught me.
learn something new every day, don’t cha?
maybe cause it’s summer. maybe threadless and their vast array of colors are changing the way we think about the t-shirt.
maybe (more likely) you’re all fucking like me and simply ALREADY have 56 black t-shirts, and have decided to mix shit up.
at the end of the day we decided to make BOTH to make the vampires and the color-happy people happy, and here they be:
they’re being printed on super-soft fabric, and due to popular demand, we’re going to sell these shits à la carte (not just with the bundles)…..
so people: if you grumbled at us to sell ‘em separate, please get one. we’d be sad pandas if we tried to be nice and make ‘em, and then you all went and bought hookers n’ blow instead.
o happy day.
everything will be on sale the 20th the minute the record drops.
as i’ve said: want to know when? mailing list gets first crack at it all
and so today, i thought i would tell you a little more about the record-making & song-picking of the record.
so, our story left off with me…playing the ukulele on occasion, with two radiohead songs under my belt.
i was touring on who killed amanda palmer, and had no idea what to do next with my life. i didn’t know anything.
well, i knew one thing.
well, lies. i knew several things:
i knew i needed to get off the fucking record label (the way they dealt with the WKAP release was abominable and someday i should tell that whole story. but not now.)
i knew i wanted to record some music with no pressure.
i knew i wanted to go back to australia.
i knew i had two radiohead songs on the ukulele.
and so i decided that i would go to australia, tour a little, book some studio time, learn and record another few radiohead songs, get the fuck off my label, and put out an EP, just because.
because…i don’t know why. because i could? because i felt like it? do not ask me these things. all i know is that in my head, i heard a little voice say:
YOU HAVE TWO SONGS, LEARN TWO MORE, RADIOHEAD UKULELE EP. and so i followed. i listen to the voices.
here’s where i decided to record…in adelaide australia. i found the studio by asking ben folds. i just emailed him and said “studio in oz?” and he emailed back “MICK WORDLEY IN ADELAIDE FTW”.
i called mick, found out he had a yamaha grand, and booked a week. and then i went.
i had no plan.
the week before i went into the studio, i posted to the box to see what radiohead songs people would recommend. i emailed mcquilken to see what he suggested.
and i asked sean to email me every record radiohead had ever made that i didn’t have.
i was intimate with ok computer, kid a, amnesiac, and the bends….and had heard but hadn’t spent a lot of time with everything else.
so sean emailed me everything (including tons of random b-sides and rarities he thought might be good). i downloaded it. and one night, i listened to every song radiohead’s ever made, and made a list of songs that
-had simple chords
-amazing lyrics
-i loved.
i also wanted this to be a pan-radiohead selection…some old stuff, some new, no more than two songs from the same record.
pretty much that same night, i decided to add “idioteque”, “no surprises” (which i knew backwards annd forwards), “high and dry”, and maybe keep my mind open to a few others (“pyramid song” and “house of cards” were in the running for a while).
the only thing i regret is that i couldn’t make “anyone can play guitar” (from pablo honey) work.
i mean, that would have been awesome.
because anyone CANNOT play the guitar. it’s hard. i’ve tried. it hurts.
but ANYONE can play the fucking ukulele. i swear.
i went into the studio, and we recorded about a song a day (except “creep” and “fake plastic trees”, which took about an hour each since they were simply voice & uke live).
here’s some photos of me in the studio with mick:
photos by milton wordley, mick’s brother!mick and i listening to mixes…
mick was awesome, by the way, and was, in twitpic responses, very constantly compared  to abbie hoffman. good call.
mick built his studio NEXT to his house, and we would eat dinners in his kitchen with his wife and two kids (or whichever one of them was around, they were unruly older teenagers)
the highlight of mick’s house with the chook-house out back. fresh eggs, every day. they also had an amazing garden. and an espresso machine. i was in paradise.
a handful of my australian fans actually got to come in and SEE the studio, since i twittered a little ninja gig inside the joint one of the last nights i was there….
here we is, all together, in the control room:
yes, that is somebody’s evil hand with a jar of iSnack 2.0, aka vegemite with cheese, aka THE BLACK DEATH + CHEESE, creeping into the picture…
and here’s me playing “no surprises” on the toy piano….
taken on my macbook, baby…
so yeah, “no surprises”….
….which we recently made a video for (while i was down in new york on tour with Evelyn Evelyn).
it’s going to be a homage to the original radiohead video; a rotoscope-based animation clip made by a fabulous team, and to start the animation they needed a reference-filming of my head singing the song.
if you know the original…
…then you’ll understand why we also needed to film me in a bathtub of director Ron Eyal…
…and if you really want a good cry, go look at the section of the radiohead documentary “meeting people is easy” where they show poor thom yorke doing the take of the video.
poor thom:
our video should be ready, if all goes according to plan, around the 25th of july or so. i’m excited as fuck.
last of all, pain.
speaking of things being suffocated, trapped, sad and wet….
can’t tell you why at the moment, but i’m searching for a good cause to support down in the city of new orleans.
i am, like the rest of the known world, incredibly disheartened by the situation down there and the impact on the folks and animals, and was wondering if any of you knew of good LOCAL org that could use some funding/help.
there are plenty of big ones – gulf aid, Greater New Orleans Foundation Oil Spill Fund, gulf restoration network – but i was wondering if any of YOU live down there and know of a smaller group/org that is doing good, real work to help the animal/human/business victims of the spill. i’m espeically curious to see if there are any small networks of people helping the birds out – i’ve heard that there are groups looking for help to clean the poor guys off. look, they’re very dirty:
(from an article in the huffington post)
if you can help, hit me back in the blog comments with info, your connection, and links. include your email or twitter handle (if you don’t mind) so we can get in touch with you if we need more info, or keep your eye on the comments and i’ll hit you back.
poor birds. god almighty.
i still don’t know anything.
off to a meeting at the theater about lighting for cabaret.
shit’s moving fast.
LOVE xxx
p.s. people reading are awesome
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  • Bunny

    I live just outside of New Orleans, but unfortunately am having a bad night and can’t think of a really great charity. Hoping someone else comes up with a good one, I also posted this on my facebook to see if anyone over there has good ideas. You’re a fucking rockstar for wanting to support the charities down here regarding the oil. It’s getting pretty bad.

  • cateflamingo

    i have not yet worked up an arrangement for “Anyone Can Play Ukulele” and this will probably always haunt me

  • BrassyCassy

    Oh, God. Pad Thai is one of my favorite things ever. If you’re ever in Evanston, IL, you have GOT to hit up this Thai place called Sabai. Their Pad Thai MUST be noodles covered in crack.

    Also, watching your studio webcast of “No Surprises” is what turned me onto that song, and now I can’t get enough of it. Thanks. <3

  • CoinOperatedBear

    When you played High And Dry in Toronto, my BF and I were slow dancing in the upper tier. Freaking loved it.

  • Indeed

    I’m not local to NOLA, but local to these folks ( who are bird-scrubbing experts here in Florida.

  • jessepacheco

    about the oil spill:

    one of my favorite musicians, kimya dawson wrote a song about it:

    the lyrics are in the description.

    i thought it was sad when i first heard it. then after i read a science article about the world ending in 6 months due to the oil spill i relistened and realized she was not just being dramatic.

  • Panda McGee

    I am pretty stoked about the new EP coming out. I have enjoyed everything you’ve ever came out with, and your solo work the best. I just can’t get over how much your music has effected and touched me. I just recently started reading your blogs and its so refreshing to read the thoughts of someone you admire and NOT be disappointed in them. You really are trying to make a difference any way you can and I appreciate the updates! Thanks for the wonderful posts! I follow you on twitter!

  • itrademyoldshoesfornewfeet

    haha awesome. you used the word ”hella” ..hella books.

    anyway great blog (again) sorry I cant help with organizations. Dont have much to say I just like being apart of this.
    Thank you for making the black shirts too for us vampire kids

  • Sophmom

    Second Harvest:

  • Annie B

    I was watching Meeting People Is Easy with my then-11 year old brother in the room, who really isn’t a Radiohead fan, and that part of the doc that you posted got him SO upset. He almost cried and was asking “Why are they doing that to him??”

    • Amanda Palmer

      if i saw that when i was 11, it would def. be the stuff of nightmares.

  • Melissa Glass

    Me= “maybe (more likely) you’re all fucking like me and simply ALREADY have 56 black t-shirts, and have decided to mix shit up.”

    The sped up music in the background as Thom is freaking out makes the video 10 times more creepy.

  • Robert Dean

    Best option with helping New Orleans is spreading the word that you think it’s fucked up what BP did and don’t let people rest easy on what happened. We can’t get close to the site to help because you need Hazmat training. I live here and don’t even know who to donate to. It’s that screwed up with red tape.

  • Juliet Schneider

    From Terra Friedrichs: New Orleans Animal Rescue Update

    This is an interview with a colleague of ours by WBZ. If you care about animals and people struggling to take care of animals, this will be heart wrenching. Don’t listen unless you’re having a strong day…

    She’s focused on the animals. But the entire story is about the economic devastation caused by the spill…Food pantries are critical right now for proud people, hard working fishing communities, just recovering after Katrina…

    If you have some extra $, even $5, I recommend her group:

    Also, here’s the foodbank in NOLA that is working overtime serving the fishing community…

    Or here’s a list of all of the orgs we have listed that are assisting:

  • Nancyupton

    I totally didn’t follow directions and tweeted a charity instead of linking here. I recently relocated from New York to New Orleans (where I lived for about 2.5 years after Katrina).

    Hagar’s House is a transgender inclusive home for women and children in New Orleans. They provide relief year-round from various crises (like families affected by the oil spill, as well as domestic abuse, lack of housing, etc) and also participate in V-Day every year (a close friend just finished their production of the Vagina Monologues). I’m not a huge church-affiliated person, but these people are unprejudiced, hard-working volunteers. “Hagar’s House provides women and children in a state of crisis with an open and empowering residential community, resource assistance, and a creative space to transition into permanent housing.”

    i’m on twitter: @nancyupton. good luck and thanks for supporting our city!

  • Kambriel

    You know…

    • Kambriel

      Never mind the strange, partial comment there. Maybe I was just tapping into some deeper universal truth? ;)

  • Amanda Bliss Knost

    Amanda I am up Raleigh, NC, but have been keeping tabs on the whole BP thing- I grew up in Florida. I know the Audubon Aquarium is rehabilatating endangered turtles from the gulf.
    There are some species down there which might go extinct without help at this point. They are feeding them mayo to help them pass the oil they swallowed and nursing them back to health.
    Also, any organization which can provide safe shelter for the people living down there to help clean up would be great. I heard a nasty news store on CNN that some of those toxic FEMA trailers from Katrina are being provided. That just won’t due since the oil they are cleaning up is already toxic. Hope this info helps.
    -Another Amanda

  • Kambriel

    Here’s a link to a post I did a month or so ago with a variety of links to organizations trying to help ~ especially with a focus on assisting the oiled birds:

  • Cooliotinley

    You make me very happy, Amanda Palmer :) It’s awesome to know that you’re wanting to help the sufferers of the New Orleans predicament, because I’m sure my good friend Spongebob will appreciate that. Please just keep on charging through with your plans, but make sure to keep it interesting ;)

  • Meg Hargis

    When explaining Neil Gaiman to people, I often add, “He’s engaged to my favorite singer!” Which is why I’m all excited about the sneaky turned-around ring you’re sporting in the sneaky picture-of-unsuspecting-store-patrons. It is a sneaky theme.

    Btw, since I am apparently never cease to rhapsodize about the awesomeness of ukuleles, especially since pianos are so damned difficult to haul around and play in public, my family got the hint and bought me a ukulele to celebrate my nineteenth birthday. Happy fucking birthday to me.

    • Meg Hargis

      Somehow a rough “am” found it’s way in there.

  • Jules Rogers

    Amanda – I’m from St. Bernard parish and I wanted to tell you about Liz McCartney and Zack Rosenburg who moved to the area and started the St. Bernard Project ( after Katrina to help rebuild people’s homes. To date they’ve completed 270 homes and since the oil spill they’ve expanded their project to offer community outreach mental health services.

  • Tim_dangerous
    Since 2006 the Community Center of St Bernard has been here to help St Bernard families get the assistance they need, whether it’s food, clothes, medical care, legal aid, counseling, or other services. Today the residents of St Bernard Parish, who have already survived Hurricane Katrina, are facing another disaster as the Gulf Oil Spill spreads, moving ever closer to their coastline. The oil spill is threatening the fish and seafood that many St Bernard families depend on to earn their living. A commercial and recreational fishing ban is currently in effect, and fishermen are signing up for our food pantry so that they will be able to feed their families until they can find other work.
    It’s what I give to. What they aren’t mentioning is when people can’t work, they can’t pay for pet food, and many, many pets are given up to shelters during times like these. Most never find homes. The best homes are the ones they already have, provided the humans living there can feed themselves, and them. No work, no food. These people are helping at many, many different angles, and have been since Katrina.
    Thanks for reading.

  • lindaaargh

    I don’t live in New Orleans, but as a shelter worker, helping a LOCAL animal shelter is always a great idea! A lot of people don’t realize that the Humane Society of the United States and the local Humane Society shelter are different organizations. Same goes for the ASPCA and your local SPCA. All animal shelters are independently owned and operated and rely entirely on donations to keep their animals cared for and their doors open to the people of their community. (Which is to say, your local SPCA shelter sees none of the money that people donate to the ASPCA — they are separate organizations!)

    When there is any sort of unrest in the community, animal shelters see a greater number of surrendered/abandoned animals that are in need. Wherever there are people in need, companion animals are also in need. Most shelters are also involved in the community at large and step up when terrible things like this happen and animals need help.

    A good idea would be to donate money to the Louisiana SPCA:

    Or the Louisiana Humane Society:

    I cannot stress enough how VITAL it is to help your LOCAL SHELTER… sending money to the organizations with the sad television ads with Sarah McLaughlin and Natalie Merchant warbling in the background is all well and good, but the local shelters don’t see any of that money. Even if it’s just donating towels, beds, Kongs, food and litter, etc., seemingly small things, they help shelters out immensely and help keep animals healthy & happy!

    I hope I’ve been helpful! I think it’s awesome that you’re looking to get involved, the oil spill and all of the poor animals who’ve lost their lives in that mess has been weighing heavily on my conscience as well. :(

    ALSO: Love Radiohead, I grew up listening to them, and you are definitely doing them proud. You did “High & Dry” when I saw you perform in DC, and it almost made me cry, and definitely made me remember how much I love Radiohead. <3

  • Jcrice_

    What the hell am I doing here I don’t belong here!I love that song!! I can’t wait to hear you do it the way you do it. Liked your Lady Gaga blog better. lol Fly High Palmer!

  • Kelly

    Yay for helping out the Gulf Coast Community!! Thank You, and Love from Louisiana!
    Second Harvest is a great Local Food Bank that has been serving the Southern Louisiana communities for many years, great org.

    Also Horizon Relief is selling bottles of reclaimed oil from the Gulf. It was started by Kevin Voisin a friend of mine who owns an Oyster Plant in Louisiana. All proceeds go to help supporting deckhands, plant workers, and day laborers of the seafood industry who often are not receiving support from BP or the government.
    Main page-


    Which ever you decide to support, thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we hope to see you in the Crescent city soon!

  • Amandasaunders11

    one great org. in New Orleans is called The Roots of Music. the website is xoxo A

  • mel

    crazy you are asking about New Orleans charities because today I wore the Louisiana SPCA’s t-shirt they gave me while I worked there for a few days on their computers, and just before I walked out the door today I pinned my “Amanda Fucking Palmer” pin on, hoping I would get some strange looks (i did – gotta love living in the bible belt). totally random coincidence, but they are a great organization, and all animal shelters always need help from those who care.
    ps. i’m promoting your new record like hell to my friends. i thought the pin made me feel like i was telling people to vote for Amanda Fucking Palmer for president!

    • mel

      i wanted to reply to my own post here with a link, because you may be wondering “why would the cute and furry pets need help as much/more than the oil covered birds & dolphins n such?”

      Rob Sheridan just tweeted this:

      the animals BP spilled oil on are being taken care of by BP’s shareholder’s dollar – but no one is taking care of the pets that are surrendered by the men and women who lost their livelihood in this catastrophe.

      i have a working relationship with the shelter director and manager, in case you need their contact info. there is also a partner of theirs, St. Bernard Parish, who i can put you in touch with. they are a bit closer to the gulf and may be affected on a grander scale by the spill.

  • Appleblossombeck

    I have family in-law in NOLA and my father in law says to keep an eye on aka WWOZ radio. They currently have a list of benefits and charities up, and being a small local radio station they tend to keep it very current. That way, you can peruse and choose.

  • Lisa Vallez

    Hey! Do consider helping out the Sula Foundation and the amazing work they are doing advocating for New Orleans pit bulls. The organization was started by author and New Orleans resident Ken Foster. I first became aware of Ken when I read his book “The Dogs Who Found Me”. At the time I was volunteering in Brooklyn at the shelter where he adopted his dog Brando. Their website is: (I’m @lisacatv on twitter :)

  • beaverhayes
  • Meredith

    hey, I’m a student at LSU’s vet school and we have several students volunteering with
    LSART- Louisiana State Area Response Team

    and the vet school is also raising funds to help wildlife. You can get a lot of good information here-

    Meredith (@merehowdy on twitter)

  • Charles Henahan

    Amanda,I saw this video where a guy was walking along a beach in either Florida or Louisiana (can’t for the life of me remember which) and he found that sand had been dumped on top of a layer of oil along the coast, ostensibly to cover up the long-term effects of the oil spill.It was rather sickening.On a lighter topic, book shops are fun. There’s an excellent rare/out-of-print bookstore near where I live, it’s a lovely place to wile away a day. Anna Karenina and French roast – gotta love it.-CPH

  • Lasitorni

    Eventhough I’m a huge fan of all your projects, when I heard about this “Radiohead thing” I wasn’t interested at all. I have a huge dislike of Radiohead, I find them utterly boooooring! :D I’ve driven my RH-loving friend nuts bashing them ;) But, today, I thought, well, I might listen to Idioteque. And I loooove it. Now I’m convinced that everything Amanda Fucking Palmer touches turns into gold. Might even get the album when it comes out. But I’m not starting to love Radiohead yet, just you, AFP!

  • saharial

    when it comes to local New Orleans things, you might want to be in touch with Poppy Z Brite?

  • joanwd

    I saw Thom Yorke do a solo set early on a Sunday morning at Latitude Festival here in the UK last year. Never been a Radiohead fan, but to be honest I think I fell a little bit in love with Thom when he told Miley Cyrus to grow up and stop having such a sense of entitlement when she threw a tantrum cos he wouldn’t see her. It was awesome.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to this EP mostly cos I love the way you play the ukulele. Yaaay.

  • Sara

    Tri-state Bird

    -Fort Jackson Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Buras, Louisiana & the Clean Gulf Associates Mobile Wildlife Rehabilitation Station

    -Egmont Key National Wildlife Refuge near Tampa, Florida

    -Deepwater Horizon Response

    -Elmer’s Island, a wildlife refuge, owned and maintained by the state of Louisiana

    -Coastal Louisiana Restoration for National Wildlife Federation

    -International Bird Rescue Research Center(IBRRC)

  • obsidian_cat

    I’d have to echo Sara on the Tri-State Bird link ( if you’re looking to help specifically with bird cleanup. They’re not New Orleans based – they started in a tiny old abandoned police barrack here in DE. They’re small, but they’re always a first responder in these situations, and they travel all over to help with bird clean-up during these kinds of emergencies – they’re amazing!

  • irishgirl

    Hey Amanda!
    The oil spill is awful, but it, at least was an accident. At the moment, we’re trying to raise awareness of tar sand development in Alberta Canada. Developing oil in the tar sands produces twice as many CO2 emissions and destroys eco systems and water sources and causes strange cancers in the indigenous population.

    Check out this great video:

    And tomorrow is international Stop the Tar Sands Day!!

  • Nyuthestrangel

    Hello Amanda
    I am very happy that you are with Neil, make a lovely couple, they look good together.
    I’m from Colombia, Bogota: p great fan of yours and Dresden Dolls and look forward to return to play and they are great!
    A kiss and good luck!
    are wonderful

  • Santnamor2013

    Hi AFP! it looks interesting to see the production of your latest work…cool!

    here it is some interesting site about BP excellent 2012´s job:

    @bpdeadbirds (twitter)

    Daily Wildlife Collection Reports (U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service):

    But they are only for the sake of getting knowledge about the numbers and possible impact in the local food chains. So, it might be rather sad than usefull to you…good luck finding local NGO´s…you are right…look for locals. But cleaning is HARD…and sad…and it takes so long.
    ps. For environmentalists (all the ones that I know/and they´re not-extremists) , what hurts the most is to see the petrol reaching coastal ecosystems such as salted marshes and….Pelicans, Turtles and Dolphins being killed by Petrol…take care, some people is being arrested because of it. They may arrest environmentalists instead of BP workers. “Great”.
    Journalists they just kick their ass*..unless they are authorized. Sometimes no pictures are allowed.

  • Athene Numphe

    Hey Amanda,

    I’m from New Orleans. I know that Hansen’s Sno-Bliz (which is the original snoball stand! – is currently raising money for The Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program Here’s a link to the Hansen’s Sno-Bliz promotion:

    BTNEP is actively involved in efforts to safe-guard Louisiana’s precious wetlands from the potential impacts of the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.

    I know all about it because I’m Hansen’s Web monkey. I also monitor their twitter account (@SnoBliz). My own twitter is @AtheneNumphe, if you have any questions for me.

  • Susannah

    I want to believe cleaning the oil off the birds helps, but I’m just not sure I do. While the scientists and wildlife organizations debate it, the Louisiana SPCA is offering free animal care services to people whose incomes have been decimated by the spill, so that they can afford to keep taking care of their pets:

  • Mearidith

    i live down here! (in Louisiana)My best friend, Shelley, is the media coordinator for the Barataria Terrebonne National Estuary Program (based in Thibodaux, LA – Their general goal is to protect & preserve the Louisiana coast and all that goes with it, but they have teamed up with LA Gulf Response to aid in rehabilitation for the oil spill. Many of these larger corporations trying to help have a lot of red tape to go through first, but BTNEP/LA Gulf Response are immediately getting funds and supplies to where they need to go NOW.To help cleanup they require Hazmat(?) training and/or veterinary experience, which most people to not already possess. Many people are frustrated that they cannot physically help with cleanup & restoration and this is a good way to contribute in that situation. To donate supplies: To donate money:’s e-mail address is: shelley@btnep.orgBTNEP’s Volunteer site:

    Hope this helps!Mearidith B.

  • wayne quirion

    Love is good, reading is good, people are good(for the most part). Hopefully will be gathering a bunch of crazy Maine people(like we are talking busload) and AFP fanatics for Cabaret. This better work out, alot of people have already been very nice in helping me try to make the Maine thing happen. Otherwise eat well, someday tell us the story of WKAP and Roadrunner(even though without that album getting a Grammy nomination, we can kind of get an idea of how bad they fucked things up). The Dresden Dolls must make at least one more album, and we LOVE you Amanda, stay well and happy.

  • Abigail

    I have always been a huge fan of yours and of Neil’s, and I only recently heard from some friends that you two were getting married (I believe the conversation went a little like this: “Amanda Palmer is engaged to some writer.” When I googled it, I thought it was blasphemy not to know who Neil Gaiman is). I have the biggest talent-crush on both of you, so let’s just all get married together. Or go see a show. Or grab a donut or something. Or I’ll just keep reading your blogs and <3ing you both.

  • Allison Miller

    Re: the oil spill, most smaller organizations are not allowed to help. Oiled wildlife can be dangerous, as is the oil if it gets into your lungs, etc. Only trained responders can rescue wildlife, and they have to be contracted in. I work for a bird rehab in florida (, and I had to take classes to be able to assist with the spill. It seems silly that people can’t just go out and Do Good, but it’s safer for everyone.

  • Allison Miller

    Re: the oil spill, most smaller organizations are not allowed to help. Oiled wildlife can be dangerous, as is the oil if it gets into your lungs, etc. Only trained responders can rescue wildlife, and they have to be contracted in. I work for a bird rehab in florida (, and I had to take classes to be able to assist with the spill. It seems silly and frustrating that people can’t just go out and Do Good, but it’s safer for everyone.


    Ummm. I love you.

  • RiverVox

    Sounds like these folks have New Orleans covered, so I’ll deal with my area of expertise: Brookline!

    For KILLER Pad Thai, try Dok Bua which is just a few blocks down Harvard.
    BTW, the Coolidge Theatre is doing some live music shows, Robyn Hitchcock was there in June. I’m sure they could accommodate a young lady and her ukulele!

    (Can’t believe you and Neil were in Booksmith. This is like knowing that Robert Smith was in Cafe Pamplona, but you just missed him.)

  • Chris

    Chris wants to play the uke too=D

  • Shakti672

    Because I can, ’cause no one can stop, because it makes up for things that I’ve lost!

  • WastedSexisJustThat

    Amanda, you need to post a picture of your engagement ring on your blog! Also, you need to come back to the NW, and soon, but that’s another story…

  • Mel Hughes

    given my morbid fear of drowning i don’t think i’d ever be able to stay still in a bath tub for that long.

  • Aura Fedora

    I didn’t scroll through all of the comments, so I don’t know if any of these are repeats, but I hope this helps. Some ideas for charities for the benefit of those affected by the oil spill: The Louisiana SPCA has been donating food, supplies, and medical needs to the pets of those who would usually be employed in the fishing industries and are now under or unemployed.
    The Audubon Institute operates the rescue, cleaning, treatment, and re-release of wild animals affected by oil and chemicals :
    Second Harvest Food Bank of Greater New Orleans and Acadiana is feeding those affected by the oil spill

  • insignifikunt

    Haha that is Crystal’s evil arm holding the vegemite…

    Hope you manage to find a good charity!

    Loving these blogs.

  • Espadaneira

    “people reading are awesome”

  • Sandy

    I live in Louisiana and my Mom and Step-Dad are crab fishermen. They are no longer able to crab so they now work for B. P. doing their part to help clean up this diaster. My Mom told me one great organization she’s heard about that’s helping to clean the birds is Tri State Bird Rescue. This is their website

    My Husband and I took a trip to Venice, LA this weekend to take photos and saw a lot of things, including birds. The smell is awful there. We’d already gone out on Mom’s boat and took photos of the oil in the marsh and waters.

    Such a great thing you’re doing. Thank you for caring.


  • Erica Soileau

    Local Oil Spill Orgs:
    They don’t necessarily focus on animals affected though.

  • Tomislav Rac

    I am sort of happy I found this blog. A bit depressed because I stumbled across it through my morning internet routine(because I hate putting my life into routines): click the facebook, click somebodies link that take me to another site, that takes me back to AP’s facebook page that I’ve already had(but forgot about) & then read it to my surprise because there are interesting things I read right away and those that are left for later which clog my screen afterwards, because of lot of lazyness.

    I’m glad I’ve read it because it shows me a way how to get off internet more: Get a new routine, i.e. read an interesting blog every day vs. click -may be interesing links & save them for later. Internat was made to bring people together and help some other people socialize in their weird ways which don’t function in real life, so this is my take on it.

    Anyway, I love your ukulele(I spelled it right this time, yay!) Raidioheads, especially Creep, because that’s the song people associate with me and my weird life choices.
    Also I was very happy when I’ve read your intro for the Death comic book compilation thingamajig almost a year ago and I’ve said there’s something going with these two – singer from the band I like very much and one of my two favourite fantasy writers got connected somehow(I felt like a little fangirl for a moment there). So it’s great to read about somebody elses love, especially after I’ve stopped writing about mine.

    And finally it’s very painful that I can’t give any help to the Gulf spill causes. I don’t have any money, I live on the other side of the Earth in far away Croatia and the help I’d gladly give would be first hand help as an activist. I’m on my last year of college & made it hard for myself to finish it and I have to because of the finances.
    It all makes me sad, from the pain of the animals and people in the Gulf of Mexico back to me who can’t move from my city until I’ve managed to do the most of my life for this year and finish my damn 10 exams in a 2 month time. If only I was a physicist & I could find a creative way to contribute to help the enviroment, but I’m only rambling right now.

    Anyway, I’ll be reading you, you help my passive creativity to work its way to something that didn’t happen yet(some yet unknown form of art).
    Love your music & the energy you put into your work, thank you for the inspiration(& sorry for the bad English)

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