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webcast / weird auction tomorrow (mon) night!

hola everybody!

just a quick note to inform y’all that i’m going to be doing an experimental webcast tomorrow night (monday) at 6 PM EST, including a LIVE auction of Weird Shit From My Apartment.

YES, that’s right. as i clean out my life here on this rare island of off time, i’ve been finding some Freaky Shit. AND i need rent money. SO…tour ukuleles, video costumes & props, other bizarre items AND a copy of the Who Killed Amanda Palmer book (i’m hocking my proof copy) will all be on the block and yours truly and beth will be breaking out the wine and entertaining ourselves (and hopefully you, and probably beth’s girlfriend) for about an hour or two in our revealing kimonos. if this and my cambridge rent party go well, i won’t have to tour for at least another month….off time is not financially romantic.

make sure your computer is ready for a workout, because you’ll need two windows open to bid/watch.

bids will be taken in the chat window of the broadcast!

webcast info:

Monday, June 15th, 6 pm (to around 8 pm) EST.




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