AFP’s Auction Haus Version 1.0

Okay. Here is how this works:

We’ll start the webcast around 6PM EST at
We’ll show off the items and give them names like, “2003 Amanda Dress Up Kit” and “Guitar Hero Guitar” then we’ll tell you what exactly they are (i.e. “Amanda used this in some promotional photos for the album. It’s also pictured in the WKAP sheet music and WKAP DVD”)…then we’ll start the bidding.

You will place your bids by e-mailing with the subject line AUCTION ITEM NAME – BID. For example, if I wanted to bid $200 for the dress up kit, I’d put “2003 AMANDA DRESS UP KIT – $200” in the subject line. All bids are in US dollars and if you win, please be prepared to pay via PayPal as soon as the auction closes. Please do not bid unless you are serious and can pay upon the end of the webchat.

As bids come in, we’ll update you on the webcast and via Twitter as to the current high bid. When we’re about to close an item, we’ll let you know what the high bid live on the air so that you can try to beat it. Should a bidding war commence, we’ll go back and forth and count down from five ‘till no more bids come in. All winners will be announced via the webcast and Twitter with first name and last initial as well as the winning bid amount.

Amanda will sign and personalize any of the items we auction off (but we’ll sort that out once bidding is closed).

This is a new thing for all of us, so we’ll be working out the kinks as we go along…

Again, you can watch at and send bids to

Team AFP
P.S. Yes, there will be wine.

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